Exclusive tennis match: Noah & Bahrami vs McEnroe & Leconte @ Optima Open

Optima Open
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Mansour Bahrami, Yannick Noah, Henri Leconte and John McEnroe have showed off their tricks while playing/entertaining the final game of Optima Open. The crowd went crazy when the four magicians showed the "imaginary point" (copyright Mansour Bahrami), where Mansour and the other three members of the doubles match played an imaginary, slow-motion point without a ball.




17 Aug 2013



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MarioBeart Vor 6 years
The tricky/hidden/reverse smash at 1.39 by Bahrami is something young guns and nowadays players can't even think about. Great tennis!
Ishaan Jani
Ishaan Jani Vor 3 years
MarioBeart ikr lol
Nadine Goossens
Nadine Goossens Vor 3 years
MarioBeart bri
Magnus Holt
Magnus Holt Vor 6 years
+MarioBeart because its not effective. When you are at that possition its almost 100% your point, so there is no need to make some fancy reverse smash when u can smash it regularly and win the point.
Energy Synergy Matrix
@MarioBeart 1:37 Just want to fix that for you
Yves Bonturi
Yves Bonturi Vor 2 years
Mansour Bahrami est un joueur de tennis exceptionnel, avec beaucoup d'humour et de fair-play ! Un grand merci aux trois autres joueurs qui nous ont donné un formidable spectacle.
lickablle69 Vor 7 years
loved this, to me this is sport and very enjoyable to see the players having fun playing in a game they love ...yes as much as i like to see the epic battles it is nice to see the fun rallies like this .
Leo Edmunson
Leo Edmunson Vor 2 years
lickablle69 hi 😉
Jesse4Pink Vor 7 years
For an older guy Bahrami moves better than some of the young ones, I saw him play a comical match at Wimbledon this year he's such a character to watch, it's great they still play I love the old faces
Ishaan Jani
Ishaan Jani Vor 3 years
Jesse4Pink ikr
Hugo Ramajo
Hugo Ramajo Vor 2 years
Que genios !! Que placer volver a verlos jugar !! 👏👏👏👏👏
It's Me
It's Me Vor year
This made my day, best tennis match in history 🎾😂👍
Nikhilesh Surve
Nikhilesh Surve Vor 3 years
😂 Hard to express how entertaining this watch. *Loved it.*
Dr PK Vor year
Fun fact: He used to be a ball boy in Iranian national team and he started tennis by using kitchen tools. He is a legend!
Daniele Brunengo
Daniele Brunengo Vor 8 years
There's more tennis in these few minutes than in a year of the current ATP tour.
Devon R
Devon R Vor 5 Monate
The reason it is such long rallies is because the younger ATP Pros would be hitting winners in those situations thus keeping the rallies much shorter even though it is a much higher level.
Moditwa Dziewicy
Moditwa Dziewicy Vor 8 Monate
ayokay123 Vor year
@Ishaan Jani Well, maybe not tennis, but certainly ENTERTAINMENT.
Ishaan Jani
Ishaan Jani Vor 3 years
Daniele Brunengo maybe more than 2 years
Ian Moro
Ian Moro Vor 3 years
Henri leconte est resté un très grand joueur..il a conservé sa légendaire touche de balle!
Johnny McNugget
Johnny McNugget Vor 7 years
Bahrami is one of the most talented players to ever play this sport.
Aerospace Engineer
@Dominic Hughes No it's true. Some of these moves are extremely difficult to perform even to pros. He does the behind-the-legs like it's nothing. Even Federer struggles with that.
BlazingFire360 Vor 2 years
Ishaan Jani
Ishaan Jani Vor 3 years
mirza mirza bahrami vs Federer would be fun
Ishaan Jani
Ishaan Jani Vor 3 years
bbq ikr
Ishaan Jani
Ishaan Jani Vor 3 years
Johnny McNugget no, he is THE MOST
Johnny Gregory
Johnny Gregory Vor 8 Monate
Fantastic tennis skills and wondrous showmanship all players. Thank you.
zephyr Vor 6 years
AT 4:06, beginning of the "imaginary point" - Bahrami's face, priceless.
