FIFA 21 Barcelona Career Mode EP1 - A NEW ERA BEGINS!!

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FIFA 21 Career Mode is here & it's time begin our journey with Barcelona!
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2 Okt 2020



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4455cc sxx
4455cc sxx Vor Tag
Those clips hurt
khurram Imtiaz Butt
khurram Imtiaz Butt Vor 20 Stunden
Tjb007 Vor Tag
Virgil can dijk no.4
Andrew Ritchie
Andrew Ritchie Vor 3 Tage
Why you so good at fifa
Iferzgaming Vor 3 Tage
Pique, man
Mark Vor 5 Tage
dude just said memphis depay's worth 25 mil in real life......
Angel Coco
Angel Coco Vor 2 Tage
That was the value Barca were about to get depay in the summer
Mark Vor 5 Tage
the indian JarradHD
Not fthe
Not fthe Vor 6 Tage
buy neymar
Keanen Bolstridge
Get 50 goals with Messi
Simfumene Aphile
Simfumene Aphile Vor 8 Tage
Plz sign neymar jr instead of Martinez
Parth Virkar
Parth Virkar Vor 10 Tage
Barca will rise back
MIguel Smart
MIguel Smart Vor 10 Tage
Bredda u love chat😂 just get on with the game and do less talking
Paris Tuneeko
Paris Tuneeko Vor 15 Tage
Khayelihle Dlamini
Khayelihle Dlamini Vor 17 Tage
Keep wining bro 😎
Nuwfil Zihan
Nuwfil Zihan Vor 18 Tage
I don't why everyone is calling this game FIFA 2021 because it's FIFA 2017 5.0
soya toya
soya toya Vor 20 Tage
It feels just yesterday when people use to say ineasta and Xavi in the center field😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Yasser Aufa Salam
Yasser Aufa Salam Vor 20 Tage
Pcq: pls do barcelona 2025 vs real madrid 2025
ryan sweeney
ryan sweeney Vor 21 Tag
virgil van dijk cb liverpool
Sign depay
THE DOCTOR 46 Vor 22 Tage
i guss griemann was a beast in the feild . i hope there are some big signings in the coming weeks
Sammy Mc Breezy
Sammy Mc Breezy Vor 23 Tage
Please sell Pique😭😭
Klon Klonovic
Klon Klonovic Vor 23 Tage
where is more solo actions and dribling, in Fifa or Pes? New pes sems like player never use drible? I never play fifa before to. Also does Fifa have coach mode as pes have? thanks
ThisBoyStylish Vor 23 Tage
why konami why? we need camp nou in FIFA...
Nazmul Alom
Nazmul Alom Vor 24 Tage
How come I don’t see my guy and the other clubs manager I just bought it now and why cavanii Dnt have a face
Peter Dsouza
Peter Dsouza Vor 24 Tage
fifa 21 is actually good
Kevin Tatár
Kevin Tatár Vor 24 Tage
Why aren't players running against you?
deena Amr
deena Amr Vor 24 Tage
Sign Arnold
deena Amr
deena Amr Vor 24 Tage
Bayern Best Carreer Mode
Hamdaan Ali-khan
Hamdaan Ali-khan Vor 25 Tage
PSG plz
Shafayat Hossain
Shafayat Hossain Vor 27 Tage
So cheesy,the way u speak
Smangaliso Marrocane
I love that you love barca mahn✊🏽🔥💙
Rinse Delbroek
Rinse Delbroek Vor 27 Tage
Nice video, I'm going to watch this series from now on! I'm excited! Like if you feel like it too!
spastic bald ass lemon
Contract lollllllll) llllllpooppllllllllllll
Zwiadifha Khwekhwe
Zwiadifha Khwekhwe Vor 28 Tage
u showed the trent thing now im crying😭😥
M Restu
M Restu Vor 29 Tage
please subtitel indonesian
S8X GaMeR Vor Monat
Try to get dybala or rashford as back up striker and then u can give them the 10 kit
Noah Jürgensen
Noah Jürgensen Vor Monat
I Danish whiht Martin braithwaite
Musale Nebwe
Musale Nebwe Vor Monat
I have FIFA 21 too
Oohzie F.C
Oohzie F.C Vor Monat
Pcq-Buy Hwang hee chan as a back striker to Depay (Like so s2g can see)
Crazy MVP
Crazy MVP Vor Monat
Get Neymar JR back
Tadhg Vor 13 Tage
Oh god no
Casper Jonas
Casper Jonas Vor Monat
Dest motm
vishma ghosh
vishma ghosh Vor Monat
Timi kos
Timi kos Vor Monat
PCQ: sign new young goolkeper
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Lol noob
Timi kos
Timi kos Vor Monat
PCQ: sign berge or rodri for new cdm
Timi kos
Timi kos Vor Monat
PCQ: Sign lautaro Martinez
Timi kos
Timi kos Vor Monat
PCQ: you sign cucurela so you have left back clear so you have cucurela and firpo
Renan Rodrigues
Renan Rodrigues Vor Monat
messi needs to have no defensive responsible
Antoine Boutin
Antoine Boutin Vor Monat
I really enjoy your video your really good i love Donny van de beek i know you have a lot a this place but it a suggestion
jassim Vor Monat
Michael Lorenzen
Hi man, great videos. For the out of position, just press square on the player in your formation. And then pick the right position for the player, lets say he is out of position as LM just press square and make the position to LW problem solved :) Also if you havent tried this guy, you should give him a go. Alex Král, got him to 90 ovr.
