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22 Nov 2021



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Taylor Campbell
Taylor Campbell Vor Monat
This is proof that everyone feels this way, if Emma Watson feels this way after being successful since she was a young girl, it’s definitely the programming. Everyone’s timeline is different and it is never too late for anything in life, just let destiny take you where you’re meant to go.
Irate Samurai
Irate Samurai Vor 17 Tage
@Nick (Pedaissance) Yes. You should have things figured out well before that. I will be the first person to admit that I don't have things figured out and I'm 28 and it's unacceptable. We have created a society that has made this okay and it simply isn't.
Nick (Pedaissance)
Nick (Pedaissance) Vor 17 Tage
@Irate Samurai you're "extending childhood" if you're still figuring things out at 30? That's untrue
T J Vor Monat
@Alyssa Murphy This is reality knocking. Because contrary to what the OP said in his comment, there will come a time when it's too late for her, and that's called menopause. Woman unfortunately don't have unlimited time to have children. If you're childless by 30, your brain SHOULD be pressuring you to get to it
Michael Lang
Michael Lang Vor Monat
@Wing Ng unless it’s you that’s unhappy at 35 after passing on a relationship at 28.
Zurgo Pussysmasher
@Anime Guido True that. My mom had my brother at 36. He's autistic and she's been in denial about it for his whole 17 years of life. I know as a woman I'm gonna feel awful about not having kids by 30 (27 now) but I've lived the horrors of my mom raising kids on her own and I'd rather not risk repeating that. Plus autism runs in the family (her own brother is on the low functioning spectrum). I grew up seeing my grandmother taking care of her own autistic son who has terrifyingly ample strength. No thanks. My line dies with me. Will I be salty? Yeah, biology won't let me feel otherwise. But at least I won't repeat the cycle.
Drake Brunette
Drake Brunette Vor Monat
I’m impressed that she realized all this even though it wouldn’t be as challenging for her to attain any of those things. And that’s not a jab at her… most people who have fame, money and good looks just don’t know how impossibly challenging it is for a person with few friends, no career and average looks (or unfortunately ugly) to attain all those things.
Av3rag3Guy96 Vor Monat
@Spencer Ellis And yet is that not still assuming? I'm not saying she isn't pretending, but there's no hard evidence to prove otherwise either.
Ceju Online
Ceju Online Vor Monat
@Av3rag3Guy96 money and fame go brrr
Chip Starshine
Chip Starshine Vor Monat
@Drake Brunette she’s very well learned and she does alot of reading and tends to pick up on those smaller points often under the messages she reads and comes across. I could tell you this is true. There’s this weird expectation that you’re somehow less if you haven’t achieved some sort of hallmark achievement in your life. It comes from very old way of life when peoples life expectancies were 50-60 etc. like in a way to say, the clock is ticking you better get stuff out of life before it’s too late
Spencer Ellis
Spencer Ellis Vor Monat
@Av3rag3Guy96 you poor little woketards just can’t seem to understand simple things…..when an actress is doing a paid interview it’s no leaps to assume she is just doing her job…..no of you genius have stopped to to figure that out
Spencer Ellis
Spencer Ellis Vor Monat
@Trenton Crawley she is an actress doing a paid interview….hardly an assumption
Also Emma: still looks like a Hogwarts student
Robert Dora
Robert Dora Vor Monat
Just a note for everyone who is commenting or thinking along the lines of "it's funny to hear her say this considering she's very rich", she is commenting about such advertising messages to people in general, not just herself. Within the context of the interview (incl. how she talks about other topics) it becomes clear about how she's mostly talking in general terms even though it's prompted by something that she has either partially or fully experienced. She's spot on with what she's observed. [Edit: spelling correction]
Alex Carrara
Alex Carrara Vor Monat
She's waking up to the sad reality of feminism. 30s, alone and bitter, she's starting to age and she's known for being an insufferable Karen. Why would she say bs like "I'm self engaged" to cope otherwise? We'll have one hell of a show with her trying to find a husband in the coming years. Hey, maybe one of her beta soy males fans will do, if she likes to settle for mediocrity so much.
Wes B
Wes B Vor Monat
Regardless of her job or how much money she makes. Shes still a woman, every woman turning 30 panics to find a husband and kids because everyone around has already. The Fear of Missing Out affects everyone, mostly women. If you dont have this and that by your 30s then your ability to conceive healthy Kids greatly diminish. A man peaks at 30-33, woman Dont they peak around 18-25 where they can have healthy kids The question you need to ask is "Who benefits if everyone is blind or distracted? And who is the main consumer?" If you dont believe me watch Rollo Tomassi. Your questions will be answered.
Francesco Leorati
@Adam Smith I would prefer to be rich and depressed than to be poor and depressed
Bizzon666 Vor Monat
She's not spot on, she's lying to herself. There's not that much external societal pressure, she's just unhappy being strong and independent woman but cannot admit it!
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Vor Monat
Well your not immune to anxiety and depression just because you are rich.
Dm Drae
Dm Drae Vor Monat
Yo if she doesn’t feel stable what hope do the rest of us have 😂
Rhov Anion
Rhov Anion Vor Monat
@JGHifiversveiws thank you for that correction. You're right.
JGHifiversveiws Vor Monat
@Rhov Anion I agree but you should probably switch out husband for spouse.
Rhov Anion
Rhov Anion Vor Monat
Her point was, society is telling you that lacking such things MAKES you unstable. Obviously, you can be talented, wealthy, and feel perfectly happy without all that domestic fluff, but you're bombarded with media screaming, "No, you're a failure if you've not obtained these things before 30." Which is ridiculous. Having a house, husband, and kids doesn't necessarily mean you're successful or you somehow did your procreative duty to the human species. On the flip side, those who DO have such things are made to feel like they shouldn't complain about feeling like something is lacking in their life, feel unfulfilled and unhappy, because you've got everything society said you should and that's "enough for anyone." Both are hot toxic garbage.
Radical Fence Sitting
@Cult Boy I agree, but being a celebrity also sucks cocks. I would imagine that genuine relationships are close to nonexistent in that kind of life.
Cult Boy
Cult Boy Vor Monat
She would feel stable with a husband and children. Hollywood values do NOT promote stability.
Karl Smith
Karl Smith Vor Monat
She's actually quite right about that And it's not just in the case of women, men feel that pressure when they're closing in on turning 30 as well, I know that I certainly did
Owais Ali
Owais Ali Vor 4 Tage
i m 28 and feeling alot these days
Matt Casters
Matt Casters Vor 19 Tage
"you're right scientifically"... as if there's any other kind of being right. As if not talking about something makes for another kind of right. As if changing the subject to 'you can still adopt' makes a difference in the slightest. It's just nature people. Of-course young people say they don't want any kids and of-course they change their minds in general when they get a bit older. Speaking about these things isn't some form of oppression but rather a gentle reminder of how things really are in life.
Zoe Rose
Zoe Rose Vor 19 Tage
@Karl Smith yeah but systematically its women.
Karl Smith
Karl Smith Vor Monat
I originally made this post 10 days ago, as this of the posting of this comment, and I never would've guessed that the likes would Blow up past the 4K mark
Shaun R
Shaun R Vor Monat
Because studies show women without kids are generally unhappy.
