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Ive spent last few days diggin around the EA sports Website on FIFA 21 and trust me it was the hardest job to find 50 new things that have changed in the game. FIFA 21 on paper looks like an update of Fifa 20 but we might have some little hope with all these changes so lets proceed
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1 Sep 2020



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RonaldoCR75 Vor Monat
Bday special!!!
Ben Ukwuoma
Ben Ukwuoma Vor 11 Tage
There should be VAR
David Ste
David Ste Vor 14 Tage
What's with the VOLTA hate
Lei Jiang
Lei Jiang Vor 16 Tage
Free Kick mode is too difficult.
Mark Vor 17 Tage
Felt like your trying not to be Arnold 🤣
TFVGaming I Rohan Trehan
Get to the chopper
Osvaldo Loide
Osvaldo Loide Vor 18 Tage
This song in the end...what is the tittle?
B21 Seymour
B21 Seymour Vor 18 Tage
No5 happens in career too seen my bro do it
Verxy Vor 19 Tage
Is this guy maltese??
El_Bartto Vor 19 Tage
How can they spice up career mode, once you play a whole season, that's it, it becomes: Lather, rinse, repeat
Adam K
Adam K Vor 19 Tage
Can I just say, what a free kick oml 1:12
Roblox VIP
Roblox VIP Vor 19 Tage
Hi guysss fifa 21 is out
Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith Vor 20 Tage
if you buy fifa on disc will it still carry over to the next gen
yardmon nation
yardmon nation Vor 20 Tage
They still kept that shitty freekick 🙄
Canbaris Vor 21 Tag
Hope it runs
Tommy Bad
Tommy Bad Vor 21 Tag
They just need a variety of commentators like Peter Drury, Clive Tysldesly, Gary Neville etc. Derek Rae, Lee Dixon and Andy Gray all boring af!! 🙄
Marco Rojas-Vazquez
Ehhhh doubt it's gonna happen they're gonna need to buy to many licenses. Sky sports, espn, ECT. Wouldn't make sense
Zsolt Szabo
Zsolt Szabo Vor 19 Tage
Thats one of the last changes on the long list things that ea need to make
Ladale Lee
Ladale Lee Vor 22 Tage
Ready for another year of headaches
webbcamie Vor 22 Tage
Semi assisted thorough ball were always there since FIFA 17
Deni Gazimagomaev
Deni Gazimagomaev Vor 22 Tage
11:36 an instant like and subscription just for that
Young Blood
Young Blood Vor 22 Tage
Im going to skip this year....
Charlie Jobling
Charlie Jobling Vor 22 Tage
Someone please tell this man that the letter v has been invented
Felipe Augusto
Felipe Augusto Vor 22 Tage
Same as usual for me, just keep playing fifa 20 until fifa 21 costs half of its full price
TFVGaming I Rohan Trehan
Yeah look for the sale around 15 December, it is generally 65% off
Max Mc
Max Mc Vor 23 Tage
But no cross-play
Rabona Lisa
Rabona Lisa Vor 24 Tage
Fifa 20 looks pretty good to be fair but I am annoyed there's no replays. I get skipping goal kick, corner animations etc but I should be able to watch goals.
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Vor 24 Tage
That’s all they added to career mode? And we lost 2 actual clubs, and last year the jerseys for “Juventus” were Horrible. I guess I’ll keep playing fifa 20 and I’ll buy fifa 21 when it goes on sale for about 20$. 🧐
sum927 Vor 26 Tage
So its just football manager with stepup graphic meh
Almighty_Kaiser Vor 28 Tage
Tebogo Dinakedi
Tebogo Dinakedi Vor Monat
I'm happy, I love it.
Juan Alonso
Juan Alonso Vor Monat
Happy ;
Happy ; Vor Monat
Fifa better than pes
Lucio Mennillo
Lucio Mennillo Vor Monat
Thank you for being so honest, I loved it.
Animations twice as fast than fifa 20 HELL NAHW!
PES already has half of these changes/details
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly Vor Monat
The speed of the game is way to fast
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly Vor Monat
@Emmanuel Bodunrinmaybe, hopefully
Emmanuel Bodunrin
It looks like that but when you play it. It’s not fast
LtMadJack 98
LtMadJack 98 Vor Monat
does anybody know female career mode be in fifa 21?
