Everything Wrong With Monsters vs. Aliens

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Wow. This is a movie that came and went and is almost forgotten to time. But Monsters vs. Aliens DOES ultimately have sins. So we counted them. It's what we do.
Next week: SIN WEEK! 2 regular sins videos and 3 bonus sins videos only for our patrons!!
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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14 Mär 2019



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Redlovania123 Vor 5 Minuten
Bob is more like a Slurp Juice Flavored Jello
Redlovania123 Vor 12 Minuten
This movie almost showed a naked woman
hi ppl
hi ppl Vor 14 Minuten
so ur basically saying that monsters vs aliens aren't real and couldn't possibly happen? ...mindblown?what's the point of this vid to tell people its fiction?
Rashond Grant
Rashond Grant Vor Stunde
You should have done another “oough” after the 21st sin just to cement how bad that was 🤣
CrazyJayBe Vor 2 Stunden
"Lazy Susan is lazy" Love it
Stream Kaboom
Stream Kaboom Vor 3 Stunden
3:42 What? "At the very least, just have the dress grow with her since she was wearing it when she got struck". Thats exactly what they did; so why are you sinning it?
Brick Tucker
Brick Tucker Vor 3 Stunden
I can explain the hair thing. Hair has rapidly producing cells which is why it grows so quickly, this would result in any mutation in the hair being duplicated constantly and altering the genetic code. This white hair gene would then be the only way her hair grows.
SpitfireNation Vor 4 Stunden
I don't know what's funnier. The fact she got hit by a meteor or the fact that I didn't laugh at any of this when I watched this when I was little
comicconcarne Vor 5 Stunden
The fact that you sinned the Axel F Close Encounters sequence instead of removing a sin for it is disappointing
reptile crazy gamer
reptile crazy gamer Vor 6 Stunden
Weathermen, newspaper carriers and vampires... And the U.S Military there awake 24/7 including 5am
Zolan Destroyer
Zolan Destroyer Vor 7 Stunden
10 years to late
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan Vor 7 Stunden
did you pull out in time? Classic.
Sky Jacjson
Sky Jacjson Vor 11 Stunden
The idea of a self destruct button came from the fact that on manny nuclear submarines there was a control called the Axe Man Lever that in the event of a nuclear reaction going out of control would be pulled causing last resort control rods to be lowered in to the reactor effectively neutralizing the reaction but this could only be reversed manually by entering the reactor room and removing the controls rods manually using a specially designed tool, however in the event of a potential reactor melt down the internal access to the reactor room would have been sealed off so the only way to access it would be through a different maintenance hatch, until after the reactor was killed the submarine would be forced to run off of diesel or surface an cal for help. While it wasn't the best for the crew or the submarine it was almost definitely better than going up in a cloud of radioactive steam. That is where the idea of the self destruct button came from.
RedOctane Vor 12 Stunden
Jasper Seagraves
Jasper Seagraves Vor 14 Stunden
"That's 5 AM. Nobody's awake at 5 AM except weathermen, newspaper carriers, and vampires." So fast food workers must be robots? Some of them are awake at 2 AM or earlier, especially if they work the sunrise or graveyard shift. Don't ask me how I got that information, it's not like I work as a lowly cashier in a Hardee's or anything.
Mr Magic
Mr Magic Vor 14 Stunden
2:55 This goes on for some time.
Ray-Ray Pacheco
Ray-Ray Pacheco Vor 14 Stunden
I'll be honest. I was expecting a "The Shape of Water" reference in this one.
Frozen ao D.M.
Frozen ao D.M. Vor 16 Stunden
marys moms daughers mom is my moms mom what am i to marys daugher
Frozen ao D.M.
Frozen ao D.M. Vor 16 Stunden
its not herself btw
Edward Webb
Edward Webb Vor 19 Stunden
V O R E: 11:36
JessieTheKitty Vor 23 Stunden
watching this reminding me of the movie makes me cringe so hard lul
Paige&Dylan Bishop
I asked for a sequel, not THIS!!!!!
sᴘᴀᴅᴇʏ ᴋɪɴɢsᴛᴏɴ
And then, the series of this movie came up 4 Years After on Nickelodeon. The intro was so-so...
Skanda Sudhir
neorenamon Vor Tag
Actually they can have up to 99,999 monsters before adding another number. ... and Ginormica just happens to be 49' 11 1/2" inches tall because... what? *Attack of the 50' Tall Woman* was already taken?
Nightcore Subliminals
This movie is my childhood. It feels surprisingly good to laugh at it.
