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Manage every moment in FIFA 21 Career Mode with new depth in matches, transfers, and training: x.ea.com/64225
On the street and in the stadium, see what's new in FIFA 21: x.ea.com/64226
FIFA 21 releases October 9, 2020. Pre-order the Ultimate Edition before August 14th for an untradeable Ones to Watch player for your FUT 21 team: x.ea.com/64227
Entitle for FIFA 21 on either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One before the release of FIFA 22 and upgrade your game for the equivalent next generation console (Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5) at no additional cost: x.ea.com/64228
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13 Aug 2020



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Check out everything coming in FIFA 21 🙌 de-vid.com/group/PLYAzVafIQExky364k9YMifWxUw3VllWiB
Shahab Nasimi
Shahab Nasimi Vor 42 Minuten
EA sports FIFA 21 is stressful design to piss you off in a pandemic and not for 1 second let's enjoy a playing a game of football !!!!!!! What you can do to make the career mode more fair but again not enjoyable ..... Is to put the CPU attributes all down to 0 and put all your attributes up to 💯 Again shame on you FIFA 21 🖕🏼
Munoziva Mamhare
Munoziva Mamhare Vor 14 Tage
Lucas Samuel Schiefferdecker
2020 + Ctrl C + Ctrl V + 2021= FIFA 21
A.J Star's
A.J Star's Vor 28 Tage
Add more cup celebrations in FIFA 21
Harris Muhindi
Harris Muhindi Vor Monat
There's nothing new in the player Career Mode? Very sad. You've stagnated for so long. By now since player morale has effects on your player's attributes and performance, you should be able to decide the morale of your player, or at least the form and game time should affect the morale positively or negatively
Gabriel Harvey
Gabriel Harvey Vor 2 Tage
Cool but some teams third kits are not there.
Mateo Cook
Mateo Cook Vor 3 Tage
Fifa 21: can I copy your homework? Fifa 17: ok but change it so they don't realize its the same Fifa 21: ok I'll change the kits
Pratik Agrawal
Pratik Agrawal Vor 3 Tage
Make a career mode game for mobile.
meme me
meme me Vor 4 Tage
Fifa is wank
Crimhthan Mor
Crimhthan Mor Vor 6 Tage
EA not happy with the 70 quid it gets from kids for the game itself, now drying up contracts and packs to extract as much money as humanly possible like an experience prostitute. EA, its ON the game.
EA could put post-game interviews for players in player career mode
Cristhian Nuñez
Cristhian Nuñez Vor 6 Tage
FIFA debe invertir en la libertadores!! Comprar las licencias, así para invertir en el mercado sudamericano‼️
Musale Nebwe
Musale Nebwe Vor 7 Tage
Liverpool kit locks sick
SME TV Vor 7 Tage
🗣: Brand new career mode... but can you become captain ? EA: Oh hell no We buy this game every year we know it’s gonna be the same ... but still we buy it listen to your customers and ad that feature 🤦🏾‍♂️
besar muslija
besar muslija Vor 7 Tage
Opposing players are not at all risky in the game while in the FIFA 20 opposing players created more chances and it was harder to score a goal!!!
Darra m
Darra m Vor 8 Tage
I haven't played fifa since 2015, is this game worth it?
J.H.N. Productions
Yes, it's the best FIFA since FIFA 17.
The Notorious L
The Notorious L Vor 8 Tage
Ladies and gentlemen, this link is direct entry to ear heaven, my disstrack on EA Sports. de-vid.com/video/video-p0VzxWbWYlU.html Enjoy...
Girxffe Vor 9 Tage
Your game is the worst yet and I didn't even buy it, I hope your company burns to ash.
