FIFA 21: 8 Career Mode Changes You Need To Know

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Is Career Mode finally heading in the right direction again?
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4 Sep 2020



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Aron witkoei
Aron witkoei Vor Tag
Total bull there is nothing exciting about FIFA 21, they just bringing old stuff back to the game. There is nothing new, their main focus is the Fifa Ultimate Team. Because they know people will spend most fo their money there.
Simon Cohen
Simon Cohen Vor 2 Tage
The same fat lady only in a different dress.
Nigel johnson
Nigel johnson Vor 3 Tage
I know it seems like a bit of an insignificant thing on Career Mode but it's always bugged me that when you play and manage a lower league team, there's no option to upgrade your stadium as you progress. You can move through the leagues up to cup finals and champions league football but the fan numbers stay the same and you're still basically playing out of the same old shed. I know there's a stadium opinion in Ultimate Team but I have never seen one in Career Mode.
Kallah Blanch
Kallah Blanch Vor 4 Tage
So EA can upgrade FIFA career mode, but they can't upgrade Madden franchise mode smh HARD!!!
BorderlineBeef Vor 4 Tage
Fifa fans are spoiled man. Madden doesn't have any of this lol. After coming to fifa I've realized how spoiled they are.
captain first
captain first Vor 5 Tage
can u answear me about "Career Mode Homegrown Talent", as this didn't included in standard edition, if it's no needed to general gamers, we can save the money to own this edition only . or we have to purchase champion edition. by the way, i am just play manager mode, so it affect manager mode or not. i didn't play character mode.
Lingardinho Vor 4 Tage
The homegrown talent is only for those who purchased the champions edition and Ultimate edition. It's only in Manager Career
Developed Spermcell
One thing they haven't changed and has gotten far worse is the scripting. It's on extreme ultimate.
New trophy animations would be good tbh, I mean now the players celebrate winning the CL and WC the same as they would idk the korean pre season cup
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Vor 10 Tage
I will wait until the price drops to 20USD
TheRealUcanUwill Vor 10 Tage
So let me get this straight. Other leagues still not properly simmed, meaning no fatigue, injuries or stats from other domestic leagues. No manager market, teams playing same lineups and having same managers for 15 years, no AI teams having their own youth programs or training players at same efficiency as human player, which is by far OP. F this crap, I might pick it up in the late summer when its 4 bucks, thats the most I can support this lazy developer.
Kate Agyemang-Duah
Kate Agyemang-Duah Vor 12 Tage
Great game. The best football game out there. All those people complaining behave as if they can create better graphics
vegastjg Vor 13 Tage
Is there a mode where I can play as 1 guy and not have to deal with all the other responsibilities?
Connect TheDhottz
Connect TheDhottz Vor 14 Tage
Game Addictgonewild
sounds like its hardly a improvement
Tony Diaz
Tony Diaz Vor 15 Tage
Many salty PES fanboys on this comment section... Everything alright with your shitty game? Are you salty because they only patched PES 2020? 🤣
Biodun mahmz
Biodun mahmz Vor 19 Tage
6:52-6:59 that part got me rolling 😂😂😂😂🤣 Cos that shit is true
Johan Kerstma
Johan Kerstma Vor 20 Tage
Sounds good. But i still miss live scoreboard.. And we fifa players just know that fifa is gonna fuck us over again..
political papi
political papi Vor 20 Tage
These new features are just updates. Lol.
james mcdevitt
james mcdevitt Vor 20 Tage
Have not broght this in 3 years so will seem fresh
Krystal Deegan
Krystal Deegan Vor 21 Tag
years ago you could jump into games to change the result they are just bringing back an old feature that they never should have removed in the first place
T K Vor 23 Tage
“ step in the right direction “ seems like I’ve heard this last 5 years
Samuel Swan
Samuel Swan Vor 24 Tage
Same garbage every year. Promises of a better game but EA never deliver. I been with Pes now 2years and is a much better game
Adam Revitt
Adam Revitt Vor 25 Tage
That clip of Stoke scoring at anfield was beautiful 😍🔴⚪️
vix 4
vix 4 Vor 26 Tage
Thank God I watched this video, I was about to buy it after 3 years of skipping it, but then I find out that nothing has changed, I'm never buying this piece of garbage again, at least until I see real changes not someone trying to make it look like if anything was different.
