End of Space - Creating a Prison for Humanity

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Space travel is the most exciting adventure for humanity, but in an irony of history we may stop ourselves from going into space the more we do it. With every rocket launched we are creating a deadly trap for mankind.

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24 Nov 2018



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Scarlet_2hou Vor Monat
Is starlink really a good idea?
mekman4 Vor 5 Monate
Now, I’m scared.
I'm not giving you my name
I just hear a few weeks ago that a company looks promising for doing space junk retrieval. But I can't remember where I read this 😶
EMS 76
EMS 76 Vor 6 Monate
The video does not account for the quantity of space in which space trash is located. Therefore, the density is omitted leading to an exaggeration of the threat. I've noticed this kind of omission on Kurzgesagt before. It's a very discreet form of sensationalism which easily flies under the radar. You shouldn't make things so "kurzgesagt" that they are "nicht gesagt"
Trivvy Vor 3 years
Man, Kurzgesagt is such a damn rollercoaster. One month: Here's a reason to be horribly afraid! The next: Here's a reason to be hopeful! The next: Here's a reason why that previous hopeful thing is irrelevant, and you should STILL be afraid!
JAKE Vor 5 Tage
welcome to the channel!
Matthew Heisterman
Then you realize you won’t be here and don’t worry
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan Vor 4 Monate
@Sploof Mcsterra This is classifying humans who are reporting facts by giving them a label that somehow explains why the facts themselves can be so varying in their positive or negative effects. In other words, makes no sense. They are JUST MAKING SCIENTIFIC VIDEOS.
Yennefer z Vengerbergu
Kurzgesagt Rockets Are Expensive
Bubblegum Soup
Bubblegum Soup Vor 2 years
and yet the tone in the narrator’s voice never changes
Randy Kirk
Randy Kirk Vor 7 Monate
Honestly, it sounds like the setting for a cyberpunk future: "What do you do for a living?" "Oh, you know, I pilot drones in low-earth-orbit, sucking up 60-year old space debris and harpooning defunct satellites. The hours suck, but the benefits are good."
Jonathan Kwong
Jonathan Kwong Vor 2 Monate
wasn't there a movie about that?
LifeTech Vor 3 Monate
Drones in orbits????..
That sounds pretty lit Ian gon lie lol
Super Sentai Pepsi
Super Sentai Pepsi Vor 4 Monate
@Jt Ho that anime is what got me into space stuff
Jt Ho
Jt Ho Vor 4 Monate
Planetes came out back in 1999. Check it out.
Quixotic Cactus
Quixotic Cactus Vor 11 Monate
I love how this channel isn't like others that slap us in the face immediately with a "Subscribe us for more" message and just gets right to the educational aspect.
Said Ajaoui
Said Ajaoui Vor 6 Monate
@IdioticLuke iklkl
Sandal_Thong Vor 6 Monate
Don't forget to RING THE BELL 🔔
Tacticstories Vor 8 Monate
Kakegurui Maschou!
Reno Fox
Reno Fox Vor year
This has been worrying me for years. Our entire civilization seems to have given up on long-term survival, so I fear we'll never get the orbit cleaned in time because it's not profitable for anyone to do it. Space, and world in general is like the Tragedy of Commons in the most massive scale.
Dank Communist
Dank Communist Vor Monat
Capitalism doin its thing. This is why I wish the USSR wasn’t dissolved
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein Vor 2 Monate
But as you know we are mere mortals with no real meaning just dust as the earth continues we grow old and die and there is nothing we can do to stop it. I have accepted this and I truly respect life. Unfortunately we kill eachother as well as our planet. Humanity is doomed that is just the reality.. I almost wish I was an extra terrestrial from a far off planet.
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein Vor 2 Monate
Life is bleak and short and I wish I was a God
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein Vor 2 Monate
I don't even dream anymore if I'm being totally honest can't remember the last time I did...
Hermann Fegelein
Hermann Fegelein Vor 2 Monate
I doubt it I bet we all just die and that's the end of all things we know endless sleep endless unlife
sk8punk318 Vor year
Shouldn't we do something about all this debris? Eh, I'll get around to it tomorrow
Soumi Mukherjee
Soumi Mukherjee Vor 4 Monate
then tomorrow turns into weeks, then months, years, decades, centuries... Until we are trapped forever.
