Drop the Mic w/ Ashton Kutcher & Sean "Diddy" Combs

The Late Late Show with James Corden
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James Corden and Ashton Kutcher square off in a rap battle, with each taking shots far below the belt. In a content so heated, only a rap legend of Sean "Diddy" Combs' caliber can declare a winner.
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13 Jun 2018

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Huds Str
Huds Str Vor Stunde
Damn Ashton can rap...i am in luv!!!!😇
Mike & Mike RAV
Mike & Mike RAV Vor 4 Stunden
Ja rule VS 50 cent🤔🤔
animate 3d
animate 3d Vor 6 Stunden
Steve Jobs vs James Corden
Locker107 38834
Locker107 38834 Vor 10 Stunden
How tf did James win?
G.I. Geno
G.I. Geno Vor 13 Stunden
Horrible delivery Kutcher
Anthony Calloway
Anthony Calloway Vor 13 Stunden
You crossed a line going up against colt Bennett now the ranch just droped you
PunisheD Slayer7881
PunisheD Slayer7881 Vor 17 Stunden
Eminem vs will Smith..needs to happen lol
Jonathan  Douthard
Jonathan Douthard Vor 18 Stunden
Blueface stole his style from ashton lol
mimi maneuver
mimi maneuver Vor 18 Stunden
That was harsh lol I love it!! They both should of got a 🏆
Polaco Maton
Polaco Maton Vor 19 Stunden
wtf is the dude in the grey t-shirt doing with his arms? smh
Jordan Bryant
Jordan Bryant Vor 19 Stunden
This is horrible how is this show still going. Wtf
Dale Thomas
Dale Thomas Vor 19 Stunden
Why does Ashton sound like he's NY Mafia when he raps?
Noneya Business
Noneya Business Vor 20 Stunden
I swear Puffy must be gay. The way he jumped on that man like that.
ws l
ws l Vor 20 Stunden
man i know this is all written and i hate ashton but he won hands down
Jerry Whidby
Jerry Whidby Vor 21 Stunde
I am that Donald Trump lovin' uncle. MAGA baby.
Lori G
Lori G Vor Tag
Diddy coming out licking his lips like he's LL Cool J.
Erwin Roossien
The last line by Ashton killed it. No way James won after that 😂
Kevin Masters
Vanilla Ice vs MC Hammer. Do it!
BESTpart Capture
Guys getting smocked out here...
Anthony Williams
P Diddy gay af 😂 he jumped on James like his girlfriend
Ruth Weeks
Ruth Weeks Vor Tag
Brits cheat allot
Anthony Smith
This show is bull shit. It’s all written ZERO FREESTYLES
A.K.A G Vor Tag
Where EM?
Cory S
Cory S Vor Tag
FINALLY!!! Justice was served and James WON for a change like he deserved!!! I like Ashton, but James had BARS!!! 😯
Jayski El_Duro
This was to funny
Malbor Xhukellari
Sarge Scum
Sarge Scum Vor 2 Tage
Ashton vs Corden was funny
A.K. Shellz
A.K. Shellz Vor 2 Tage
Fuck u diddy I thought u was batting, oh yea that's right, u suck that applies to literally as well
Xion Temoc
Xion Temoc Vor 2 Tage
Corden has sadly become a joke. A meme himself. It's sad. Hes fake
Rod Powers
Rod Powers Vor 2 Tage
I want to see Howard Stern vs.Beetlejuice.
Jonathan Manrique
Ugghh.. U qaa laughing so hard til P. Cheese puff or wherever his name is now and day kill my marijuana high.. Burn.. But. ASH KETCHUP FROM POKEMON WON.. EEEOOOWWWW.. CARDI
Brian Gosik
Brian Gosik Vor 2 Tage
They had to give james one
Jason Stanley
Jason Stanley Vor 2 Tage
Inigo CatuVIDEOS
Inigo CatuVIDEOS Vor 2 Tage
For the record i only disliked because i wanted ashton to win but i loved this
Christopher Johnson
Ashton won that
weaponsxpert87 Vor 2 Tage
Click bait
The Legend
The Legend Vor 2 Tage
Dude where's my car lol
Sultan Noor
Sultan Noor Vor 2 Tage
That was a Kelso fuckn BURN
Mo's Favorites
Mo's Favorites Vor 2 Tage
It's all staged. But please bring dre and Eminem
hisui86 Vor 2 Tage
cristiano ronaldo vs messi
Justin White
Justin White Vor 3 Tage
The show was worth watching then this wannabe came on stage. P Diddy diddle the d.
ImmuneEmpire39 Vor 3 Tage
Wow nice another show with a murderer invited on
Justin Birchem
Justin Birchem Vor 3 Tage
Iowa boy kill it
Ch3w3y's Stuff
Ch3w3y's Stuff Vor 3 Tage
ashton killed sir james lol
Kim C
Kim C Vor 3 Tage
P Diddy gives me the creeps
Joshua Johnson
Joshua Johnson Vor 3 Tage
Sad when this is better than smacked
chad wallace
chad wallace Vor 3 Tage
He totally killed Ashton!!!!
Ecoworker97 Vor 3 Tage
Sorry but Ashton got him!
