Emotional Damage: Asian Parent Punishments 3 

Steven He
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Welcome to my therapy session. Made this for homework.
Emotional damage is sold out... NEXT TIME!
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19 Sep 2022



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Big Mid
Big Mid Vor year
This is what they need to teach us in school. The discipline of Emotional Damage must last throughout adulthood!
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
This would be the advanced level
Hittzo Vor year
@Steven He ok
DrChicken247 Vor year
@Steven He I'm sorry, did I just hear you coining the term "failure-let"?
imchillin Vor year
What floor is that building that the fear of getting wrecked by a car seemed feasable
DrChicken247 Vor year
@imchillin 13th
ragluvsmusic Vor year
😂 I loved when the Father walks in and says: “smells like minimum wage”😂
tam nguyen
tam nguyen Vor 11 Monate
Martin Weiss
Martin Weiss Vor 11 Monate
Nguyen was triggered. Poor thing. I worked for minimum wage once, also walked to work 20 miles, on one foot covered in thumbtacks, downhill both ways[physics was not invented yet] my other foot was bankrupt from my failed business.
Mr. Regular
Mr. Regular Vor 11 Monate
@Martin Weiss Ah you think YOU had it bad? Where I worked, we got lower wage than a guy working at MacDonald's. I had to work 100 miles WHILE doing homework at the same time with my right arm, my left arm was broken from fighting a grizzly bear. I walked all 100 miles on one foot, while my other foot was working at Canadian Tires. And I had to work EVERY DAY, no day off, no breaks to use bathroom, no breaks to eat lunch. I had to stand the whole time because sitting wasn't invented yet. And I uh, I did it when I was 5 >:).
Martin Weiss
Martin Weiss Vor 11 Monate
@Mr. Regular oh that seems stressful. My business was selling beaver pelts and meat on the QEW. This was before science existed so I had to invent the beaver by breeding cats with giant mice, birch bark and twine. I died twice by the black plague. Bathroom? Back then it was illegal to use a bathroom. I had to hire Lewis and Clark to direct me over the great lakes, where I swam 75 miles south into the United States, while being shot at with muskets.
A cat
A cat Vor 11 Monate
@Martin Weiss um
TimeBucks Vor year
Steven He never fails to show his humor to us
HR Blog
HR Blog Vor year
Very good impression
Morella Továr
Praveen Praveen
On-line earning
Jyoti Meena
Jyoti Meena Vor year
Nice amazing
Dashing Steel
Dashing Steel Vor 9 Monate
Steven neglected to mention one thing on the Example lesson: the ridiculous nature of your examples if you do them right might be so strong that your failure might raise an objection despite knowing it's a trap. This allows you to spring an "are you talking back to me?!" trap discussed in previous episodes of Failure Management or even use The Slipper to apply double or even triple the amount of E MO TIO NAL DA MAGE Essentially, it's a luring technique to set up a series of blows, rather than a standalone move if you use it properly.
NotJohnnyTamale Vor 9 Monate
Steven also forgot to mention the go to bed issue. In this scenario, you make your failure believe they messed up so bad, they want to just kill you and contemplate the ways to do so. This often gets paired with the "Stop crying or I will give you a reason to do so" and the Crying in silence.
@NotJohnnyTamale fax
David Yu
David Yu Vor 9 Monate
That is correct 😊
Harshit Vor 7 Monate
Asian dad spotted...
Monkey Business
Monkey Business Vor 7 Monate
I've heard about this ancient technique. I believe it was referred to as the "Send them to Jesus!"
Cynacist Vor 11 Monate
One time my cousins and I used ALL the detergent by mistake. Our grandma locked us out of the house and said she'd called the chief crocodile and the crocodiles were on their way to eat us. I was three. #emotionaldamage
Galaxis Vor 10 Monate
Oh, you were one of those kids from the crazy destructive toddler videos.
Cynacist Vor 10 Monate
@Galaxis It wasn't even my idea! But I was there and I didn't stop it
Lydia Sherrer
Lydia Sherrer Vor 10 Monate
Man, I am WAY too nice to my kids, apparently 🤣
Igor BB
Igor BB Vor 9 Monate
Very Effective!
Mathew K.
Mathew K. Vor 9 Monate
Oh my fucking God🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is fucking fantastic 🤣🤣🤣
Noriko Takaya
Noriko Takaya Vor 7 Monate
I had a Vietnamese friend growing up and I swear to God this is what it was like at his house. And when I visited my friend, it didn't matter if I was white, I got the same treatment as if I was part of the family. I still talk to my old friend to this day and he's got his own kids to torment now.
