Fabrication Guitare Yamaha à Hangzhou (Chine)

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Visite de l'usine Yamaha guitare à Hangzhou en Chine. Fabrication des guitares classiques série CG, guitares folks série FG, APX, CPX, LL6 etc....
Visité effectué le 30/10/2014.
Crédit Musique : Soîg Siberil
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11 Dez 2014

Yamaha Corporation (Award Winner)ChinaHangzhou (Chinese Prefecture-level City)Guitar (Musical Instrument)guitarefactoryusinefgcgapxcpx



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Liucarvalho Emanasses
High quality, Low quality or no quality hehe😸😺😹
Liucarvalho Emanasses
This is good or bad?
Liucarvalho Emanasses
Que esquisito totalmente diferente do lutier no modo de fabricação.. Por ser uma linha de produção
Jim Mcfarland
Jim Mcfarland Vor 4 Tage
Cheap Chinesium crap. Wonder why they are wearing face masks? Chemicals...
Алекс Карпов
Average instruments are built like this. No craft, pure mass production. To make this product good, one has to invest at least 500 bucks.
Adnan Asif
Adnan Asif Vor 6 Tage
i love my guitar more from now You made it that way. Thank-you really very much all. Love & Respect for you.
flouserve Vor 10 Tage
Esto no es lo que era...chinos fabricando Yamaha?,,,jejejeje
Alien Scientist
Alien Scientist Vor 10 Tage
Almost every single one of those women were 1000% better looking than the disgusting slopped out rotten feminist slappers in the UK.
Lukasz P.
Lukasz P. Vor 17 Tage
I use FG700MS. It sounds very good. Thanks for build my guitar. It's a hard work.
JuanC Vallejo
JuanC Vallejo Vor 21 Tag
ahora veo un factor mas para el valor sentimental del instrumento, hermosa labor!
Florin Muntean
Florin Muntean Vor 23 Tage
Richard Christie
Richard Christie Vor 24 Tage
Clearly, an applicant's sex determines what sort of role they have in the manufacturing process.
Florian Manach
Florian Manach Vor 28 Tage
C'est bien de voir que derrière le Made in China, il y a quand même un savoir faire assez qualitatif. C'est pas de la lutherie artisanale mais grâce à eux le monde entier peut jouer de la guitare à un prix accessible.
Memo Herdez
Memo Herdez Vor 28 Tage
Beautiful work proudly made in China by beautiful people that put their passion and dedication to do a magnificent job. Thank you!
Pebalus Danlépin
Pebalus Danlépin Vor 28 Tage
Crazy music. Un casse-tête.
pplareppl Vor Monat
pretty terrible background music
beards & bucks
beards & bucks Vor Monat
Yamaha is a very nice guitar I just don’t like the shape of them
Rodolfo Soriano-Núñez
What an effing nightmare... no soul on those guitars
Guitarsolo Nguyễn
Carlos andres Otalvaro
I love my guitar " YAMAHA FG 800"
Lukasz P.
Lukasz P. Vor 17 Tage
I love my FG700MS too.
carpathus Vor Monat
My spruce/rosewood LS6 was made at the Hangzhou factory November 11, 2009 number 163. Totally flawless. Low end sound is warm, the mids are complex and the highs are bright Thank you Yamaha and all the skilled workers at the Hangzhou facility for making such a fantastic instrument at a great price.
Buro Dackel
Buro Dackel Vor Monat
would never bug anything made in China. Yamaha total sell outs. make your products in Japan.
Jeanne Palagonia
Jeanne Palagonia Vor 18 Tage
they do make them in japan but only the higher end yamahas
LushKordz Vor Monat
Damn !! ive just bought my 7th guitar today o_O [Respect 4 these ladies] (Koa body / Cedar top / Rosewood board + N a bunch of Abalone inlays)
老杨老杨 Vor Monat
Mikishots Vor Monat
Explains why they sound like such utter shit.
Xavier91 Vor Monat
travail à la chaîne. La construction intégrale par la même équipe n'est elle pas plus satisfaisante?
吴旱 Vor Monat
KAAL Productions
KAAL Productions Vor 2 Monate
fuck you chinese stupids make fake guitars
The Gee-tah Guy
The Gee-tah Guy Vor 2 Monate
Why do Yamaha acoustic guitars incorporate such a drastic compensation angle at the saddle? This design has always been done on Yamahas as far back as I can remember. It was either super-brilliant or incredibly by chance. What I mean by that is... while sever compensation angle is not usually necessary when an acoustic guitar is new and things are still structurely sound, as a guitar ages, the top bellys, its braces shift, its neck angle and truss rod yield to the heavy force of string tension and the guitar folds up on itself. Specifically Yamahas not only can be brought back from the dead (from living its life in a closet or attic while tuned to pitch for 40 years ), but if the neck angle is still reasonable, you can make these old FG's have decent action with excellent intonation, whereas an old, let's say, Washburn or Takamine will most likely not enjoy a second life without a neck reset and some bridge work.... and IT'S ALL ABOUT INTONATION! With the help of a bridge truss, I have made several hundred old Yammys be some of the best old players I can think of that are enjoying a full 2nd life, often much better than its 1st- mostly because of the sever factory compensation angle at the saddle. Putting a gloss finish inside the body didn't hurt either. Thank you Yamaha.