Rummenigge Bayern Legend
ARCADE PING PONG TRASH , Fifa is an insult for mature players and a clear proof of how many idiots are in this world ..if you want to spot an idiot, you hear about fifa fan.. There is the animal.. If you want to know how big idiot he is, ask the animal what are the differences between a simulator and arcade in a football game .. You'll see he doesn't know, because he really is an idiot lol
Jomh Vor 28 Tage
The stupidest thing the FIFA 21 has come out rewind if you miss the shot they are taking the enjoyment of the game
Edson Pacheco
Edson Pacheco Vor 28 Tage
If you play career mode in the PS2, the features you'll find are 1. Signing Sponsorships 2. Scheduling your own pre-season friendlies 3. Staff upgrades 4. Sending your scout to search for a specific position. (CAM, CDM, RW, LW, etc.) 5. Schedule training 6. Visual Sim (During the simulations, you have a live match text, and you can switch the tactics, and pause to make substitutions, as well as intervene when the match doesn't go your way.) 7. You will see a chart of 3 things, that will show your Fan Support, Job Security, and Team Chemistry.
aimanariff609 Vor 9 Tage
Much better than fifa 21 😭
Cadeem Vor 18 Tage
The good days
theASHnetwork1 Vor 29 Tage
So basically just changes to manager mode not player mode....nice.
G E Vor 27 Tage
Yeh I noticed that also
Mucahit Cinar
Mucahit Cinar Vor 29 Tage
When will they allow people to create their own teams on career mode. Literally would be a game changer
jase_llan Vor 12 Tage
@Max Haze pretty sure this was another of those features that was available on older FIFAs.
Max Haze
Max Haze Vor 17 Tage
You could do that on PES 2008 (not bought played a PES game since then though), it would be a great feature on FIFA
Iram Tammam
Iram Tammam Vor Monat
The amount of times they’ve said “we’ve improved opposition AI to make them play like real life teams” is countless. They’ve promised that every year saying “Barca plays like Barca and Man City plays like Man City” hopefully this time it’s actually real...
Jorge Andrés Palma
@K L Spoiler: It is real. I was able to beat Leeds as Man City without much effort in World Class difficulty. Yesterday I created a new Career Mode and they won 4-2. The AI dribbles now like if they were a top FUT player.
K L Vor 13 Tage
Spoiler: It's not going to be real.
Peekq _
Peekq _ Vor Monat
loan to buy has been in the game ages??
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson Vor Monat
I'm glad they are actually putting an interactive Sim in the Career Mode so I don't have to play every game. I did a Birmingham City and Los Angeles FC career modes in FIFA 20 and got bored real quick because I had to play every game because the Sim engine was broken. It got real boring because of that.
G M J Vor Monat
If they dont fix the horrid scrolling league table and the fact that the computer operated players never foul then I will not buy.
Toxicfox Vor Monat
i didnt even bother buying fifa 20 because on paper the additions to career mode looked good but i had a feeling they would barely work or just be shit, which some what turned out to be true. im getting similar vibes for fifa21 although it does sound better but still not even that much seems to have changed but i might buy it this year cos im bored of playing fifa 19 career mode ngl
Ian Hunter
Ian Hunter Vor Monat
How about being able to sort/search players by rating in the transfer hub, eg:RB's 80+
Ronny B
Ronny B Vor Monat
Is it still 15 seasons long still?
oi oi
oi oi Vor Monat
JUST MAKE IT SO THE AI SHOOT, it’s so bad that when you go up against like a city or Liverpool it’s not uncommon for them to only have 1 or 2 shots
bloodmoney Vor Monat
I just want a list where you can look at the winners of past seasons, CL, EL, Leage, etc...