Devin Zass
Devin Zass Vor 3 Tage
I was expecting Diddy to come in and slay them both.....
GPain2212 x
GPain2212 x Vor 4 Tage
Ashton Kutcher vs Diddy? Really? It was him vs James Corden and Diddy was just judging it at the end of it.. talk about fucking click bait. Fuck this.
Free Truth
Free Truth Vor 4 Tage
This is genius.. ✋🏽😭🔥💯
Das Dimplz
Das Dimplz Vor 4 Tage
Two useless turds that need to be post-natally aborted.
iNfamos Wordz
iNfamos Wordz Vor 4 Tage
The ghost writer on this show is a funny guy #frfr
Carlton Womble
Carlton Womble Vor 4 Tage
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever Vor 4 Tage
Someone big in hip hop ? Like wtf has puffy done since the early 2000s except ride everyone's dick to the top
Angelofmusic Wonder
Sorry but Corden was good but Ashton had better lines....
Rahmel Pervez
Rahmel Pervez Vor 4 Tage
😂 Puffy just can't hold back his gayness, wrapping his legs around a man smh... (I thought I told you that he won't stop) 😂 😂
Chris Ludwig
Chris Ludwig Vor 4 Tage
ILL RAMON Vor 4 Tage
Dominic glover - golden swagger. It's the intro song for Diddy
Jeffrey Gardner
Jeffrey Gardner Vor 5 Tage
Token vs.Eminem please
Fluffy Guy Gaming
We want Eminem
Jason Robinson
Jason Robinson Vor 5 Tage
6:14 Oh look it's the boi who killed real talent to be b.i.g.
Majik NiNjuh
Majik NiNjuh Vor 5 Tage
Corden is always going ham! 😂😂
Ahmed Nour
Ahmed Nour Vor 5 Tage
We wait patiently for the real slim shady Eminem to attend the show and blowing our minds
Daniel Ruvalcaba
Daniel Ruvalcaba Vor 6 Tage
Nope! And that's why I don't watch your show Diddy! Wrong winner
FreekShow Vor 6 Tage
This show is about 17 years late to the rapbattle hype SMH
Lute Scrat
Lute Scrat Vor 6 Tage
LOL Diddy :-D
HYHXOXO ___ Vor 6 Tage
Ashton won & he would beat that weak ass diddy too
Lu Fuchoicih
Lu Fuchoicih Vor 7 Tage
Diddy is just sensational! A real singer machine! Respect!
Kyla De la Cruz
Kyla De la Cruz Vor 7 Tage
bertrand aamenem sambo
Oceans 8 errthing
Shalise Forti
Shalise Forti Vor 7 Tage
Good call Diddy! James killed it!
crystal shiver
crystal shiver Vor 8 Tage
Ashton won by a landslide!!
crystal shiver
crystal shiver Vor 8 Tage
Yousef Shatti
Yousef Shatti Vor 8 Tage
The day didy admits that he put out a hit that got pack killed aaaaaah
Jaxson Cagley
Jaxson Cagley Vor 8 Tage
On de- Fence
On de- Fence Vor 9 Tage
Kutcher was robbed
Behabtwa Vor 9 Tage
all of these are so godawful and entertaining, lol.
Jay Play
Jay Play Vor 9 Tage
Diddy didn't even drop a verse...........ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!!
Beelzebub1728 Vor 9 Tage
DIDDY isn't a Legend! 👎
Less Is More
Less Is More Vor 9 Tage
Yay James won for once!!
Less Is More
Less Is More Vor 9 Tage
Ppl keep saying Ashton soun d like Eminem but he doesn't have the same voice... at ALL lol. Maybe it's his aggresive tone.
Méabh Murphy
Méabh Murphy Vor 9 Tage
I wanna see lin manuel miranda on this
Richard Roopnarine
Damn right, Corden won that one
Jeannie Guel
Jeannie Guel Vor 9 Tage
Sam trend
Sam trend Vor 10 Tage
Which song did diddy use in his entrance
Adam Marek
Adam Marek Vor 10 Tage
What song did diddy walk out to???
Caroline Berthiaume
About time
Michael Kastner
Michael Kastner Vor 10 Tage
AK is a God !!!
Aditi Choudhary
Aditi Choudhary Vor 11 Tage
bring Ryan freaking Reynolds
Ben Sutherland
Ben Sutherland Vor 11 Tage
I hate to say it but Jame's smoked Ashton but so funny from both
Eddie Felan
Eddie Felan Vor 11 Tage
That was good but Ashton got Robbed!!
Tiger Camuel
Tiger Camuel Vor 12 Tage
Nah James spat that 🔥🔥 😂
Aman Mathur
Aman Mathur Vor 12 Tage
Finally James won 😂
Jennifer Malcom
Jennifer Malcom Vor 12 Tage
Ashton smoked him!
Nilesh Rawat
Nilesh Rawat Vor 13 Tage
next Eminem please
Tyler Potter
Tyler Potter Vor 13 Tage
Heck yeah James!!!
The Lan Man
The Lan Man Vor 13 Tage
Eminem vs deadpool rap battle
Christian Hatfield
Christian Hatfield Vor 13 Tage
Sean William Scott vs Ashton Kusher Rami Malek vs Charlie Hunam
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