K Vor 7 Monate
@AxelSpott Compared to global warming and food chain collapse, I'd say space debris is much less of an issue. It seems the only real impact is technological decay, and mainly confined to communication technologies. Global warming and food chain collapse, they can affect lives and habitats of people.
Miri Tallstag
Miri Tallstag Vor 9 Monate
fact: all humans are procrastinators
stressed dictator
stressed dictator Vor 9 Monate
And so the cycle continues
Oxi Vor 2 years
One of humanity's greatest continued faults: Creating something new and cool but forgetting to make a way to clean it up.
Slime Tank
Slime Tank Vor Monat
@Alen Lastimosa the whole point of this video is literally that if we can't clean up those junks then say bye bye to space travel all together. if you actually care about space scale expansion then it is not a price worth paying and we better do something about it.
The crane
The crane Vor Monat
@Karkat Vantas Communist much?
LifeTech Vor 3 Monate
Exactly 1. Plastic 2. Cleaning agents waste water. 3. Carbon dioxide from almost everything. 4.Fertilizers. 5. Pesticides. 6. Internet junk people 7. Democracy radicals. List goes on
Magnus Error
Magnus Error Vor year
@Kristo Mefisto I highly doubt humans will b going around colonizing space. Think about the implications of such a feat.
Trifecta Vor 10 Monate
It's ironic that our only other method to escape pollution is being blocked by the debre of our attempts to reach new locations
Trifecta Vor 7 Monate
@IHateUniqueUsernames good point, good point, I like to see a non aggressive response every now and then, and yours made me think.
That's a rather sordid way of looking at things. If you pollute and just leave a planet, how many more will you potentially destroy before eventually, you need to cleanup your galaxy? Remember, since everything is moving away at faster than the speed of light there are no other galaxies you can practically run to.
Ludvig Bohlin
Ludvig Bohlin Vor 11 Monate
Wow! This opened my eyes to how serious this issue is. This should be a mainstream goal to achieve, cleaning up our orbit. It's vital for the future of the human expanse.
White Egger
White Egger Vor 4 Monate
@Ludvig Bohlin Gotta have a doom in able to survive.
Ludvig Bohlin
Ludvig Bohlin Vor 10 Monate
@Survivalist 260 Pretty pessimistic for someone named survivalist
Survivalist 260
Survivalist 260 Vor 10 Monate
have you seen humanity and it's current problems? yeah, hope is not needed. *we're doomed either way.*
TTT ART Vor 2 Monate
I only just found your channel. And this is awesome, thank you. I really enjoy the animation too, well done and great work.
CrewRanger Gaming
So after a quick Googling session I found that majority of satellites move in the same direction, and only a few due to their use case move in different orbits and in different directions - that leaves a very small chance of such collision - and even if one happened the chain reaction theory would still be very hard to become a reality as those small debri may just shoot out or inward and those.
LifeTech Vor 3 Monate
, Ofcourse there might be a standard for orbit directions, but the more trash we through, the less new things we can launch..
sir Norton
sir Norton Vor 3 years
Humanity's endless ability to shoot itself in the foot.
Anhad singh sivia
Anhad singh sivia Vor 14 Tage
@Sterb ern oversimplified lol
Sharcodile Vor Monat
Hey, we more comfortable than any other animal tho!
itsHollowBoy15 Vor 10 Monate
This was an incredible video to watch, even the animation looks amazing to me
CzarDeaner Vor 5 Monate
This video made me pretty hopeful. I think we aren't ready for a lot of the tech that's been developed since 1970 and it would give a few hundred years to get the kinks worked out.
Just your friendly neighborhood meme dealer
Imagine being an alien with technology 10x better than anything on earth and then immediately having it immediately torn apart by a random satellite part.
planck olive
planck olive Vor 12 Tage
if they're 10× better then they'd probably have lasers too
Soumi Mukherjee
Soumi Mukherjee Vor 4 Monate
@Xavier Burval "Warning: Planetary Defense System detected."
Xavier Burval
Xavier Burval Vor 11 Monate
Maybe this is why we don’t see aliens. They know that we already made a danger net around our planet
Robert Douglass
If it was ten times better than anything we on Earth might have, then it would probably come equipped with a navigational deflector array that can push or sweep that errant debris cloud aside so it can safely continue into either a safe parking orbit or an atmospheric entry and landing manoeuvre.
