Every Roblox developer is giving me ADMIN COMMANDS

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Today I click a bunch of Roblox ads that give me admin commands.. literally there's so many of them now LOL




17 Jun 2019

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XxXPhenomXxX LeGaN
XxXPhenomXxX LeGaN Vor 18 Minuten
Him has X hoodie :, O
Galaxy_girl Enjoy
Galaxy_girl Enjoy Vor 31 Minute
Who Albert .-.
Su tart
Su tart Vor Stunde
All youtubers have enemies Su tart that me) my lil brother Albert) Adam Dantdm) dr trey
Twav Twav
Twav Twav Vor Stunde
Albert itsfunneh doesnt troll XD
gerrard sinaga
gerrard sinaga Vor 20 Stunden
karate legend is so many dlike cuz they ban/kick for anything we dont do..
Shelby Schwyhart
Shelby Schwyhart Vor 21 Stunde
Wtf wtf your king🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻🤴🏻
Gunguy3658 Robloxz
Gunguy3658 Robloxz Vor 22 Stunden
1:38 To hell
Some wierd Girl
Me : *crys because i have nu admin*
Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson Vor Tag
albert try doing a video with funneh
andrew herrera
As soon as i saw this my mind said oh HELL NO
John O'Brien
John O'Brien Vor Tag
Alberta first face reveal YAAAAAAASSSSSSSS
Unipupacorn Roblox & Gacha
These dumb paper straws from a & w
A new boxoffice movie hit #1 Albert vs the mic beats endgame and avatar
aesthetic ashlxy
I LOVE THE HOODIE❤️❤️❤️✨✨😄😄😃
Gema B.R Personal Shopper
Roses are red Violets are blue Like the video And Albert Will play with you =)
to bad i subed get noob
BillyBobBros Vor Tag
I wasn't gonna like this (I'm lazy) but then I accidentally pressed dislike so then I liked
I want the old albert back the 2016 albert
rosie rocks
rosie rocks Vor Tag
flamingo if you want admin play kohls admin house and you can punish people and jail them
I’m Bad
I’m Bad Vor Tag
MaduFall Vor Tag
Omg I love your hoodie
Itz4z Vor Tag
Well, I remember the old Albert when he used to swear.
Sainty TTV
Sainty TTV Vor Tag
albertoss wanna be my son ;-;;
Anime Tots
Anime Tots Vor Tag
What Happened to Albert stuff
Myrachal Bushking
I tryed to do your voice bOi
MAG Family
MAG Family Vor Tag
10:51 Me: sees him wearing xxtentacion hoodie Albert: +*spits*+ awh, I just lost some of my spit today.. Me: +*starts screaming the song sad*+
I’m gonna Burst
I like how flamingo has those witches from majoras mask
Fluffy Bunny Gacha
Lol The youtubers are have bigger channels than you maybe they have been doing it longer maybe you better😊 😉
GrandmaBertha The II
Dilraj Dhillon
1:38 you can see what the badge says
Less Love
Less Love Vor Tag
NeptedPlayz Vor 2 Tage
Breaking news: every 60 seconds in Africa a minute passes. Please warn everyone you see and everyone online. So we can gather more information about this situation, thank you.
martynix Vor 2 Tage
Why is albert like so red and swety
Emily Forsberg
Emily Forsberg Vor 2 Tage
No one: Albert: Screams "STOP!!!!" at his microphone when it try's to fly away
The shut up
100000 subs with 0 videos Lmao
Albert a couple of years ago: LITERALLY USES EVERY "OFFENSIVE" JOKE IMAGINIBLE😅 Albert now: 4:45
Prøximity Vor 2 Tage
0:38 wth happened to his audio It like repeated Anyone else notice that
miracle griffin
miracle griffin Vor 2 Tage
Can you do a video with Adam?
Rashamel Johnson
Rashamel Johnson Vor 2 Tage
Yo shirt dope we’re to gut
Jackson Lordship
Jackson Lordship Vor 2 Tage
What did the reasons on the words say?
wteva99 Vor 2 Tage
Why'd you do that spit thing, I feel like throwing up.. 😫
Baby girlx
Baby girlx Vor 2 Tage
When did you ever do face reveal
Flamingo is just a youtuber that hacks to make u think he got admin and makes u sub
Limar Tasse
Limar Tasse Vor 19 Stunden
Abnormal_SnowmanYT Shutup!He works hard making these videos PLUS you never what he could go through . . .
Sister Sip
Sister Sip Vor 2 Tage
Question: do u plan on making merch cuz if u do ima buy the whole store with R O U X (one of the shirts should have u screaming at your mic and at the bottom it should say *S T I L L C H I L L* and another shirt should say *ROUX* )
Aubrey Nicole
Aubrey Nicole Vor 2 Tage
someone banned me on Bakiez Bakery and said really bad stuff too, ROBLOX, FIX YO GAME
Victoria D'Emilio
1 like = more spit for Albert
XxCrookster80xX Vor 3 Tage
This guy SUCKS
Coal Baker
Coal Baker Vor 3 Tage
One man vs one mic who win
maroberson74 Vor 3 Tage
Chill mic
Cat Of The Day /COTD
their bloody diahhrea
callmehbob does not give admin.... (Still a fan even tho the thumbnail was clickbait)
Twinzesoof helpmefrommytwins
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