Donald Trump Wows At First Solo Stress Conference

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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A nuclear holocaust, an attack on Mosul and anti-semitism... and those were just the President's opening remarks.
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17 Feb 2017

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Jason McElholum
Jason McElholum Vor 12 Tage
If his father didn't give him half a billion to leave the house and fuck everything up, he probably would have ended up in some form of mental health care facility. Dad probably thought 'whatever it takes'. Fortunately, for comedians worldwide that didn't happen. As for the rest of us, the Whitehouse is a good insight into how people in mental care are treated. Incapable of honesty, that was his Legal Defense's argument to prevent him from making any form of sworn testimony. 100% delusional in every facet of the reality going on around him and hell bent on ensuring that every element of his entire life is kept from the public domain through any means possible. Trump is greasy, dishonest, filth with a propensity for failure. It was nice of the U.S to offer him a second chance by electing him President!
lotanerve Vor 13 Tage
So Steven?. You proud of yourself? Well, you and your team should be, because that was top shelf stuff.
Anita Clarke
Anita Clarke Vor 14 Tage
Ti Man
Ti Man Vor 14 Tage
We need a body double to make all appearances. The number one requirement would be literacy.
The P
The P Vor 14 Tage
Wow I miss this one ,,,,,,, HOLY ,,, LIKE CONALDS FIRST DAY IN DAY LIGHT
Margaret Moody
Margaret Moody Vor 17 Tage
Love love love this man - and the programme. Hello from good old London Town x
John Moldoch
John Moldoch Vor 18 Tage
Triple dog fake news.
tiny dancer
tiny dancer Vor 18 Tage
In his defense, he was left alone amongst a flock of flamingos. There's no controlling them.
Celena Newell
Celena Newell Vor 18 Tage
This BS is still fresh! 😈 Drumpf is such a POS!! 😈
Nate Davies
Nate Davies Vor 18 Tage
Most Republican votes since Reagan? Good save, seeing as you're still ignoring George H W Bush. Oh, and Barack and Bill both beat your 304 (not 306) TWICE. You're not even the oldest serving President. That was Reagan. Not sure if Donnie makes it in for a second term though. Reagan's second term? Now that was an impressive win. Not the most, but still impressive.
Uaine Diabhal
Uaine Diabhal Vor 2 Monate
These Trump supporters are walking "human "mistakes
Drackkor Vor 2 Monate
Dear low life Colbert as a democrat hope to meet you someday I will kick in your teeth your a low life prick.
BiggWill NYC
BiggWill NYC Vor 2 Monate
I wonder which lies were those? Numbers 3,076 or 6,987 ? Who knows?
wayne stani
wayne stani Vor 2 Monate
I don’t agree with Trump on everything, but over bashing Trump and taking many (not all ) things out of context so you can promote your show ratings and profits is not good for our country. If it was more balanced I could probably accept it just a little. Thank you Jon Stewart for spawning political confusion and discord.
kathy Turner
kathy Turner Vor 2 Monate
Does anyone ever go over what Trump is going to say because he is making all his little rats look stupid.
lol that's all I have to say
Razal Mind
Razal Mind Vor 2 Monate
The Wow Trump effect 🤣
Rick Plumridge
Rick Plumridge Vor 2 Monate
Mr. Colbert, you sir are what this country needs. Please run for President🙏
Deva Selvaraj
Deva Selvaraj Vor 2 Monate
I still can't believe how he got elected......
Susan Johnson
Susan Johnson Vor 3 Monate
America was laughing stock when Trump won the Republican nomination to run for Presidency - long before he became president! I was in Europe at time and people just thought it was a big elaborate joke! Even people I was with in France who are right leaning thought he was a despicable cheat and buffoon with little to offer except comedic relief! He has not disappointed them for the resounding laughter heard across France. But in one way having him as president is the best! We are all laughing so hard EVERY all through the day it has to be damn good for our long term health. Norm Cousins would approve! ,
Lin Simone
Lin Simone Vor 3 Monate
Our four year olds have a better vocabulary than DT!
Marguerite Galimitakis
Get off the 306 electorial votes MORON! Trump is a waste of our time! You were given that information. MORON! YOU ARE FULL OF ANGRY AND HATRED TRUMP NOT THE MEDIA!
squeakeroo1 Vor 3 Monate
I'm watching this in March 2019......and against all odds Trump is still in the White House.
a d
a d Vor 3 Monate
F*** trump
VideoAudioDisco09 Vor 3 Monate
Trump has changed my mind about the Death Penalty. !!!!!