LazyCoffee Vor 7 Monate
Honestly, when I was hearing the net thing I was like “why not just use lasers to burn them?” AND THEN IT CAME
Farhan Ahmad
Farhan Ahmad Vor year
This video in a nutshell: *If we dont do something about the **_stuff_** in space soon, we could have a boss level quarantine*
Traitorous Way in roblox
Boss music starts playing
Patrick Flanagan
Patrick Flanagan Vor 4 Monate
we give way too much credit to the word "boss"
Mega Vor 4 Monate
Covid: noted
pati 17
pati 17 Vor 4 Monate
@Vickypedia go bother someone else
Koopa King
Koopa King Vor 7 Monate
To me the laser and magnet options sounds like the best idea... Plus they seem like the only options in this video at least that allows for multiple objects to be taken care of... Although the other ideas seem like the best options for very large objects
Shreya Jain
Shreya Jain Vor 7 Monate
"So, let's put this really important thing which if it fails can be economically and socially disastrous in a junkyard we have created, surely nothing *bad* could happen?" *Humanity at its finest*
David Lambert
David Lambert Vor 7 Monate
For once I’m kinda glad that one space company that we all know don’t leave junk in low earth orbit and reuses their boosters
Hurricane HD!
Hurricane HD! Vor year
An idea: have another booster with its own fuel source, and when the stage is ejected, when it gets 20 meters away from the main rocket, the booster ignites and the stage gets sent into space
Doppy Vor year
This makes me think about how the two richest men in the world are doing absolutely nothing but launching rockets at the sky EDIT: I don't care about whatever you have to say to defend Elon Musk. I really don't. And whatever mental gymnastics you have won't undo all the bad shit he's done, wasteful rockets aside
The crane
The crane Vor Monat
@Toaster.jpg Yes
Bluey Vor 2 Monate
He does use reusable rockets now sooo...
Toaster.jpg Vor 4 Monate
@gegen hippies is that sarcasm?
gegen hippies
gegen hippies Vor 4 Monate
Yes it always comes down to bad White men. Good take.
Robbie Abbott Ramsay
Honestly I hope eventually we reach the amount of advancement where we will be able to clean up around there and make the way off the planet safer
Spoon Vor 11 Monate
you know its REALLY bad when kurzgesagt's narrator himself says that its HORRIFYING
TheHolyCheese75 Vor 7 Monate
Everyone in this comment thread "thanks for giving me more anxiety 😩". Stop. More like thank you Kurzgesagt for informing me on reality and being honest 😊. Being real is the first step to mending our f#*k ups
Alien #1: "Should we invade that little blue planet?" Alien #2: "Are you crazy?! They surrounded their entire planet with an impenetrable Sphere of Death!"
iWatchWithNoAds Vor 11 Monate
@Michael4201 do know how magnets work? You can't push a target that's metal but not magnetized. You'll end up pulling and collecting them on you... Or worse, slamming them into you
Valerian D'Souza
UngusBungus Vor year
@Michael4201 it gets pushed around and hits them
Sean McDonald
Sean McDonald Vor year
Thats the beginning of the movie 'Battleship': the incoming ships hit a satellite.
Auhsoj Acosta
Auhsoj Acosta Vor year
The only thing that I want to happen is that the aliens mistake their magnet for their electromagnetic
unsanity Vor 10 Monate
Quarks and Fractals suggest to me that the whole universe is quantifiable, generated and stored on a two dimensional surface like a computer game.
Damián Lemiña
Damián Lemiña Vor 7 Monate
Damn, I always wanted to go to space but now I'd even like to help make it possible by cleaning that. One can only dream to be part of that while studying programming.
ckl Vor 4 Monate
Perhaps the Kessler Effect is the Great Filter. A species' early attempts to colonise space lead to it's entrapment. Though this wouldn't necessarily stop ground based transmission of signals, if we'd even hear those.
Adam S
Adam S Vor 8 Monate
It says something that this is one of their *less* terrifying scenarios
Matt Viegelmann
Matt Viegelmann Vor 2 years
“We might trap ourselves on our planet.” I think I found the Great Filter.