N4T3 PLAYZZ Vor 11 Tage
thanks for adding the long beared in fifa 21 it looks very cool
Anonym Vor 12 Tage
WAS für ein sche** FIFA dieses Jahr! Ich kann es einfach nicht nachvollziehen, dass sich so viele Leute ein zweites Loch in den Arsch freuen, obwohl EA nicht mal in der Lage ist, authentische Trikots ins Spiel zu bringen! CHECK das denn niemand? HSV, Braunschweig, Sandhausen, FCK, Verl, Rostock, Lübeck (voll Katastrophe) und viele andere.. einfach KEINE Originalen Trikots. Zum kotzen! Wer was anderes behauptet, soll mal lieber die Love-Priest-Brille absetzten 🤮🤢💯🤦‍♂️Wie kann es sein, dass so viele Trikot's fehlerhaft sind?! keinen Sponsor drauf und/ oder zum Teil falsche Farben. Das ist voll lizensiert, dass ist Realismus! Einfach zum Kotzen.. die Trikot's sind der LETZTE SCHEI*. 👍
Vincent Au
Vincent Au Vor 14 Tage
May I know that how to training goalkeeper sharpness in career mode?
Canberk Namık
Canberk Namık Vor 15 Tage
I am playing fifa since 2005, never missed a single game. For like last 8-10 years (let's say since the fut introduced) I can easily say the game did not change at all. Same career modes, same tactics, same online events, pretty much the same mechanics, same visuals. Years have passed but the players always gets injured on the first day of a month or you can never move to a better team even if you are a good manager, you wont be the captain of your team if u are not a defender on player career but keep in mind being captain is meaningless too. We dont really care about visual transfer negotitations since they act unreasonably or press conferences. People keeps saying "we want classical players" and you add them to fut ? Honestly how many players can get their hands on them really ? Instead of saying we developed it, players are smarter now, please do it for real so that we can really enjoy playing with our teammates on player career. Honestly when did you really updated them for the last time ? Make proper player developing agenda, do you think they develop by making trainings or allowing them play ? Players train every day but do they become superstars all the time ? Do you think a player like mbappe would accept an offer from a 3 rd class team when he has 6 months left on his contract ? Dont you think he will question the teams squad ? Something i would like to point out is fifa doesnt have an opponent like pes anymore. It is awful and you wouldnt bother yourself buying pes. Since fifa had thousands of careless players who will keep buying every year, they dont care about updating the game for real. Thats it from me, you are not getting my money anymore, until you start working and developing the game again. I know there will be people to disagree but no guys, what fifa does is "paint the game and resell it."
Lucas Samuel Schiefferdecker
2020 + Ctrl C + Ctrl V + 2021= FIFA 21
MW SKILLS Vor 17 Tage
I'm not here to advertise my channel :p
Koquin Vor 17 Tage
thanks for bringing none of this to switch
Exceso De Facha
Exceso De Facha Vor 17 Tage
Al Steele
Al Steele Vor 18 Tage
Ok so downloaded yest, i mainly play career manager 10-15 actual games a season, how long does it take to sim through the training days etc i mean come on, i used to be able to do a season in 4-5hours i’ve been on 4 already and haven’t managed to get to christmas, i know its supposed to be more realistic but this is painful and it still doesn’t give you a balance between growing players and old players losing points. Also why do you always get a million transfer requests for players that have just come to the club this season and then have to go through all and say don’t accept offers, if they just got the little things right.........
Antonio Velasquez
Antonio Velasquez Vor 19 Tage
What are the negative numbers above the rating of the players in team sheets?
Skywiz Vor 19 Tage
I wish we can change kit colours and designs after each season in career mode. Make it realistic FIFA
roco a
roco a Vor 19 Tage
Upgrade the Player career! No contract Options Nothing. I dont sold this game. Shame yours.
ARS Vor 20 Tage
Honestly can’t think of any reason all EA employees shouldn’t be executed
Joel Claros
Joel Claros Vor 20 Tage
The only thing they need for career mode is the halftime when the coach needs to talk to the players!!
Jorge Andrés Palma
2:10 So this explains why Leeds's forward dribbled my whole Man City's squad in Legendary difficulty. Good on EA to increase AI overall performance but then please give us better options to defend. The system keeps constantly forcing me to control a defender who is competing for a through pass, so the player always breaks momentum and ends up winning the ball.
sam thomas
sam thomas Vor 20 Tage
I'm so lost in the 21 version carer mode. With all the training aspects, I can't seem to strike a balance between growing the younger players and keeping the first team in prime shape. One or the other eventually gets unhappy.
