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Eurovision All Winners (1956 - 2017)

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This video presents all Eurovision Song Contest winners from 1956 to 2017.
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24 Okt 2017



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Hot Music Charts Vor 7 Monate
New video de-vid.com/video/video-IrjjpszUS_8.html
Michael Vor Monat
Daniel Mlekov was ist??
Daniel Mlekov
Daniel Mlekov Vor Monat
Alexantron Vor 23 Tage
Eurovision is destroyed now, it has become a place where countries send transexual people, people with problems and fat feminists, to pass their messages like people do at streets
the real pepe
the real pepe Vor 24 Tage
We can all agree that Finland was the best. HARD ROCK HALLELUJAH!!!!!
Luckygamer000 Lol
Luckygamer000 Lol Vor 25 Tage
1974 1995 2004 2006 2014 and 2015 are my fav :)
joanne_ gls
joanne_ gls Vor 26 Tage
Skip to 12:40 for all the songs after 2000 You're welcome!
SAINT20VT Vor 26 Tage
16:26 The biggest shame in the history of Eurovision
A T Vor 24 Tage
I think the song is great
Luckygamer000 Lol
Luckygamer000 Lol Vor 25 Tage
Mister x
Mister x Vor 26 Tage
noenkz Vor 28 Tage
Ireland always win only with ballads... . My favourites: 1970 (4:40) 1988 (9:28) 2012 (15:51) 2014 (16:24)
April Michel
April Michel Vor 28 Tage
Oh my god, I was not expecting Fairytale to drop. Love that song to pieces but it feels like barely anyone knows it.
vot on mimimishka
vot on mimimishka Vor 29 Tage
1987 год как вариация на тему "I will always love you"
raul ladislau
raul ladislau Vor 29 Tage
Save your kisses for me were a fucking hit omg hahahah
Kees Krijtjes
Kees Krijtjes Vor 29 Tage
2006 best winners
Ramon Ramirez
Ramon Ramirez Vor Monat
Para mi la mejor canción, es la de Gigliola Cinquetti en 1964.
SuperPazi93 Vor Monat
My Top 5 1: 2006 - Lordi 2: 2005 - Helena 3: 2010 - Lena 4: 2014 - Conchita 5: 2012 - Loreen :)
Mert Alakır
Mert Alakır Vor Monat
My top 3: 1- Waterloo (1974) 2- Nocturne (1995) 3- Non ho l'eta (1964)
Rich Lawson
Rich Lawson Vor Monat
ABBA and the Olsen Brothers stand out
Freddie Vincent
Freddie Vincent Vor Monat
Celeine Dion is Canadian
Boaz_Yitzchaq Vor Monat
Feline Dion a Eurovision diva, who would have guessed.
siyahmaske Vor Monat
1956-1976 All Winners are Womens Why 'Cuz all men at in War zaaa kaljsdlashd :D
DaWolvez Vor Monat
Mustafa Akgun
Mustafa Akgun Vor Monat
2003 ❤️
Mustafa Akgun
Mustafa Akgun Vor Monat
Sertab Erener❤️❤️ Turkey ❤️🇹🇷🇹🇷
equality Vor Monat
Turkey ❤️
Lola Zivkovic
Lola Zivkovic Vor Monat
13:10 THIS IS A JUSTIN BIBER?! (2001 Estonia)
Ömer Ali Güneş
So Portugal actually belongs to 50s and 60s.
I Love Trains xD
1970:32 points me: -_- 1971:128 points me: +_+ 1978:157 points me: #_# 1994:226 points me: 0_0
Dramaking Vor Monat
Loreen - Euphoria top!!!