LOBATOツ Vor Monat
Tomare tu video prestado
Mick Lawlor
Mick Lawlor Vor Monat
Can you play manger mode as an existing manager?
Noam Al
Noam Al Vor Monat
Nahhh, EA wont get me this year. Im done with this bs game
Bahadur Ali
Bahadur Ali Vor Monat
EA is the Apple of gaming.
HL Vor Monat
I am getting real tired of career mode as a player i really am. I mean this will be the 6th release since fifa 15 this bug has been in your face for as a player. As your rating climbs, so does your value, to the point where you become unsellable due to your value. The only thing they care about is FUT where this massive in your face game breaking bug does not exist! Every year its the same old thing, last year the crappy volta, the previous 2 years before that the shitty huntard series. They could make this game more immersive yet they don't, because FUT is all they care about. I mean why cant i add tatoos to my players arms, neck legs etc? Why dont they do what they did with huntard and add in the fake twitter stuff with ever changing twitter responses and new followers etc? Social media is here to stay in professional footbal and EA Useless ignoring it wont make it go away. If they can't be arsed making massive improvements to this game they should have the license they have revoked and sold to another software company who can and would do justice to player career mode!
harry hayden
harry hayden Vor Monat
Interactive sim was in old fifas come on guys low expectations
Aram Nasrallah
Aram Nasrallah Vor Monat
SparkzFly Vor Monat
United hater this reviewer. Most clean sheets in the top 5 european leagues. Maguire is a top class CB.
The Goat
The Goat Vor Monat
Interactive sim.....fifa 07
Gerben Groot
Gerben Groot Vor Monat
Unbelievable. Have played FIFA since 1998 (yes 1998) and the only thing that has been better are the graphics and... the graphics.
PhillySportspassion 85
Yes finally we get an loan to buy option and sim mode where you can jump in anytime. Can get though a season much faster
Ethan Bowes
Ethan Bowes Vor Monat
6.52 that’s in the premier league not the fa cup
Ethan Bowes
Ethan Bowes Vor Monat
Hopefully the tables in career made. I don’t want to finish 5th after getting 90 points
Awesom_0_4000 Vor Monat
Proud to say that I’ve purchased every fifa game since WC 98 edition but have decided to skip this year’s iteration... just move on over to football manager :)
rstein926 Vor Monat
These are the changes that should happen in career mode: 1 Players responding angrily if you substitute them 2 Players handing in a transfer notice if they are either linked with a move to a new club or they want out either due to not enough game time or home sickness making it more challenging to persuade them to stay 3 Lack of team morale if team is unhappy 4 The ability to edit kits 5 The ability to create your own fixture list
Matthew M
Matthew M Vor Monat
Couldn't buy fifa last year because career mode was broken 🙄🙄🙄🙄
I Am DeAdsHoT
I Am DeAdsHoT Vor Monat
All those additions then you get a solid 2/10 gameplay!
AscoRe14 Vor 28 Tage
Gameplay is good
Hannah Allan
Hannah Allan Vor Monat
1:46 BCHD!!!!
Leo X
Leo X Vor Monat
So...realistic transfers is a “feature”? I would have thought that was just fixing a bug in the game of ridiculous, unrealistic transfers
mahir bilarab
mahir bilarab Vor Monat
I dont feel that fifa is listening to any of its consumers , none of the 8 changes can make the game feels any different Phhhhhhhh
Beano _
Beano _ Vor Monat
Please don't call EA's version of career mode "Presentable". The way it is set up is so poor and takes so long to navigate that after a season I give up on every aspect except each match because its too hard to get through all the menus. It may look nice but functionally its poor.