Chaotic Glitched
Chaotic Glitched Vor 2 Monate
ohhh fuck. yeahhhhh i think ur right
liam Vor 2 Monate
no u did not try harder maybe just maybe u might actually just end up finding it who knows it's just like it's just like looking for a needle in a desert xD
Илья Миронов
It's filter, but not great
Christopher Björklund
@Sean H We cannot be overpopulated. It was a while ago you wrote this so you might know that now otherwise google it. Bill gates gives a good explanation
cheeto Vor 4 Monate
@Parasmunt probably at most 1 century
Lenard Segnitz
Lenard Segnitz Vor 22 Tage
1:50 “…most of the rocket parts stay up…” No, they do not. From the very beginning the vast majority, at least 95%, of the rocket falls down. A very small amount does stay up and presents a hazard. What is missing from the entire video is the scale of the volume involved. From the surface to about 400km up is little concern since atmospheric drag empties it in months to a few years. Geostationary orbit is 35,786 km. GPS orbit at several thousand km. Earth observation satellites are commonly in polar orbits at any altitude. That makes for a vast volume of orbital space. Worrying that they’ll collide is similar to worrying about dust motes in a stadium. The fear probably stems from artistic renderings having to make diagrams usefully visible. Renderings are not to scale. The entirety of humanity’s space infrastructure would not even fill a single pixel if Earth was scaled to fill the screen. But renderings like to include the entire orbital track of every bit of debris. If the worst were to happen it would render some range of altitudes a bit more hazardous than we like. It would just mean our new satellites would have to be placed above or below the offending altitude range.
IC Vor year
Knowing humanity, the idea of ​​"let's go through the garbage so that it flew away" will win. And after 1000 years, in a rage, aliens fly in to avenge the homeland destroyed by garbage.
Dread Penguinlord
I have an idea about this, but would appreciate some advice since I don't know if the physics would work: What about sending up a tank of expanding construction foam (like Great Stuff) to form a gigantic, hard foam ball in orbit? If it were allowed to remain there or could be maneuvered around to the areas with lots of junk, could it act to collect debris? If so it would sure be a nice low-cost solution, and as an added bonus the collisions would eventually slow the ball down enough that it would de-orbit itself and burn up, along with all the junk that had rammed itself into the ball. :)
Sean McDonald
Sean McDonald Vor year
The opening scene of 'Battleship' has one of the incoming vessels hit a satellite and both break up on impact and then create mayhem when they enter the Earths atmosphere.
Vlog Epicness
Vlog Epicness Vor 8 Monate
Good thing I no longer have satellite tv 😁
Rishabh Agarwal
Rishabh Agarwal Vor Monat
Maybe this is the great filter. Every civilization which takes control over it's home planet then tries to expand to other planets in its solar system and in such attempts, as it's impossible for them to establish an outer base in few trials, it ends up creating a prison for itself in its home planet. For an ever resource hungry and developing civilization with absolutely nowhere to expand to then almost always ends up destroying itself
doollaly Vor 9 Monate
I was going to say, send out huge pucks of neodymium magnets at different times and have them fall into the atmosphere at a certain predicted weight to burn up... looks like someone beat me to that thought so why is it not already implemented? I'm sure other people have thought of this as well.
Sandal_Thong Vor 6 Monate
I prefer silica aerogel like for the sample return Stardust mission.
Dragos Rachieru
Dragos Rachieru Vor 11 Monate
Thank you Elon Musk for bringing so many starlink devices into space
widowmaker777 Vor 3 years
Kurzgesagt is one of those few entities that care more about educating the public than cash. They deserve our support in whatever way we can offer.
Victor Vor 2 years
@Naz WMD thats not an big brain move of yours
Mustang1976 Vor 2 years
@Naz WMD so give us an enlightened content so, big brain. seriously, show us your definitions of good content.
Logee Vor year
I just love how in every video of Kurzgesagt a minimum of two bird's heads are blown up from some type of science fiction weapon
naman ziu
naman ziu Vor 15 Tage
That's why we need the moon as our satellite stations for the Internet, experimental reasons or even for defences.
