Equipment Dealer Reacts to 'Clarkson's Farm'

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0:00 Intro
2:35 Questionable Equipment Choices
4:52 Weather Setbacks
6:18 Finding Happiness with Sheep
7:53 Dealing with Ecological Issues
10:09 Realizations about Profit
11:36 Importance of this Show
13:04 Final Thoughts

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12 Jul 2021



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Here in the UK, we love Clackson. I'm just a year or two years older than him, so I have grown up and got old with him being on my TV. He's a blast in everything he does and says, even if it's the wrong things, we still love him.
That was an excellent appraisal of the show …. 👍
tynewydd100 Vor 3 Tage
Great review, you have it covered very well. Generous of you to devote your time to it. Well done.
M Q Vor 5 Tage
It was actually 144 pounds
Cosmo Smallpiece
Cosmo Smallpiece Vor 7 Tage
Great review mate, especially from a yank about a British show. Keep up the great work, will watch future videos now.
Pete Vor 12 Tage
Clarkson came away with £144 - not the 500 or whatever mentioned here. This is just one big crappy advert!
mikebat l
mikebat l Vor 15 Tage
Yeah, tree hugging hippies who dropped out of school don't know anything about actual environmental conservation......who knew?
Zeek Durhman
Zeek Durhman Vor 20 Tage
Thanks so much for bringing this aspect to your show Neil! Clarkson hit a nerve, his brilliance will help farmers more than in any other way! Keep up the good work!
Mary Wehmeier
Mary Wehmeier Vor 21 Tag
Between Jeremy, Harry's Farm, Millennial Farmer, Cornstar Farms, Sonne Farms , and Larson Farms-- People can get a serious education on farming. Growing up as a Midwestern Farm Kid-- The older I get, the more I have realized how little people know.
nigel Mc Hugh
nigel Mc Hugh Vor 21 Tag
You'll be entertained, and learn a lot of British slang along the way......
Jamsie Vor 23 Tage
Lamborghini, made tractors in Italy, when he asked Enzo Ferrari for a car he was turned down, so he made his own supercar
eurp91 Vor 4 Tage
Learn to write better, or go away.
KamsWarNPeace Vor 24 Tage
who doesn't know Jeremy Clarkson James May or Richard Hammond lol
johnny llooddte
johnny llooddte Vor 24 Tage
ahaha we use some pretty big equipment in afrikka
Teemoos Vor 25 Tage
Its crazy to think after all the hardwork the farm only made 500 quid. Its crazy because farming i want to take up when im older.
stephen williams
stephen williams Vor 26 Tage
Great work by the Presenter here, Mr Messick I assume, he absolutely nails it. Clarksons Farm is not only hugely entertaining but it shows how tough Farming can be and is.
Simon Perry
Simon Perry Vor 26 Tage
From England We Have a BBC Programme called Countryfile which has run for about 30 years which is a typical bbc box ticking programme. Presenter with colour in a wheelchair and a tame farmer Adam Henson JC has done more in one season to raise Awareness of the Problems for British Farmers than countryfile has done in 30 years.The bbc hate farmers and British Agriculture.
Paw X Paw
Paw X Paw Vor 27 Tage
I binged watched all 8 episodes on Amazon Prime and will probably watch them again? Absolutely superb series, that, for me, equals the Grand Tour. Clarkson made his point superbly and delivered it faultlessly, as far as I am concerned. Will he stick it out for another series? He genuinely seems happy away from London. Surely the worst year is behind him now? No wonder they won awards. I, myself had no idea farming was that difficult. Watch out J C, Greta will be after you, in good way? Perish the thought. 😁 Clarkson's Farm on Amazon Prime. A lot more entertaining than somethings I could mention?
jweb51958 Vor 27 Tage
enlightening video,..,thank you from a clarkson fan and 3 kubotas owner! wonder how that lambo is for maintenance/service !!
acdii Vor Monat
My coworkers were giving me crap about getting a new tractor for doing hay. They referred to Clarksons Farm a LOT, especially about his tractor.
