Drive with me + I saved a girl from getting followed home..

Denzel Dion
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i'm just glad i was really there
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13 Jun 2019




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Madeline Mccan
Madeline Mccan Vor 22 Stunden
You fat nigga you were the creep filling her/him
zsal Vor Tag
you're an icon wow
I love Pizza
I love Pizza Vor Tag
Denzel understands our struggles
Candace George
Fuck man, females DO NOT go out alone at night even if it’s your home town in bfe where everyone knows everyone 😩
Joel Bulger
Joel Bulger Vor Tag
Bless your heart
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson Vor 3 Tage
jesus when i saw the thumbnail i thought you were bernice from south beach towing
Novia Morris
Novia Morris Vor 3 Tage
omg i love your sunglasses
And i oop-
And i oop- Vor 3 Tage
omg i didn't know u posted i love ur channel then i started to play fortnite and didn't see u since until today lol
Skincare routine please
Stevie Tully
Stevie Tully Vor 4 Tage
Yess! This is the content we need!!
mackenzie brant
mackenzie brant Vor 4 Tage
you a hero and god already blessed you
Eternal Michael
Eternal Michael Vor 4 Tage
It only takes one nose to stop sexual assault.
乇xƤỖSeĐ ŴOaᕼ
Bless yhu 🙏🏽💞
Santana Marie Darjes
once again my faith in Humanity is restored. your such a nice person. :)
Tranquillity I Am Mia Mia
Amazing person 🙏🏽
Joan Vor 15 Tage
*We stan for a Protective King* 👑🤴🏾
Enora Desravines
Enora Desravines Vor 16 Tage
“First thing first” I’LL EAT YOUR BRAINS
Victoria Johnson
Victoria Johnson Vor 21 Tag
God will bless you❤️❤️
future jojo
future jojo Vor 22 Tage
People don't realize it's also hard being a boy, girls can do things boys can't also boys barely have free will to do somethings like if a boy is gay people will kill him or hurt him and boys will most likely be send to the military to fight and most of the time they don't have a choice, also dads try to make boys be what they aren't like if they cry they will say be a man like you have to or if you're gay they will try to make you straight also dads mostly hit the boy if he does something wrong if it was a girl they will most likely yell also it isn't fair that girls are able to hit boys but boys can't defend themselves also in the titanic they put females before males and most of the males died, so girls should appreciate males we mostly defend you, risk our lives and be loveful just because some men rape doesn't change the most of us
gustavo rocque
gustavo rocque Vor 23 Tage
wow we stan
RitaBannita Vor 24 Tage
Youre a queen periodt.
Chyna’s Vlogs
Chyna’s Vlogs Vor 24 Tage
😂😂😂😂 he was tryna grab her and really tryna do things loooooool
Amrielle McGhee
Amrielle McGhee Vor 25 Tage
DE-vid really unsubscribed me from the baddest 🤦🏾‍♀️
Tiff S.
Tiff S. Vor 25 Tage
You driving around saving ppl n sht, like oooou i see yu. #TALENT
GracieEllie x
GracieEllie x Vor 26 Tage
Honestly love you so much
Sam R
Sam R Vor 26 Tage
I love you denzel ❤️❤️❤️ you’re such a kind soul
Angie Melchor
Angie Melchor Vor 26 Tage
Im so happy you did that Denzel ❤️
ItsMsTiffanyRe G
ItsMsTiffanyRe G Vor 27 Tage
Thank god you save that girl ❤️
Alaa shilleh
Alaa shilleh Vor 28 Tage
i literally love denzel so much wow
Alan Camacho
Alan Camacho Vor 28 Tage
Denzel: "Cancún is close" Me, a Mexican who lives in México: has never been to Cancún
Kaitlyn Vor 28 Tage
“Leave it alone mate, she doesn’t want to go home with ya” wise words from yungblud
chanelnadia Vor 28 Tage
I swear I need a friend like Denzel in my life 😩😩
Aphrodittee Vor 28 Tage
*I Just Subscribe!* Just Off Your Energy! 😘😘😘
Tiffany Broomes
Tiffany Broomes Vor 28 Tage
😲 Omg you are my new bff in my head I love your energy
nour chamas
nour chamas Vor 29 Tage
Seriously you're a legend and a saviour👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Naomi - Rebekah Tuapikepike Toaiti
Seen the caption & immediately subscribed 👌🏽 yaaaaas love this
Jeanne Sengsavang
Jeanne Sengsavang Vor 29 Tage
I’m a new sub, you’re such a light 💖💖💖
The Ballad Of The Queen
The world would be better off with most straight gone 🤷‍♀️
Jacee Stapp
Jacee Stapp Vor Monat
On behalf of all women, thank you soooo much Denzel
NoDramaPermited Vor Monat
That’s why we all looooove Denzel it’s so beautiful to see a genuine good person on DE-vid We love you Denzel ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Cupcake Filling
Cupcake Filling Vor Monat
Yo i saw this title im just like YASSSSS finally i person thats doing good in the world
meriem safraouy
meriem safraouy Vor Monat
you did great bro
Cheer Captain
Cheer Captain Vor Monat
Love u for this
Laurenelizabeet Vor Monat
You talk with such urgency it makes my heart race but 😂💚
Bey Davis
Bey Davis Vor Monat
Meanwhile Ricky was falling in love with his “Latino papi” 💀😂
〰momo〰 Vor Monat
We stan a hero👏🏾
Day Two Day
Day Two Day Vor Monat
That first things first had me ready to spit nicki verse too 😭😩 why you stoppppp
nana William
nana William Vor Monat
Cuz she don't want you lmao
vali hawk
vali hawk Vor Monat
U r an angel!!! There should be more kind-hearted people like you!! 😩😍
Not all hero’s wear capes..come throughhh Denzel you good egg
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