JVS 3 Vor 3 Monate
His dry nasal voice is the dead give away to having freshly done a couple lines of cocaine... listen to his voice and breathing as he continues and his nasals start to clog up and he’s mouth breathing... “cocaine”
BiggWill NYC
BiggWill NYC Vor 4 Monate
First he had more electoral votes since Ronald Reagan. Then the reporter told him that Mr. Obama had 465 votes so he changed his statement to most votes among republicans. Then again the reporter had to remind him that Republican Gw got 406 votes so then he had to say that thst was the Intel he was given. Caught in lie after lie. And this is the leader of the free world??? GOD help us !!!!!
David Roberts
David Roberts Vor 4 Monate
Time to dump Trump
David Roberts
David Roberts Vor 4 Monate
Trump the scumbag
David Roberts
David Roberts Vor 4 Monate
Trump the rat
BakaBule Vor 4 Monate
We got a comedian for a president, can we get a funny one next?
peter Notis
peter Notis Vor 4 Monate
President fairyfloss I'm going to miss your stupidly when you go to prison.
ddon PH
ddon PH Vor 4 Monate
Donald Trump so laughable every time,,,well done America your president is a clown ,a joke ,,Trump lies so much that he dont even remember which lie which?
Carolyn Grinberg
Carolyn Grinberg Vor 4 Monate
A pungent press conference :D
v Vor 4 Monate
Gloria Cook
Gloria Cook Vor 4 Monate
JohnCook Australia 🇦🇺. Where is one Trump supporter who listens to this drivel still believes this piece of shit as he spouts rubbishy lie after another . Please stand up so you can be put in the stocks .
Mike Stevens
Mike Stevens Vor 4 Monate
How , how. Did this happen ? This guy is a schmuck , he can't speak for 5 mins. Without looking fey , scattered , foolish and or iditiotic , how in the process , was this " feature". Not exposed for all to weigh? 25 th the 45th
Irena Mangone
Irena Mangone Vor 4 Monate
To be honest. He tells lies. He does not know honest.
James Wray
James Wray Vor 4 Monate
Too many trump clips. I can not watch or listen to shit hole.
Uaine Diabhal
Uaine Diabhal Vor 4 Monate
Will someone PLEASE put the golf cart in neutral & roll his bloated orange ass into a water hazard
Bill Smeathers
Bill Smeathers Vor 4 Monate
Trump is such a lunatic!
Barbara Brinkmeyer
Barbara Brinkmeyer Vor 4 Monate
Josh Freeman
Josh Freeman Vor 4 Monate
Government workers need to organize and have a walk out!!! And a walk to the White House!!!
debbie541 Vor 4 Monate
all media needs to start reporting what is going on behind the scenes, get trumps name off the news it strokes his ego = what is that republican party actually doing or what have they already done , nobody knows, it just trump trump trump stupidity
COMPASSION2611 Vor 4 Monate
Trump proves himself over and over, day after day, week after week, month after month to be a complete idiot for someone who claimed to be so smart...😐 Why Is That?
Hey Jude
Hey Jude Vor 3 Monate
Leland Lewis
Leland Lewis Vor 4 Monate
He wasn't assuming all blacks knew each other, he was just being snotty; just listen to his disrespectful tone and look at his expression, complete disrespect. Trump pulls that all the time to put the reporter on the defensive. The media has t stop reacting to his rhetoric and stick to their questions.
almond potato
almond potato Vor 4 Monate
"Does anybody really believe that Hillary Clinton would be tougher on Russia then Donald Trump?" *Everybody in the audience starts cheering* Well, that's not a lot of people... *Oh, shit, there's a second floor*
Garrick Saro
Garrick Saro Vor 4 Monate
The most uneducated ignorant President we have ever elected. The fact that he was elected president tells you how uneducated many Americans are.
dian kreczmer
dian kreczmer Vor 4 Monate
Stephen Colbert is absolutely the sharpest mind today
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin Vor 4 Monate
Why are you putting up a 2 year old video! Do you think everyone has been asleep? God these DE-vidRS just want views on 2 year old videos! Outta here! Don't need to see what's already happened calling it fucking new to people who don't even care because they don't check the date! As illiterate as Trump! Sad!
Atticus Finch
Atticus Finch Vor 4 Monate
Cornholebert son of french whore.
