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Fails Like Teen Spirit is all about the best years of your life (so they say), and the fails that come along with it. Kurt Cobain would be proud of these! Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!
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Can Hits Guy's Groin goo.gl/4aKZf6
Scooter Rider Lands With Rail In Between Legs goo.gl/r79BF9
Guy Faceplants Halfpipe After Attempted Backflip Tailwhip goo.gl/wxWTnV
Woman Falls While Bowling Between Legs goo.gl/FpimfE
Hot Pepper Challenge Goes Wrong goo.gl/JQe6YH
Kick Falls While Attempting High Kick goo.gl/3gLKQA
Guy Falls While Attempting Backflip on Swing goo.gl/eWj8TP
Cheerleader Falls During Stunt Training goo.gl/kffiVn
Guy Falls on Head After Attempting Backflip off Swing goo.gl/gHW2N2
Girl Faceplants After Attempting to Jump Over Volleyball Net goo.gl/WTqhuf
Guy Runs Into Wall During Blindfolded Race goo.gl/t9oEJh
Guy Falls While Attempting Backflip in Elevator goo.gl/Am2m1E
Girl Smacks Head with Resistance Band goo.gl/5KMU3V
Guy Attempts Bike Stunt and Face Plants goo.gl/qDKLJN
Skier Tumbles Down Mountain goo.gl/9KuSnq
Guy Acts Loopy While Sedated goo.gl/Zmdr2c
Girls Regret Feeding Ostrich goo.gl/7RnFMu
First Time Driver Crashes Into Garage goo.gl/TpsuYW
Girl Faceplants While Trying to Slide Down Bridge Arch goo.gl/Ke5P3a
Siblings Break Glass Table While Wrestling goo.gl/tXzytu
Kid Tries to Impress Girl with Dance Moves goo.gl/Vtk4uR
Kid Falls off Hoverboard While Shoveling Snow goo.gl/sidjRe
Woman Falls on Stomach After Backflip goo.gl/BA8G2k
Guy Backflips and Lands on Glasses goo.gl/FSLhe5
Guy on BMX Bike Lands Front Flip on Fence goo.gl/DJaeDf
Girl Tries The Kyle Jenner Lip Challenge goo.gl/jyUZMJ
Teen Eats Wood Chips goo.gl/Bd1Jff
Teen Breaks Diving Board goo.gl/bLjy2i
Teens Dance to Some Music goo.gl/EcxjZ6
Teen Falls on Swegway goo.gl/4nRr6C
Teen Embarrassingly Flies Over Handlebars goo.gl/wNFK16
Teen Plays with Remote Controlled Car goo.gl/KCAqSp
Teen Can't Do Box Jumps goo.gl/n8H2GW
Batman and Superman Stunt Breaks Roof goo.gl/cwSnGB
Stilts vs. Treadmill goo.gl/2N7qyA
Skateboarder Breaks Board and Hurts Nuts goo.gl/sR5XKj
Teen Riding Tandem on WaveRunner Falls Overboard goo.gl/8EBSKF
Falling Asleep at School Desk Prank goo.gl/V3r6hk
Guy Smashes Milk Jugs and Slips goo.gl/hTTmg7
Ping Pong Headshot Fail goo.gl/BnGMkH




27 Feb 2018

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