Mexicanus Prime
Mexicanus Prime Vor Monat
I’m 25 and all the kids from my generation are all married, pregnant, have kids, better paying jobs, and/or live on their own. But there’s one advantage I have over them: I’m not stressed. I’m not worried about my wife, my kid, or my career. My point isn’t to be lazy and not care, nah my point is to make do with what life gave you and if you don’t have all those things, that’s ok.
JellyAntz Vor 14 Tage
@Mexicanus Prime That’s why we as people of families with cultural influence from the Spanish must not let the pressure get to us. We are our own people. Our families are simply there to guide us based on their lives, but even they’re not perfect. Impatience is like an assassin, slowly lurking and striking at the most vulnerable moments. Only when you are secure in yourself should you find a wife that is also secure in herself. Marriage is about responsibility and love shared as you go through life. It’s a process that two people go through and experience together, not alone. You are not enemies, you are on the same side. Marriage and other processes in life are tough on a man, but it should only strengthen him through the challenges to make him grow into a better man. A woman also has her own challenges, but together, a married couple works through those with good support. You work on yourself, and help each other do that. But you have to be truly ready for what life throws at you.
Siggy Retburns
Siggy Retburns Vor Monat
@Mexicanus Prime yep. yep 👍
Mexicanus Prime
Mexicanus Prime Vor Monat
@Siggy Retburns that’s because most people get married young, in their early 20s, not knowing what they want from a spouse. They go based off looks. Another problem nowadays is this egotistical agenda of “doing whatever you want to make you happy” instead of thinking of the other person. In order to make a marriage work, you always have to keep your spouse in mind and not focus on their flaws. The only time a divorce should be justified is if someone cheats on the other one or if their life is in danger. My friend got divorced a few years ago because his now ex wife’s therapist told her to do whatever she wanted to make herself feel good. My friend was taught to be an awesome person, so he was a good kid growing up and treated his wife well, always wanted to spend time with her. But this woman wanted to more. She was caught with not just one man but two at the same time and her excuse was that her therapist told her to do what makes her happy because her husband wasn’t fulfilling her strong sexual needs. Turns out this woman was bipolar. Not that that’s a reason to label someone as a bad person. But yes, people don’t seem to take marriage seriously these days because they’re always saying “me, me, me, my happiness comes first!!!” No, you made a commitment to someone else, if you rushed into it, that’s your problem.
Siggy Retburns
Siggy Retburns Vor Monat
Marriage today is a joke. They seem to forget that theyre making a promise to God that theyre going to live the rest of their lives with interest in eachother only. Infidelity is more probable than loyalty to both spouse and God.
JellyAntz Vor Monat
@Mexicanus Prime same for me wit filipino family even as a child, but we mustn't let them get to us. patience is key
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Vor Monat
As a 30 year old who isn't married, doesn't have children, or a stable and reliable career, I can safely say that I wouldnt trade anything I have for any of that. I'm a musician. I get to do what I love for my living. I have good friends, a roof over my head, plenty of food, access to health care, etc etc etc. Don't worry about being behind. Just live your life in a way that makes you feel validated. It's entirely up to you what you choose to do with your time.
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Vor Monat
@Hhaa dave Bzw and that's exactly how I hoped my comment would translate. I don't have everything I want in life, nobody does, but I have what I need; and "enough" is as good as a feast.
Eric Williams
Eric Williams Vor Monat
@Ceju Online totally agree. That's why I try not to hang my head over things that other people have that I wish I did. People who don't have the control, like you said, that I'm fortunate enough to have are so much more impressive to me than those with all the wealth and status in the world simply for that reason. It's incredibly inspiring to see people make the best with what they have, even if it's "less"
Hhaa dave Bzw
Hhaa dave Bzw Vor Monat
You are wealthier than most people with those things..
Ceju Online
Ceju Online Vor Monat
doesn't work like that for everyone tho, some have it bad financially, and there's many other complicated stuff that makes life difficult for some, so not everyone has control in there lives like you do
Fox Tim
Fox Tim Vor Monat
Perfectly said
Liam Hart
Liam Hart Vor Monat
Holy shit it’s almost like not having your life together by the age of 30 is a bit stressful glad no one else has said something like this before
Matthew Way
Matthew Way Vor Monat
Yeah as it turns out that you can't stay a child forever. The Peter Pan story.
Oat Meal
Oat Meal Vor Monat
To everyone saying her life is easy or that these things don’t apply to her because she’s a millionaire, guess what. The point is that it doesn’t matter who you are, society will take a jab at all of us. Rather silly isn’t it? This should encourage to think about how we judge others, it’s really a universal experience.
iMagUdspEllr Vor Monat
@Spider-Man How does the paparazzi negatively affect them? I know it must be annoying being photographed. But, I'm not sure how that beats jobs that are likely to cripple, disfigure, or kill you. Their public image is handled by their agent/publicist. I suppose that they have to present themselves a certain way during interviews. But, acting is literally their job, so that isn't exactly the same as forcing an electrician to maintain their image. Everyone has to be on time.
Kantoboi 96
Kantoboi 96 Vor Monat
@CosmicVoid Anytime💖
CosmicVoid Vor Monat
@Kantoboi 96 come vaccinate me 😏
Kantoboi 96
Kantoboi 96 Vor Monat
@CosmicVoid go get vaccinated
CosmicVoid Vor Monat
@Part-Time Gamer yo this guy finally got vaxxed 👏
Christopher Gibbons
This is one of those things I constantly hear people complaining about, but never actually see myself.
@Charles G ?
VengfulDarkness Vor Monat
It's typically from direct family. Grandparents start dying and they (and parents) want to see your kids before they die.
TheUK Vor Monat
@Christopher Gibbons That being said… I still don’t care about dating and stuff. (YT wouldn’t left me edit my comment)
Kent Fink
Kent Fink Vor Monat
Bizzon666 Vor Monat
She's projecting, it's her inner anxiety as she doesn't really enjoy being strong and independent! But she rather doubles down than admit she was wrong...
No Thanks123
No Thanks123 Vor Monat
Whilst I absolutely agree with what she is saying, we have still come a very long way. A lot of people were feeling this way when they hit the age of 21 a hundred years ago. Imagine that? Still have a long way to go, but we're on the right track.
GabrielFranco Vor Monat
When I was with my ex (girlfriend at the time), I know this lady who asked me and my ex about having kids because she had heard about my ex’s sister and brother in law having one. I told her that we weren’t sure and that we needed to discuss things and her reaction was as if she had been insulted. Her tone to my response was as if we were obligated to have a kid and get married. I told her sternly and politely because I was annoyed already, “We will not be having kids right NOW, we will wait and talk things through and not have them or do things based off of what society thinks we should do or society thinks we are obligated to do. We make our own decisions, not based off of what society says because that is arbitrary.
Persian fighter
Persian fighter Vor Monat
Emma Watson is one of my absolute favorite people in the world. There are lots of us who try try to live by our own rules and brave enough to not jump into relationships or marrieges that we know are wrong for us and/or we're not ready for and yet we have to answer to all these people never mind feel the burden of the society who thinks we should have done what others our age have. Being a famous actress, especially her who has the attention of so many people her age whom have been growing up watching her, must make it so much harder to just ignore what others expect of you. She is very smart and I like her so much. Hope anyone who reads this community remembers to love themselves and being different doesn't mean you're wrong.