Jérô me
Jérô me Vor 2 years
Bahrami is an artist, always a pleasure To see him
Roland Hersan
Roland Hersan Vor 2 years
Mansour et Yannick incroyable, Merci beaucoup pour cet événement!.....
Nadush Salieva
Nadush Salieva Vor 2 years
Какой красивый теннис!👍
Aerospace Engineer
Believe me when I say not even Federer could do some of these tricks. It's like he was born with a racket at hand.
Jacob Saxby
Jacob Saxby Vor 7 Monate
Which is ironic since he wasn't born with a racket, he taught himself to play tennis with by hitting a ball at a wall with a dustpan. He's never had a tennis lesson in his life!
Ross Marino
Ross Marino Vor 8 Monate
4 legends. So much fun.
Arnaud Vor 7 years
Un incommensurable MERCI pour cette belle leçon de vie, de plaisir !!! Jouer "sérieusement" sans se prendre au sérieux.... avec passion et amitié ! Voilà en gros ce que j'ai ressenti. Quels mots pourrais-je employer...??? Majestueux ?... Magnifique ?... Ce plaisir partagé par ces hommes entre eux a été communicatif en globalité !!! Je le répète....BELLE Leçon de vie.... et on en a besoin !!! Merci encore, tant pour les yeux que pour le coeur !
Alain S.
Alain S. Vor 2 years
Extraordinaire spectacle !!! Et mine de rien, ils ont tous de beaux restes !!!
Alfetta Racer
Alfetta Racer Vor 7 years
I am a great Noah, Bahrami and Leconte fan. I have seen those guys playing demo doubles in my home town Eindhoven (NL). Great!
Louis Stobbs
Louis Stobbs Vor 8 years
Bahrami is the Freddie Mercury of Tennis.
Glenn Vor 8 Monate
Did he die from AIDS too?
Aerospace Engineer
Aerospace Engineer Vor 8 Monate
u still there?! It's been 7 years.
François Rouvier
Louis Stobbs Qui c’est Louis Tom non mais c’est moi je t’ai dit je parle à mon appareil mais c’est moi tu vois je suis moi qui parle et je parle à la Saia tout il s’enregistre il faut pas juste de bêtises faut pas faut pas que je dise des bêtises à Londres aller
tony madad
tony madad Vor year
humm...is just the roland magdane of tennis...
Zahra Vor 3 Monate
He is so unpredictable that's insane!
Юрий Сухов
Красавцы!! Спасибо!
AbdulSalam UmmerAli
He is a good player and also have a good skills and pure Entertainer...
devillived Vor 3 years
Noah getting a set of fresh legs in the middle of the point just cracked me up.
Sageoftruth Vor 8 Monate
This is great. It’s like watching a tennis match and a Charlie Chaplin film at the same time.
Manon Cloutier
Manon Cloutier Vor 7 Monate
Wow… des athlètes hors-pair …. Je me suis bien amusée…..vous êtes fantastiques….❤️
heliopolis29 Vor 2 years
Absolute gold. Would pay good money to watch this... anywhere.
jitendra nayak
jitendra nayak Vor 11 Monate
It was amazing to watch these 4..i enjoyed it
Neeraj Raut
Neeraj Raut Vor 3 years
3:40 is hilarious! That umpire became ride!😂😂
lolo gringo
lolo gringo Vor year
toujours un plaisir de voir Bahrami,un top gars
Sun shine
Sun shine Vor 2 years
So great player : Bahrami ..! So fun play ...!
Louna Krac
Louna Krac Vor 7 years
Cette année, j'ai eu l'occasion de voir Mansour Bahrami (remplaçant) jouer avec Fabrice Santoro contre Arnaud Clément et Nicolas Escudé. Ils ont assuré le spectacle lors de la finale du Trophée des Légendes Perrier moins de 45 ans. Un bonheur et M.Bahrami nous a impressionné par son humour et talent; à croire qu'il est né avec une raquette :D
ALİ RIZA Vor year
Bahrami is not only a great tennis player but also perfect entertainer .