JozParks Vor year
Too many satellites might trap us on Earth Elon Musk: 'Hold my constellation satellites'
csdominika Vor 9 Monate
Thank you Kurzgesagt! 🌍 Any update on space junk? Is there any company which started the cleaning process?
Akshay Mathapati
Akshay Mathapati Vor 17 Tage
It took 5 years and over 5000 prototypes to make a vacuum cleaner, 10 more years to increase efficiency. Lord knows how much this one will take 🙏 😵‍💫🥲
Connie Vor 2 years
Me: The earth is polluted, the ocean is polluted, the air is polluted. What else could we possibly pollute? Space: Think again!
Dan Kelly
Dan Kelly Vor year
The suggestions in this video to alleviate the problem of space junk involve using energy. Interesting that to solve the problem of space junk it is suggested to use energy to alleviate a problem that was created partially by using energy to create the problem in the first place.
MrSusan92 Vor 7 Monate
I did not know I had to worry about this. Add this to my list of growing sense of impending doom 👌
Teresa Blue
Teresa Blue Vor Monat
This actually fills me with hope.. What a kind universe it would be if this was the great filter; if this was why we don't see any aliens.
Allyson Russell
Allyson Russell Vor 11 Monate
me at the start: "this doesn't seem to bad" me at the end: "OH SHIT"
David Espinosa
David Espinosa Vor 2 years
"That's one small step for a man... And a giant junk yard for mankind" -Armstrong 2020.
TTT ART Vor 2 Monate
Yes! Well put.
Sigma Chad Male ionaire
@Abeke Dababy assassinated Lincoln using amongus gay potion.
Tyler Phillips
Tyler Phillips Vor 3 Monate
@Potatoesgohard I also came in here to post about the omega chad senator and how I'm thinking more and more he might've had a point.
Potatoesgohard Vor 4 Monate
Senator armstrong 👀
David Espinosa
@Abeke Finally, someone gets the joke. Thank you! 🤓👍
Mitchell Olson
Mitchell Olson Vor 10 Monate
Sounds like this would be the best way to protect your planet from an invasion
Alèxia Vor year
So what I'm learning from this channel is humanity needs to funnel all of its weapons and military spending into space cleanup and renewable energy ASAP.
GOD Vor 10 Monate
won't happen. We humans are too busy arguing who has the better religion.
Halfwolfgaming Vor 4 Monate
A similar idea was proposed in a novel called seveneves, but with the moon instead, from point of moon fracture to full cascade was about a year, and the time of hard rain, aka the prospect of all these tiny bits of the moon not caught in the rings falling into atmosphere and literally burning the world alive, was a mere 2 years, the only survivors of which were the people in the bottom of the ocean, the people in caves deep down, and the humans in the space colony with the ISS, overall a similar disaster outcome to the video they did on if the moon orbited into earth
Wisp D
Wisp D Vor 10 Monate
my question is, if its getting so likely that space debris can knock out a satellite due to the sheer amount of it in orbit, why aren't satellite reliant services suddenly stuck being offline for long periods of time more often? Wouldn't repairs or a replacement take a really long time?
Joy Drip
Joy Drip Vor 6 Monate
Currently this is very unlikely since all satellites travel at the same speed and direction. So they can't really combine into each other
Nick N
Nick N Vor year
6:58 the most brutal death scene ever on this show.
Uzma Asif
Uzma Asif Vor 12 Tage
No in asteroid mining video it killed a bird so horribly that it shot his eyes out
Someone Vor 2 Monate
Zombeebear Vor 4 Monate
I think the one where the bird gets turned into gold and blows up with an insane amount of force was pretty brutal (It was in the Midaspocalypse episode)
Waldo Fabian
Waldo Fabian Vor 4 Monate
Sad ☹ {:(
Waldo Fabian
Waldo Fabian Vor 4 Monate
It's bad enough that there's not a single video where they don't die, but having a laser shoot them causing their head to explode by their own colleges when all they were trying to do was clean up the mess is simply evil!
Andy Roid
Andy Roid Vor year
Hard to realize that Elon knows this and that he is still launching hundreds of new satellites regularly.
Gray Solace
Gray Solace Vor 3 Monate
I'm so glad I scripted, recorded, and posted this video - my compliments to myself.