Mj jones
Mj jones Vor Monat
Correction it was The most popular tv car show on british tv . The new lineup with new presenters is dying a slow death on The BBC in England . so we are mostly watching reruns without the original lineup its 🪦 RIP TOPGEAR 🇬🇧
KM 45
KM 45 Vor Monat
Clarcksons farm was brilliant, can't wait to see the new show...👍
Gary C
Gary C Vor Monat
Jezza bought the 1000 acre farm in 2008. He had a farm manager run it until 2018 who then retired. Jezza took up the running of the farm in 2019. regards
Chat Chaweewong
Chat Chaweewong Vor Monat
Nice one
Paula Hamilton
Paula Hamilton Vor Monat
Why does this guy sound American?
Kusada Vor Monat
3:32 "They have a hard time understanding how to run it because of the complexity of the machine" of course it's complex, it's German
Vlad Snape
Vlad Snape Vor Monat
7:40 The plural of sheep is "sheeps", not "sheep". Don't they teach proper English grammar in US schools?
Max Walker
Max Walker Vor Monat
Felix Leiter
Felix Leiter Vor Monat
Amazon prime... Ted lasso and Clarksons farm. Just subscribed
Felix Leiter
Felix Leiter Vor Monat
Farmers don't have time to be woke. They are to busy trying to feed us
John Scrimgeour
John Scrimgeour Vor Monat
Clarkson is a complete arse, all he's interested in is how many people are watching him. Over privileged and too many contacts with Tory members. Never done a days work in his life.
vxnova1 Vor Monat
The lambo isn’t too big the implements were too small,
having watched TopGear, Grand Tour, Clarkson's Farm and other documentaries Jeremy Clarkson has been involved with he clearly puts as much energy and passion into what he's doing as possible
Being from Wisconsin where Jeremy's tractor is just normal sized I could never get why they kept saying it was too big. It looked like an insect in those fields. And yes Top Gear was the best TV show ever!
Lezgo Brandon
Lezgo Brandon Vor Monat
Bullshitter ;D
David Smith
David Smith Vor Monat
I have never met an activist that knows the subject, properly, that they are protesting about. They are dead against the badger cull in the UK, but badgers kill and eat many ground, or even low to ground, nest birds and animals. They have no natural predators left so man has to step in to balance it out. The main reason for the cull is Bovine TB, yet the government has killed every reactor in that they find. A reactor may or may not have TB. It might, as was myself, have strong antibodies against it but they are still shot thus weakening the nations herd. You never here this from any activist, yet it is a simple fact.
Chris Paul
Chris Paul Vor Monat
The choices made by Mr Clarkson in this show were heavily influenced to create entertainment value. With Amazon throwing vast sums of money at him, he really has no concerns about the profitability of the farm. Most of his decisions are decided on comedy value.
Paul Castle
Paul Castle Vor Monat
Those activists haven't got a clue , if they did they would not behave as they do .
Alister Voltaire
Alister Voltaire Vor 2 Monate
Jeremy can be incredibly serious, check out "The greatest raid of all time" de-vid.com/video/video-07Zd0Oy8JyQ.html (and the making of de-vid.com/video/video-F8dvHuMJJG0.html) The VC de-vid.com/video/video-Bl6j7I8FWT4.html
jhiv3945 Vor 2 Monate
It sems to me you are more interested in sharing your own opinions than focussing on 'Clarkson's Farm'.
Heather in Oz
Heather in Oz Vor 2 Monate
Hope you are watching The Grand Tour
Niguel Vor 2 Monate
It’s 1000 acres
richardlwellington Vor 2 Monate
I’v already seen the show, it’s really a great series I’ve been waiting to see if there will be a season 2.
Paine Thomas
Paine Thomas Vor 2 Monate
Word is, he upgraded equipment for this next season. The joys of Amazon money to be sure, but he likely heard people saying his equipment was too small and was costing his farm money and time. For a city boy, he sure figured the farming game out quick. This has quickly turned into my favorite Clarkson show, beyond Top gear and TGT. He shows quite well the life I grew up in, though we only lived in a cottage on a farm while dad and I helped out wherever needed. I learned a lot and the wife and I plan to buy some land when prices come down a bit and build both a pole barn and pole barn house where we can let the dogs run, mill lumber, and farm charolaise cattle
BlueRidgeHollow Vor 2 Monate
Great video 👍
drstevenrey Vor 2 Monate
I have been farming for the last 44 years with two tractors, a Massey Ferguson 40 hp and a Fiat 60 hp and that is it. That is all you need. You don't over-compact the ground of the field. I don't spend all morning in a pub and get plastered, I just drive back and forth a few times more than my neighbor with his Case 600 Tank.