Jerome Allo
Jerome Allo Vor Monat
Pcq: the best option in LB is Grimaldo from Benfica because he is from lamasia and have 88 potential
Shakie Kawuyu
Shakie Kawuyu Vor Monat
score 34 goals or more with messi
halász balázs
halász balázs Vor Monat
2:00 "random clubb" ... idiot atleast you could search it up. It's not that easy to get in the CL... you seems also just a random idiot XD
Tadhg Vor 13 Tage
Relax mate, also maybe try spell?
Reka HD
Reka HD Vor Monat
Why dont you play pes insted? They have camp nou and the gameplay is better
Young Fentse
Young Fentse Vor Monat
You should sign Neymar
Leopoldo Labiaga
His Indian accent 😂 😂 😂 😂
Jordy m
Jordy m Vor Monat
0:00 song>?
Marcus Radu
Marcus Radu Vor Monat
What country are you from could you please play as them
KING ABM Vor Monat
You really dont know how to play
Lingardinhoo Vor Monat
Try to put the real number of players Ex: Coutinho in game is 17 while irl is 14 Puig 12 Araujo 4 Braithwait 9 Sell rafiña Thats all If You can fix it :D
gabriele il fenomeno
Italiano pls
You inspired me to create my own channel. My sister and my cousins have one too.
Gaming Playing
Gaming Playing Vor Monat
Pearl K
Pearl K Vor Monat
U have a terrible accent!!
Tsholo Rapoo
Tsholo Rapoo Vor Monat
kaustav Dutta
kaustav Dutta Vor Monat
if you cannot decide between griezmann and depay , the play both of them in a 4-2-4 formation and you also have a energetic midfield of de jong and pjanic . please pick my commet
Vikas Bhardwaj
Vikas Bhardwaj Vor Monat
You are the best
Sajal Deb
Sajal Deb Vor Monat
You are from which country??????
Farshid Javanmiri
Kan du inte prata svenska
School Ipad
School Ipad Vor Monat
School Ipad
School Ipad Vor Monat
Darsh Abhinay
Darsh Abhinay Vor Monat
Sign alphonso davies
Shadowfall Vor Monat
I love this game cant wait to play manager soon
Mason Vor Monat
Benfica aint in champions league there in rangers europa league group
Tadhg Vor 13 Tage
No shit sherlock
Y0URMANAD1 Vor Monat
this guy giving excuses for only winning 1 - 0 at legendary. Me who has excuses for losing against professional against an amateur team with Barca lol.
normal user
normal user Vor 25 Tage
I'm more of a semi-pro person lol
SpacedMan 77
SpacedMan 77 Vor Monat
Sound very much like myself haha, It makes it more realistic IMO though, once people figure out the right angle to shoot they cheese it whereas in reality not all great moves result in a goal.
Joe panna
Joe panna Vor Monat
down like that !!!!!!
Normal Human
Normal Human Vor Monat
I like you. You have a thick Indian accent, but I like you. Straight to the chase
Why Tho
Why Tho Vor Monat
You should do a rebuild of man united as I feel like it could be interesting
Nestor Estrada
Nestor Estrada Vor Monat
Whats the +2 and all that next to the ratings mean?
normal user
normal user Vor 25 Tage
+2 means his rating increased by 2
Zoran The Legend
Yo, what a start! Go Barca!
amazing mandizvidza
HEY MAN, im new on your chanel, I have to say , I love your content and everything. But watching this game was torture to some of us who are still playing FIFA14, since we cant afford big machines that can run FIFA21... Thanks much man, we got to kinda experience FIFA21. God Bless You!!
chrisbenoit Vor Monat
Exactly what I did .. I signed koulabali for 120€ 🤦🏽‍♂️
Electric axe204
Electric axe204 Vor Monat
Can you do a Celtic career mode (there a Scottish team)
Imari Wright
Imari Wright Vor Monat
Kevin de bruyne
Imari Wright
Imari Wright Vor Monat
Sign him
melodious rhythm
Coach Arti Fitness
that's not legend difficult, they even don't run. FAKE.
Tadhg Vor 13 Tage
Its is legendary dumbass
Trent Boult
Trent Boult Vor Monat
How on earth Depay is 85 rated. He looses balls 30 times in a match
Josephine Boakye -Appiah
allisson vandik alexander arnolnd robertson thiago neymar fernandes rashford sancho werner
Trap Vor Monat
This guys accent changed every 7 seconds 🤣
Kenli Ngoc
Kenli Ngoc Vor Monat
You suck
R Vor Monat
fifa 14 looks good.
Damian Michaels
Damian Michaels Vor Monat
you want to rebuild Barca but reject an offer for aging players?
Raynard Ugbo-wilson
fifa 21 # best game of our generation
Silvio Ibe
Silvio Ibe Vor Monat
Pleyman Bo
Pleyman Bo Vor Monat
Get neymer back or alexis sansez
Achu Vor Monat
Bro I remember him at 50K doing RTG I’m so glad he’s has grown such a good plant form
Farad Sarvari
Farad Sarvari Vor Monat
Why you didn’t buy Neymar
Parismita Kalita
Bro your gameplays are very technical and stylish
Khaled Alrefai
Khaled Alrefai Vor Monat
Make videos more longer
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