Kronos camron
Kronos camron Vor 10 Monate
what if we can make an an object that attract debris, then shoot it out into deep space , or we can make a nano polymer that can repurpose itself into something useful to be reused like hull plates for the ISS, other satellites,telescopes ....etc
VolTer Vor 7 Monate
This is aging pretty well... 🙁 Governments have done these anti-satellite tests the video suggested against.
Jingle Ma
Jingle Ma Vor 2 years
Psychologist: So how do you feel about casual super violent deaths of birds in animated form? Kurzgesagt: Yes
L'étranger d'internet
@halcyon_lu right, birds are patreons
[REDACTED] Vor year
@Butter Skywalker how do you know it´s his brother?
FinnyGnat plays
FinnyGnat plays Vor 2 years
One died from a lazef
Butter Skywalker
Butter Skywalker Vor 2 years
The way that bird smiled after he blew up his brother's head is creepy
Balaji Gore
Balaji Gore Vor 2 years
But i feel so emotional when a kurzgesagt bird is killed.
Star Blaze
Star Blaze Vor 11 Monate
Could they send up a remotely manned drone to push debris back towards Earth?
Skyrotechnics Vor 4 Monate
note: even though there is a lot of junk, it is still not very likely that something like the one in the film Gravity will happen, space is very big, but that doesn't mean we should just leave the junk be
IchLiebeDich Vor year
To stay in low orbit u got to speed up from time to time. How is it possible that so many things dont fall down and burn up in the atmosphere?
Aostrele Vor 6 Monate
Finally a kurzgesagt video that I can actually experience in my lifetime
Stephen Henry IV
Stephen Henry IV Vor 3 years
Kurzgesagt, casually discussing topics that are the essence of nightmares, existential crisises, and horror induced panic attacks.
Stephen Henry IV
Stephen Henry IV Vor 3 years
@Proger13 10 I don't think any of us in this post were complaing, but I like your enthusiasm.
Reginald Rasyid
Reginald Rasyid Vor 3 years
Well.. the more you know
Kevin Maher
Kevin Maher Vor 3 years
The only thing more chaotic than a giant forest fire is failing to effectively respond to it in a calm, collected fashion.
Stephen Henry IV
Stephen Henry IV Vor 3 years
@max hacks I know, I love these videos. I'm not complaining about it, just pointing out the mature philosophical content.
max hacks
max hacks Vor 3 years
at least he warns us why we shouldn't do some things to get dangerous diseases & infections he also has fun facts and other useful information
a a
a a Vor 11 Monate
i love how once the sea, too, was considered a dark realm of doom and death. i wont take long before space becomes little more than a curious novelty where only the really stupid and unlucky die. hopefully.
Aalaap Thota
Aalaap Thota Vor year
I think this would actually be a good thing so that we can't escape to other planets, and so we end up stuck here. This will motivate humans to fix all the problems we've already created on earth.
ahmad pourkaveh
ahmad pourkaveh Vor 7 Monate
Kurzgesagt : space travel is the most exciting and challenging adventure humanity has ever made The whole ecosystem and challenges under the oceans : are we jokes to you ?
JayWalk Official
Well, if SpaceX sending 30,000 satellites into perfectly aligned orbits doesn't trigger this, I'll be surprised
Silvus Sol
Silvus Sol Vor year
This makes you think about all those great big space battles in sci fi a little differently. Just imagine the mess caused by the destruction of several hundred huge ships with radioactive components in their power cores. The debris cloud might do as much damage as the battle itself.
Squallstopher Vor 6 Monate
I remember watching a video years ago about the horrible deaths the Ewoks would've faced as all manner of burning debris came crashing down onto Endor from what use to be a Deathstar
Tania Dutta
Tania Dutta Vor 3 Monate
I think (depending on how many orbits there are) you could put a laser shooting at one point of the orbit so then eventually all junk in the orbit will be melted.