TAZ Vor 2 Monate
The bloke that gave him earache about global warming was just having a laugh,,sarcastic windup.
Chris Platt
Chris Platt Vor 2 Monate
An interesting way of looking at a program that l really enjoyed RIP Rooney.
tinde Kappa
tinde Kappa Vor 2 Monate
if you told me to parody the x reacts youtube trend, I couldn't come up with something better than farm equipment dealer reacts
JD. Wells
JD. Wells Vor 2 Monate
He hasn't done Top gear for years.
Lawrence Dunn
Lawrence Dunn Vor 2 Monate
I've been a automotive product development engineer based in the UK for the past 30 years (& counting), so I've grown up with Top Gear & Clarkson all of my professional life. I had heard about Clarkson's farm but initially didn't bother watching - I mean, how interesting can a program on (yawns for dramatic effect) farming be to a city dwelling automotive engineer? Turn's out that it's been absolutely brilliant viewing! I've ended up watching it twice, once on my own when my wife was away, & then again when she was around & only a few weeks between the two. I eventually watched it as I had several friends & family comment to me that it was good. I think it has a more 'serious' side than any of the TG or GT series, there is a deeper message about farming which non-farming folk like myself don't really think much about, this show does make you think about it though....of course, all this deep meaningful stuff is thinly disguised by the usual Clarkson veneer of 'messing about abit' - but that's a good thing! I can imagine farmers thinking 'why do I want to watch Clarkson messing about with farming', well, to those folk I say, give it a go, it wont be an education to you like it was to me, but this show is effectively representing the farming world to the urbanites, & for that reason alone, you may want to watch. one thing the video here missed out, which I think is important, is that Clarkson bought & has owned this farm since ~2008, but had a farmer working it for him. That farmer retired around 2018/2019 & this is where Clarkson said "how hard can it be, I'll do it". It would seem that in the UK farms are exempt from inheritance tax...which the cynical among us, might say was the reason why Clarkson bought a farm in the first place! This video gives a good over view/taster of the show, well done.
Donald Martin
Donald Martin Vor 2 Monate
Very well presented all the best from New Zealand
Bart Simpson
Bart Simpson Vor 2 Monate
Everybody's heard of top gear, why explain what it is??
dont-want-no-wrench Vor 2 Monate
your points about those with an environmental point of view not seeing the whole picture is well taken, however the context is that people who eg clear trees, are usually not as well motivated as you represent here. it's often just self interest on their part. not all farmers are as responsible stewards as they should be.
mattl1762 Vor 2 Monate
Wheres this made. The bloody Moon.
Daisy Snodgrass
Daisy Snodgrass Vor 3 Monate
ShadowFox178 Vor 3 Monate
Jeremy Clarkson has done several documentaries and all of them are fantastic.
Martin Hambleton
Martin Hambleton Vor 3 Monate
Jeremy Clarkson would get my vote as Farmer of the year all week long and twice on Sundays. He has highlighted just how difficult it can be working with so many unknowns, and how all Farmers have to adapt to them whilst thinking on their feet adapting to circumstances. Well done him, and of course Kaleb and Gerald. After Mankind where Hunter-Gatherers, it became Farmers. There is not one person on the planet that does not benefit from a Farmer. I for one have felt that they have been very much under valued and overlooked for a long, long time receiving bad press and stereotyped very wrongly.
Barry On
Barry On Vor 3 Monate
Yeah, I really liked the show. It shows that farming isn't just digging around in the dirt.
hettro-cv60 Vor 3 Monate
Great review of a fantastic show! I really enjoyed it!
Yoof01 Vor 3 Monate
Always love a bit of Jezza whatever he’s in, but this show really cut through, you get the sense it’s pretty genuine. I’m an Airline Pilot, but after watching this I wanted to be a Farmer 🤣 it looks hard work but very rewarding in a way flying really isn’t. I’ve always had great respect for our 🇬🇧 farmers, but of course here I’m reminded you’re a global community. Thank you for providing our food, our milk and managing the environment the way you do, you lucky people!!