Hcdoitsu Smith
Hcdoitsu Smith Vor 5 Monate
A couple of good things trump has done: pissed women off so bad that they are getting into the game. He has exposed the republican party for what it is cruel, dishonest, and the indentured servant of the 1%.Waking americans to the FACT that our governmental system, Democracy is in real danger. Hang on folks, it's going to be a wild ride.
Zeke Castillo
Zeke Castillo Vor 5 Monate
Trump 2020!!!
Marcus Holmes
Marcus Holmes Vor 5 Monate
Trump vs Obama would have been a very different election
nadjawmiller Vor 5 Monate
0:40 did somebody in the audience yell "quiet" or did I hear that wrong?
Jose Alberto Rivera Doñan
If trump gets impeached Pence would be the president, Pence is not funny, he just makes people mad. Do you really want the orange man to get out of office?, think about it. At what are we going to laugh now? That Mike Pence looks like a dead corpse?
Tomad Borjas
Tomad Borjas Vor 5 Monate
FOXBORJAS BOSTON 857346471857312101971
Tomad Borjas
Tomad Borjas Vor 5 Monate
FOXBORJAS BOSTON🌉🌇🌪️🌀🏈🏀💲💸💳🛡️🛡️🛡️🏳️857346471857312101971
Nhel Olaco
Nhel Olaco Vor 5 Monate
ahahaha..TRUMP is a ''MANIFULATIVE, LIAR, LUNATIC'' embarassing to the USA...
Tim Evans
Tim Evans Vor 5 Monate
Someone take this lame dog to the vet and have him put down.
Theo Milstein
Theo Milstein Vor 6 Monate
I find it so disheartening that April said "CBC" with the assumption that Donald had any idea what that stands for. She's obviously used to communicating with competent individuals.
William Floyd
William Floyd Vor 4 Monate
Maria Hammarström
Maria Hammarström Vor 6 Monate
Don´t be too hard on yourselves; technically, you didn´t ELECT him, you chose Hilary. Then your system ran you over and appointed the orange pig against your wishes.
MrPyroflames Vor 6 Monate
After 2 years I'm watching this and hearing Trump saying : "Do you believe that Hillary Clinton can be tougher on Russia than Donald Trump?" and I'm Like: "Dude, you're not even tough on Saudi Arabia !!!"
David Boudreau
David Boudreau Vor 6 Monate
Trump is laughable..... ...Beat, by the Brother AGAIN! The Little SCHOOL GIRL changed it to really fake.. ... .. .BITCH! Stevie Wonder will see you now!!!
Irene DelRosso
Irene DelRosso Vor 6 Monate
This guy thinks the American people are stupid. He lies all the time and back paddles.
Barb D
Barb D Vor 7 Monate
tRump makes NB me sick and I want to vomit every time I hear this MORONIC Stupidity.
Vladimir Davydenko
Vladimir Davydenko Vor 7 Monate
I wonder how much more money his show made since trump became president?
Songs Mirth
Songs Mirth Vor 7 Monate
He's depressed and he's drinking. "I'm talking about Republican. I was given that information." Right. Him pulling stats out of the air doesn't work with a group of intelligent people. He loves the words, "very, very," "great." Just one thing I wish he'd stop doing is doing the thing with his fingers making a circle. He doesn't study and he's always hated it. Can't even use a computer and doesn't want to. Never has. He never stops with the Hilary and President Obama! Almost two years into this dark night and he STILL is with the garbage. Even salmons have filters in their mouths. "Very fake news." He just won't help himself. He's a bully and he loves to humiliate people. He's implying he a better business man than President. No. His hidden tax returns will show he's a terrible business man. He owes over 400 million and there are over 3,400 lawsuits waiting for him. He was furious that before running for President he had to pay off the 26 million to the people who sued him about his fake university. If he hadn't ran he wouldn't have paid that. That's the evil of Trump. He doesn't like to loose even when he's stole money from people and that's been proven. Why wasn't he put in jail for that? :( Songs
kateofthecity Vor 7 Monate
"Circle, dot, cootie shot." That's an old one I haven't heard in a _long_ time. About 20-some-odd years. You can tell, Stephen really does have kids. XD
Josh B'Gosh Reeder
Josh B'Gosh Reeder Vor 7 Monate
I had to watch this again. Still cracks me up.
princess étoile
princess étoile Vor 7 Monate
You inherited a Fortune we elected a mess👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍 well done Stephan
baloo the bear
baloo the bear Vor 8 Monate
"We meet at Oprah's house" LMAO
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Vor 9 Monate
365 vs. 306 Hmmmm... No wonder he had to rent that room at Russian hotel. Racist much, $panky!!!!!?????