Sceats Sketches
Big congratulations to Steven's dad for being promoted from professional Asian Dad... to Professional Asian.
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
MTF Tau-5 ("Samsara")
@Steven He then promoted to Drill Sergeant Professional Asian Dad First Class
Sceats Sketches
@MTF Tau-5 ("Samsara") Haha! Then 5-star Brigadier General of Emotional Damage
Noah Ruelos
Noah Ruelos Vor year
I don’t care beast
The Gamer Tube
Then promoted to just "Professional", next ". ".👍🏻
peebterrr Vor year
As an Indian, this is too relatable to be true 😂😂😂
Kiran Vaidya
Kiran Vaidya Vor 11 Monate
No man it isn't
Kunal Dewangan
Kunal Dewangan Vor 11 Monate
As a shenhe simp I like your profile picture
peebterrr Vor 11 Monate
@Kunal Dewangan fr
raichun~ ♪
raichun~ ♪ Vor 11 Monate
Same. It’s almost as if he’s living in our walls with how relatable this is-
Jenna Vor 9 Monate
Omg, yes! Cold water! I remember being a kid in the middle of summer and asking for a glass of cold water from my grandma. She asked me if I wanted to get pneumonia and die. Ah, good times.
TheSaviorOfSouls Vor 9 Monate
"Who wont you have some HOT TEA?" Yes thank you :(
Qui rogat, non errat(Latin."Praying never hurts")
My greatgrandfather died like that. Working in the hot summer and drank cold water and got pneumonia. In those times it wasn't treatable in Romania, so he died 😔 left my great grandmother all alone.
Gal Reserve
Gal Reserve Vor 8 Monate
@Qui rogat, non errat(Latin."Praying never hurts") So, parents telling useful things someday, huh?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Vor 2 Monate
@Qui rogat, non errat(Latin."Praying never hurts") Unless he inhaled the water I think he probably got the pneumonia from something else lol
AZRAF&TAF Vor 11 Monate
As a person who has a Asian parents, I can confirm this is 100% percent real.
M.B. Vor 11 Monate
I love how this is getting to the point where its hard to tell if the father is an actual guy or just him
Slifer Streaming
Slifer Streaming Vor 10 Monate
jackson Vor 9 Monate
As a white boy with Asian parents I have dozens of emotion damage and this is very true, they had to walk up and down the hill, swim on land walk on water to go to school at my age
Stringfellow Balk
Stringfellow Balk Vor 7 Monate
jackson Vor 7 Monate
@Stringfellow Balk you wouldn't understand the lengths they had to go to have a decent education
Digiton Vor 7 Monate
Lol same as my parent but they tell other kid out there do as you said to go to school. They said...I'm lucky enough to get a good school, so my parent want me to get A+ to paid for their effort. Damn, i'm scared to swim on land😂
jackson Vor 7 Monate
@Digiton another person to share my trauma with
Rusalka Vor 6 Monate
Sorry I have to ask... how does a white person have Asian parents? What's your story?
I like that Steven’s dad doesn’t even bother referring to your child as a child and skips straight to failure
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
hahaaaaaa facts
Viking289 Vor year
Its because if your watching the video you already have a failure lol
Pearl Vor year
IKR, Halo this is my failure he does calculus but is three BEAT THAT!
Rae S
Rae S Vor year
Failures must be referred to as 'failure' unless your parents are bragging about you to other family members.
Luna Gaming
Luna Gaming Vor year
"Smells like minimum wage" I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣 its 10pm and everyone's asleep other then me watching Stevens videos I feel like I'm waking the whole street up 🤣🤣
james cottrell
james cottrell Vor 11 Monate
That's My wife, lol, she goes to the spare bedroom on the other side of the apt and I can still hear her.
thefoxandthelynx Vor 8 Monate
As a fellow asian… this episode in particular was loaded with PTSD reminders. Thank you!!😢
Bernhard Von Barret
Bernhard Von Barret Vor 9 Monate
this might seem a joke, but I have seen this IRL, and it is scary how accurate this is...
あれBanana Vor 9 Monate
gaslighting, technique old as time existed in asian culture
Infintytea Vor 11 Monate
I feel like Steven would be the type of parent to tell their kid to pause the game.
