Epic Slow-Mo Drum Implosions!

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Negative Pressure Exists! bit.ly/TFilQ8
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Michael Payton
Michael Payton Vor 5 Monate
Longer cool down time in the drum cause it's stronger due to the ribs so it had a higher vacuum in it causing the triangle shape
Escape Felicity
Escape Felicity Vor 7 Monate
Steam is not water vapor
V Vor 8 Monate
So equilateral triangle for minimum area and Hexagon (honeycomb) for maximum area for a regular polygon
Zodical Vor 8 Monate
My theory could be due to how much of a vacuum is created the larger drum was cooled for a lot longer in theory creating more condensation therefore more vacuum. Whereas the small drum was cooled for a shorter time only needing to compress a little and as we know nature takes the path of least resistance.
antIm4tt3r Vor 10 Monate
5:43 How can you even say no to that ?
antIm4tt3r Vor 10 Monate
I can bet this man gets the same amount of Dopamine to the Brain Imploding Drums, that normal people do with sex, chocolates and recreational drugs.
Christophe Fournier
Christophe Fournier Vor 11 Monate
Rockets and astronauts would have exploded in the alleged vacuum of space due to the huge pressure differential between the inside of the rocket 14,7 PSI and the very negative pressure outside of the rocket !
Kouga Vor year
Maybe the shape of the objects after the implosion depends on its height. Imagine if the orange barrel had been five times taller. Probably all sides of the middle would be touching eachother after the implosion, while as you go further to the outsides the shape becomes larger. Hence why your small barrel became a hexagon, your big barrel became a prism, and I believe that your five times taller barrel would look like two triangles that converged in on each other (sort of an hourglass shape but less round). But I don't know, I'm bad at physics anyway!
Eunice Ko
Eunice Ko Vor year
Question from SLA Middle School in Philadelphia, PA: Can you heat it back up to make the steel drum a cylinder again?
Jagjit Roudh
Jagjit Roudh Vor year
Ha ha your reactions are so slow lol
Janga Pardhu
Janga Pardhu Vor 2 years
A hexagon has the highest area to perimeter ratio after a circle. Maybe the volume of water was in varying ratios in both the drums which caused the vapour in them to compress to different volumes, and hence different shapes.
lacrymal1 Vor 2 years
Learn something new every day.
Killerean Vor 2 years
Hexagon is super stable shape, that's why the small drum have collapsed in to it. It's actually quite usual for drum to collapse in to a hexagon as round objects tend to naturally collapse in to this shape. Best example would be honeycombs made by bees. The bees are actually making each cell round, only the heat in the beehive than weakens the tubes so much that they collapse in to a most stable available shape - the hexagon. I believe that the large drum have collapsed in to a different shape because it has much longer sides and weaker caps in comparison to a small one. That have allowed it to collapse further that the small drum.
Onibyron Vor 2 years
For a second I thought "Mjolnir"! But it was "science". 4:27 to 5:00
Gareth Packard
Gareth Packard Vor 2 years
Vihart reference!!!
Passed High School Physics
It looks like you hot the drum in the upper third. You should have hit it in the middle.
Jabba Blade
Jabba Blade Vor 3 years
What will happened if you will do the same thing with a giant truck drum? :)
Nyles Sanna
Nyles Sanna Vor 3 years
poor zoom recorder
crazytosh Vor 3 years
Now heat it up again and see if it expands!
what else is on
what else is on Vor 3 years
Effects like these are extremely difficult to precisely predict because several factors will affect the outcome, such as volume, rate of change in pressure, wall thickness, tensile strength, elasticity, etc. I think, for the most part you are getting these uniform prisms simply because the cylinder is basically an "n-gonal prism" where n tends to infinity. Since having such a very uniform starting point enables you to store a significant amount of energy in the object while it remains meta-stable. Once breakdown is achieved, a second meta-stable configuration may be reached if the collapse is not too violent, and determined With your feet on the air and your head on the ground, try this trick and spin it. Your head will collapse if there's nothing in it and you'll ask yourself, "Where is my mind?".
stjepo91 Vor 3 years
It would be great if you would had put an pressure gauge on the barel, a better overwiev of what is happening.
ProgrammerPC Theory
The size of the drum etc many properties
ProgrammerPC Theory
Different amounts of heat and water or absence of heat
deepstrasz Vor 4 years
You could become an illusionist.
Shadow Lenahan
Shadow Lenahan Vor 4 years
size might have had a role but i think it is because of how they were made. The drum had ridges on it and bevels so that might have been the cause of the triangle, not the right flow?
Liam Hubbs
Liam Hubbs Vor 4 years
knew it
Liam Hubbs
Liam Hubbs Vor 4 years
i bet it will
Shane Powell
Shane Powell Vor 4 years
larger drum was made of thicker steel, and also had more voulme than the smaller drum, due to those factors when it finally collapsed it did so in such a way as to form the smallest volume possible. the smaller drum by having less volume and thinner wall could achieve equalization by collapsing into a form with more volume. The big drum had to be weakend first, so its collapse was more catastrophic than the smaller geometry wise..