Yoof01 Vor 3 Monate
@Messick's Equipment it doesn’t surprise me - I think we have a need to be able to do something we can point at, something tangible, because our day job yields nothing material. Maybe I’ll try some ‘fun’ farming one day, in the meantime I’ll watch Clarkson’s Farm… again 😆
Messick's Equipment
Messick's Equipment Vor 3 Monate
We have lots of airline pilot customers who do small scale 'fun' farming on the side.
Super_Happy_Alien Vor 3 Monate
My Only real Issue with farmers is that they do not outfit the tractors with Rear 52 inch Tv's so we have something to watch when stuck behind them.
NoStr8ghtLinzs Vor 3 Monate
Back in the old country, farmers did not use to own equipment. The farms were just to small and cost did make sense. So you paid a guy, like my cuz, he show up is 40 his tractor and for a fee you get the job down. So the full time farmers were the equipment owners, who did not own land, and land owners are part time farmers. I often wonder why farmers here would buy a peice a of equipment that they only use a few hours a year. So some or rental or equipment pool might help easy the load. Of course there are 1000+ acres.... easy for me say. I got nothing
Geoff Dawes
Geoff Dawes Vor 3 Monate
Mate every thing you talked about, absolutely spot on. From an Australian farmer .
Keith Orbell
Keith Orbell Vor 3 Monate
I assume farming the UK is very different to North America
Paul Radon
Paul Radon Vor 3 Monate
Thank you for a well balanced and informative review! A lot of people don't like Clarkson (i think he's awesome btw) but this show was awesome. Not many people know much about farming here in the UK (I don't) but this show was not only entertaing, but it was an eye opener! I now have so much respect for farmers like you, and Clarkson, and of course, all our farmers!! Much respect from England!
Chris Welch
Chris Welch Vor 3 Monate
Brilliant show, and the non farming communities could see what farmers go through. As for size of machinery, England doesn’t have massive roads to take implements down so we are governed by this
ginvr Vor 3 Monate
A great review. It's heartening to see how well the farming community have taken to it, nice to see that those like yourself are spreading the word to increase public awareness
Colin Turner
Colin Turner Vor 3 Monate
Great tv watching farming is bloody hard work
Marcos Murad
Marcos Murad Vor 3 Monate
Start talking about Top Gear, show footages of The Grand Tour and then say that "loves" the show, looking like not even knowing the fact that the three presenters left it years ago.
David Moody
David Moody Vor 3 Monate
Excellent review, awesome!
MrGulstad Vor 3 Monate
Clarksson should revisit some off the old cars if some off them still are around and see how they fared against time and other cars. He could do it inbetween the farming and such it would be quite interesting, PS watch this clip and especially ca 1,10 mins in to the clip de-vid.com/video/video-7Pqem4I0QYI.html
6CAJAC6 Vor 3 Monate
You showed the more impactful parts which were valuable as they touched on truths. The human relationships. The animals. Nature. The struggle. There was a bit of his old (jayed) TV legacy of bizarre setup comedy and pranks which was just stupid and boring. They are making a season 2, I hope the producers don't go too far after the Top Gear type comedy and let the nobility of farm life shine.
CSJ Rogerson
CSJ Rogerson Vor 3 Monate
Jeremy's profit was £144 ($197) including subsidies. He could have saved £20,000 by buying a cheaper, smaller tractor, and a similar amount by not having sheep (no money in sheep unless you have many hundreds or thousands). He needs to get more land under the plough.
Chups Vor 3 Monate
stuff, stuff, stuff!!! LOL
hideto Vor 3 Monate
Ngl now i want to be a farmer...
Clock Work
Clock Work Vor 3 Monate
thanks for different background point of view
Barot8 Vor 3 Monate
It was an excellent show in that it was very educational about what farmers all around the world have to go through in building and maintaining their farms. It's rare that reality programs actually are educational.
Glenn Johan
Glenn Johan Vor 3 Monate
Fun fact: Clarkson has owned that farm for over 10 years.
Craig Doig
Craig Doig Vor 3 Monate
ridingwithdavid Vor 3 Monate
Top Gear actually made an episode in Lancaster PA. Actually they( of course) visited Intercourse.