EazyTV Vor Monat
I hate rewind gameplay, it's ruining the reality, in reality you have to be careful and not do mistakes, but in fifa 21 it's like that: "let's try to score from the middle of the pitch, oh that didn't work, oh well, let's rewind." I don't like that idea.
Harith Jr.
Harith Jr. Vor Monat
Another sad year for pro clubs players... Boycott EA!
Cheat Code
Cheat Code Vor Monat
Steve Velvet
Steve Velvet Vor Monat
Will the Fifa 21 be on ps4 pro
Alpha Adidon
Alpha Adidon Vor Monat
Any pro clubs updates
Ron Stoppable
Ron Stoppable Vor Monat
No handballs in a football game... that is so stupid.
TFVGaming I Rohan Trehan
It's a confusing topic, since the handball mechanic will be out of our power to control and will lead to luck based penalties
Trippy Vor Monat
That free kick thou🤣
Yannick Correia
Yannick Correia Vor Monat
Some career modes they added are wat pro evolution 5 had
Loice Njeri
Loice Njeri Vor Monat
Please give us the correct controller settings in FIFA 21
Joju Pm Joju Pm
Joju Pm Joju Pm Vor Monat
Substitution was added in FIFA 21 please reply????
Jin Sun
Jin Sun Vor Monat
As a pes player, it's good to see super cancel and creative runs in fifa. Maybe will try fifa this year with pes just doing a roster update. Hope they implement super cancel properly, I can never play pes without that.
Muhammed Shabhan KV
Is it is ps4
Tonny Cruise
Tonny Cruise Vor Monat
Isn't there VAR ?
TFVGaming I Rohan Trehan
Not yet
Cruz nsobe
Cruz nsobe Vor Monat
Grace Gwan-Nulla
Nice game
Edar Diaz
Edar Diaz Vor Monat
The fact that they added customized stadiums is what I’m looking for
hate the noob?
hate the noob? Vor Monat
Press shouldn’t even exist
Virtual Gaming Buddy
Looking forward ❤️
Franco Vor Monat
A lot of this features, like super cancel, short goal kick call, shoulder tackle have been in fifa for a couple years now. No longer buying this game until they do some real changes worthy of $60. All this changes could just be a patch.
Abeni kass
Abeni kass Vor Monat
I like the way you think that doesn't exist I love it😂😂😂
nome nao
nome nao Vor Monat
Finally...Super cancel is here... I have been waiting for this feature for 10 fucking years...
Daryl Blackman
Daryl Blackman Vor Monat
Xbox Series X....
Manoj Kale
Manoj Kale Vor Monat
VOLTA is really very boring and useless addition in place of journey mode.
Mikel Koci
Mikel Koci Vor Monat
They are copying PES and Football manager
Marcel Whilby
Marcel Whilby Vor Monat
🤔 so your player has high moral but he need sharpness to perform at a high quality during match sound redundant to me
Antonius Maleakhi
can we now upgrade the acceleration ability in training?
The Memes Grabber
I just want to see camp nou again
hernandez 6090
hernandez 6090 Vor Monat
new league???
Joanne Pyne
Joanne Pyne Vor Monat
What about Xbox
Philip Game
Philip Game Vor Monat
Anything would Be better than fifa 20 headers
Abubakar Idris
Abubakar Idris Vor Monat
Is there th journey in fifa 21
FIFABlazeTV Vor Monat
so close to a million subs keep it up :)
Samuel Sabastine
please give out some free fifa 21 or ps5
Nickoteen0 Vor Monat
Captain tsubasa is more fun
rituponvondit Vor Monat
Looking forward to this
Nwk Vor Monat
Good job man! ❤️
Ngatia mugambi
Ngatia mugambi Vor Monat
1:11 that freekick
Marcus Beraña
Marcus Beraña Vor 3 Tage
@Borja Garcia someone is mad 💀
Borja Garcia
Borja Garcia Vor 3 Tage
@Marcus Beraña tell some examples you idiot, besides roberto carlos who else
Marcus Beraña
Marcus Beraña Vor 4 Tage
@Borja Garcia nut some players have scored like that
Borja Garcia
Borja Garcia Vor 18 Tage
@scxnic ffs he is not talking about the area of the free kick but the ball direction you mooron
scxnic Vor 22 Tage
@da eu sunt pinza it is some players have scored from that area before
tumi mabanga
tumi mabanga Vor Monat
The way he roasts VOLTA
Panamike Vor Monat
The new trend now a days or "style" is to just hate on games, "I'm not getting this garbage." If you hate it so much why are you even watching this video. I'm glad there's still quite a few people on here who are looking forward to this game.
