Easily 3 Star the Championship Qualifier Challenge (Clash of Clans)

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The Clash Fest Event brings the Championship Qualifier Challenge to Clash of Clans! Judo Sloth Gaming shares an Attack Tutorial Guide to 3 Star the Championship Qualifier Challenge. The New Event, Clash Fest, will bring 7 New Challenge Levels as well as a Scenery to Clash of Clans. Todays Challenges features an attack from the World Championships in which a player did not 3 star; so we have to correct the attack! Whilst prizes can be won in the News Tab of Clash of Clans for 3 Starring with certain restraints, the goal of the video is to purely help you 3 Star. Clash On!

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18 Sep 2022



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Judo Sloth Gaming
You get unlimited tries with Challenge Levels so if you’re not a TH14 stick with it, I know you’ll get there
Cqzw Vor Tag
Judo I don’t know if you will see this but I just want to say that I love your videos and keep making them and if you never see my comment again I hope you have a wonderful day and life
Euwan Abogadie
Not only he explains the tactics well,he also makes the content not boring.
Mordecai McPains
Road to 2 million subscribers :D, I've been subscribed since 750k, so that tells how proud I am to witness the milestones being crushed, good one Judo, and thank you for the educational but entertaining clash of clans content 😁♥️
Eliza Vor Tag
This is the best challenge that actually teaches me but i didn’t expect this challenge it isn’t gonna be that easy thanks judo for helping get easily 3 star
Rodrigo Luevanos
i think i can speak for all when i say thank you for your hard work and helping us get through these challenges!!😁🏆
Mister W
Mister W Vor Tag
I'm still at th11 but having this challenge on th14 is very hard. But thank you Judo Sloth for making guides for us viewers. Hope you will not stop making COC videos. ❤️
stymieland Vor Tag
These tutorials are really great. There's a lot of mechanics I've learned from Judo that I never grasped from years of playing CoC. Things like how the electro lightning chain can be diverted, the bowlers "bounce" pattern, and better funneling. Thanks brother! Subscribed and endorsed with creator code
GoldenViper Vor Tag
Thank you so much for the tutorials Judo 🙏 It helps alot ❤️
Bolia Fops
Bolia Fops Vor 7 Stunden
The editing is sooo good, clear and informative! I am able to complete this base in only a few tries! Thank you so much Judo!
MykalJacsun Vor Tag
Thank YOU so much for the tutorial Judo. One of the harder Clash Fest challenges so this was even more helpful.🙏🙏♥♥
Edwin Werner
Edwin Werner Vor 19 Stunden
30 minutes left of the challenge and this video gave me the expert advice I needed to beat it. Thank you.
Hitori Vor Tag
Thank u so much Judo, im a town hall 9 so it was very difficult for me, even after watching your tutorial i still couldn't do it, but after i watched and tried like 10+ times i finally got it cuz i memorized everything u did so tysm ❤️
Xavier B
Xavier B Vor Tag
Thank you Judo! I’ve been watching a lot of the Clash of Clans tournaments and they make this look so easy, but doing it myself was quite difficult being I’m only TH11. Keep up the great work!
SP Gaming
SP Gaming Vor 16 Stunden
EVAN64 Vor 19 Stunden
Long time sub here judo, I don’t usually comment on your video’s, but your the reason I started working on my attacking strategies more thoroughly. I used to just spam troops or use very basic attacking strategies haha.
Billy L
Billy L Vor Tag
I could not imagine doing this challenge without your guide, thanks as always haha
Slayer Vor Tag
Thanks for the tutorial. I'm a th11 player so beating th14 base is a little bit abstract for me. But with this tutorial I managed to easily 3 star this challenge even thou I totally misplaced jump spell :D
Rachel Whitney
These videos are literally the reason I've been beating these challenges! A million thank you Judo! 🥳🥳🥳
Kivi Swu
Kivi Swu Vor Tag
Oh my god, i'm helpless without your lessons. Once again thank you so much Sir Judo🥳❤
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