Kars Noordhuis
Kars Noordhuis Vor 3 Monate
I don't exactly know how this is done in the US or UK but here in the netherlands most specialized equipment is not owned by a farmer but by a different company who will rent it out together with a lad to operate it. Stuff like potato or sugar beet harvesters for example. Makes it a lot more affordable
Rob Thomas
Rob Thomas Vor 3 Monate
Let’s be honest he only made £500 on the first year but that’s including £80,000 he spent on farm machinery that he’ll be saving the next year & on so it’s pretty good overall if u think about it, that’s not including on the stupid money he spent on stupid endeavors that were pointless
Alan Smith
Alan Smith Vor 3 Monate
Top Gear is what you get if you let three 10-year-old boys make a TV program.
Jose Rios
Jose Rios Vor 3 Monate
Excellent review thanks and totally right the show and the exposure of the farming business is great for the people that don’t know anything about it and of course in a Jeremy’s fashion very fun to watch .
blxtothis Vor 3 Monate
Don’t forget that the TV Show was just that, a comical production to entertain! If you are attempting to explain what Top Gear was, you omit the fact that Clarkson was fired for punching a BBC Producer so all 3 walked out and re-created a series on Amazon called The Grand Tour. The BBC still own and broadcast top Gear and keep re-configuring it with various people and it has sucked since and hardly watched by anybody with taste! The Grand Tour continues to amuse mostly happily!
GhostCreek Vor 3 Monate
I really enjoyed the epilogue of the show. It spoke right to the heart of many of us, I think. Why you work hard, wake up early, put your boots on, and keep trying.
Michael William Benton
right on, great video review. Happy Summer!
Neill Kilburn
Neill Kilburn Vor 3 Monate
Also enjoy the British DE-vid farming channel, Harry's Farm. (76k) Another guy who made his money from cars...
Thaddeus Troyer
Thaddeus Troyer Vor 3 Monate
Hahaha, you said "do do".
Thomas Vor 3 Monate
I enjoyed the show, it's great light entertainment and if it gets people interested in farming all-the-better. Regarding crass language etc. I think people from much of the rest of anglosphere don't have the same aversion to swearing.
P S Vor 3 Monate
You talk about the lack of bees etc. The biggest loss in the wild bee population in the uk is caused by the badger. In our area the badgers have dug out and eaten hundreds of bee and wasp nests, two of which were in stone walls. They eat any honey and all the larvae, ignoring stings. Environmentalists continually fight to protect these highly destructive animals.
Badgers have been in the UK for at least 250 THOUSAND years. Bees have been around for at least 4 thousand years. The idea that badgers randomly, after hundreds of thousands of years, started depleting the bee population on a whim is laughable. Badgers keep getting the blame from farmers who have no compassion for animals, when in reality it is the production of honey for human consumption that is the true threat to bees.
Rick Vor 4 Monate
Very well presented. I also enjoyed the show.
Ed Balcombe
Ed Balcombe Vor 4 Monate
why is an american talking about equipment on a british farm? lmao
john Paul
john Paul Vor 4 Monate
Good vid, as a city bloke who never thought about food production beyond the shelves of a supermarket, this show was a revelation, I now have huge respect for farmers, to me, it seems more a calling than an upwardly mobile career. Also, though the show was very informative, you left out how entertaining, funny and novelistic the show is with its sagas, characters and little dramas, I'm so glad the show was renewed for S2, Clarkson and Kaleb have become one of entertainment's great comedy duos. I believe they have become great friends IRL.
Mitch Smith
Mitch Smith Vor 4 Monate
You'll need an "X" HP tractor jeremy. Jeremy: I'll have the Lamborghini instead. basically towing a lawnmower trailer with a Semi truck. To be fair, he's a smart guy and it shows, but he plays dumb well.
Varghese Samuel
Varghese Samuel Vor 4 Monate
Another useless video milking brand Clarkson. There is just no end it I guess.
Scott Hicks
Scott Hicks Vor 4 Monate
Great review!
ryan millard
ryan millard Vor 4 Monate
your info is out dated jeremy clarkson hasn't been on top gear for 4 to 5 years now he is on a show called the grand tour and its a lot like top gear and hes on there with the other former topgear host james may and richard hammon show is also on the amazon prime too
ole lauridsen
ole lauridsen Vor 4 Monate
Vaist of time
Tom Goss
Tom Goss Vor 4 Monate
Excellent review of the Clarkson's Farm show. I hope this review helps educate the those ignorant of how much farming contributes to human survival.
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