Klara Nisser
Klara Nisser Vor Monat
Klara Nisser
Klara Nisser Vor Monat
I live in sweden
Megi Vujnovac
Megi Vujnovac Vor Monat
2019: Time to leave Earth
Emma Kreuk
Emma Kreuk Vor Monat
I don't speak a word of Norse, but I understand 1985 perfectly. Sounds like a nice song.
cosima kazak
cosima kazak Vor Monat
Earlier songs and outfis ❤ Last years music change so horrible. I prefer muppet show 😉
Bubble Pirate Tv
📍Own winner Choice (tracks I hear the most) 2010-2019🙃 '''''''🦀🏜 2010 Germany or France (both tracks are awesome) 2011 France Norway or Ireland 2012 Cyprus 2013 Denmark 2014 The Netherlands & Italy 2015 The Netherlands 2016 Austria 2017 Ukraine Norway Switzerland & Marcedonia Oh and Latvia💛😅 2018 Ukraine & The Netherlands 2019 Iceland
cosima kazak
cosima kazak Vor Monat
Israel Hallelujah - praise Jah ( Gottes Name jehova ) ❤
LegoAxel Vor Monat
Sweden is best
Marco Vor Monat
Alexander and Loreen❤️
bernard blanchard
1988, Céline Dion, you got it wrong. She is from Québec, CANADA!
Hipotenuza Vor Monat
bernard blanchard she represented Switzerland that year
Rabil Guliyev
Rabil Guliyev Vor Monat
15:36 Azerbaijan 🇦🇿
༄ I purple 방 탄.
Am not yor toi turururu xdxd
Fatih Şen
Fatih Şen Vor Monat
Everyway that I can...
Grainne Cleary
Grainne Cleary Vor Monat
I love how in the earlier year... every second runner up was the Uk🤣🤣 makes me laugh
Latifa Alieva
Latifa Alieva Vor Monat
ABBA is the best
The Greek
The Greek Vor Monat
Neslihan Şimşek
2010 winner maNga
guadalupe turanzas
Israel gana el año que viene
Tomaten Erik
Tomaten Erik Vor Monat
5:53 The most legendary one
Dafni Papadaki
Dafni Papadaki Vor Monat
Thank God you didn't show the chicken
Hipotenuza Vor Monat
The video is from 2017
Floky Flokich
Floky Flokich Vor Monat
2017 winner suck big time.
Gent Belgium
Gent Belgium Vor Monat
Belgium is best.
Lara 2704
Lara 2704 Vor Monat
I feel really sorry for UK. There are many times only Runner-up.
Lala Catyard
Lala Catyard Vor Monat
1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012 and 2015 is my favorite winners! ;)
Vožd Vor Monat
2000-2018 samo Srbija 2007. i Portugal 2017.su pobedili sa pesmama na svom jeziku
relja vlajkovic
relja vlajkovic Vor Monat
Fairly Vague
Fairly Vague Vor Monat
ABBA won with 26 points??
adam scholze
adam scholze Vor Monat
The number of times the UK is runner-up is comical
Luz Maria Rahla
Luz Maria Rahla Vor Monat
1964, my fav!! Along with Alexander Rybak, all songs from this contest are so happy and sweet songs, ;)
Aysel Veliyeva
Aysel Veliyeva Vor Monat
Sertab Erener from Turkey2003🔥❤
Aysel Veliyeva
Aysel Veliyeva Vor Monat
Ell & Niki Runing Scared Azerbaijan land of fire 2011🇦🇿🔥❤
Karim Fray
Karim Fray Vor Monat
2012 💘
Isabel B
Isabel B Vor Monat
So proud To be dutch!!
Alejandro Prado Salazar
AÑO 1965.....La sensual y Hermosa FRANCE GALL con Poupée de cire, poupée de son....!!!!!!!!
Giorgia Giorgia
Giorgia Giorgia Vor Monat
1964 ❤️🇮🇹
Selinor578 Vor Monat
3:21 whaaaat would you thiiiinnk if i saaaaang out of tune. It's one year after The Beatles released "With a little help from my friends".
Mike Zacharias Girl
They should just scrap the voting. How come some of these videos say no runner up?
Cemre Altınbaş
13:38 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
1 1111111
1 1111111 Vor Monat
Did not know Luxembourg won so many Eurovisions
Hipotenuza Vor Monat
Dara Coleman from the time when every country had to perform in their own language.So it was like english,french,german who were always at top 5
Gaga Earthian
Gaga Earthian Vor Monat
1996. Eimear Quinn- The voice- Ireland is the best ever 💖
Salivan Vor Monat
Alexander Rybak 😍
AIR TEEN Vor Monat
2003 is the revolution of this Eurovision (13:28) Absolutely New Age
George Lap
George Lap Vor Monat
Fairytale the best
Lt. MaxiRobloxia
We all have to admit, sweden deserves more wins.