Angela Smith
Angela Smith Vor 7 Monate
humanity is just like me: Me: sees a problem. "this is fine. this is just fine" Humanity: causes pollution, basically ends the gps "this is fine. This is just fine"
Robert Douglass
And thus the navigational deflector was invented... This cross anyone else's mind yet? See, here's the thing -- stuff in orbit that's too small to track is too small to target with a vapourising laser or plasma weapon. At some point we're gonna have to be able to safely cross this minefield, for lack of a more appropriately accurate description, and firing millions of laser beams or plasma bolts at millions of targets per minute just won't cut it. We can't waste that kind of energy on point defence. But if you imagine a magnetic field projected ahead of a vessel trying to push its way though on its way to Luna or Mars, that field can magnetically sweep that debris and detritus aside and make a safe path for the spacecraft to travel. Only once you clear that debris field can you safely engage the Alcubierre drive and warp to Mars or the other planets in this system or others.
Lane Jones
Lane Jones Vor year
What about creating a thermite net? Burning/cutting the debris down enough into smaller parts enough to burn in the atmosphere whilst still slowing the debris down enough to enter lower orbit.
Georges Abitbol
Georges Abitbol Vor 7 Monate
burn the atmosphere is THE answer, man !
Glock 17
Glock 17 Vor 3 years
3:45. This was extremely well done. Whoever animated this I thank you for pleasing my eyes so much.
05 Council
05 Council Vor 2 years
Dementia Gaming
Dementia Gaming Vor 2 years
Some 1
Some 1 Vor 3 years
Never related to a comment more
NOMASAN Vor 3 years
I want to like, but we gotta keep it on 169
yamaking Vor 3 years
@Haroer Haktak no
PandaBeatBox Vor 4 Monate
Is there maybe a possibility that the whole universe is just the inside of a really huge black hole and outside of that black hole are other black holes each with its own universe when blackholes meet and combine the universe inside expands. Maybe just maybe the edge of the said universe is just a event horizon and you can't go out of it
Taako from tv
Taako from tv Vor 7 Monate
But earlier you said that after a while something would start falling back to earth so say if we failed at cleaning the orbit and earth was effectively invaded in a massive cage what if those prices started falling to earth? Would the jut burn up or would it be a bunch of tiny meteorites hitting the earth?
CrewRanger Gaming
Couldn't this problem be solved if all of the satellites ever launched were launched in the same direction. That way even if there was an impact it wouldn't be a blast.
Triange Vor year
7:34 it’s okay little bird buddy we’ll fix things just for you 🥺
HB Vor 11 Monate
Cute birds...
The Life Formula
The Life Formula Vor 3 years
Love the animations. They are so clean
Nichsa 89
Nichsa 89 Vor year
@Double Threat 5:58 nope i'm think this small probe mouth like unicron opened to disgest waste space
Evgenis 13
Evgenis 13 Vor 3 years
@Michael TNK wooosh
Michael TNK
Michael TNK Vor 3 years
Pedro Sequeira You clearly don’t know what clean animation is then. Clean animation is just animation that looks super smooth
franz Vor 3 years
Like my kitchen
Unorthodox Individual
Very clean, unlike... I got nothing
Strazdas Vor 11 Tage
The issue with lasers is that lasers require a lot of energy. And if we use a lot of energy we are generating a lot of heat. And getting rid of heat in space is really hard.
Joshua Hardin
Joshua Hardin Vor 7 Monate
If debris just burns up in the atmosphere then why is it so hard to dispose of this matter. It seems like if it either goes further into space or re enters the atmosphere it would stop being a problem
Charlie Becker
Charlie Becker Vor 6 Monate
The space station is orbiting without being smashed. Solutions can be deployed when needed for cleanup such as a satellite with lasers to vaporize debris or something else.
George Lionon
George Lionon Vor 10 Monate
The common misconception about the Kessler syndrome is it to happening very fast (like that Gravity movie) but in fact it is already happening. Space junk is already increasing exponentially, we're just yet in the slower phase of that curve.
yuno Vor 3 years
I’m being serious, I actually think is the best DE-vid channel that exists, even though you have loads of subs, I still feel your underrated, scientists should be watching your videos, students, everyone! They are amazing and I’m considering donating on patron, honestly you guys never fail to deliver interesting, scientific, explained amazingly animated videos, please never stop :)
yuno Vor 3 years
BonBon Box Well they are not technically a company but I see what you mean they are a small team
yuno Vor 3 years
Tw1 ok there are many things wrong with what you just stated, mr beast saved pewdiepies ass so hard yesterday he would have lost, secondly when I said the best DE-vid channel I mean in my opinion, content and original.