Mr Toriko
Mr Toriko Vor 6 Tage
@Keffy Stay If you need help, I can teach you a thing or two
Keffy Stay
Keffy Stay Vor 6 Tage
FIFA simps, not even once.
Mr Toriko
Mr Toriko Vor 7 Tage
@Panamike exactly, people just rage quit on online matches instead of watching the highlights and learning from their mistakes.
Panamike Vor 7 Tage
@Ghaith Sady Actually Madden is hated just as much dude.
Panamike Vor 7 Tage
@Mr Toriko They prob are garbage at the game! People complain about the micro transactions. If you have any kind of sense all you have to do is use the transfer market, flip players and you can get anyone you want. It's not pay to play if you can work the transfer market.
Jon Dvn
Jon Dvn Vor Monat
The biggest problem is that there are no different playstyles anymore. Everbody is forced into this typical playstyle of pace, sudden stops, dragbacks and so on. It's not as if someone has a way of playing the game. It's just concluding in the beginning of the year what's gonna work and what's not.
Mr Toriko
Mr Toriko Vor 7 Tage
What do you mean by play style? You have to make your play style and use your brain.
Marco Rojas-Vazquez
I still play my tiki taka style and I'm in division one on seasons and reached top 100 plenty of times. On seasons I play the style of the team i selected and seem to do pretty well. I see where you're coming from as some styles are more rewarding but at the end of the day it's your skill with a little bit of that ea script going your way
Deeksha Rastogi
Deeksha Rastogi Vor Monat
how tf is 21 like 20,f off man
Cedric Malesi
Cedric Malesi Vor Monat
alexnda arnold shooting he is suppost to be 80 did you see the free kick he took against chaelse
Hermann Belinga
Hermann Belinga Vor Monat
Promote the devil i see the gold goat 3:06 End world
Oluwaseniloba Olatokun
youve already said most of them
Abdul Bhayat
Abdul Bhayat Vor Monat
Plz new commentary😡🤦‍♂️
Indranil Roy Chowdhury
I love how you politely roast some of the features in the game. "I can not wait to NOT play the mode" 😂😂😂
REJI 79 Vor Monat
Every Year FIFA comes With New Gameplay Mechanics But what about Graphiks+Animations and The Stupid Glitches and Bugs
Danny Ball
Danny Ball Vor Monat
ea will fix it when the game comes out and ruin another thing in the game always happens
ahking __revived
They can fix glitches when the game is out , no point making a new game to fix graphics they have been doing that for the past few years
Anonymous Anarchism
They literally stole almost all of these from PES. Unbelievable... - Super cancel - COOP FUT / COOP MyClub - Match sim - Assign specific role - New Active Training System - New Transfer Options (PES 1st game to have a loan and loan to buy and swap + cash option since PES 6) - New goal kicks Etc.
Anonymous Anarchism
@just some guy without a moustache "you guys" when did I asked for that hahaha I didn't even know you existed before my comment
just some guy without a moustache
@Anonymous Anarchism you guys wanted pes features in fifa and u got it
Anonymous Anarchism
@just some guy without a moustache What?
just some guy without a moustache
U asked for it you got it
Omar Shalaby
Omar Shalaby Vor Monat
PES is for professionals
Ele MenT
Ele MenT Vor Monat
Honestly i won't buy fifa 21
Panamike Vor Monat
@I'm Addicted to Minge ohhh, idk man I enjoy playing them. Esp. scoring profit off the transfer market. You can def. hussle some other players. You don't have to pay for any packs, I've never put any credit card info into one fifa game.
I'm Addicted to Minge
@Panamike 😂😂😂😂 "new" that's funny, don't you mean taken out the game just to be put back in? Nothing new about it.
Panamike Vor Monat
@I'm Addicted to Minge There's 50 new features, did you not watch the video?
I'm Addicted to Minge
@PanamikeLMFAO good joke
Panamike Vor Monat
@Ele MenT There is plenty to look forward too, FUT Co-op looks good. I guess get PES.