Noam Tashma
Noam Tashma Vor 4 years
no, actually you can see that the small drum did not achieve equalization, because otherwise it wouldn't have collapsed a second time.
Buskieboy Vor 4 years
The builder's of the Matrix screwed up. It is one of the subtle clues, just like deja vu, ghosts and vampires etc.!
Michael Adams
Michael Adams Vor 4 years
These sound effects are way too dramatic, I was watching a documentary on slow motion n stuff. They kept adding these really over dramatic sound effects, *balloon pops* *WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOSH* *water crashing sounds*.
Michael Adams
Michael Adams Vor 4 years
That wouldn't work, that would make the audio sound weird and not err "normal".
Noam Tashma
Noam Tashma Vor 4 years
Yet, even if the camera doesn't record it itself, they can just record it with a regular microphone, stretch it and edit it onto the video. No?
Michael Adams
Michael Adams Vor 4 years
Because I know how high speed cameras work, they don't record sound.
Noam Tashma
Noam Tashma Vor 4 years
how do know though that it wasn't the sound recorded at the test sight by the high speed camera? or idk some sort of microphone?
Evaggelos Sands
Evaggelos Sands Vor 4 years
iconoclastic23 Vor 4 years
Might have been a little out of place in an educational science video, but I can't help thinking you should have given out your best berserker's yaulp as you smote the drum with your mighty hammer blow!
Adnan B.
Adnan B. Vor 4 years
Different metallic compositions and densities+ Differing vaccumes = Different patterns
Tatiana Deslouches
Tatiana Deslouches Vor 4 years
It's probably from the amount of pressure with the explosion
smoukondeuoter Vor 4 years
i guess number of sides in the polygon depends on the height/diameter ratio but i haven't still figured out why ^_^
Jack Vor 4 years
A submarine too deep in the ocean would do this too ?!
ILikeWafflz Vor 4 years
I would like to see somebody re-pressurize a collapsed drum.
DowzerWTP72 Vor 4 years
+ILikeWafflz Reverse the video ;)
ILikeWafflz Vor 4 years
+Lessinath I know all about that, as I do a lot of work with aluminum trim and vinyl, where the whole bending-it-back-and-forth-until-it-breaks thing is used often where a pair of snips or u-knife are hard to use. I can't remember what was on my mind at the time, but I think I had just wanted to see the dents pop back out in slow motion
Lessinath Vor 4 years
+ILikeWafflz It would start to re-inflate, and then break along one of the points where metal was bent at steep angles. Metal that is bent that sharply is harder and easier to break by bending it. Try it some time - take a wire, sharply bend it, then bend it back. It will be harder to bend back, and if you bend it back and forth enough times it will break.
ILikeWafflz Vor 4 years
Whoa. That first drum turned into a giant chrome lug nut cover....which then collapsed.
Poodiepie Vor 5 years
Oh no no no no.... The illuminati is this strong?! They even control science
Vedeno95 Vor 5 years
Omg u'r a metal bender, thats sooo cool!
ElementalSkater001 Vor 5 years
High pressure= low volume, how does cold water decrease the pressure inside the can?
Josh LZK
Josh LZK Vor 4 years
@ElementalSkater001 The cold water forces any remaining water vapour inside the drum to condense by cooling it down, explosively reducing the pressure inside the drum since most of the vapour was already gone. That's my take on it, anyway.
Mr Funreal
Mr Funreal Vor 5 years
that can also happen with gasoline trucks and train wagons
Dackster1994 Vor 5 years
You can do that at home with aluminium can from coca cola or other drink
perrier1986 Vor 5 years
I believe, the reason that the larger drum compressed into an equilateral triangle and the small container didn't was because the larger drum had weaker caps, top and bottom. The weaker caps allowed for more deformation of the sides.
SkeeZer giovanni
SkeeZer giovanni Vor 5 years
haha Awesome
sweemare Vor 5 years
so.. it is basically hot water and cool water to crush it ?
Xnerdz Vor 5 years
I was gonna make a pressure joke, but it sucks.
Aiden Webbe
Aiden Webbe Vor 4 years
+Sage Hane I was not going to make a joke. I'm a chain breaker aren't I?
Shining Armor
Shining Armor Vor 5 years
I was going to drink your jokes, but you all beat me to the punch!
terence w
terence w Vor 5 years
I was gonna make a toilet joke, but it was too crappy
preetish tadepalli
preetish tadepalli Vor 5 years
difference in pressure perhaps?? if there is far less pressure then the can occupies an equilateral,if it is a little bit more then square if it is even increased then regular pentagon,even more then hexagon
jacob gajtkowski
jacob gajtkowski Vor 5 years
im betting it will implode
BestSoftDeveloper Vor 5 years
Hi Derek, If optimal minimum space is triangle, why did in the beginning of this video drum collapsed into 4 angled shape? I am not trying to be a smart-ass here, was it energy from hammer that allowed to compress it to more compact shape?.