john White
john White Vor 2 Monate
This video shows only the degradation of a beautiful craft. While the instrument may be usable it carries forever the taint of a disgraceful and inhumane construction process. Where is the pride, joy and art of guitar making?
Haoran Yu
Haoran Yu Vor 2 Monate
It’s China...
Robert Hubbard
Robert Hubbard Vor 2 Monate
It would be nice if DE-vid offered a translation button. It would be great to see what those who didn't post in English were saying.
Mahesh Chaube
Mahesh Chaube Vor 2 Monate
Assembly line invented by Russians perfected by Americans now optimised by Chinese
Iván Csetverikov
Iván Csetverikov Vor 2 Monate
Only women!!
Keith Smith
Keith Smith Vor 2 Monate
Proof if you watch Taylor factory....that more hands made Yamaha in China !!
Ger Dik
Ger Dik Vor 2 Monate
Much more handwork than I'd expected.
Fabien Paris Sabatès
Je vis en Thaïlande je viens de m'acheter une guitare. Elle est vraiment très belle. Je l'ai payée 6000 bahts, c'est-à-dire 150 €... c'est-à-dire presque rien quand je vois le travail que cela demande ! Je me demande si ce que j'ai acheté n'est pas simplement le prix du bois car quand je vois ces travailleuses prendre autant soin de la fabrication d'une guitare je me demande comment on arrive, y compris le bénéfice du vendeur, à la somme de 150 € au final ! Et en plus il m'a offert la housse..
Fabien Paris Sabatès
I live in Thailand I just bought a guitar. She is really beautiful. I paid 6000 baht, that is 150 € ... that is to say almost nothing when I see the work that requires! I wonder if what I bought is not just the price of wood because when I see these workers taking care of the making of a guitar I wonder how we arrive, including the profit of the seller, to the sum of 150 € in the end! And in addition he offered me the cover ...
miguel angel morales navarrete
Prefiero la guitarra hecha por un lutier, ya que esa guitarra lleva todo el sentimiento , la pasion, los sentidos, el amor que pone el hombre, y lo mas importante: El don que Dios le otorgo para construir semejante maravilla, la guitarra es el instrumento mas precioso que ha creado el hombre.
Banacek60 Chord
Banacek60 Chord Vor 2 Monate
At 10.07, that's the bit missed out on my FGX 720 SC. All the bridge plate burst in and splinters at every hole! Even in this, assumedly promotional video, the overall impression is of soulless automata. Shame, as I've always been a fan of Yamaha guitars.
Dmitry Musienko
Dmitry Musienko Vor 2 Monate
большая помойка(
Dumitrescu Petre As
Dumitrescu Petre As Vor 2 Monate
Adnan Asif
Adnan Asif Vor 6 Tage
Harder to get that great sound years of hard practice
Mme POB Vor 3 Monate
Il y a bien peu d'opérations - hormis les découpes du bois et l'implantation des barrettes - qui pourraient être automatisées. Je tire mon chapeau à toutes ces filles qui travaillent à un rythme infernal pour probablement des salaires de misère, dans une ambiance certainement très bruyante. Elles ont des masques pour éviter les poussières de bois mais cela ne protège pas leurs poumons des colles et des vernis, ni leurs oreilles du vacarme de l'usine. Et en aval, ces guitares sont vendues chez nous des fortunes, ce sont comme toujours les intermédiaires qui se gavent. C'est ça la mondialisation des échanges commerciaux. J'en appelle à la mémoire de Louise Michel et de Che Guevara.
Spongeworthy Vor 3 Monate
Suddenly I feel better about my Epiphone.
Wasiq Haider
Wasiq Haider Vor 3 Monate
Good efforts
Wasiq Haider
Wasiq Haider Vor 3 Monate
Good and hard work love u a class work
Claudio Lordino
Claudio Lordino Vor 3 Monate
WHY, WHY WHY does 99% of DE-vid vid's have music!!!???
Claudio Lordino
Claudio Lordino Vor 28 Tage
@Tim Hitt Yes, of course or not look at all; but, that's not really the point. . . .
Tim Hitt
Tim Hitt Vor Monat
you can always mute the sound
charlie morris
charlie morris Vor 3 Monate
I have an FJX 720SC which I love and it always holds a tuning,easy neck and didn't cause me to go into debt.Thanks for such a good guitar!
Paul Larnce
Paul Larnce Vor 3 Monate
This is scary. No wonder the old masters in Spain are horrified!
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