CSF_Emmanuel Videos
Everyone : Hey EA , what's the lowest money we can spend on FIFA 21 EA: £50 Me : and the lowest EA : How much you want if you want to spend same as Manchester City spend over 3 years we won't stop you.....Thank You
Joka Vor 21 Tag
1.Press conference when you sign player 2. Sponsors 3. B team 4. Change kits
Aaron Shattuck
Aaron Shattuck Vor 21 Tag
Why does my career player get control over GM decisions?
Fix volta servers please
Manchmal habe ich das Gefühl dass FIFA manipuliert ist Bitte macht es raus es soll auch mal die Mannschaft gewinnt ja auch besser ist und die sich auch verdient hat
Giray Vor 22 Tage
Career mode players! Just don’t buy the game and play the old ones with updated squads till EA focuses career mode more than last 5 years! They should now that there are many players only buying this game for career mode!
Simon Baumann
Simon Baumann Vor 22 Tage
Where can i find the age of my players???
William Ollivant
William Ollivant Vor 23 Tage
You're making it "harder" to score against AI, are you taking the piss???
Anime MS
Anime MS Vor 23 Tage
Dear EA, can you put korea and japan national team for better world cup experience.. because without two of them something missing for career mode. lastly, congrat EA for took my heart after long live as pesfan because UEFA official license important for me... XOXO
Sullustan Rebel92
Sullustan Rebel92 Vor 24 Tage
Ea is the only company that gets away with removing features and ruins the game and then adding them back as a new feature years later
Simon Cohen
Simon Cohen Vor 24 Tage
so much to improvement left and nothing changed. For example building or improving training facilities which would improve your players attributes during training sessions, negotiate with staff members, stadium build option for improving ticket revenue, merchandise shops etc. This year fifa look promising but not there yet where it should be so it is another skip for me.
Aaron Lindley
Aaron Lindley Vor 24 Tage
No train weak foot? Pfft...
Soldier14 Vor 24 Tage
You can train ur weak foot
Ryan Files
Ryan Files Vor 24 Tage
Does anyone know how many years you can play?
Magic Of Liverpool
Magic Of Liverpool Vor 24 Tage
Ryan Files 15
Any audio on ur manager that talks ?
Kingover Vor 25 Tage
Just came here to dislike
JK Rathod
JK Rathod Vor 25 Tage
Which game is best for Android career mode for football game
Lucy Holt
Lucy Holt Vor 26 Tage
Here’s some ideas for career mode: Be able to buy staff Improve the stadium Be able to design our own kits More questions in press conferences Tattoos and more hairstyles ect Older players not to lose there ovr rating fast Sponsors Start a conversation with a player instead of that player having to start one with you Have story moments into it like the journey Have more media for example tweets ect so you can see what your fans want Start your own club
HVanderz Vor 7 Tage
brilliant ideas.
Lucy Holt
Lucy Holt Vor 22 Tage
J p b Dude Collects Its ideas for fifa 20, besides football manager doesn’t even have most of them....
J p b Dude the strictly, dwts and sports reviewer
Bruh if you want football manager, get football manager... lol
Lucy Holt
Lucy Holt Vor 22 Tage
Arby Thank you!
Arby Vor 22 Tage
Football Manager but with the ability to directly control the players in a FIFA format is basically what you're after... I like it.
Ronald Villiers
Ronald Villiers Vor 26 Tage
People: I’m not buying FIFA 21, waste of money. Also people: But it on the day it comes out.
And Mac
And Mac Vor 27 Tage
Can someone tell me how can I train my goalkeepers in career mode ?