AJ Jensen
AJ Jensen Vor Monat
No joke, it feels incredibly uplifting to have someone like Emma Watson, with all the absolutely amazing things shes done in her young life, to say this cause this is something that I'm constantly thinking about and constantly drags me down ❤
Yusur Kassem
Yusur Kassem Vor Monat
@MorallyRedpill_MGTOW💊 lmao get out lol not even gonna bother
@Yusur Kassem and on another note what if the girl is like Emma, she sat here as a kid got famous, got rich over night, she's never normal again. In her situation, even if she's a regular girl, she has the money that women love to come to us for bc were men and were supposed to provide for them. No I am not your daddy, I don't provide nothing. I bring food home, protect the castle and give you babies to birth. The closer we get to so much freedom for women the more it hurts the world.
@Yusur Kassem that's not the point I'm going for. It does mean something. It means you've chosen to go out and do x, y or z instead of look for, and pursue relationships with the intent of marriage. If you don't have a concept of shared work within the relationship between two people. It tells me that you have gone off and pursued a career, you've wanted to be the best at your job, you wanted to see all 7 contents or whatever that's not a bad thing but you're choosing temporary pleasure because you can't face the reality of the fact that you don't wanna change your look on life so you just keep going. This subject has a lot of different dimensions and roads to lead to the same place, so any number of things can happen that lead you to be single at 30 or 40. I'm just saying if a woman is still single at 35-40 she's single forever
Edward Bradshaw
Edward Bradshaw Vor Monat
Yeah the small boy that dressed up in women's clothes really made something of himself.
A Black Knight
A Black Knight Vor Monat
I don't think it's a big deal not to have your life put together at 30 but "all the amazing things she's accomplished"? Like what? She's literally only known for one role she had as a child.
Gaurav Pal
Gaurav Pal Vor Monat
I've always admired her. This only adds up to my love for her. Totally agree with her 👍🏻
Okamimusha Vor Monat
I felt this way when I turned 30 and was going through a divorce, dealing with short term disability due to side effect from a brain tumor removal, and depression. I thought.... "maybe at 31 I'll get it right."
Gameus Maximus
Gameus Maximus Vor Monat
Hope the times have been good to you. God bless
Aadi singh
Aadi singh Vor Monat
hope you are doing good. best wishes and a warm hug ✨😊
René Persaud
René Persaud Vor Monat
Amen to what she said, she is an awesome woman, standing up for others ✨
GodofWarChuka Vor Monat
I’m 50 now. Wish I was 30 again. ! LoL
E Vor Monat
@TeMPesT Zz man moment
KyuMazu Vor Monat
@GodofWarChuka give me a fraction of your wealth
GodofWarChuka Vor Monat
@D R I might be a Bitcoin millionaire for all you know, lol
Bill Flk
Bill Flk Vor Monat
For real
D R Vor Monat
maybe if you learned to appreciate the life you could have had u wouldn’t have fucked it up
Shraddha Pawar
Shraddha Pawar Vor Monat
This hit home. I'm 29 and going to turn 30 now. Each word she said is EXTREMELY TRUE in my life. 💔
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones Vor Monat
Can I post some self pitying remarks too? Everyone else cornering the victim culture is giving me anxiety!
Cameron Jones
Cameron Jones Vor Monat
@Katayoon Rahmani Then you are a weak and self obsessed individual who can't even see that every single woman in human history has gone through the same. What makes you so special that you deserve unique attention for going through your life like anyone else? Get a grip, there is so much suffering in the world that if your big gripe is not being attractive enough for men to want to procreate with you through having a floored character then you are not doing that bad and think positive, you could stop your victim mentality and become a better person.
H Law
H Law Vor Monat
Nah, it's not subliminal messaging, it's biology, eggs go bad, every year you wait your children are more likely to have down syndrome, autism, etc., because your choices have consequences, even if you never figured out what responsibility is.
Natalie Hrotikova
Yeah but calm down , do not rush anywhere , do whatever you want and not what other people thinks xoxo
You’re Wrong
You’re Wrong Vor Monat
same i’m 29 myself..
Reggie Storm
Reggie Storm Vor Monat
“30” It’s a big number, it’s the age that tells you that you’re no longer as young as you once were, and if you’ve been wasting your time to start taking your life seriously, so it’s important to feel that pressure it brings awareness to how far you’re in life, if you’re behind on some of your life goals to step it up a notch. Without a sense of time and urgency nobody would get shit done in a reasonable time, if you’re 50 broke and living at home you’d be grateful you had felt that pressure at 30 so you could avoid that outcome all together.
@Casshern who cares. There’s too many people living on the planet anyway and there are kids living in care homes who could use good families. I’ll never understand this obsession with biological children.
E Vor Monat
Paula Elena
Paula Elena Vor Monat
I get it what you want to do here, but this is not a race, everyone has their own timing. Some get pension at 65, some start a business at 65. It's not something we should in the same period in life. What if you had the wake up call at 50 instead of 30? It's their own pace, leave the people alone with their lifes
@Tim Prescott It depends, if you got your act together at 22 then that's good but honestly most people squander their 20s whether it be by burning all their money on instant gratification, getting caught up in awful relationships, substance abuse, laziness or just a run of bad luck. For example statistically most people only start saving money at 29 let alone investing it.
Matsimurf _
Matsimurf _ Vor Monat
@Red It's a stupid, childish point. She has a posh accent but the content is bollocks.
Gamer Dude
Gamer Dude Vor Monat
Just turned 34 with a toddler on hand. He'll be 2 in February, I sure as hell can relate to the stress and anxiety to getting a house and keeping up with things. Tired of renting and we do want another child before we get too much older. It's scary but I do my best to keep my composure around my wife and child.
CoreisusBand (Like Toys-R-Us but with CORE)
Lol. You want another child? Hahahaha Does that child want to be here though? Did you ask it? Have you considered that we got 10 more years maybe 20 at best until all hell breaks loose? And that's assuming the Govt doesn't round us all up and kill us before then.
Big Husk
Big Husk Vor Monat
"If youre not a productive member of society in any way by 30, it creates anxiety" Wow. Who wouldve guessed
mtb416 Vor Monat
@Wade Marley Put up or shut up, kiddo!
Crowe Vor Monat
@Wade Marley lol
VanillaSteez Vor Monat
@Wade Marley you need to have a baby, get a husband, and start contributing to society.
Anthony Jesel
Anthony Jesel Vor Monat
@Wade Marley what LMAO
Wade Marley
Wade Marley Vor Monat
You assume you're productive.... She has done more for society than you and your family ever has...or will. Sit down. You're just another self centered person that thinks his life and his children are the best thing to happen to the world. 😄🤣 Destroying the Earth with overpopulation and over-consuming isn't productive...