Rolis Gonz
Rolis Gonz Vor 5 years
Noah is still amazing....
Joe Fanchun
Joe Fanchun Vor 10 Monate
The fitness level is incredible 😯
Nahsor Ayehay
Nahsor Ayehay Vor year
I officially became a big fan of Mansour Bahrami....
shaq ramsay
shaq ramsay Vor 2 years
Bahrami proved age is just a number in this match!
Aditya Parihar
Aditya Parihar Vor 8 years
requires more talent than it looks
Danny Suls
Danny Suls Vor year
1:36 that shot is insane!
George Basham
George Basham Vor 3 years
Pretty talented trick shot artist, impressive. He is kind of the tennis equivalence of the Harlem Globe Trotters.
Goveno Rmen
Goveno Rmen Vor 2 years
Really enjoyed watching this 👍
PetitNuage Vor 2 years
Les français sont décidément tellement incroyables x) Vive le tennis !
Karan Abraham
Karan Abraham Vor 8 Monate
The Ronaldinho of tennis🔥🔥😂
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez
4:54 John is like "no way Bahrami" hahahaha!!!!
Valley Vor 2 years
It is the best tennis match I've seen
have a happy day
have a happy day Vor 3 years
All of them played well, not trying to kill each shot, keep it in play, entertain..
Daniel Lima
Daniel Lima Vor 2 years
Vaya espectáculo ese señor Bahrami.
Bonham House
Bonham House Vor 3 years
Master, you are out of your mind! Best of all time? Go watch some of his early matches.
もりー。 Vor 2 years
BlindFold Vor 10 Monate
4:12 for some reason this face gets me every time
Lucio Becker
Lucio Becker Vor year
This is not the element of Mc Enroe, he enjoys but prefers struggle. This is Behrami reign, a great show man a superb tecnique. Greetings from Rome Italy
unkYnd CS
unkYnd CS Vor 4 years
It looked like John McEnroe was dead serious and was still trying to win.. He only laughed when he won I think 😂
Linus 6626 Feynstein
Bahrami is the true GOAT
Chris G
Chris G Vor 8 years
anyone know where i can find the whole thing. it was one of the funniest matches i had seen in tennis channel.
khashayar zagros
khashayar zagros Vor 2 years
In the scene they play without the ball and slow motion, McEnroe had to ask for challenge !!!
by by
by by Vor 2 years
vasily202 Vor 3 years
Professional athletes in any sport are extremely talented. Even the NOT number one's compared to regular practitioners are at a level which is amazing. These old timers can do things with a raquet and a ball that most of us can't do, and even at that age. Yet if any of them played any of the top 100 players today they would get destroyed. That just shows how many levels of superior pros are. I played tennis. I used to be pretty decent. I had the chance to play with a girl who was high ranked in... the district, not even on a national level: in the area. She completely destroyed me. Not even close. A nationally ranked little girl would destroy her. She would be destroyed by another... It just shows that even the ones we see on TV and think they suck, they actually don't.
Kjell Johansson
Kjell Johansson Vor 2 years
You are correct! Nice to read someone who knows what its about. Th e best you wrote was that there are so many levels in tennis. (I guess in all sports)
Ishaan Jani
Ishaan Jani Vor 3 years
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson Vor 5 years
Amazing tennis from these veterans
curmudgeon Vor 7 Monate
Bahrami is technically proficient in ways that I don't think the average tennis player can fully comprehend. He's also in his 60's. There are some things to learn from him.
Andrew Vor 8 years
This is the tennis equivalent of the WWE.