Raaz Vor Monat
loan to buy. buyback option. loaning out new signings. these are options that i need
Banzi Malindi
Banzi Malindi Vor Monat
Same game for 4 years now
ricky daulla
ricky daulla Vor Monat
In be a pro mode, Clubs should try to offer better salary and incentives. When the player requests to gets listed in the transfer market.
Jay Parmo
Jay Parmo Vor Monat
there are so many ways career mode could actually be good but these are quite shit and they know it. theyre mostly returning features from old games. how about letting us contact other managers offering to loan/sell unwanted players cheap so that theyre not taking up space/wages. how about letting us decide the board objectives instead of giving us crappy sales/youth/etc goals that irl managers arent tasked with. how about being able to reuse singleplayer unlockables like financial takeover and pro skills? my list of ways to improve fifa are too long to mention but i know that doesnt matter because ea would rather choose the easy option of adding "new" features they removed previously. this is why i havent paid anywhere near full price for a fifa since 2017. i even skipped 2019.
Claudefather Vor Monat
"A step in the right direction" always top of the EA bingo list 😪😴
Cameron Love
Cameron Love Vor Monat
"step in the right direction..." - voted most underwhelming comment ever - EA need to absolutly overhaul the career mode from scratch. But they wont. Because they are cunts.
Choolwe Choongo
Choolwe Choongo Vor Monat
If they want us to have a fixed lineup there should not have fixture congestion
Zeroaddone Vor Monat
The problem with FIFA 20 wasn't lack of features; it was that the game was an unplayable mess. There were several bugs that literally broke the game, that were not fixed for weeks, and primarily affected Career Mode. Some of the bugs were supposedly fixed in patches, but they're still an issue, like all the stuff that's wrong with player switching that has been wrong for years. You can add a bajillion features but if none of them work, you're just rightfully pissing off people.
FAIZ Vor Monat
6:41 imagine diving like that to intercept a pass irl 😂 fifa tries to make everything overdramatic
AscoRe14 Vor 28 Tage
Pretty realistic tho
RenegadeHero64 Vor Monat
No excited by any of this, hold off buying it when it comes out probably won’t get it at all. They need to stick ultimate team out as a free to play game and give the fifa career mode a proper revamp. Really give players a game not just some half arsed copy paste bs with a million different bugs in the coding cause they don’t have time to fix it
DeGra FIFA Gaming
I love these updates to the Career mode in FIFA 21.-
Hector de los Santos
every time I simulate a game when I am at home you always win and when you are as a visitor you always lose or draw and are against teams that don't make sense for examples manchester utd vs teams like Sunderland or Aston vila or hull city like if it happens to you
Chuba Vor Monat
Everyone complains about career mode. They decided to l listen and still bootu satisfied smh lol
Mher C
Mher C Vor Monat
I never fill how I'm control FIFA players. PES completely different. I'm never gonna play FIFA again. 😶
abdulrahman alali
Hey Bro
Lubega Raymond
Lubega Raymond Vor Monat
Why can't EA add tattoos in the customisation section when creating a player?
Lankz7 Vor Monat
They can, they did in The Journey.. Just pure lazyness as usual!
Guy DeRosa
Guy DeRosa Vor Monat
"It's all very... ... Lacklustre"
Infernal Gamer
Infernal Gamer Vor Monat
Pretty accurate
CMD19 Vor Monat
Still wishing for co-op career mode one day :(
CMD19 Vor Monat
@Mohammad Al- Blooshy I want real co-op not just playing on the same console. I want to play with my brother through a career
Mohammad Al- Blooshy
As in online co-op or playing with friends from the same console because you can already do that.