Elias Rajala
Elias Rajala Vor 27 Tage
vitu paras
FaisalEg A
FaisalEg A Vor 28 Tage
Lucas iyassu
Lucas iyassu Vor 28 Tage
Gonna be mad Jk
Unknown O
Unknown O Vor 28 Tage
I have one game I play. FIFA and this is all I’m on there for
OMAR IB Vor 29 Tage
EA SPORTS FIFA por qué quitaron la liga de Colombia , era una de las cosas por qué me compraba el juego y no me sirve que este la libertadores si no hay una liga de dónde empezar
Really son dont have 90
Atliesto SA
Atliesto SA Vor 29 Tage
I'm buying champions edition
Casper Hagner
Casper Hagner Vor 29 Tage
In FIFA 22 do a mycareer like in 2k21
ᴀᴄᴀʀʀᴇᴀᴅᴏ мх
I would like you to add that when creating a character in Player Career Mode they present it to the Club and also how they sign the contract so that it looks more real and that they also work hard in Player Career mode please 😔
EDrexDr Gaming
EDrexDr Gaming Vor Monat
Tnx for showing me FIFA 17 trailer
Zackhat Vor Monat
So nothing new with player mode?
Emilio Nunfio
Emilio Nunfio Vor Monat
So will the only youth players with above 88 rating still only be 5'1 with 30 speed and acceleration and 99 finishing or have you assholes finally fixed this problem that has been happening since fifa 09? I'm asking because I haven't bought fifa since fifa 17 since all your company cares about is ripping off special ed kids out of their money in ultimate team.
neru Vor Monat
The trash
QAID gaming 124
QAID gaming 124 Vor Monat
why you need to do Fifa 21 legacy edition for switch
Yen Hoon Lee
Yen Hoon Lee Vor Monat
wiz khalifa
Andy Monkey
Andy Monkey Vor Monat
These new features are boring -_____-
Marco Vor Monat
@Andy Monkey what does my channel have to do with it?
Andy Monkey
Andy Monkey Vor Monat
@Marco Looking at your channel, I'm pretty sure I have been playing FIFA career mode longer than you have been alive lmao
Marco Vor Monat
Then you obviously dont like manager career mode
Pharoah M
Pharoah M Vor Monat
The fact people are going to buy this game makes me more mad than EA itself
Nash Hamami
Nash Hamami Vor Monat
For years, please... just a better my player career mode. 1. Start off the bench as a new player, like in the journey 2. Improved transfer realism, fifa 20 made it almost impossibly to get transferred 3. Interactions with manager and agent, already done for manager career mode, why not for player? 4. After game play interview, also like in the manager career or the journey. Honestly, just want the journey without the story cut scenes and to do so with my own player
Power Cosmic
Power Cosmic Vor Monat
This is clearly more about managing a big club than building a team. Most career players favor the latter. They will not design around turning Sheffield Wednesay into a 5-star team bc that isn't where the money is. Big business. That aside I hope they get Brazil leage players in this year
JaDsworld Vor Monat
I litterally buy fifa for the story mode not The career mode its terrible.
YQ Cui
YQ Cui Vor Monat
Jump in? Loan-to-buy? Are you fking joking to me? or am I just 30 so I've seen too much thing that I shouldnt know?
mbene Vor Monat
The grass looks terrible...
Jonathan Lima
Jonathan Lima Vor Monat
Show The carreer mode with player too!!!! Thais mode is a big sh****** need change!!!
Astral Gaming fr
Ils ont copié PES
Harris Muhindi
Harris Muhindi Vor Monat
FIFA 10 had the Interactive Sim feature then you removed it, alongside some other great features FIFA 10 career mode was far better to be honest.
Mikael Ch
Mikael Ch Vor Monat
We have waited 16 years . Get elland road in the game by launch
최정혁 Vor Monat
한국인들 손들어라
Elijah Walker
Elijah Walker Vor Monat
they actually took some notes from NBA 2k for training
ankhit rsr
ankhit rsr Vor Monat
I wish I get fifa 21
Kennedy Kaufman
Kennedy Kaufman Vor Monat
won't be buying, EA has consistently chosen not put time, money or creativity into this mode. The UI is always terrible. They don't listen to the community. These "changes" are not impressive. Really a disgrace when soccer is growing and this game is the leader in its space. Just sad EA...
Azeem Khan
Azeem Khan Vor Monat
What else do you need ?
Nithya Jayakrishnan
Is therengonna be volta in it or atleast a street version ? Please reply
Luigi Iannucci
Luigi Iannucci Vor Monat
Avete rovinato quel poco d'Italia che c'era su FIFA
위유찬 Vor Monat
Is it PS5 or PC?