Daniel Yoon
Daniel Yoon Vor 3 years
an exhibition match is different from a fake match
Ishaan Jani
Ishaan Jani Vor 3 years
hackum1 maybe an Olympic WWE than yeah
Dustin Nguyen
Dustin Nguyen Vor 7 years
then you obviously never played tennis.
drug che
drug che Vor 3 years
Bahrami is the best 😂😂😂😂😂
Henri Regnault
Henri Regnault Vor 2 years
can't wait to see nadal, federer murray and djokovich at 60 doing this x)
I AM GROOT 7 Vor 2 years
and who says there promised to live till 60? were not even promised tomorrow
ayokay123 Vor year
You can just tell that this kind of exhibition playing is KILLING McEnroe inside....hating every single second of it.
Andreus Vor 7 years
4:15 his face :))
Keith Lauder Jr
Keith Lauder Jr Vor 2 years
Guy is amazing.
Magnifique Lulu
Magnifique Lulu Vor 7 Monate
Ils ont une sacré pêche les "vieux, " j'aimerai être comme Mansour Bahrami à son âge !
D G Vor 7 years
Itti Tappaya
Itti Tappaya Vor 2 years
ชอบมากครับ นักกีฬาตัวจริง ต้องสนุกกับเกม คุณสุดยอดครับ
Amadeo Russell
Amadeo Russell Vor 4 years
Bahrami is more funny than Roger Federer.
Great MYM
Great MYM Vor 4 Monate
Yannick Noah 🔥🔥🔥
PALANG NAR Vor 8 Monate
He has some good Persian talent and Persian power in him, very good player.
にゃんごんご Vor 3 years
hobbes45 Vor 5 years
McEnroe should've disputed the call and gotten defaulted in slow-motion
That's how tennis should be.. Fun fun fun!
Pierrick Savigny
Pierrick Savigny Vor 2 years
Meme en si il font les pitre loool il savent tjr aussi bien jouer respect les ancien 👍👍💪💪
Ashram Vor 3 years
after the imaginery ball mcEnroe should have screamed "it was clearly out, are u kiddi'me??!!" :)
Bill War key
Bill War key Vor year
Mec Enroe veut bien faire le con mais pas perdre . J adore
Richard Darlington
Tennis keeps you young... if it doesn't kill you first!
simón sudac
simón sudac Vor 6 years
Mubarak Vor year
Barhami the wizard of tennis
Nhia Vue
Nhia Vue Vor 2 years
Hold my beer. Hold my beer again. Just take my beer.
msims4774 Vor 2 years
What the hell kind of sorcery was that at 1:40 from Bahrami?!?
Raf Catalano
Raf Catalano Vor year
Julian Marsh
Julian Marsh Vor year
These old guys don't have the strength to nail the ball the way younger players do...so the points go on longer and this makes the match more fun to watch. They should never have changed away from wooden rackets. Everything is about strength--okay, not everything--but points end too short and it is like watching a baseball game go 1-0. That's okay once in a while but if it happened all the time???
Alan Neale
Alan Neale Vor 3 years
He's awesome and no spring chicken
khaela Mensha
khaela Mensha Vor 8 Monate
Je ne suis pas un fan de tennis... mais qu'est ce que je n'aurais pas donné pour voir ce match !
Manuel Hernandez
Preciosa la entrevistadora ,Dominique Van Roost ya alejada de las pistas ,pero siempre elegante
choudhary jitender Pichkiya
You can still win even though u lose the match
Tom Hertz
Tom Hertz Vor 3 years
WOW. Awesome
letter1967 Vor 8 Monate
Bahrami is a machine.
Belga Vor 7 years
Hahaa, 4 funny Legends
TheGreatEllipsis Vor 8 years
s08254gk Vor 7 years
Macenroe so funny haha^^
Gunner y algo mas
Gunner y algo mas Vor 2 years
I don't know why, but I see Bahrami and think about patch adams ... how much joy ...
JGAN96 Vor 7 years
lmao john is like "im too old for this shit"
Mohammed Awad
Mohammed Awad Vor 5 Monate
..waahh..aahhh..hehe..first time i enjoy tennis..amazing..what is he goood, playing against top players, and win is great :;))
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