MDLuffy1234 Vor 6 Monate
His energy would seep into the game and get everyone else in the lobby to pause their games simultaneously out of fear.
Infintytea Vor 6 Monate
@MDLuffy1234 maybe
M M Vor 9 Monate
I can watch the same skit over and over. Always laughing!! You truly deserve your own show!!
CD_Gaming Vor year
I was about to eat some food but then my parents told me they knew a kid who ate food who got attacked by a cat and now lives with a family of geese. Thanks, Steven.
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
• ThatMadLad •
Ah I remember too when i was about to sleep when my mom told me when my cousin slept, the next day, he no longer breathe... .
JasminPhagura Vor year
@• ThatMadLad • AYO WHAT?
P3rson 🏳️‍🌈⃠
@• ThatMadLad • bruh what
Hussein Vor year
Who's here before this blows up
AnnoyedAmerican Vor 11 Monate
How he does laundry is how I do laundry as a mom of two kiddos. I almost spit my coffee out laughing especially when he placed the entire Tide in the washer!
ThatRandomAnimator Vor 11 Monate
I love how steven's dad just calls steven "your failure"
Doggos and Jiu Jitsu
You're killing it, Steven. My kid called you the emotion damage guy the other day, which is great because it's time to employ your parenting techniques. At 9, I think he'll understand enough for it to be effective.
LittleBee Vor year
As an Asian I strongly confirm that this is real. The "cold water" related to 4"11 height at adult made me laugh so bad. When I was little I also received information as "You'll have giant worms growing in your stomach if you drink cold water."😂😂😂
zinc2zinc2 Vor year
We had you'll grow donkey ears if you drink coffee as a kid. Also growing hair on your tongue if you smoke. Donkey tail if you drink alcohol xD
LittleBee Vor year
@zinc2zinc2 😂😂😂
SS Vor 10 Monate
I still remember the call from my dad as soon as I walked in from school like he knew exactly when we walked in the house. Would pick up the phone and get "the house better ve clean and laundry better be done by time I'm home" he didn't have to threaten anything because you knew if it wasn't done there would be hell to pay. Shit even my friends were scared of my dad , guy can look at you and send chills down your spine. He's softer now but it took over 30 years to break him even a little.
beatlemania Vor 10 Monate
He's not softer, he's just getting you to let your guard down for maximum emotional damage.
As a man that doesn't have Asian parents, I can confirm that this is real.
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
SpatOnByDire Vor year
@Steven He lmao fr
WuShady Vor year
Dinohunter 2361
Ollie the trolly
As someone who Does have Asian parents, I too can confirm that this is real.
Siew Ping Sim
Siew Ping Sim Vor 11 Monate
This man can make us laugh in 3 minutes than most comedy movies in hours
val Vor year
I laughed so ridiculously hard at the subtle call back to a previous skit that involved defrosting chicken.
Melonie_ Vor 9 Monate
Steven He's dad should start a Masterclass in Failure Management. I would pay to learn the Art of Failure Punishing
kchattx Vor year
I love how instead of turning the dryer back on Steven waved it around like a flag, blew on it, and used a hair dryer 😂😂 Thawing the chicken is still my favorite though. 😂
Cixtos Vor 4 Monate
the remembering to unfreeze the chicken bit had me laughing at my desk 😂
Joey Huang
Joey Huang Vor year
As an Asian teenager with Asian parents, I'm telling you guys, these are pretty dang accurate lol
SidSlime Vor year
Even though he looks like rick astley
Jesus is LOVE•1 John 4:7-10
Im so glad I'm white, wait that came off wrong...😳
Bobo Chong
Bobo Chong Vor year
Pretty normal
Ali Agboatwalla
Michael Koch
Michael Koch Vor year
It’s Not just Asians
Tech Arts
Tech Arts Vor year
What a coincidence that he remembered the laundry after drinking the Emotional Damage drink. Added a nice touch of extra comedy in it
Salty Sergeant
I relate more and more with the father as this series goes on. All he wants is Steven to do a simple chore. What does Steven do? Steven does not do the chore and calls the disappointment of father emotional damage. PLEASE KEEP MAKING THESE. You are become internet father, Steven. Teach us how to not be failures.
Evan Hinkle
Evan Hinkle Vor 11 Monate
I don't know how I've slept on Steven He. I am literally in tears laughing from his content.