AHfifa HD
AHfifa HD Vor Monat
P.E.S 😂😂😂. Just say PES, u don’t need to say the letters 😂😂
Rummenigge Bayern Legend
, Fifa is an insult for mature players and a clear proof of how many idiots are in this world ..if you want to spot an idiot, you hear about fifa fan.. There is the animal.. If you want to know how big idiot he is, ask the animal what are the differences between a simulator and arcade in a football game .. You'll see he doesn't know, because he really is an idiot lol
Rummenigge Bayern Legend
PES is football simulator while this simulates the simulator lol ... Fifa gameplay is arcade ping pong repetitive mediocre fake gameplay without substance
Christian Hudgins
Anyone know if the interactive sim works on “player career mode” and not just “manager career mode”?
Christian Hudgins
Nonder 92 so basically nothing new for player career mode. Just new stuff for manager career mode again?
Nonder 92
Nonder 92 Vor Monat
Christian Hudgins YUP! And there’s no jumping in to help either. You have to be picked in the starting lineup in order to play or just sim passed it if not picked that match
Christian Hudgins
Nonder 92 oh wow, so if I wasn’t chosen to play for a game, then I would have to sim the whole game again?
Nonder 92
Nonder 92 Vor Monat
It does NOT. I had the career mode beta and you could not jump in if you were selected to play a match that week. You could play it or skip it just as before. Only thing I liked was that the player models were actually different and more accurate with each increase or decrease of the weight and height. The game play is what fifa 20 should have been but definitely not as good as it can be. Go figure.
Stylianos Panagakos
I’m still on the fence until I see what leagues r there going to be because I want to play in the Greek league
Adam Jones
Adam Jones Vor 3 Tage
I want to see more leagues so I agree I really think more leagues would make it a better game
Yağız Estay Kara
@Stylianos Panagakos bro are you talking about the website who openes pool for new league this website is fan make web site
Stylianos Panagakos
There was vote recently that says otherwise
Yağız Estay Kara
Stylianos Panagakos they dont add because nobody cares greek league
Sauce Nino
Sauce Nino Vor Monat
Stoke like they’ve turned into Bayern munich 😂😂😂😂
Why are they acting like jump in is something new? We had this years ago
Master Khan
Master Khan Vor Monat
So nothing exciting then, guess I will skip FIFA again this year.
Bmir2pro Vor Monat
Interested in Career Mode content? Consider SaturdayGaming Industries.
MP023456 Vor Monat
Don't get the hype about the changes tbh. The match sim thing is fine but after a while, it'll just become tedious like the transfer cut scenes, the ridiculous post-match interviews and the preseason friendlies. I'd prefer it if they actually added in things like a transfer window that you could edit to stop Liverpool selling Robertson and buying De Sciglio or a team selling all it's LB's and overloading on wingers it's just ridiculous! It'd also be nice to see teams actually improve their squads, with ever passing season every team I come up against are weaker than they were at the beginning and they make really strange signings (Callum Wilson to City, Lars Stindl to Man Utd). Why not have a different feel in terms of atmosphere to a big game. For instance, when you score against one of the big boys the celebrations are a bit more intense and the crowd is wilder. Momentum shift when you get a big victory when you're going for the title. Just give me something to get more immersed in the season rather than this gimmicky/novelty bullshit. On a side note, the new agile dribbling system looks ridiculous.
Frostyz LF
Frostyz LF Vor Monat
Man they need to stop stupid transfers Barcelona tried to buy Gabriel Jesus, Leroy Sané, and Zinchenko like that would not happen irl and Spurs tried to buy De Bruyne for like 50 million The transfer offers I get are so stupid and annoying they aren't even realistic
John Ekow
John Ekow Vor Monat
Meh..still same ol’fifa to me lol
MrLePov Vor Monat
I didn't even buy FIFA 20, first one in like 18 years I didn't get, mainly because of how neglected Career Mode has been for years. 😒 These changes seem decent, but I'll still wait and see before thinking of buying it.
HowU Doing HI
HowU Doing HI Vor Monat
Some one please tell me if that's a new finesse shot animation at 0:24
Kemba Walker
Kemba Walker Vor Monat
it’s not
Connor Clark
Connor Clark Vor Monat
Will you actually be able to loan out youth players
jase_llan Vor 12 Tage
Or sell anyone who isn't a first team player!
