Father of Dragons (feat. Karen Gillan)

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9 Mär 2019



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Jap.Rican Alexx
Jap.Rican Alexx Vor 7 Tage
Are you....Dragonborn?
Rising Sun
Rising Sun Vor 7 Tage
The door knock actually made me get up and walk out of my room because I thought somebody was at my door...
dr. gansau
dr. gansau Vor 7 Tage
@3:53 wow,...look somebody twin! hahaha
DIrge Nemo
DIrge Nemo Vor 11 Tage
I swear jack black was made to be on youtube.
UnixEDU Vor 14 Tage
no left turns without a light. no. nope. nada. 💪
GingerIsMyUser Vor 14 Tage
Karen’s accent sounds British and Irish
James Lower
James Lower Vor 16 Tage
Let's just go eat bbq
Bobby Who
Bobby Who Vor 16 Tage
Bobby Who
Bobby Who Vor 16 Tage
karen gillan marry me I live at 410 e worlton st lot 63 willaerd ohio
Coaster Crazy
Coaster Crazy Vor 19 Tage
Karen is a fine woman 👩 and she’s Scottish 👍🏻
Aaron Vor 20 Tage
I'd have to be starving to eat at McDonalds. Or I'd have to be paid a good amount of money.
Bogdan Ciochina
Bogdan Ciochina Vor 23 Tage
Damn jack, I'm hungry now😂, whant a 🍔
Malcolm Adams
Malcolm Adams Vor 23 Tage
Ahh the price of fame is.. totally worth it!!!” Jabo habibi
Christopher DiCicco
Big Doctor Who fan, times like these 'We' Amy! shout out.. Video Games, doesn't Karen look like Laura Croft in this video...
Tyler Schoenrock
Tyler Schoenrock Vor 25 Tage
She holds the controller like they do in commercials lmao
Cameron Leaney
Cameron Leaney Vor 27 Tage
>crash bandicoot was my favorite growing up >wtf is this thing following me about fucking casual
iinsane Vor 27 Tage
Yesti Scottish & Proud 😂
director1111 Vor 27 Tage
@0:42 This was the moment when I thought these Mushrooms are really strong. Then I remembered, "oh, I did not take any".
Dave Obrien
Dave Obrien Vor 28 Tage
Ur Preety Kool Jack
Gabrielle Fagan
Gabrielle Fagan Vor 28 Tage
🤔Jimmy looks like a Jack/Kyle hybrid 😵
Irving De La Luz
Irving De La Luz Vor 28 Tage
I just realized my dad kinda looks like Jack Black but without the fabulous hair
MarkDemand Official
Since when has she been Scottish? We need to do something about this....
Benjamin Sheridan
Benjamin Sheridan Vor 29 Tage
She is so talented and smart and fit and dreammmy
Jennifer Sturbaum
Jennifer Sturbaum Vor 29 Tage
High knee sprinting with a dragon kite is my aesthetic. Bless you bby Jablinski
NUC Vor 29 Tage
this is for Karen
For The Love Of Seattle
Doesn't anyone ever count carbs? That is where the real problems come in if you don't exercise very much much. Their is enough carbs in a candybar to cause you to gain a pound if you do not work it off afterwards. . .
The Marvel Guy
The Marvel Guy Vor Monat
Check out the Steven dude/ the marvel guy
Mach one
Mach one Vor Monat
Who's Karen?
Conwy Vor Monat
@8:58 When you go against 2 Balance druids in a World of Warcraft arena.
Words Not Swords
Dont go SJW Karen.
Richard Gentry
Richard Gentry Vor Monat
Piedmont Park!
Richard Gentry
Richard Gentry Vor Monat
If you want the best BBQ you gotta go to Daddy D’z man. Hit it up next time you’re in town. Cheers.
Ula Landers
Ula Landers Vor Monat
So cool, Crash was my childhood too
Crosswalk Larry
Crosswalk Larry Vor Monat
Cool remaster. Have been wanting to pick it up.
larry or Sticks
larry or Sticks Vor Monat
I tell you what you need brother Jack a Bluetooth Boomerang glove the greatest invention in the world
larry or Sticks
larry or Sticks Vor Monat
I can just see it now flying a kite in a lightning storm and you get electrocuted and sent to another planet in time and the only way back is to fly a kite again in the storm plus I threw my very first wooden boomerang went straight up straight back down stuck in the ground and broke wow
aidan mcnally
aidan mcnally Vor Monat
Very hot, but very boring...damn
Dick Fitzwell
Dick Fitzwell Vor Monat
micky D melt down lmao
matt69savage Vor Monat
Why do you feel weird after a Mcds? I thought it was just me?
Ian Phillips
Ian Phillips Vor Monat
Its so weird to see Karen as a movie star and celebrity. Im the one who cleans her toilets 😆 she is very sweet
D. Aardentvarkitage
Zeeow, Nebulaaaa. Geez took me a bit to register who it was. I always forget what she looks like in normalcy. Lol. Jack didn't/doesn't play Crash B.?!? Wha? I think he has missed out on a big chunk of gaming history, if he didn't ever get a PlayStation 1. Lot of classics.
Salvador Dalí
Salvador Dalí Vor Monat
it would be the best day of my life if i was in the park and saw jb flying a dragon kite lol
Jose Angel C
Jose Angel C Vor Monat
I'm here for Jack Black, I'm just going to PRETEND I'm here for the stunning, smart, talented, beautiful, famous, hot, funny, cute, amazing, kind, successful Karen Gillian (whose cute accent gets thicker as she plays Crash)
llala alaaland
llala alaaland Vor Monat
Sometimes i forgot that Karen is Scottish tbh
GamingPriests Vor Monat
What? Highschool at 12?
Animesaint Vor Monat
i think old classic crash bandicoot is my fav version
the English Rocker
We are able to fly kites over here in the UK because our weather is so bad
Michael Z
Michael Z Vor Monat
I'm millions less than you and obviously much more fit physically than you. What can a fat ass like you can loose?
Michael Z
Michael Z Vor Monat
If you are ever in Chicago and even want a game off... Hit me up. You will instantly become "embarrassed".
Loving the RDR2 t-shirt Jack, great job.
Gamer Mom x 10
Gamer Mom x 10 Vor Monat
And I thought I was the only one in the world that coffee makes me tired. If I want a good nap, I drink a redbull, lol. (Seriously)
Zach Harms
Zach Harms Vor Monat
I thought I was the only one!! people call me crazy Coffee has the reverse effect on me as well!
Nehemiah Pruitt
Nehemiah Pruitt Vor Monat
Go to dmk in Chicago. Best burgers ever
Daniel Dean
Daniel Dean Vor Monat
love jack black. damn though karen gillan is like an illegal level of hot
Michael Higgins
Michael Higgins Vor Monat
OMG SHE IS 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Shaun The Producer
Oh man that McDonald's guilt moment hit me in my damn soul.
Albatross_5000 Vor Monat
i like her
Reformed Stoic
Reformed Stoic Vor Monat
Has anything ever gone as well as this channel is going? Killing it Jablinski.
ElZolidEznacke Satanico Lol
She was NEBULA?!?!?!?!!??
Dirsmuutio Vor Monat
Karen's playing is giving me anxiety
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