Robert Dora
Robert Dora Vor Monat
She's absolutely spot on, particularly now in this time where everyone on social media and places like DE-vid are 'micro targetted' with highly specific ads related to one's specific age, over and above what you search for on certain platforms. It's kind of scary how specific that kind of advertising can be. I know it's worse for women without kids who are about to turn / have recently turned 30 (particularly in relation various IVF advertising, which can be very effecting for a woman who doesn't want to or can't have kids), but even as a man who at the age of 30 was unmarried and didn't own a home I still suddenly become hounded by ads (namely on DE-vid) relating to mortgages and mature dating websites. I can only imagine how that sort of advertising may be much worse for many people in the LGBTQI community 😓
Samantha Perez
Samantha Perez Vor Monat
I admire her so much. She’s so well-spoken, intelligent and empathetic. I just turned 26 and am just in school now studying what I want to do with my future. I have no partner, I live with a relative and am a server as my job to pay for school. I feel like a failure everyday because of these expectations put on us in our twenties. This made me feel less upset about it 🥺❤️
Beisht Kione
Beisht Kione Vor Monat
@Hellfire missile salesman Emma Watson certainly is. Do you think she's wrong to do so?
Samantha Vor Monat
For everyone who is gonna comment ignore the trolls. Do something productive with your time, you'll save your braincells for a better person.
Samantha Vor Monat
You're not a failure. Don't listen to the haters. People who always dictate how others should live lead miserable lives. You're on the right path.
Hellfire missile salesman
@Beisht Kione I didn’t blame society for my own actions?
Samantha Perez
Samantha Perez Vor Monat
@橙 so is Emma Watson, they’re not mutually exclusive.
Arivindharan Balakrishnan
Life is a lesson, you learn it when you're through! - Limp Bizkit
joimumu Vor Monat
I love that line
No Toes Baker
No Toes Baker Vor Monat
I've been feeling that way, more so this year then others. It's become a motivation for me. I'll turn 25 in February but I've spent the last 2 years living in the country with friends and coworkers all much older then me. I now live in a city and work/ have friends people 19-27 half of them have been in a long term relationship for like 5 years and most of them have vehicles and live in actual houses that they rent with their SO because they have a dual income household. I havent had a girlfriend in 2 years, lost all my toes February 2021, my car broke down 2 weeks before that to the point I need to get a new one, and now I find out my credit score is so bad that I have no way of getting an apartment so I live in a motel. Like damn I'm behind the pack. It's been motivating for me to meet people my age. If you guys happen to be living in the sticks I highly recommend moving to the city for a few years, you'll find out more about yourself.
Gothoholic Vor Monat
As a 29 year old, who still hasn't figured anything out in my life due too mental health and just circumstances I feel this so much. It feels like if I don't get married, have a house, and a baby by next year I'm going to die alone. It's really been planted especially on social media.
xxladybugQueen Vor Monat
I understand this being single all my life. The way I look at it though is that I’d rather be alone than be with the wrong person and have kids with them. I feel blessed. Yes sometimes it’s hard realizing you’ll be alone but the realization that I’m not the only one helps a lot. Travel , see the world , sleep more , all the things people with spouses and kids don’t get the luxury of nearly as much. 😉😁
Captain K'nuckles
Even though she’s a millionaire doesn’t this message still hold the same meaning? I don’t get why people are bringing her financially stability into this topic. Before you say “oh she said this and yet she’s not in the same situation” so what? The message is still recognized and felt by millions.
Kiryu The Dragon Warrior
Because she doesn't have to worry about bills, taxes, being able to eat. While many others do Their saying while she makes good points she doesn't have all the stress a normal person would
sica starr
sica starr Vor Monat
I'm 43 and JUST started figuring things out. No children and I'm engaged for the first time in my life. To a 28 year old wonderful man. NOTHING went the way society says it should, and I couldn't be happier. Don't worry, ok? Things can start working out when you least expect it ❤
Ms Girly
Ms Girly Vor Monat
@KoKLoL lmao right back at you babes😂
KoKLoL Vor Monat
@Ms Girly Totally delusional woman. Never come across that before....and water is wet.
Ms Girly
Ms Girly Vor Monat
@KoKLoL Lmao so most definitely m g t o w. You crazies live in delusional state of mind are soo predicateble. I love seeing where i can spot yall because you all have the same crazy rherotic. Thank God we live in reality. 'Natural pairing' HAHAHAHAH🤡
KoKLoL Vor Monat
@Ms Girly I cant believe you even said that 😅🤦‍♂️ An older man and a young woman is a natural pairing, and the way relationships should be. Older man & young woman pairing has been done since the beginning of time.
Ms Girly
Ms Girly Vor Monat
@KoKLoL oh please. Would he have played her like a fiddle were the ages reversed? Keep the bs to yourself.
Scorcho Grey
Scorcho Grey Vor Monat
Yeah she isn’t wrong. That same stuff applies to dudes too though. I remember my 29th bday well. It was a crazy night celebrating youth and one of the most depressing nights of my life all at the same time. For pretty much the same reasons she stated. And I had accomplished a HELLUVA lot less than she had at 29 😂
Herscher 12
Herscher 12 Vor Monat
Its not really society, its your own body
RedLightning17 Vor Monat
I just turned 25 and I spent the entire day thinking about the things I haven't done yet and still want to do certainly before I turn 30. I'm a guy, but one of those is definitely getting married and starting a family as well.
Willhelm I
Willhelm I Vor Monat
@Wade Marley Society values things which really bring hapinnes. Why? If my neighbor is miserable, I could be in trouble. I am 23, married and have a family and are far more happy than in my single years in college. And no, you don't love your child or wife because of society.
VanillaSteez Vor Monat
@Wade Marley don’t let your skewed reality interfere with others. You are just sad you can’t find people to love you and you’re putting a bs “woke” mindset in its place. Get a grip.
Wade Marley
Wade Marley Vor Monat
And why is that? Will family bring you happiness, or is it the social acceptance of having a family that brings you happiness? No lying...
MrAwesomeMatty Vor Monat
I'm turning 30 in March. I live with my folks as they're older and help them around the house, I struggle with debts and money, I don't have any kind of significant other or kids, and... this hits hard. There's always a thought in the back of my head that tells me I've failed as an adult. That I'm supposed to be married, have kids, have my own house, etc. My happiness and my family tell me otherwise. It's scary to think about.
Saturn RIngs ⭕
@Fidelio what is even your point I can't get you. Having a partner is different than having a folk duh
Fidelio Vor Monat
@Saturn RIngs ⭕ No shit. You literally don’t have a point. You’re just one of these black pill doomers.
Saturn RIngs ⭕
@Fidelio Yep including him too
Fidelio Vor Monat
@Saturn RIngs ⭕ Yes because every single one of them will die soon. Yawn.