Kclassy8 Vor Monat
5:53 Joao Felich?????? Felich ???? Fe-lich ??????????? Is he trippin ??????????????????
natanulsiref Vor Monat
But that's exactly how it is pronounced correctly.
malcolm potter
malcolm potter Vor Monat
Does any one start with small teams outside of England and then work your way up through different leagues (e.g. Portuguese league- serie a - prem) ? Cause I have this big issue with manager contracts and job offers, everything is so basic and it hasn’t been changed in years !
malcolm potter
malcolm potter Vor Monat
GU1TARD3MON that’s what made me carry on this way ! So much more fun
malcolm potter
malcolm potter Vor Monat
I remember in 06 Manager Mode (what it was called) you couldn’t start your career as a manager with a 5 star team and you had to make your way up. Was so much more realistic and fun which is insane
Kian O'Donoghue
Kian O'Donoghue Vor Monat
It would be nice to be able to loan out youngsters you just bought instead of them rotting in the reserves.
Bmir2pro Vor Monat
Interested in Career Mode content? Consider SaturdayGaming Industries.
M J Mamat
M J Mamat Vor Monat
Two changes that would really help take CM to the next level for me would be being able to actually be the manager of the club you choose, whether that be Klopp, Guardiola, Zidane or whoever. So when starting a new manager career you have that option to be the manager or create a new one. Otherwise I don't see the point of having scanned managers on the game if you only see them briefly on the sidelines when you face a team with a scanned manager. Plus having youth players come through the ranks with high pace, especially wingers and fullbacks. Oh and perhaps a badge based trait system like the NBA 2K games would be awesome where we could train players to develop badges that actually had effects on their play style.
LJ2 Vor Monat
M J Mamat I guess but it would not be as easy as you think but maybe they could add icons as managers like pes
M J Mamat
M J Mamat Vor Monat
LJ2. Well they could just fill the vacancy with a generic manager model with a random name like how youth players are generated in game. Just seems like a missed opportunity with having the face scans in game but them not being utilised to the full.
LJ2 Vor Monat
M J Mamat they said it’s extremely hard to do the manager one because what happens if you move from club to club and the team you started off with will have no manager
Rav1ngSqu1rrel Vor Monat
Someone stop me buying this and make me buy pes please
Saman Elmi
Saman Elmi Vor Monat
FiFa Is BaD
R Pr
R Pr Vor Monat
Rav1ngSqu1rrel buy pes next year this time it’s just a season update
stop UFO fakes
stop UFO fakes Vor Monat
Mate believe me, PES was a shit show this year. And Iv played both franchises since they began.
Gaara Vor Monat
RoMa Fc
Infernal Gamer
Infernal Gamer Vor Monat
PiEmOntE caLcIo
N L Vor Monat
This is all good, but if they have game ruining bugs again, it’s all for nothing.
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby Vor Monat
I heard that we can now have more than 5 training sessions each time we train players. Is that true?
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby Vor Monat
Thats actually a great improvement in my point of view. Tired of having to train only young prospects from youth academy and first team players only upgrade by 1-2 overall each season due to lack of training.
Kyomnom Hassan
Kyomnom Hassan Vor Monat
Very correct.
Xd. Coakz
Xd. Coakz Vor Monat
Allen Zhao
Allen Zhao Vor Monat
4:30; 7:01, PES already had these features back in 2013...
Shreep Pun magar
If only pes had club, leagues stadiums licence they would have been in next level. Fifa monopoly
extremeBrah Vor Monat
Its getting worst...slowly loosing real clubs to Piemonte type of shit if you know what i mean
hernandez 6090
hernandez 6090 Vor Monat
new league????🙄🥺
Michael Shipstone
Get ready for another turd from EA
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