Bro thx for it I’m too lazy to research so thx
Emmanuel Kasongo
I love the new features and can't wait to play fifa 21
Panamike Vor Monat
@Josegon 00 Go play PES! Leave the guy alone. If he enjoys FIFA let him be.
Josegon 00
Josegon 00 Vor Monat
you poor soul
Panamike Vor Monat
Ahmad Filzah Tsaqib Azhar
I hope EA can make a giveaway for PS5 and FIFA 21 too🙏🙏🙏
Koravee Thanomliang
I need tatoo in career player mode
Sahil Ahmedov
Sahil Ahmedov Vor 11 Tage
Son of God
Son of God Vor Monat
Looks like I’m not buying Fifa 21 or 2k21
Armenia Forever
Armenia Forever Vor Monat
I thought the same but after selling Fifa 20 I want to buy 21 :))
Matarep Vor Monat
Adebimpe Adejare
Caleb Thompson
Caleb Thompson Vor Monat
welp if it makes fifa better idc lmao
Jaden Pennant
Jaden Pennant Vor Monat
people dont appreciate what EA does it's not easy to make fifa
Jaden Pennant
Jaden Pennant Vor Monat
@The X Nut stfu
Jaden Pennant
Jaden Pennant Vor Monat
@Marcel Whilby you got a point
Marcel Whilby
Marcel Whilby Vor Monat
not easy making you pay 60 dollars for a game which is the same every year 🤔
The X Nut
The X Nut Vor Monat
Lool why u ball licking them? This game is trash af and u still defending them. Pathetic
Alin Șofan
Alin Șofan Vor Monat
Why do you really want fifa 21 this year? to better simulate matches :))) only in FIFA!!
Jonah Hopkins
Jonah Hopkins Vor Monat
When will or have you chosen for the pre order just wondering
Ohimai Ujuanbi
Ohimai Ujuanbi Vor Monat
With this new update must get fifa 21
Garcia Edwards
Garcia Edwards Vor Monat
I like that true ball changes i tink this will be the one for me
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez Vor Monat
I've always wanted a NBA 2k type career mode in fifa, a way more involved career mode with having the option to choose an endorsement between adidas, nike, pumas, etc... if being a player you can influence the club's transfers, an actual story for career mode where it involves around winning the league and ucl, an online mode where you can use your career mode player and interact with other people in a lobby and play games 3v3,7v7,11v11. Just a more involved career mode (not story mode), it's the same copy and paste every year and you can never rely on EA servers to play UT
Vyon Galaxy
Vyon Galaxy Vor 20 Tage
it may be more difficult because 2k revolves around 1 league, but it isnt impossible.
Juan Martinez
Juan Martinez Vor Monat
@Uriel Botchway yeah they need to step it up, its the same price as 2k but there's definitely more value in 2k than fifa. I know they're not really competitors but still
Uriel Botchway
Uriel Botchway Vor Monat
I know I’ve been playing 2k for three years and the my team is better career is better.Fifa has so much to work on.
Dr Roblox gaming
can we switch of sharpness
Dzaki R
Dzaki R Vor Monat
Football Leo
Football Leo Vor Monat
We appreciate your hard work 🇿🇦🔥🔥🔥👏🏽
Khaliphile Skosana
Yoli Maxegu
Yoli Maxegu Vor Monat
Oi south African
Its me metal Jesus
Im just glad they added new things in career mode
J Vor 18 Tage
@Jamie Tew loads of people you simpleton
Abmanboy Vor 20 Tage
Exact same
Jack Affleck
Jack Affleck Vor 21 Tag
@soccerholden13 buddy? Just stop already
Jack Affleck
Jack Affleck Vor 21 Tag
@soccerholden13 whit?
soccerholden13 Vor 21 Tag
@Jack Affleck swing and a miss, buddy. Swing and a miss.
RMP1 Vor Monat
FIFA 17.4
TFVGaming I Rohan Trehan
FIFA 11.10
Armenia Forever
Armenia Forever Vor Monat
Pes is garbage compare to Fifa
just some guy without a moustache
Your still going to buy it
P 1
P 1 Vor Monat
You people act like pes is any different from the previous version ... last time pes felt different was PES 2013
EdugamesBR 146
EdugamesBR 146 Vor Monat
Pes 14.6
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