Eddie Icelander
Eddie Icelander Vor Monat
Call me odd, but I really want them to include the option to manage the _women's_ national teams in Manager mode, just to mix things up a bit. And what about negotiation control in the Player Career mode? Am I finally going to have some say on my salary, or what if I don't want a 5-year deal, and so on? I made the mistake in my last Fifa to start my career in some crummy Norwegian team, thinking that as I advanced I'd surely be sold to something bigger, but that _never_ _happened_ ! Instead I was stuck like Messi in a team I severely disliked - for 17 seasons!!
Eddie Icelander
Eddie Icelander Vor 23 Tage
@Yes LOL - thanks for that vote of confidence, I'm sure ;)
Yes Vor 23 Tage
J10G Vor Monat
i cant wait for this career mode
Nine Stone
Nine Stone Vor Monat
No bruno fernandes celebration.........
Claudiney Gomes
Claudiney Gomes Vor Monat
que bosta é o fifa 21 ou 20?? a bosta do grafico é o msm nao mudou porra nenhuma por isso q prefiro pes
Panos Games
Panos Games Vor Monat
Amara Dafla
Amara Dafla Vor Monat
Fix fifa 20
Alif gaming official
FIFA good game
prince karl
prince karl Vor Monat
Player development is dope
Kraner_ Assassin
Greate work EA, but no demo, that's fucked up , I'll have to wait a long time to buy the game because of my family's bad economy situation, so sad but thanks a lot 😭🤧😤
Rilča Tv
Rilča Tv Vor Monat
Hi fifa. I dont like your games. My dad is addicted to your games so he doesn't have time for family anymore. He just sits there all day and because of that he can't even talk to me anymore. I know it's not your fault, but I'm his daughter! And he doesn't even talk to me anymore! Don't take it as a hate just saying what the consequences of your games are. Have a nice day :)
Rilča Tv
Rilča Tv Vor 23 Tage
@DraxZan thank you for your help i will try it :)
Yes Vor 23 Tage
Thats sad And needs to change. Try talking to your dad about this because he has to realise that family is more important than a game. Or take help from your mom to talk to your dad. Not forcing you to do this but just trying to help:)
Fred castellano
Fred castellano Vor Monat
They should let us to create or upgrade stadium 🏟 and changing sponsors and kits but that should cost money in the game career mode 💸💶💴💷💰 That will be really really fun and more entertaining⚽️🤯😃 If you agree give a like👍🏼 so that EA Sports Can see it👀 and can agreed too🤷🏻‍♂️🤝✅ #Fifa21 #EAsports #Football ⚽️
Freddy Bloß
Freddy Bloß Vor Monat
Hallo Leute, ich suche noch treue Anhänger für meinen Twitch-Kanal: Paengu_Twitch In den nächsten Tagen werde ich zum Twitch Affiliate und streame Games wie, VALORANT, FIFA, COD, WOW und viele weitere. Momentan ich bin gerade stark im Aufbau und benötige eure Unterstützung ! Wieso immer nur die gestandenen Streamer Unterstürzen und sich jeden Tag das gleiche anhören .. erweitert den Markt, die Auswahl und schafft Platz für neues :-) Seid von Anfang an dabei und baut mit auf, ich werde regelmäßig was an meine Follower zurückgeben, denn nur so funktioniert eine Gemeinschafft. Ich liebe es mit Menschen zu arbeiten und deshalb suche ich DICH/EUCH ! Liebe Grüße Pängu Twitch: Paengu_Twitch Instagram: Paeng_u
Ivan Vor Monat
The fact that there's not a single positive comment on this video tells you the state of this game.
Azeem Khan
Azeem Khan Vor Monat
There are check properly
Ivan Vor Monat
Now what about player career?
Ibrahim H9
Ibrahim H9 Vor Monat
Change fifa mobile into fifa14 or 15 or 16 because at the beganing of fifa mobile the game is dead and add career mode in it
Gabriel Vor Monat
Still only seven players in the bench?
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