Fishbreadz Vor 25 Tage
Are you sure about that? 😏
Hi Bye
Hi Bye Vor Monat
Unfortunately I don’t think we’re going to win this year
Hi Bye
Hi Bye Vor Monat
We do
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Vor Monat
Cough cough 2011 cough cough
MsMikael47 Vor Monat
yes but we did not get them which is sad.
gülay Kocagöz
gülay Kocagöz Vor Monat
I Love 2003 winner
Lutraki Perdika
Lutraki Perdika Vor Monat
1989. :-)
Tony Montana
Tony Montana Vor Monat
Ma chi gli conosce?
Vicky99 Vor Monat
The 2016 one kind of hurts my ears
Kayleigh Lowe
Kayleigh Lowe Vor Monat
Rock N Roll Kids gives me goosebumps every time
Mike M
Mike M Vor Monat
This festival is a crap actually
Mike M
Mike M Vor Monat
Hipotenuza yes actually I just realize this , because i just saw this in the last 3 years because Portugueses have won this once and because of that the I have to ear this crap all the time all over. Special now with this new crazy Portuguese guy this year. Before this win I never heard about this. No shut up this all over the radios .
Hipotenuza Vor Monat
Mike M and you just realised that!? 1988 Celine Dion , 2018 Netta . In the past it was about music. Now it's more like YT video contest. Another not so fun fact: In 1990 Italy won in Yugoslavija with the song About United Europe. Soon war started in Yugoslavija and it breakup :( .My country Macedonija used to be part of it
G. T.
G. T. Vor Monat
17:00 runner-up Australia?
Emily Hutjes
Emily Hutjes Vor Monat
Savaldor Sobral, never forgotten.
Mla Blagagi
Mla Blagagi Vor Monat
14:34 is the best Molitva
Ralf-Markus Rhiel
Ich wundere mich im Zusammenhang dieser Veranstaltung, welche Länder zu Europa gehören sollen. Mit Geographie hat das nichts zu tun, sonder eher mit Geschäftemacherei.
Sara Wiener
Sara Wiener Vor Monat
Семен Сычев
2:40 top 10 anime op
Erik Hermansson
Erik Hermansson Vor Monat
I Love 1974,1984,1991,1999,2012 end 2015. Sweden😂
Jöãö Säñtös
Vencedor 2019: Conan Osíris - Telemóveis Winner 2019: Conan Osíris - Mobile Phones Portugal🇵🇹
Настя Мельник
Wait a minute..The winner in 2007 was be Ukraine but not the Serbia
Lilo Xo
Lilo Xo Vor Monat
Nope it was Serbia. Ukraine was second
Marius Ørberg
Marius Ørberg Vor Monat
licklepink Vor Monat
1969 (britain), 1970, 1974, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002, 2003, 2010, 2015 are personally the best ones (in my opinion)
Inês Antunes
Inês Antunes Vor Monat
Quem foram os tugas que só vieram pela tumb???
casy dasy
casy dasy Vor Monat
Ab dem Jahr 1971 sind es typische ESC-Songs. 😀 🤣
alessandro stella
true 2017 winner: OCCIDENTALI'S KARMA
Frechtler D.
Frechtler D. Vor Monat
I think I never liked a winner song before 2010
TributPeeta Vor Monat
Like a satellite I'm in orbit all away around you ~~
Jagjit Dusanjh
Jagjit Dusanjh Vor Monat
The songs from the 50s up to about 1965 were all very classy sounding, if a little dull.
Shalala Mamedova
Lps Nacho
Lps Nacho Vor Monat
La det svinge la det rocken roll!!🇳🇴
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There were a few very good songs in this compilation! ❤❤
Licinha Linda
Licinha Linda Vor Monat
Adoroooo a língua francesa
abcd Vor Monat
Tas com falta anda cá ao pai que eu dou-te chourição
Андрей Рейф
Ирландия выигрывала 7 раз !
wezam1 Vor Monat
Love 2015
beyz 3
beyz 3 Vor Monat
2010 Real Winner MANGA
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