Saturn RIngs ⭕
@Fidelio his family is not gonna stay with him for long
Beircheart Aghaistin
Yes, turning 30 must be so stressful when you've had ridiculous amounts of money since childhood and the freedom to do literally anything you want with minimal restrictions... so stunning and brave. She couldn't confidently tell me the price of living 🙄
King Dami
King Dami Vor Monat
Emma understands that you don’t have to do certain things by a certain age. We are all on different paths going through this game of life at our own pace.
electromechanical stuff
@guccitae ya who needs literally everything single object u use in your daily life...... Let's see robotics... They don't cure themselves... My body does. So one of us is actually necessary. The other one just prevents natural selection
electromechanical stuff
@guccitae I'll go tell that to my 35 year old friends who tried having kids who had complications like preclamcia and fertility issues. Hope u like cats
guccitae Vor Monat
@electromechanical stuff "six figure jobs" they're paying such a brainless gnome far too much im afraid crazy what the world's come to
guccitae Vor Monat
@electromechanical stuff bro you're speaking to a medical student clearly you need to go back to school because you dont know shit about women's biology or biology at all it seems. or is it the fact that you're a man that you're regurgitating these bullshit "facts" you speak of?
electromechanical stuff
@guccitae yeah those stupid six figure jobs with company vehicles, job security that require critical thinking and where the brainless order followers like you would never make it. Good luck with that underwater basket weaving masters degree... Oh and the heart disease of course
Mad Gay Artist
Mad Gay Artist Vor Monat
Being close to 50 now, I can assure everybody .. you’ll never get over the „figuring out“ phase. That’s called life. Have a nice day. 😬
Lena 65
Lena 65 Vor Monat
@Derek G Im a mathematician - normally mathematicians can pretty much choose their workplace but nobody in germany is hiring at the moment I would like to work in the automotive, pharma or a similar sector We have strong - i dont know if its called like this in english - labor unions and a lot of work related laws - because of them basically nobody got fired during covid Because of material shortages and strong covid laws, many companys cant work at their normal capacity at the moment (+ a lot of people are forced to work from home) So they dont need new employees 🤷🏻‍♀️ Also many companys try to minimize their expenses at the moment I hope it gets better in spring or summer when covid slows down again
Mad Gay Artist
Mad Gay Artist Vor Monat
@Writing 4u 😅 Mission accomplished. Glad to help. 😉👍
Writing 4u
Writing 4u Vor Monat
You ending it with "Have a nice day. 😬" is so hilarious. 🤣 I should be anxious but you made me feel better.
Nice Choice
Nice Choice Vor Monat
To know older people still going through this is actually pretty calming, the fear is thinking im the only one whos going to fail. To the point where in my head I've already started to prepare what I'd do if i ended up homeless lmao
Mad Gay Artist
Mad Gay Artist Vor Monat
@Zurgo Pussysmasher : Not a native English speaker here so … you what ??? 😳
dianthus Vor Monat
Yeah, the incredible amount of anxiety about the unstability of being a millionairess - _feel you_, Emma.
No one Special
No one Special Vor Monat
They call that wisdom Emma. The reality of life is that time matters. Especially in a mortal being who’s body degrades over time. You won’t live forever. What happens if your house ain’t built yet and winter is here? Constructions stops. Time matters.
Vizharan Vor Monat
Cry me a river, Emma. This woman makes me roll my eyes every time she speaks
Miss Hellcat
Miss Hellcat Vor Monat
I felt this way from 15 until 30. When I finally turned 30 every imagined burden lifted from my shoulders and I'm more confident than ever, I am now a whole entire adult and no one can tell me what to do.
Samurai Jack087
Samurai Jack087 Vor Monat
Joy Joy
Joy Joy Vor Monat
I feel you
Arif Yusof
Arif Yusof Vor Monat
I'm turning 30 next year. can't believe time flies but i never feel the urge to have family & children... but i'm surrounded by society that is told to marry early & have a family so i started to feel depress & a bit anxious as i grow older
Aena 5
Aena 5 Vor Monat
Damn I feel that at 20 lol but not an adult adult until I can get an apartment lols
Kid_Amnesiak Vor Monat
@Abigail PlaysGames You still have plenty of time to figure it out, 15 is so much younger than it feels to you when you're there. Yes time will get away from you at a certain point, don't take it for granted. Use it to the best of your ability but you're too young to stress about it too much.
Mysterious _
Mysterious _ Vor Monat
I'm 27 and still feel lost. I've tried pursuing an animation career, didn't work out for me even after I got my diploma. I felt like it wasn't for me. And now I'm stuck feeling like there's a bigger calling out there for me. I also pray to God everyday while in this struggle.
Politics Aside
Politics Aside Vor 3 Tage
@Tal shut up.
Politics Aside
Politics Aside Vor 3 Tage
@Mysterious _ Not really a perspective.
Tal Vor 3 Tage
There is a bigger calling for you! And you will find it or it will find you. 2022 is going to be good for you.!!! I believe in you
Mysterious _
Mysterious _ Vor 10 Tage
@Politics Aside that's from your perspective. Not mines
Politics Aside
Politics Aside Vor 11 Tage
Praying to God sure won't get you anywhere.
Kazuma Kiryu
Kazuma Kiryu Vor Monat
She's right. People keep calling me "Old Man" when I don't necessarily feel old. But there is that realisation that you need to get your head down and work or it's going to be too late to do what you want to.
James Williamson
Yeah well she's rich, extremely stable in her career, gorgeous and adored by thousands and thousands of guys across the world so of course she doesn't have much to worry about.
•ShuNeughu• Vor Monat
I’m 31 as of last month - and for my generation I’m well ahead. 813 credit score, little to no debt, savings, skills, relationships, etc. and honestly it’s not much different psychologically than when I was 21 I still do a lot of what I used to do, just have less patience for nonsense To me getting old is having little patience for stupidity The anticipation of partying is better than actually being at the party Drinking isn’t as fun because the hangovers are worse Little things matter more, I like the taste of onions and stinky cheese If you’ve taken even a semblance of care of yourself being 30 isn’t much different than being 20
Yvonne NC
Yvonne NC Vor Monat
Honestly, it’s women like her that continue to reassure me that life is going to be ok. Her speaking about this, and talking about how society’s expectations on women growing older, and how they’re absolutely bullshit, makes me not worry or freak out about “aging” even as a young girl like me. I love the fact the women overall, especially in these few recent decades, aren’t afraid to speak of their worries and fears as a woman. It makes my life so much easier, not having to think so much of what society expects of me and of my future self, but working on building myself to become the best me I can be for the future, as cheesy as that sounds. But it’s just, REALLY DAMN COOL !!
Wyatt Frye
Wyatt Frye Vor Monat
@rf I’m not saying that. Have you forgotten what classifies you as a woman or a man? There are men that are not fertile either by getting a Vasectomy or a horrific event taking place, but those men are still called “men” regardless. Stop putting words in my response and just read the damn thing
rf Vor Monat
@Wyatt Frye so by your standards, infertile women are not real women? You should check yourself first, before trying to get involved in other people's business. You need the help.
cole davidson
cole davidson Vor Monat
lol cope much
Kingink_19 Vor Monat
@Wyatt Frye nice explained
Meh lol
Meh lol Vor Monat
@Wyatt Frye you know what I give up, believe what you want but I got no strenght left to try and make you realize what you're saying is stupid
Jack Hayes
Jack Hayes Vor Monat
Shit dude I'm 24 and half the people I knew in HS are married, have kids, or have like 3 degrees. Meanwhile I'm working my way through college and the military, essentially winging my future and doing it single. Sometimes it feels rough but mostly it comes down to keeping the opinion of yourself strong.
