Dresden, Germany

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Recorded July 27, 2011
My visit to the Old Town in Dresden, Germany.
Watch my complete Imperial Europe video @ de-vid.com/video/video-a657I4afaNU.html.
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28 Aug 2017



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Norman Vor Tag
Флоренция на Эльбе.
Filip Altman
Filip Altman Vor 18 Tage
Ahoj, pěkné video! Další tipy na výlet a zajímavé informace o Drážďanech najdete na vyletdodrazdan.cz! 🙂
Farid Ahmad Noori
Sehr Schön
Miss Miss
Miss Miss Vor Monat
I want to live and work in Dresden :D I have my savings to do business. I would be accepted, I have white pale skin, green eyes, nice, hard working woman from Chile.
DeadlyLazer Vor 2 Monate
Its so peaceful... To think that a mere 70 odd years ago, this place was literally hell on earth
Graf Mikan
Graf Mikan Vor 3 Monate
I Like it this is city
Dresden is in.. MUST VISIT THIS CITY category.. Pretty nice and historicaly important city of the Central Europe, Greetings from Bosnien Und Herzegowinen
Seung Im An
Seung Im An Vor 3 Monate
Wounderful beauty Dresden
vkorchnoifan Vor 4 Monate
I wonder about the number of tourists that visit Dresden ? How many Americans, Europeans, and Asians have come to visit Dresden ? I have come to know Dresden thru reading history books. I imagine there are many agencies of tourism in Germany. This video is very good.
vkorchnoifan Vor 4 Monate
Dresden has been rebuilt ?!?!?! Dresden was once called the pearl of Europe. Is it complete with the rococo palaces ? Art historian Kenneth Clark said that British were barbaric in bombing the city. Please tell me ! I want to tour the entire country, and visit all those rococo churches. I sure wish I could by cds of the music that was featured in "The Pursuit of Happiness".
Peter Hildebrand
Peter Hildebrand Vor 3 Monate
An old man is referring to your questions: In January 45 I was 8 years old - and I saw dozens of children laughing and playing on the streets in the middle of Dresden. They were children from Breslau (Silesia, now Poland), driven away by the Russians but happy to have escaped from the war. They lived in the tunnels of the stations "Bahnhof Mitte", "Stadt Metz" and "Dresden Neustadt". Practically in the open. But they lived and were happy. Four weeks later the bombing took place - and they all had disappeared. Dresden was completely destroyed. Eradicated. And the picture of the playing children has been haunting me all my life. We, my family and myself, were lucky, we lived lived at the outskirts, but later, as a youngster, I was busy with my bare hands picking up the bricks and cleaning them, piling them up in endless stacks. With hundreds of people. For years. And now they've restored and rebuild the city, after 40 years of communist rule. The communists did little to save the town. But now, hard to believe, the town is emerging from ruins. And when I saw the new "Frauenkirche" I just cried.
No Name
No Name Vor 4 Monate
Only If you are into replicas. Dresden's historic city center has been rebuilt, largely after the fall of the Berlin Wall and mainly due to the financial support coming from western German states . Only a few hundreds of meters away from Dresden's city center, remnants of a different historic era are dominant. Buildings made during the time of eastern Germany's communist government, manufactured from prefabricated slabs.
Top 10 Channel
Top 10 Channel Vor 6 Monate
Drasden is serbian city
Strahleman Lockenkopf Uschi
dresden, eine so schöne stadt. wir kommen sehr gern wieder...danke für die schöne zeit
Vladimir Isis
Vladimir Isis Vor 9 Monate
Old Tartarian city architecture. Research the true history, because all we know is fake . Weak up people
official 95
official 95 Vor 11 Monate
أكثر مدينه يتواجد فيها النازيين شعبها عنصري هاي المدينه
Leader of the Lewish People
God. Modern buildings are bloody ugly. Why are they making the buildings have modern architecture? Don't they realise it's very ugly?
khaled sellam
khaled sellam Vor year
Nice city.
salah boudjelel
Sehr shone staat
Максим Архипов
Danke aus Russland 1986.
Aruna Suresh
Aruna Suresh Vor year
Thongsuk Bunmejapo
C'est moi
C'est moi Vor year
Of the thousands of places that I would want to live in Germany, Dresden is number 1! The city is overwhelming with its grandiose buildings. Amazing how much has been restored. To the victor belong the spoils. I guess, that is why the USA never was held accountable for the senseless destruction of cultural heritage (or civilian lives) towards the very end of the war. Maybe it was meant to be the equivalent of Hiroshima for Germany. I don't know. I just know that it was terrible. It was delightful to see the city back to its old glory.
Marko Mijatovic
Top 10 Channel
Top 10 Channel Vor 6 Monate
@Nagib Uzbrdica pa jesu kao i ti
Nagib Uzbrdica
Nagib Uzbrdica Vor 6 Monate
@Top 10 Channel i tajlanđani su srbi.....
Top 10 Channel
Top 10 Channel Vor 6 Monate
To je deo srbije zato sto tamo zive luzicki srbi
Rafael Zapata
Rafael Zapata Vor year
Really Amazing , many beatifull places, like a woderfull museum city.
محمد محمد
Cyril Scuttlebut
Site of a monstrous Allied war crime.
Jack Stucki
Jack Stucki Vor 12 Tage
@Jonathan Xavier You're a horrible human being.
Mad Zaki
Mad Zaki Vor 25 Tage
@Ева Герасименко stupid rat communist
Ева Герасименко
How about 27 million victims of Nazis and WW2 in USSR alone?
Jonathan Xavier
Jonathan Xavier Vor 2 Monate
Yeah how dare the allies bomb a major communications and transport hub. How dare they?
Leader of the Lewish People
Replacing some of the buildings with modern ones is a crime against humanity.
atilla ertopcu
nice de-vid.com/video/video-rL8cRpWoJkE.html
SabretoothEmo Vor year
nice, but all built and designed by jewish peopIe
Henry Vor 7 Monate
You've gotta be kidding
Baumeister Burgenlander
If so here is another example of how talented and productive Jews are. So actually your comment is a complement rather than insult LOL.
shravan.v upadhyaya
SabretoothEmo it was rebuilt after ww2 so not by Jewish people
Haydn Po
Haydn Po Vor year
SabretoothEmo You fucking idiot shut the fuck up!
Sieg Paulsen
Sieg Paulsen Vor year
SabretoothEmo so what difference does that make. It’s so beautiful and the amazing thing how it was rebuilt after the destruction of Feb 1945. So not necessary.
Silvia Pelin
Silvia Pelin Vor 2 years
Beautiful places and great ARHITECTURE.THANKS great Tims
Milton Soto
Milton Soto Vor 2 years
Amazing how Dresden came back from the destruction of world war 2 . you really have to give credit to the German people for their hard work to bring Dresden back to its original beauty . Well done Germany !! Well done !!
Ralph Jackson
Ralph Jackson Vor 7 Monate
Hear hear. Fantastic restoration done on those magnificent old buildings and their decorations.
Abdullah Ahmadi
Abdullah Ahmadi Vor 2 years
Alexander Vassilyev
Во время поездки в Дрезден, к сожалению, у меня не было видеокамеры. Вы исправили это упущение )) Спасибо!
Silvia Pelin
Silvia Pelin Vor 2 years
Beeeeautiful .Dresden
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