Escape The Night: Funny Moments (part #4)

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Escape The Night Season 4: Funny Moments (part #4)

This are funny moments from Escape The Night, a DE-vid red series created by #Joeygraceffa, where youtubers are part of a game that can end their life’s (kinda nobody actually dies)
First part of season 4 funny moments

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2 Aug 2019



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Random Gamerz
Random Gamerz Vor 6 Monate
7:31 ok I hear you Angel by 5H 💖😂
Nicole Sanchez
Nicole Sanchez Vor Monat
ASHLEY YEO Vor 5 Monate
ermm my parents were behind me i cant rn lmfao
Cookies Onions
Cookies Onions Vor 6 Monate
Lester Estrada never left 😩🥺
Yuli a Palacios
Yuli a Palacios Vor 6 Monate
LOL Tana: I feel like a stripper
aly_ur Vor 6 Monate
Lester Estrada sis right here ☝🏽
we love that
we love that Vor 3 Stunden
Ro and bretman literally represents my two personalities
Super Cut Edit Girl
Super Cut Edit Girl Vor 19 Stunden
The Dope Man Destorm. 4:24 "I Wanna Get In The Middle Of That Sandwitch" Well I Do Not Wanna Get In The Middle Of That Sandwitch Cuz I'm Axeusexual That Means I Can't Love Love Somebody I Can Love Am As A Freind But No Possible Way A Love Love Relationship
Jenna Waclawski
Jenna Waclawski Vor 22 Stunden
Oh that little cinnamon roll is so cute.😂
Night_danny Vor Tag
Remember rosanna beat colleen in armressel
Kayla Bryce
Kayla Bryce Vor 2 Tage
I love how everyone like hates each other and rosanna was just there to be nice
Kayen Mayrain
Kayen Mayrain Vor 4 Tage
"Justine, we're gonna see you in a minute" "She's gonna beat me" "FoR sUrE, but we love having you here" Well, Tana won.
Klemenlorica Klemenlorica
When something big fall off the ground 0:26 When my friend shocked me from the back 0:27 When I saw something scary 0:14
SaschaaaShiii Playsz
I didnt notice that ( just notice it today ) The intro is already the death line of the series
nikkiandandy Vor 10 Tage
Bretman: 7:04 *hiya*
Sofia Lopez
Sofia Lopez Vor 11 Tage
I hate tana
Sofia Lopez
Sofia Lopez Vor 11 Tage
😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 stop killing Justine please she is my favorite DE-vidr please stop killing her
Sofia Lopez
Sofia Lopez Vor 11 Tage
I hate you all you killed Justine AGAIN she already got Barred in a coffin I hate you!!!😩😥😪😭
Hugo Drew
Hugo Drew Vor 12 Tage
The order there cases smashed is the order they died
Aylen’s World
Aylen’s World Vor 15 Tage
Bretman ain’t even acting this is him 😂
Ms: Chim Kookie
Ms: Chim Kookie Vor 21 Tag
"have you ever heard of twerking, my king" 😂😂
Ruwuby Vor 21 Tag
Ro: "A death duel at our wedding?" Emperor: "Of course darling!" Ro: "Couldn't we have done, the cha cha slide?" I cackled a bit right there
Mohammad Mahbubur
Mohammad Mahbubur Vor 22 Tage
I love rosanna
Beeqinz Vor 23 Tage
Music at the end?
tissue paper
tissue paper Vor 23 Tage
I'm a simple girl, I see bretman I *click*
Anime Gacha
Anime Gacha Vor 26 Tage
Ain't nobody messing with Brett
King Jony
King Jony Vor 26 Tage
If y’all wanted to know the intro song is in my bed by Sabrina Carpenter
Achanty Duran
Achanty Duran Vor 28 Tage
timothy: "Because i dont trust tall people" me already taller than my mom: *oop*
Carmel Gordon
Carmel Gordon Vor 29 Tage
If you’re in the 40s and under money you’re broke
Bryte '
Bryte ' Vor 29 Tage
Bruce lee's niece now ha😂
Who cares
Who cares Vor 29 Tage
*This is chaos*
fluffy bunny
fluffy bunny Vor Monat
5:55 Me
That one Girl
That one Girl Vor Monat
*Ye that'd be dope*
Bretman is funny as HECK and Ro is just the purest
Supernatural Fangirl
“Alex is as much of a villain as I am straight” I screamed 😂
Cariana Boo
Cariana Boo Vor Monat
7:30 i am dead
paper Vor Monat
"Alex is as much as villain as I am straight" -joey graceffa
Arianator GUY
Arianator GUY Vor Monat
Bretmannnn the baddest bitch!!!!
• Apple •
• Apple • Vor Monat
“ I liKe BreTmEn! “
Square Up
Square Up Vor Monat
Only here for bretman
Sophie Rodda
Sophie Rodda Vor Monat
Roe is way 2 pure for this world
The Vor Monat
Okay but Bret is the main reason I watched it
M1chi 22
M1chi 22 Vor Monat
Well just kill hi. Next time
Jenn S
Jenn S Vor Monat
Chezcka Reign
Chezcka Reign Vor Monat
Ro’s lines are so underrated
Selish Vor Monat
joey gives money to colleen colleen : maybe i should trust him
Bitch Vor Monat
Tana and Bretman made this season
spckyboi '
spckyboi ' Vor Monat
was that sabrina in my bed on the beggining?????? taste
Snazzymojomo Vor Monat
9:21 Me
fluffy bunny
fluffy bunny Vor Monat
9:19 had me balling
Latifah Pashi
Latifah Pashi Vor Monat
"Hiyah BITCH" - mood
Caught Lackin’
Brentman is the best fucking thing
PuRpLe CaNdY Hiramis
"Hiya Bitch" -Bretmanrock-
ArcticFox4235 _
ArcticFox4235 _ Vor Monat
Cullen Smith
Cullen Smith Vor Monat
ro:18. in baby voice cute
Daniella Arroyo
Daniella Arroyo Vor Monat
click this if u find Joey so attractive or handsome waaahhh❣️😍 👇🏻
Joyce Kim
Joyce Kim Vor Monat
"Becasue i ddont trust tall people." -Tim so relatable 😂😂
Devin Thomas
Devin Thomas Vor Monat
6:58 is funny asl "DiD i StUdDeR"
Jimmy Toll
Jimmy Toll Vor Monat
I deadass laughed harder at gabbies maranda
Eline Sophie
Eline Sophie Vor Monat
6:25 Ro: 1 2 3 ON YOUR KNEE *2 seconds later* OOOOOOOH
Yandere Kun
Yandere Kun Vor Monat
*this looks like my instagram*
Zynthyx Vor Monat
Omg I love that Colleen acted as Miranda.
Liliana Sanchez
Liliana Sanchez Vor Monat
That turn though at 8:46
Jada Phoenix
Jada Phoenix Vor Monat
*”I don’t trust tall people”* *ME!!!!!*
Tonbori-chan ツ
Bretman is mood
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