Congrats to Stevens dad because he became the best failure management professional in Asia.....congrats sir
Max le chat
Max le chat Vor 6 Monate
Love the "using logic to defeat all reasoning" reference ... so true in real life! 😅
Krishna Harsha M
The part where steven thinks about all the tasks he was asked to do but forget the important one, it is so relatable.
Anne Wilder
Anne Wilder Vor year
He even remembered the chicken this time!
khue dinh van
khue dinh van Vor year
Abigail N
Abigail N Vor year
Forgot to cook the rice tho
Salty Sergeant
That always sucks. Do 5 things but forget the only thing they actually asked for us to to....and they always complain, instead of saying, "Oh, it's ok, you did enough today. Just take care of it tomorrow. Good work, son!", they say something like, "get out of my house, son, you're almost 40.". Ingrates!
Sky Vor 11 Monate
Can we just appreciate how much effort they put into every video?
Mr. Anderson
Mr. Anderson Vor 11 Monate
GiGa Boi
GiGa Boi Vor year
Even if he repeats the same "emotional damage" joke in most of his video, it still remains funny and top tier joke
James Beach
James Beach Vor 10 Monate
My mom is half Japanese and still managed this effect. Very powerful.
c Vor 2 Monate
these emotional damage videos,so hilarious and relatable, the dad character genius, the video game ones also hilarious thank you for your humor
SICK2210 Productions
SICK2210 Productions Vor 11 Monate
Found you on Facebook. I've dealt with soooo many Asian parents in my life. You earned this subscription.
AC 88
AC 88 Vor year
As an IRL psychologist, I cannot tell you how many times EMOTIONAL DAMAGE pops into my head during sessions!
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
oh my hahahah the more I picture that the funnier it gets
AC 88
AC 88 Vor year
@Steven He It's real! I have actually had to say emotional damage in session while forcing myself not to say it the way you do. Might make a good skit!
Fizz Pop
Fizz Pop Vor year
@AC 88 "Why are you laughing? This has ruined my life"... Steven He is such a legend...oh oh shit sorry. You ever been told the tale of the DE-vids? :D
AC 88
AC 88 Vor year
@Fizz Pop the struggle is real!
TheClown Vor year
Bro that's your entire profession
Leenah Fakhri
Leenah Fakhri Vor year
You never fail to make us laugh. I even showed my dad your videos.
TheAncientFoxx Vor 11 Monate
I can't even watch this without losing it at the "Professional Asian" part. The rest is just a roller coaster of laughing.
Henchwench Vor 8 Monate
I'm white, but raised by my Grandparents... so much of your content resonates sooo much lol. Emotional damage!!
pizza time
pizza time Vor 9 Monate
I couldn’t stop laughing during this video it was so funny lol
Spec_tr Vor 9 Monate
you already know he gonna be the best father
Dvalin Vor year
Whenever we feel like a failure, steven he brings us content for us to watch.
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
HAHAHAAA failures together STRONG
Anna Inspain
Anna Inspain Vor year
And then we KNOW we're a failure.
Nudgewashere Vor year
Anna Inspain
Anna Inspain Vor year
@Nudgewashere Lie down, Nurse will bring your meds soon.
Unbreakable Pickaxe
@Steven He failures together failures
Lord Turtle
Lord Turtle Vor year
Cold water one is so true..My parents always tell us to drink warm water in any situation and discourages us with excuses when we drink cold water 😂
M5FTZ Vor 11 Monate
Rlly? My parents would NEVER let me drink warm water
Hannah Crossett
Hannah Crossett Vor 6 Monate
This is addictive to watch😂 Please post more confusing expectation videos. You're nailing something here.
Kayura steward
Kayura steward Vor 9 Monate
Did anybody else laugh so hard when the son said it's still wet In a very very weird manner
Thoon Phyo Aung
Thoon Phyo Aung Vor 11 Monate
It happened to me more times than I can count. I just ignore my Mom until she goes from warning with unrealistic stories to outright screaming NO!
HungrySharkie Vor 10 Monate
As an Asian Parent, can confirm…. Edit: Love how no one can sense the irony. Or maybe they do but don’t care 🤷‍♂️
PrettyBored Vor year
Your videos give me hope that sketch channels can still succeed. Your content is awesome man!!
Bored Ninja
Bored Ninja Vor 11 Monate
The feeling of dread you feel when you hear the garage door open and you know you still have work to do. Nothing else compares
This skit is still hilarious even after so many iterations on the same theme
The confusion about whether you should do a chore or not is painfully relatable. As a kid who still lives with his asian parents, pure *emotional damage*
WonkerAlien05 Vor year
I’m glad I can make my day better by watching Steven He.