yuno Vor 3 years
James Ambrocio wait you think I’m an employee here? I wish lmao
stijnheid1 Vor 3 years
Actually, here in the Netherlands we got recomended to watch the videos about the immune system by an immunology professor
dunsan Vor 5 Monate
This is some highly advanced species way of putting us in time out
Bradley Venn
Bradley Venn Vor year
In the wise words of Jessie: “MAGNETS BABY!!! 🧲” Now I’m no scientist, but if we put electromagnets in space that were dense enough to withstand collisions, eventually enough debris would pile onto them and the weight would bring it back down to earth as one big ball of trash, where most of it if not all would be disintegrated before it hit the ground. Edit: Dont worry I just saw the rest. Thought I was uniquely genius for a moment there but ok
Thanks for crushing my dreams of seeing space, leaving our Galaxy, leaving our local group, and seeing everything.
Luny Cipres
Luny Cipres Vor year
I was wondering where the empty fuel cells go... didn't know they just orbit our planet :| we need to get sky hooks up there!
Mr. Quack
Mr. Quack Vor 2 years
When you accidentally create your own Dyson sphere: CONFUSED STONKS
liam Vor 2 Monate
lmfao ngl this is the funniest shit about a dyson sphere I've ever read
Hammy Of Doom
Hammy Of Doom Vor year
@HÜLAGÜ HAN …..What?
Privacy Lover
Privacy Lover Vor year
@Jorji Costava I've never thought that, but that's because I know what a Dyson sphere is
Alexa Rigonan
Alexa Rigonan Vor year
DIY Dyson sphere
Something Edgy
theunknownreturns Vor 10 Monate
I think a massive magnet would be cool. Maybe a tractor beam that pulls all metal in an area down.
Halfwolfgaming Vor 4 Monate
Also the use of rockets and fuel means that we are expelling and permanently removing mass and resources from our planet, although the impact isn't so bad when we truly reach spaceage we're gonna have problems
Giga Chad # 823
Giga Chad # 823 Vor 11 Monate
My dream of going to space is pretty crappy now but I hope that the space industry will take Kurezgesats advice
Tee Dot TV
Tee Dot TV Vor 7 Monate
😃 thank you, I was thinking of this recently as well, I know what I must do.
John Smith
John Smith Vor 2 years
This is why reusable rockets is a massive and important step
Attila Kovács
Attila Kovács Vor 5 Tage
...towards final self-destruction.
Dodgy Dodgson
Dodgy Dodgson Vor 4 Monate
@Lord of Sadness noble. Still a terrible design
Lord of Sadness
@The Amazingly Randy that's the point of "Starship" THE SECOND STAGE REUSABLE *REUSABLE* SECOND STAGE.
Lord of Sadness
@Tele cast 👍
Tele cast
Tele cast Vor year
@Lord of Sadness makes sense ty
Berkley Huffman
We should try and establish a base somewhere in space so that even if Earth is trapped, we can still send rockets out
oliver_productions Vor 7 Monate
Honestly the best thing the universe can do if we honest
Bart Anderson
Bart Anderson Vor 4 Monate
Most exciting adventure for humanity: can we get through the next 50 years and learn to live sustainably?
Spencer Vor year
Space ships make a lot of debris Elon musk: I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move Also something to mention, ship launches dontreally cause too much debris bc they are dropped beforeorbit is achieved and therefore fall back into the earth not much staging takes place in orbit, there’s no need to as mass does not affect orbital radii in any way
Rugved Kulkarni
Rugved Kulkarni Vor 3 years
God dammit, now we have to worry about space pollution as well?
Sandal_Thong Vor 6 Monate
We've had the wrong philosophy for 150 years or so: "Prove that it's dangerous," instead of "prove that it's safe."
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Vor 3 years
@Lord Zephyros Except other life's pollution are just the products of the metabolism.
MSmash Vor 3 years
Eh not really an issue, if its everbrought back it is worth it tho since its parts can be recycled again to make another space ship.
Lord Zephyros
Lord Zephyros Vor 3 years
@Rick Sanchez all life pollutes... All space civilization will pollutes no matter the planet
Rick Sanchez
Rick Sanchez Vor 3 years
Newsflash, humans pollute anything they "touch", even the virtual space (internet) is 99.99...9 % of garbage.
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