Kid you not I searched for this video last week and was disappointed it hadn't been covered yet. So this is a very pleasant surprise
Pichu’s Place
Another episode of: What The Hell Is On My Recommended List? Cinema Sins. Ok
Siev Vor Tag
I was confused af by that getting crushed by the asteroid sound as a kid. Like seriously wtf was that?
Shadow's Bane
1:56 my dad is awake at 5am to get ready to go to his work
Firebird gamer
i just relized this was on my birth day yay
Squishy Chicken
The gas station didn't go back to normal. One sin removed.
Nathaniel Wilch
Now every time I see something stupid in a movie/show I say it out loud and like cinema sins!
Christian Vargas
2:56 I forgot how funny as hell that part was
Brandon Roy
Brandon Roy Vor Tag
IT'S 16:42!
Klishar122 Vor Tag
Allow me, if you will, to do the math here: So a studio, on average, gets half of the box office. Assuming all numbers CinemaSins provided are accurate, this movie made $381 million worldwide and cost $175 million to make. So $381 million divided by 2 = $190.5 million that the studio got to keep. Subtract $175 million for the production budget, and the studio got to keep $14.5 million. And that's not even counting marketing. Which is usually almost the amount that went into production. Unless they seriously skimped on the marketing budget (or just didn't spend any money on marketing at all), this means the movie probably could be written off as a Soylo-level box office bomb.
Guffa95 Vor Tag
14:25 It's called 'scuttling' Jeremy
Kaeden Johnson
can we get everything wrong with cloudy with a chance of meatballs?
Steele Powell
Look at his boobies indeed
Planet Boom
Planet Boom Vor Tag
What I learned from this video: I'm a vampire
Dank bois YT
Dank bois YT Vor Tag
6:34 You're getting a sin for that joke
anxious_ floss
Wait, so she went from small, to big, to small, and back to big again? It's been so long that I can't even remember
Mimiy Knight
Mimiy Knight Vor Tag
Uh uh uh uh
Lewis corden
Lewis corden Vor Tag
3:01 this is the new roblox death sound they haven't released yet
•Steph Animatiøns•
I remember watching this and being scarred for life, I got so scared
Jordan Artzer
The whatchamacallit stuff in the asteroid could've messed with the keratin in her skin
Saba Khazhomia
13:54 why the f&&k is he calling his clones Alinas? Can't he just say their being name?
stinky wizzleteats
Is the movie good no is the porn any good yes
joe O Flaherty
Oh S*it, Susan's Garter Snapped Off Her Growing Thigh: 1 Sin.
Bran Koenig
Bran Koenig Vor Tag
Well older nitrate film burned so easily just looking at it wrong it would catch fire
Soprano Cicada
i loved that archer joke
Nathaniel Manwarren
Speaking of Monsters Vs Aliens... de-vid.com/video/video-sadPcqFGdaM.html
Chris Just Ah NOOB
its just a kids movie
Kevins Freund Dieter
2:24 Paul Rudd ? WHAT
Jonathan Huerta
175 million dollars!?
Psn Amstutz
Psn Amstutz Vor Tag
Wow, taking apart a children moovie????? Bet your parent are proud👍
Tree Man
Tree Man Vor Tag
Did you pull out in time?! It is possible I may have misunderstood the question. No I don’t believe you did
DudeBro Vor Tag
i'm awake at 5am.
Sjono Vor Tag
The real villain of the movie is the guy who turned down the opportunity to get with a giantess
UFOfroggy Vor Tag
UFOs don't exist. *triggered*
Michael Vor Tag
Watching this as a kid fucking scared the shit out of me, at least the big eye robot thing did. Also, as a kid all these little errors and things that don't make sense made perfect sense, and honestly made it kinda better (you can't say having a giant roller skating on 2 sports cars isn't a totally normal thing as a child....)
Yellojello 107
Fucking jerry
Wonderouz Jackson
The hangover trilogy please!
Austin Davidson
"Jesus, what did they spend it on?" the voice acting in this movie had a ridiculous lineup. Witherspoon, Will Arnett, Paul Rudd, Rainn Wilson, Seth Rogan, Amy Poehler, and John Krasinski. Even if some weren't as popular are the time, that's A LOT of popular actors and actresses.
Allen Smithee
Well W R Monger reminded me of Warren Peace, so I guess it is time for that EWW SkyHigh
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera Vor Tag
Why is it that movie, tv show and book logic include monsters or aliens wanting to take over the world, but everytime they always end up in the same country in the same city
Adrian Vera
Adrian Vera Vor Tag
Power rangers for example, rita wants to take over earth, monsters most of the time always end up in the same city the rangers live
Jessica Lelonek
I just have to say that that cloaca joke is probably my favorite joke from all your videos. There need to be more jokes like that!