Irvin Escobedo
Irvin Escobedo Vor 5 years
It looked amazing in slow motion 1:30 - 1:58
Hikari Vor 5 years
Soren Lily
Soren Lily Vor 5 years
wow, 1200 fps and it's still almost too fast to see
Ant Vor 5 years
I type this comment before my mind is influenced and prejudiced by reading other peoples comments. I put it down to these factors/understandings/principles: 1. The Smaller drum had a much more intense heat inside of it as it was heated indoors at room temperature, creating a greater volumetric difference when cooled.. 2. The Larger Drum did not have as strong a suction as it was heated outside and constantly had the outside temperature combating the smaller heat source under the barrel. 3. The Smaller drum had no reinforcing ribs around the circumference of the drum so gave in much more easily, allowing a short spread of the structural failure. 4. The Large drum *DID* have structurally reinforcing ribs pressed into its construction, so the force required to make the drum implode was so much greater, when the structure did actually give in The load was spread in a form that had more stability. A Triangle is more stable than a hexagon. Have a nice day people. =)
Ward Huyskes
Ward Huyskes Vor 5 years
Yes it will if you do it properly
Ward Huyskes
Ward Huyskes Vor 5 years
Oh yeah, I'm da man!
Patrick Kilduff
Patrick Kilduff Vor 5 years
I think since you hit the drum with a hammer you weakened it's structural integrity on one side forcing it to 'collapse' into a triangle shape. The smaller can was just the air pressure exerted equally on all sides squashed the can into an hexagon type shape. It would just crumple into a smaller version of itself if not for the reinforced metal lid...so it had to take on an equilateral shape instead.
Eric Taylor
Eric Taylor Vor 5 years
3:00 Haven't seen the rest of the video. I'm betting on implosion. The amount of pressure on some that size will be incredibly high.
mauriboy Vor 5 years
UND ¿?
Dan TheIrishDancer
Dan TheIrishDancer Vor 5 years
U238 Vor 5 years
How many FPS?
Ward Huyskes
Ward Huyskes Vor 5 years
He said 1200
AlgoJerViA Vor 5 years
Is it really correct to speak of vacuum here? Also since you use water is not the condensation hindered by the pressure so that most of the condensations happens at the point of implosion?
Koushik Talukder
Koushik Talukder Vor 5 years
The smaller drum was not hit with a hammer, i.e. the forces acting on it were more evenly distributed around the drum. Perhaps this is why the smaller drum ended up with a 'less pointy' shape than the big drum, which received a hammer impact on one side.
bl4sfemer Vor 5 years
Are they both made of the same material? It could just be a matter of the thin/thickness of them, too. I don't know.
Its Just Awesomeness
You got hit by a jet ski!
idriwzrd Vor 5 years
I love how pathetically slow reaction times are in slow-mo.
Robert Crisp
Robert Crisp Vor 5 years
You could have told me you were shooting there, I work a few hundred metres from question. I'd have come watched.
Rocky Vor 5 years
Illuminati barrels!
arunaachalam 215
arunaachalam 215 Vor 5 years
I don't know it but what would happen if we were at the seize of atoms???
Tareq ASHarhan
Tareq ASHarhan Vor 5 years
the proportion of material thickness to its size or strength?
Filip Filipović
Filip Filipović Vor 5 years
Physics! When you get to smash stuff and then ponder upon it.
Evan Johnston
Evan Johnston Vor 5 years
Neo looks at a waterfall.
Luke Simpson
Luke Simpson Vor 5 years
I believe it s purely the difference in negative pressure with the orange cylinder having a more negative pressure than the silver one so it became the shape with the lower volume to surface area. If you were to create a pressure lower than the pressure inside the orange cylinder it would create an even smaller equilateral triangle (if the material were perfectly curved and without any imperfections) with the excess pointing outward from the points. such cool slow mo in this, loved it.
Jan-Michael Cabrera
First, the negative pressure in the drum creates compression within the material which acts to "flatten" out the curvature (hence why you get polygons). Second, the force on the material is going to vary depending on the area available: A=2*pi*r*h. I believe the difference in shapes is probably a function of the area of the cylinder, the thickness, and the material. I wonder if you used the same material and thickness but varied the radius if you'd get different polygons. Hmmmm.....
baileyjean1000 Vor 5 years
the build structure of the two pieces is different. the orange drum had rings on it that were built in for structural integrity. The other can didn't. Both collapsed due to the way they were built.
Skeeter Sorenson
Skeeter Sorenson Vor 5 years
Nice shirt.
Luca Brock
Luca Brock Vor 5 years
stronger vacume in the bigger drum?
Packtion the first
Packtion the first Vor 5 years
Pork Vor 5 years
I think the shape the drum implodes to is directly impacted by the force of the vacuum being created. With the smaller one the vacuum that was created didn't have as much force as the large drum and didn't have enough force to create a smaller shape. This may also explain why with soda cans the almost completely flatten out because they are a weaker metal and it needs less force to create the smallest shape possible.
Blase101 Gamer
Blase101 Gamer Vor 5 years
why is it called an IMplosion instead of an INplosion? Because the implosion is going INward...?
vlanoik Vor 5 years
Im- is a variant of the prefix in- used before the letters b, m, p
Sherin Abu
Sherin Abu Vor 5 years
This is child's play!
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