Justto Botheru
Justto Botheru Vor Monat
In my life, my husband and I live on this in between of: is 30 years young or old? kind of problem. Depending on how you're raise, you'll have your own answer to that. Thing is, our life expectancy keeps on increasing to the point where 30 is no longer "middle age" for those expected to live past 80. Then there's the part where some of us spend over 20 years in school (taking into account college). So by the time we're done w school, we don't have enough time to completely figure ourselves out before hitting 30. So, having a family, a house, etc can be completely unreasonable of an expectation prior to being 30 years old. In my case, I just want to screw around at whatever age im at w/o being judged. "Don't mind me, im just a child that's old enough to drink" (that sounded better in my head). 😆
cameron mckenna
cameron mckenna Vor Monat
She says that because it's true. Any girl who hasn't got someone by 30 has daddy issues or is a psycho. As a landlord I know
Magdiel Zuniga
Magdiel Zuniga Vor Monat
Coming from someone who could have had all those things at 18 years old I don’t understand how she has this “anxiety” 😅
L'panburg Vor Monat
My mother met my dad when she was 35. They got married at 39. She had me at 40 and my little sister at 42. She bought her first house at 48 and my life has been great but my mother got strange looks whenever I would run-up to her and say mom in elementary school. People would assume she was my grandma. She is a amazing and proof of everything Emma said. edit: I see a lot of people talking about how hard it is and yes it is my parents were fortunate and my birthday actually lines up with their wedding night and my sister very quickly as well. My parents were very fortunate as they did not have to try very hard and for that they are thankful because my mom says that if they had tried a long time they probably would have given up 😅
Esther Dovon
Esther Dovon Vor Monat
@Tuan Nguyen this comment that you just made seemed way more reasonable than the one you did before that seemed to be more of an intended insult directed towards the person that made a comment. But anyways I understand what you’re trying to say.
Tuan Nguyen
Tuan Nguyen Vor Monat
@Esther Dovon this is my opinion base on my own observation. Old parents have a harder time playing with their young kids specially an actives kids. I went mountain biking with Dad every summers. Can an average 60yrs old parents do that? Maybe. But a 70yrs can't put up with a 30 mins trail. Do you see the limitation I'm trying to point out? At her 50s my Mom's health is rapidly declining luckily I'm not 10 anymore and it my turn to take care of her. Imagine she got me when she in her 40s. Raising children is already hard enough for a woman in their 20s. Don't make 20s ladies underestimate the hardship and come unprepare.
Angela Tupper
Angela Tupper Vor Monat
I suspect that most people commenting about the risks of higher maternal age don't actually know what the statistics are. The chances of a woman in her mod twenties getting pregnant in each monthly cycle are about 25 -30%. This drops to a 5% chance per month for a 40 year old woman. The biggest risk to the baby's health with higher maternal age is Down Syndrome, as others have pointed out, but it's hardly more likely than not. At 35, a woman's risk of having a baby with Down Syndrome is about 1 in 400. At 40, this goes up to about 1 in 100, and at 45, 1 in 33. This is a pretty dramatic rise, but even at 45, a woman is 32 times more likely to have a baby without Down Syndrome than with. Other risks also go up, such as gestational diabetes -- but interestingly a younger father reduces this risk. Also, a man over 40 is 5 times more likely to have a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The overall risk is still low, but it does increase significantly. While child bearing does get riskier with age for both women and men, a lot of people exaggerate them -- especially for women.
Msmlolman polybrige 0
Man your parents are real lucky, Down syndrome and autism are heavily aumented when they reach around 40 or so
Ma3ixUL Vor Monat
@Fortitude120 Your example is weird, the people you mentioned literally don’t know what to do and this is why they are stuck while her mother knew what she was doing
I'm the same age as Emma Watson and she's absolutely right!
Frances Ottewill
She's right though I always thought if I didn't have a partner and kids I was going to give up on it! I realised this recently!
Malin Vor Monat
when i was turning 20, i felt that but in the way that my friends were about to graduating but i was just starting university but I’ll say your journey is your journey, there is no rush, you will get to your destination when you do and you’ll love it more because it will be everything you ever wanted
Axxidous Vor Monat
Okay well this tells me that what she said, which is what EVERYONE says and is common knowledge, is wrong. Because she has all the crap that makes people freak out about not having by 30. No it’s because at 30 you’re a straight up “adult” with no hope of blending in with the fresh-out of-school young adults in their late teens and early 20’s. But you feel like you can and feel like part of that group. You realize you turned 30 faster than expected and that means life is short af.
Emma Watson is really a comforting human being. She’s someone I wouldn’t be scared to meet. She seems like someone who would never judge you because she understands it. Idk just a vibe I guess.
James Dean
James Dean Vor Monat
Hardcore preaching bitch to the max. Lecturing the west. We are not doing good enough. Where else will accept her 4th wave extemeimist Marxist femininst. 3rd rate activist actress
Eugene Vor Monat
Certainly she would not judge you, so long as you fully conform to all her blm, marxist, lgbt+, extremist feminist views.
Wary of Extremes
@Seannanana she's high, high status and people acted like it since she was a kid. Challenge her, mildly...and see how she takes it.
Curious Wanderer
She never judges you? Hahahaha
cole silden
cole silden Vor Monat
she's kinda bitchy irl
BlackKojak Vor Monat
I thought there'd be outrage but heard pure truth. She's right.
Ellisa Harrison
Ellisa Harrison Vor Monat
All I have to say is she is inspiring
AjaX Nation
AjaX Nation Vor Monat
You don't need to be 29 to feel that. I'm 19, studying in at one of the countries best university in the country and yet I'm 24/7 like: where tf am I going ? I look at some people's lives at 30-40 or so and I don't like what I see and then realize I'm on the same track they once were on and I don't know what to do.
The Masters Mad Face
While that can be bad, it can also be a great motivator. Like “oh fuck I gotta get my shit together”
Nameless Person
Nameless Person Vor Monat
It's comforting to hear this from a successful and well-known actress. It makes me understand that a lot of the pressures that we get are merely created by our society. There are so many things that we get pressured about that aren't even that important.
Debayan Pal
Debayan Pal Vor Monat
@A W Germany economy grew $ 2 trillion under her governance...The 2nd least G20 country after the Netherlands...
H Law
H Law Vor Monat
@Joel Her hormones don't care about that.
A W Vor Monat
@Debayan Pal 😝😂 she ruined Germany
Debayan Pal
Debayan Pal Vor Monat
@A W She is an amazing person...A great leader...
Joel Vor Monat
@Steve Pest Thank you for what you have said Steve, you have opened my eyes a little more. I hope you have a great rest of your day brother!
A Thatcher
A Thatcher Vor Monat
I mean if you haven’t had children (and you want children) then time is kinda running out for that. Women have much more of a time limit for that then men do. I don’t think that time limit hits at 30 though. That being said there’s nothing wrong with not wanting kids or not getting married, and if you do that doesn’t change the fact that marriage isn’t something that should be rushed into if you haven’t found the right person.