Michael Bender
Michael Bender Vor 9 Monate
yahoo for hillary your in hillary treat donald like family your family don T
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Vor 9 Monate
He is so disrespectful and condescending to April Ryan. What a total douchebag!
Marguerite Galimitakis
That is the President? What a dumb fuck MORON!
Hope Sears
Hope Sears Vor 10 Monate
Wow....watching this over a year later is like.....WOW. I miss that we had the ability to be shocked.
RyshuPicchu Vor 10 Monate
Éamonn Síoċáin
Éamonn Síoċáin Vor 10 Monate
s c
s c Vor 10 Monate
And Obama got a substantially larger number of votes without Russian collusion, which increases the margin greatly!! I so can't stand Trump and his lies!!! Thanks Stephen for all the clarity you bring to Trump's conniving untruthfulness. Keep up the good work. Love you!!
rabeya basri
rabeya basri Vor 11 Monate
America ... what have you done ? This man is sick .... both physically and mentally .....
dale moore
dale moore Vor 4 Monate
Yep...thinks it's okay to grab women on the XXXX??? So NellerBean, is this "fake news" despite actual recordings of the actual and real Donald in the van saying this????? Yep- to you NUTSOS anything that makes the Don look bad is "fake news"....well there is no chance for the USA if you guys don't believe the TRUTH!?
W. R. Bagamaspad
W. R. Bagamaspad Vor 4 Monate
rabeya basri courtesy of Putin. The US is now a state of Russia. USR -United States of Russia. Trump sold us.
beccabunny09 Vor year
And tump never gave another solo conference to groups that didn't agree to first suck his dick like Fox news or brietbart
Conditioner47 Vor year
Boy I like the monologues, but once Trump isn't President anymore this show will go back into oblivion. Btw, not a Trump supporter
ColdCanuck50 Vor year
Good god...there should be a law against him.
criss tofer
criss tofer Vor year
how do you get a country full of morons behind you? you act like a moron as their president.
Erisch Vor year
"yeah, we meet at oprahs house" that was the funniest thing he ever said XD
Erich Altekalt
Donald needs to be put on heavy medication plus psycho therapy.
alvin081988 Vor year
Trump is the greatest stand-up comedian
Clara Pena
Clara Pena Vor year
Store user chapter curtain wrist promotion Indian mere know enough gesture.
Alcagaur1 Vor year
For Don-Don, the 2016 election was winning the high school homecoming game against the rival school - you're not supposed to have to do anything afterward except celebrate and relive it 'till the end of time.
Lina Jean
Lina Jean Vor year
Up promising supporter airport pitch quickly convinced need hurt tune defeat toilet taste
Pimpsta Poe
Pimpsta Poe Vor year
I timed it. It was 5 seconds. He went from "I watch CNN" to "I don't watch it anymore" in 5 seconds. Unbelievable.
Pimpsta Poe
Pimpsta Poe Vor year
"people came out and voted like we've never seen before." Yeah, not for you, dumbass. Way to be on the dead wrong side of history.
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Vor year
Yes. Your arch enemy, wrong race enemy, wrong party nemesis got more electoral votes than you... Fact check!!!
dstbac07 Vor year
Trump is the epitome of fake news. Lies on top of lies. Definition of pathological liar.
iamthatis85 Vor year
Glass of water 2020 for a cleaner, more transparent tomorrow
SamanDroid Vor year
That's some dark outro music...
shydreamguy wantsaboyfriend
3:11 No We didn't elect a mess , The Electoral college elected a mess so he should just be controlling the lives of Those 538 people , not the entire nation . He only won that by 74 votes.
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa Vor year
"Nuclear holocaust would be like no other..." I see why he graduated top of his class at Wharton. Omg Save us!
Stephanie Logan
Stephanie Logan Vor 16 Tage
I have only one question for you, Lisa Lisa...where is the Cult Jam? What did you do with them!?!
S. O Braonain
S. O Braonain Vor year
I´'m a fan. But he should've asked the corresponding question "does anyone think that HC would have done a worse job with the Russians than blahhhhhh.".
Ninii Tread
Ninii Tread Vor year
Trump is crazy as helllllll.. i think he's bi sexual too
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