Investment Idea
Hello Ppl
Hello Ppl Vor year
Already a Steven like
soniplayboi Vor year
@Investment Idea bro this is so convincing I swear to god!
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
You make my whole day by being here
WonkerAlien05 Vor year
@Steven He feelings mutual
 Zendaya's Twin 🪩
as a person with Brasilian Parents, this is too true. Idk how this travels halfway across the globe, but somehow it did and now I'm emotionally damaged
J Vor 3 Monate
Pro tip: Before laving, tell your failure NOT to do the chores when you get home act confused and say you did not do the chores and whoop him. It adds confusion and unfairness brings emotional damage.
Carlos zoleta
Carlos zoleta Vor 11 Monate
I love seeing your stereo typical asian parent videos. It reminds me of my late father who i miss so much.
Watched this sitting next to my Asian Mom, laughed obscenely loud. She immediately yelled "why you laughing!? Your face going to get stuck!" 😐🤣😰😭
Assault Peli 747
Assault Peli 747 Vor 11 Monate
This could be a TV show in its own right 😂 How to cause emotional damage with Stevens dad
Big bird
Big bird Vor year
Bro that panic of trying to get the chore done as fast as possible before you get in trouble is portrayed beautifully
Big bird
Big bird Vor year
Steven Не 🅥 I like how my notifications for this bot was the odd ones out, but has changed I suppose the owner of the channel forgot to change it
Suraito Potato
Me: hears my parents walking with heavy thudding footsteps right outside.... Also Me: i'm screwed
3NDL355 Vor year
I do that every day
astronaut Vor 7 Monate
That car door slam actually sends a chill down my spine
NightShadow-kun Vor 11 Monate
Last week my mother asked me to do laundry right before she went to work. The thing is she was so fast gone at that morning that I thought that she didnt have time to ask me anything and I did what my step dad asked me to do, but there was this lingering feeling that I forgot something. I went to the toilet at evening and saw the laundry basket...... "FUCK, NOW FAST COME OUT YOU LITTLE SHIT, I NEED TO DO THE LAUNDRY
Caleb Whymark
Caleb Whymark Vor 10 Monate
The bit where he tries to dry the still wet clothes...as a husband I feel that panic😂
I am dying of curiosity to know what Steven's dad is like and what he thinks of these videos
2Blessed Vor 21 Tag
These are hysterical! If I had kids I would absolutely use them! BTW, I love the nespresso machine and liquor in the shots ;)
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Vor year
Thanks to Steven for healing my Emotional Damage with his sense of humor
Investment Idea
Nathan Falcone
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
welcome to your therapy class hahah
Hittzo Vor year
@Steven He ok
@Steven He I love how you always pause every time you talk 😂
No Name Bxtch
No Name Bxtch Vor year
0:23 I'm not Asian but I felt this in my bones😂 It was so stressful trying to figure out what I needed to do while the dread of an oncoming ass-whooping lingered in the air
Virtix Vor 11 Monate
I'll say this: Steven's dad is a really good professor. He first was a dad now he is a professor, really proud of him :D
ItzKittuGaming Vor 10 Monate
As a man that has asian parents, i can confirm this is real 100%
deepfriedcryo Vor year
Thank you, My mom is now using these lessons very wisely. 🗿
Beluga Vor 8 Monate
The fact that Steven said "Okay I won't" without adding the "forget" at the end is a life-ending mistake💀
Everyone knows that Steven can never disappoint us, He even drank the Emotional Damage energy drink lol
phycophykito Vor year
It tastes awesome!
Parsa H.Davoodi
@phycophykito it's made in china
phoenix s
phoenix s Vor year
@Parsa H.Davoodi its not but ok
LickIt Vor year
Was just drinking it too
This Energy is made with the Tears of the most emotinal broken and depressed Asian Childrens... Sorry my Fault, i mean Failures. Their Paine is so Delicious!
ซัน ลืมขวดน้ำไว้บนหอ
As a kid who lives in Bangkok, Yes, that's an Avengers level emotional damage.
Gokashi Vor year
My soul left my body when he put the whole tide jug in the washer
Flower Little
Flower Little Vor 5 Monate
So very funny, love these. Really made my day. Thank you.