A M Vor Monat
Yeah, don’t listen to Divine Light, he doesn’t know anything. The guy is using the logic that 1 month equals 1 egg and shows no knowledge of biology whatsoever. Literally hundreds of thousands of eggs have died before a female even hits her first mensuration cycle. An average of a thousand die every month thereafter. On average, by age 30, 90% of a woman’s usable eggs are already dead or cycled through. By 37, there’s only 4% left on average. There are most definitely outliers, but these numbers are the studied norm, just look it up. Also, the quality of a female’s eggs greatly diminish over time. Chances of birth defects and mental health issues greatly increase after a woman hits 30. Basically, if you want healthy kids, have them young. If you want an easier time having kids, have them young. The clock is quite literally ticking.
A M Vor Monat
@Divine Light hahahaha! “Debunked” with assumptions? That’s not really debunking something. Like I said, go read a book.
DizzyHylyfe Vor Monat
@Divine Light ur one of the body positivity suckers aren't you?
DizzyHylyfe Vor Monat
@Divine Light it's not untrue. Look at the science, its true and from my own experiences it's true. Sister born when mother is 36, she is special needs. Cousin born by mother at 35 yrs old 13 weeks premature nearly killed the mother. Birthed by Cesar methods. U should look at not being a feminist and a simp. Look at hard facts and logic. If women start their periods around 13/14 yrs old on a 28 day cycle that is 13 periods a year. By 30 they've nearly run out. By that I mean they have used 221 eggs, hence 90%
Divine Light
Divine Light Vor Monat
@DizzyHylyfe untrue. Women have more than the 200 or so eggs your math assumes. I debunked this in another comment.
K Vor 14 Tage
Wow I knew Emma Watson was beautiful on the outside but I didn’t know she was also on the inside! Do you know incredibly hard it is for celebrities like her to relate to normal problems?
Caleb Higginbotham
I agree with her. But at the same time I think pressure for something more in our lives can be a good thing if used correctly.
Muzammil Mughal
Muzammil Mughal Vor Monat
She's right. It's actually very difficult to handle all in this age I'm turning 28 now on 25 dec and i feel so much same like she said.
Usurper V
Usurper V Vor Monat
I just turned 30 and I agree with everything she just said. Shit hits different.
Vani Vi
Vani Vi Vor Monat
i'm 33 soon 😅😅😅
UmEmily Vor Monat
Do you feel like you’re waiting for your 18th birthday
Killua Vor Monat
@雪恵 yes ☺
Killua Vor Monat
@Vaishnavi Singh I'll pray for you ☺🙏
heiitse Vor Monat
ayy i’m just turned 30 too
leya mwanza
leya mwanza Vor Monat
she gets my thoughts right now it feels like there is something I missed well everyone seems to have gotten it right
Zombie Vor Monat
Omg the world is over for Emma Watson 😂😂😂😂
Mari Rowen
Mari Rowen Vor Monat
Imagine how the millions of billions of young men, since the dawn of time, whom were told their lives were disposable at war.
Fang1192 Vor Monat
Lol. She doesnt care. I recall her bullshit heforshe crap.
Rhov Anion
Rhov Anion Vor Monat
Lots of folks missed her message entirely and obviously don't know a thing about Emma's opinion on this issue. Her point was, society is telling you that lacking such things MAKES you unstable. Obviously, you can be talented, wealthy, and feel perfectly happy without all that domestic fluff, but you're bombarded with media screaming, "No, you're a failure if you've not obtained these things before 30." Which is ridiculous. Having a house, husband, and kids doesn't necessarily mean you're successful or you somehow did your procreative duty to the human species. On the flip side, those who DO have such things are made to feel like they shouldn't complain about feeling like something is lacking in their life, feel unfulfilled and unhappy, because you've got everything society said you should and that's "enough for anyone." Both are hot toxic garbage, and the sooner people wake up to that, the sooner we'll all be happier in life.
Saar Koene
Saar Koene Vor Monat
28, still in school. Most of my classmates are around 21-23. I feel this soooo deeply. I keep stressing about finishing asap just because of my age. If everything goes smooth I will finish at 30. If I was 23 I would be so much more relaxed.
Sam Howard
Sam Howard Vor Monat
Everything happens for a reason! Hang on and you will see what life will have in place for you
Dorythefish Vor Monat
I'm 23 and I don't feel relaxed at all, so tell me how that works
Mike Carr
Mike Carr Vor Monat
I'm 30, graduating in the summer. I think the same way you do mate
I Gusti Ayu Putri Anom Sari
Hey, i graduated and at took my first doctor oath’s in 31 years old while all my classmates are around 23,24 and 25 years old. I am the oldest one too. We are in this together
KL Howard
KL Howard Vor Monat
You can do it!!!
Kendall V
Kendall V Vor Monat
Bloody hell😂 love when she says that Harry potters vibes
Rains of Healing
Rains of Healing Vor 3 Tage
Just wait until all those same milestones that are “supposed to be reached” by 30, aren’t reached by 40.
Atilliator Vor Monat
When I was 28 my mom had a talk with me, told me "in less than 2 years you'll be 30 and it's not well looked upon that you still live with your mother and you don't have a house(I do own a small plot of land tho) or a wife", I'm about to turn 31 now, I still don't have a wife but Im about to finish paying off the house.
DragonZeroHero Vor Monat
I’m 29 about to be 30 in a few months and every thing she said is true cause I’m stressed like crazy and anxious.
P A Vor Monat
This is honestly so so true! Create your own path and don’t conform to society’s views and opinions on how you should be living your life ❤️
@taraqueen58 But almost anyone swears, so why does that matter to you though? And no
taraqueen58 Vor Monat
@ѕтαяяутєαяz_. never said it bothers me I said when you don't like someone's opinion that's different to yours you resort to swearing so my opinion obviously bothers you now please go away.
@taraqueen58 No one here is calling themselves a feminist, buddy. And if me cursing bothers you that much, then that's a you problem. I'm saying your opinion is garbage, which is another opinion that YOU seem to not be able to stand either.
taraqueen58 Vor Monat
@ѕтαяяутєαяz_. Standard response from people who can't stand anyone else's opinion.....an expletive. Fact: Narcissism is on the increase. EW calls herself a feminist yet eschews all the qualities of women.
@taraqueen58 And what do you want then? People who can't even respect themselves or being overly dependent on others to even make choices? Piss off.
Fun fact: my biology teacher was in the same class as Emma
Conner • 15 minutes ago • 6 years ago • [edited]
Funny enough, we aren’t in neverland and we do have to grow up and be adults 💀
La cosa Nostra
La cosa Nostra Vor Monat
I am 29 years old and going through this lmfao I'm so glad im not the only one 😅
KoenigseggKid Vor Monat
Well if I had millions in the bank like her with my fiance and I I wouldn't be stressed lol. But no I do understand what shes saying. Well done to her.
Void Vixen
Void Vixen Vor Monat
I turned 30 this year and honestly this describes how I've felt for the last few years.. Watching friends getting married, having children, buying a home.. it makes you feel like you are lagging behind everyone else. It's comforting to hear that we all seem to go through the same thing. I am actually very happy where I am and proud of how much I have been through ❤ I have a loving boyfriend, we bought a home together this year, I'm slowly working on myself and trying to be better everyday. I am going to try and focus on the positives for me right now ❤😊
Void Vixen
Void Vixen Vor Monat
@K M R 😂😂😂 Yeah OK. Good luck with your life, bro.