Sayori Chan
Sayori Chan Vor Tag
I love his laugh so bad
JR Mars
JR Mars Vor Tag
Velcon X13
Velcon X13 Vor Tag
Your going to have a bad time.
The antarctic station irl actually does have a 5 star restaurant.
Perfect! Love it!
EnderGame Vor Tag
Kinda like the SCP foundation
Pure Bread
Pure Bread Vor Tag
Ceann MaGraff
This movie was my childhood. I had the McDonald's toys and everything
James Preston
number 1 problem im seeing is Ash is in this movie without B.O.B. DO SOMETHING!
Hunter Johnson
Hunter Johnson Vor 2 Tage
hahaha cloaca
A Gacha Geek Called Lena
The should have used Voltron time frames You know, ticks, doboshes, vargas, phoebs, and deca-phoebs.. Would have made a lot of people really happy
“Cabinet meetings” lolololllll
Neito Monoma
Neito Monoma Vor 2 Tage
16:14 ......Xehanort is that you?
Late Nite Tea
Late Nite Tea Vor 2 Tage
Wait, Dwight shrute was I’m this movie
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd Vor 2 Tage
Nobody can scream anything when they see Susan coming Bob. In fact, they won’t see her coming at all, they’ll be crushed by the time they’re done blinking.
bikingcat Vor 2 Tage
Channel block, why did you phone in a hatchet job?
anonygent Vor 2 Tage
You missed the fact that the chief alien in the movie called his clone army "aliens". To him, they would have been clones and the people on earth aliens. And then the number of times Susan says, "Amazing," gets pretty tiresome. In the DVD extras, they mention that the most expensive part of the animation was doing Insectosaurus's fur, so that's why they didn't use him a lot. And then why did Derek have to be such a dick? Even if he didn't want to marry a 50' tall Susan, he could have been a little more gracious about it. A little more introspection or anger on Susan's part before she shoots the container full of energy to turn back into the 50' tall version of herself would have been nice. And then why did the alien's jumpsuit designed for Susan shrink with her? Why did it expand with her again when she grew to 50' tall? What kind of magic fabric is this? Oh, and why wasn't cockroach boy crushed by that machine? He says, "You can't crush a cockroach!" but in fact that's the best way to kill a roach, step on it. This is a sin committed by every movie and TV show with an alien/superpower/monster jail cell: no toilet. Near as I can tell, there isn't a toilet on the entire Enterprise, any of them, much less in their holding cells. And then why would the president go out to face the alien robot? He should have been in protective isolation until the scientists and army figured out what that thing was up to. And then why would he climb stairs? Ever heard of a cherry picker? Or a crane? But still, it's a cute movie, for all its sins.
wizaard Vor 2 Tage
Am I the only one who genuinely enjoyed this film?
Mr. Wellick
Mr. Wellick Vor 2 Tage
You should do Puss in Boots next
Isaiah Sotelo
Isaiah Sotelo Vor 2 Tage
It took you 7 years to make this .
Trent Clark
Trent Clark Vor 2 Tage
10:36 No, 99,999 monsters.
-Jotaro Kujo-
-Jotaro Kujo- Vor 2 Tage
you messed up on the title of this video Everything Is* Wrong With Monsters vs. Aliens
Microscopic E
Microscopic E Vor 2 Tage
I honestly hate this channel, it makes me so mad.
Hamdullah khan
Hamdullah khan Vor 2 Tage
The big bug's eyes got wider even tho light is supposed to shrink the pupils
sigPlayzYT Vor 2 Tage
your videos relax me
I_do_stuff Vor 2 Tage
Well if you knew anything cinema sins, a self destruct mechanism in a ship for an alien encounter is a very smart move cause it ensures asset denial to your enemy meaning that it limits the extent that they can reverse engineer your tech to catch up to you, though in actual practice it would be most likely that the reactor or generating system in the ship will be scuttled to create an implosion to destroy the ship
komodoking175 Vor 2 Tage
8:35 can’t you order newspapers from other cities or am I wrong
Dillan Barry
Dillan Barry Vor 2 Tage
6:58 I don't know whether the person you told THAT to was pissed off about that
Jean Chen
Jean Chen Vor 2 Tage
Anyone saw the little Shrek on his Medal ?
Adriane Miller
Adriane Miller Vor 2 Tage
Do y'all ever see cinemasins put up a new sin video for a movie you havent seen yet, and be like "no shut up! Spoilers!! I havent seen it yet!!!" And you have to resist all urges to watch the video until you finally watch the movie?
Logan Unrein
Logan Unrein Vor 2 Tage
13:40 your hair is dead
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