Sam Lomp
Sam Lomp Vor year
“you must first give your failure an easy task they will forget, this will make them be in a sense of ease and trap them. That is when you return to deal the final emotional damage.” -Steven He the art of emotional damage
xanimegamerx Vor 11 Monate
The passive aggressive parenting kills me 😭😂
The montages of Steven trying to do the chore, like the “ITS STILL WET” always kill me.
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
I can tell it's happened to you before
MonkeyJedi99 Vor year
That one is EASY! You mostly unplug the dryer so that there is no electrical connection and the slightest bump will make the plug fall to the floor. "Must have been vibrations?!" - Hypothetically, of course. (/wink)
Nicky Hendriks
@MonkeyJedi99 and then you get whooped because you didn't fix the dryer. 😂
MonkeyJedi99 Vor year
@Nicky Hendriks Yeah...
Uzumazin / うずマジン
Beast 😈 x2 “Banger” sounds like “FAILURE” to me.
I always loved it whenever steven freaks and screaming, especially the frozen chicken one
Celebean The Bean
The fact that this is #35 on trending means that this is a very high quality educational video, would recommend!
verycooltiger Vor 11 Monate
"The next five minutes will be emotional damage" steven proceeds to put the entire canister of detergent in the washing machine
jugoslobenkaa🤭🫶 Vor 11 Monate
I love this guy he is always there to cheer me up
Rick Ghastly
Rick Ghastly Vor year
It has been 1 year since emotional damage was a thing, I am happy it is still alive and emotional damage will be forever iconic - Rick Ghastly
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
I can't believe time has gone by so fast
Mikulitsi Vor year
Oh man 1 year already
The Dented Hatchet
time flies huh
Colby Steffens
Always a good day when Steven uploads, love your videos man keep it up (been watching for about a year almost)
Victorian☨ Vor 11 Monate
Honestly when I watch steven he makes my day keep the hard work and injoy life man 😀
Lol as a parent I love your channel...helps me get things through to my child without screaming my lungs out..some things can be handled in peaceful emotional damage way...better this than a crazy mum who has lost sanity image Infront of the kid...gives them no opportunity to talk back lol..😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Chibuikem Ubesie
Imagine having to wash all the clothes the old school way with a bucket, soup and your bare hands. Now that's both physical and emotional damage
Velocijammer 14
Velocijammer 14 Vor 10 Monate
I don’t have Asian parents but I still felt this
Haladmer Vor year
When I was in high school, I became friends with a transfer student from HK.. Can confirm, this training is channeling his grandfather's spirit! That man's Failure Management (Emotional Damage) skills were on point... he was so skilled, even unassociated people 5 blocks away started to learn the piano! I still have flashbacks of the over the top stories. Like this one time I went to go get my friend so we could hang out with our friends, and his grandfather told this story of how he had to hunt white tigers, in the winter at night, while carrying multiple buckets of water for his small village from a river 15km away... and as a reward, he was allowed to stop at the local hardware store to work for money to buy the monthly sacks of rice for the family (which also had to be carried with everything else) To this day, I still feel like I'm not doing nearly enough for my family/friends whenever I want to go do something unproductive... lol
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
Hunting white tigers😂
Haladmer Vor year
@Steven He lol, yeah, I was impressed by his ability to always find a way to go just that little bit further :D He was a great man with a fantastic (and often sharp) sense of humor, and I think he'd love the work you do here!
Prasanna Varathan
Story time…
gillam1510 Vor year
@Steven He emotional damage
Mahenderan SenthilKumar
As an Indian who drinks cold water straight from a bottle everyday, this is very accurate😊
Kalina Xiong
Kalina Xiong Vor 10 Monate
"while you're there, you might as well practice" 🤣🤣 My mom would tell us stories about about how her cousin's cousin's dad's sister's nephew's son's brother's uncle's daughter's son did something and now he's dead. Her stories always end up with some huge consequence.
Madara Vor 3 Monate
As a person with Asian parents I can confirm this is true for everyday I experience EmOTioNaL DAmaGe
Tono Epic
Tono Epic Vor 10 Monate
As an Asian boy with an Asian parents, I can confirm this is real.
Rundlii Gaming
Rundlii Gaming Vor 5 Monate
I feel as though I can now confidently raise children with emotional damage 😀
aguyjr Vor year
The thumbnail design of Steven's father's collected self, while Steven is breaking stuff in the corner is a thing of art
Steven He
Steven He Vor year
That photo just made me laugh without any context
duc huynh vuong
duc huynh vuong Vor 11 Monate
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