Void Vixen
Void Vixen Vor Monat
@K M R you've completely missed the point of my comment and this video to be honest. You don't need to have your life together or have it all figured out by 30. No one is "swallowing a lie", people are just realising there is more to life than finding a relationship, getting marrried and having kids. I also have friends who know they don't want childen at all and thats healthy too. If you're not having kids for the right reason you shouldn't have them at all. Also your comments about pregnancy are just wrong my guy. Fertility is only slightly lower in your 30s, and risks are only slightly higher that your 20s. Not to mention for many they're financially better to have children in their 30s. I was still at university at 25, sure as hell wasn't thinking about starting a family. Yeah the fear is called "being human". I put the comment here because I've recently felt exactly what Emma was talking about, and thought it might help someone else out there to know they're not alone in their fears. Unfortunately you've decided to comment and frankly your views are laughable and ignorant. This is all I will say on the matter. I hope you are also blessed and find what you are meant to have in this life. 🙏
Void Vixen
Void Vixen Vor Monat
The comments here did not pass the vibe check.. omg. Wth.
Hoi im temmie
Hoi im temmie Vor Monat
@K M R if you die alone, you failed to build and maintain friendships and/or family avoids you. Actively. Tune down the rage a notch and amp up the reading comprehension
Ms Girly
Ms Girly Vor Monat
@K M R Men can go on to have children for a long time, but it also carries risk to have them later in life. Nevermind the fact that a 55 year old as a new dad instead of 25 year old as a new dad is bound to create problems in itself which i dont think i have to mention. Nevermind the fact that unless that 55 year old man has something to offer financially or otherwise, I dont see why a younger woman would not just pick a man her own age or closer to her age to procreate with. Men are dying alone without families of their own. We just dont talk about it because yall like the narrative of the spinster with 17 cats waaaay more then the other message. Oh well.
Scot McPherson
Scot McPherson Vor Monat
What exactly does Emma need to get straightened out in her life. Once you have the money, so long as you don’t go stupid, everything else you should just let flow and flow how you want it. If you want a baby, then do something about it. If you want a meaningful relationship then do something about it. You of all people have the one thing that most of us stress over, and that’s the financial stability. That part is solved for you and that’s the biggest part of it.
Rico Martinez
Rico Martinez Vor Monat
I turned 30 and not even a month later ended up getting shot in an attempted carjacking early morning on my way to work. Lol, quite the welcome to my 30's
Merlin Tom
Merlin Tom Vor Monat
I remember when I turned 18 my parents were hey you're a man now you better hit the fucking road since you've got it all figured out. 🤣
Dan Franklin
Dan Franklin Vor Monat
I'm 29 turning 30 nxt July n I can honestly feel this.
Empty Carousels
Empty Carousels Vor Monat
I didn’t understand it either until I turned 29 and went through a huge depression. I felt like I hadn’t lived my twenties the way I should have and I’d never get that time back.
nataleefr Vor Monat
So true, turned 29 in July and the anxiety hit me so hard, I started developing stress-related diseases. Just can't stand this pandemic and before unemployment keeping me from living my 20s as I wanted
Niccolo M
Niccolo M Vor Monat
Thing is, timing in life IS important BUT you cant force things to happen exactly when u want. U can only do ur best step by step and accept your own journey. I regret grad school even though some might feel like they accomplished something it contributed to me putting off starting a family and now I'm struggling with my fertility because im over 35. Makes me wish I never went to grad school but I can only do what I can, my best choices at the moment.
Ricardo Torquato
@CHIA HUI QI I’ve been thinking like this lately, thank you.
By Me
By Me Vor Monat
Gosh i already feeling it,.and im still 27
@Ricardo Torquato You need to change your mindset. Its ok to be 30 and still figuring things out.
Erika Castro
Erika Castro Vor Monat
So true! I love Emma. Smart woman!
3thosMusic Vor Monat
3 million points for Gryffindor ❤️💛
RyokoLam Vor Monat
Totally agree with this! Luckily I didn’t listen to others and only bought a place of my own at 36!
Justin Perez
Justin Perez Vor Monat
Doesn’t matter what tax bracket we are in. We all feel this pressure from society at this time in life.
turned 30 this year and can relate so much
A A Vor Monat
@Richa Cardozo loll my mom had me when she was 47, and she is the healthiest person I know
@Sushrita Sen what did they say-
NiceAngel91 Vor Monat
Same here 😔
Sahl Alzhrani
Sahl Alzhrani Vor Monat
Welcome to the club.
September J
September J Vor Monat
Same 😬
Buho Morado
Buho Morado Vor Monat
This should get played at her late thirties to fourties’ 😂🤣😂 see if she feels the same way.
TheOpacue Vor Monat
Oooh, so many things to pick apart here!! 1, like it's just because of societys pressure/norms you feel like that. 2, those things are probably there also because having children/family/home is what most people simply need to feel content. It's a natural feeling. 3, (not denying what she saying tho)
Collin for Bleach
Damm the interviewer was just expecting her to be focused on her position as an actor and to not understand a universal feeling. Smart of Emma Watson to keep talking; this would be a different clip if started the same but ended with "but as an actress you couldn't understand what this means for a normal person."
Sean omoruyi
Sean omoruyi Vor Monat
I’m not worried I’m catch y’all in the meta verse where age don’t matter 🧑🏽‍🦯
keepin it weezy breezy
This woman is eternally remembered as a star in a major decade-long film franchise and even SHE feels the pressure! Seriously, leave the almost-30s alone.
sidasims Vor Monat
@Tristan Thompson off rebound god lost all his braincells
Insanity Virus
Insanity Virus Vor Monat
Damn people forget that rich folk got human feelings to. Yes, they are economically fine, but they can still feel pressured like everyone else + celebrities have millions of eyes watching and judging their every movement. Make 1 wrong step and you get canceled, your career possibly ruined, etc. Have some damn empathy people
luvoria Vor Monat
@Jabbathe Juh That isn’t at all related to societal pressure.
Jabbathe Juh
Jabbathe Juh Vor Monat
Yea it’s almost like humans brains change chemistry multiple time s in their lifetime. Usually around the same age as others. Almost as if puberty isn’t the only time it happens to you.
kapon☆ Vor Monat
@nyxion it's not on the same spectrum of non priveleged people sorry to burst ur bubble miss elite lover
Gabriella Robb
Gabriella Robb Vor Monat
She's such a good role model
Ashley Bryant
Ashley Bryant Vor Monat
I’m a 34 year old man and it’s the same for us in most senses. At 28 I didn’t have anything lined up apart from my work, which I was grateful for. To be honest, I’m not saying you have to have all of your act together by the time you’re 30 BUT if you don’t have atleast a clear plan then what have you been doing for the past 20 years!? It’s right to feel anxious if you haven’t got your shit together.
Danshee500 Vor Monat
Shes a successful actor shes doing extremely well
Rose43 Vor Monat
Seeing the comments basically saying "oh what does she know about struggle, she's famous and rich!" is total bs, everybody is a human being and struggles with similar things, but also very different things as well, nobody should gatekeep certain struggles of life, we're all in the same boat of life, even if some of us got better cabins than others.
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