Finding Inspiration for my Hermitcraft Base

Two Much Grian
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Grian goes on a trip to the shambles in York which is an unofficial hotspot for people who want to experience "diagon alley" in real life with a sense of historic authenticity

Co-Producer/Director - Dom Rounds
DOP/Camera Operator - Lewis Comissiong
Sound - Oliver Compton



22 Jul 2021



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Sheep Vor 10 Stunden
Wait a minute.... who is the cameraman?
s1nblitz Vor Tag
At least the inspiration build doesn't have a part of it gone due to a charged creeper explosion...
OBro Vor 2 Tage
i love harry potter so this is a very good idea to me
Sri Ramya Kethineedi
I love grians dedication to minecraft to go to the a place in real life just for inspiration to build is minecraft
PhantomPhyrex Vor 3 Tage
Ah the shambles local to me and I love it
Joe Wise
Joe Wise Vor 3 Tage
You should play Hogwarts legacy when it is released
Sarcasm Vor 6 Tage
The dedication of building a cave mountain just so he doesn't have to build the back... Again.
TM Arrow
TM Arrow Vor 6 Tage
Everyone talking about how he built a mountain to not build the back but I want to know if you're going to add Hogwarts
Sharang Ramakrishnan
Hey grian, you can name your alleyway base as Grianalle
Whiteout WOF
Whiteout WOF Vor 7 Tage
Don’t worry Grian, you’re not the only Harry Potter nerd here. :)
Lewis Worthington
What about griagon alley
baodao11 Vor 9 Tage
ah yes, wonk
Stephanie Weaver
Stephanie Weaver Vor 12 Tage
love it
viriety Vor 13 Tage
I love harry Potter omg I can't wait
bryan mcewen
bryan mcewen Vor 14 Tage
harry potter strong
bryan mcewen
bryan mcewen Vor 14 Tage
harry potter strong
​👾​P i x e l​🎮
where is ur mask ?!?!?! :l
Dominik Zietsl
Dominik Zietsl Vor 15 Tage
"car reveal"
Javier Fabianov
Javier Fabianov Vor 20 Tage
imagine if the people that live there just watches grian and then sees their own shop/house
𝔸𝕟𝕟𝕒 Vor 20 Tage
No wonder I thought that it look familiar :)
𝔸𝕟𝕟𝕒 Vor 20 Tage
I where there and it was rally nice and beautiful
Elliephant Vor 21 Tag
This is Harry Potter based (I think) and I love it
Akira The Catbee
Akira The Catbee Vor 22 Tage
gria do you have a discord?
SaltoGaming202 Vor 22 Tage
he has drip car 😳😳😳 edit: he also has wife drip ♣🕒💯
Undeadmining Vor 22 Tage
I love Harry Potter
MaineKid Vor 23 Tage
What camera did you use?
HeyItsFlame Vor 23 Tage
Make more Pokemon card vids plz
۝Seif۝ Vor 24 Tage
It's a whole mess and it's so beautiful
cherpsy Vor 24 Tage
the like-dislike ratio is insane
Icicle 11
Icicle 11 Vor 24 Tage
People are probably like the Frick is this guy doin at 4 am
Sea Misubiki
Sea Misubiki Vor 25 Tage
More Pokémon
Ayesha ruby
Ayesha ruby Vor 26 Tage
congratz grian on marriage
FireFella official
FireFella official Vor 26 Tage
Am I the only one or grian sounds like half asleep chris he has a cat his home looks like the same house as half asleep chris maybe his name is Chris
andy Vor 29 Tage
Never two much grian
Starry Jelly
Starry Jelly Vor 29 Tage
Grian should make the back of the base like a boat leaving the cave for some reason the back of the base looks like a boat shape to me
Mr_H Vor Monat
I wonder how long is a long time concerning trips for Grian. Cause I've heard travel is alot shorter in the UK than in the U.S due to sheer landmass differences. I can travel for 3 hours on the road and barely get anywhere in Texas. It's a massive state. xD
The Cringy Mobile Gamer
I'm a huge Harry Potter nerd too! what's your house? I'm a Ravenclaw. I went to the Shambles in September of 2020 and it's AWESOME! Glad to see how the base is coming along!
Welsh warrior
Welsh warrior Vor Monat
I am going on holiday to York on the 23rd I am visiting the shambles.
The Miserable Toad
did he see slow mo man? btw, i saw u there
WafflyHornet Vids
Im been to Harry Potter tour of London so I have been to the real Diagon Alley.
Poké steelgrd
Poké steelgrd Vor Monat
Please doo more pokemon tcg openings!
Evelyn Iloilo
Evelyn Iloilo Vor Monat
Are u half asleep chris
MirSmir Vor Monat
it reminds of the old town in Tallin, Estonia. You should check it out >>:)
Big Ed
Big Ed Vor Monat
i love Britain it’s so magical
Cuss Boy
Cuss Boy Vor Monat
Anyone else getting "Escape to the country" vibes?
Blue Eg
Blue Eg Vor Monat
What he will do next. Build the entire Harry Potter universe in Hermitcraft
Teeko Vor Monat
THats so funny! I wondering when you announced this where you would be going, and since I was going to York shambles around the same time you were going somewhere if i would see you, cool we went to the same place!
Blitz_Reepor Vor Monat
it was based on a street in exeter because jk rowling went to university there
Vor Monat
well actually i read in a book that jk rowling herself said it was actually inspired by a real street also diagon allley is diagonally and knockturn alley is nocturnally
Yam Levi
Yam Levi Vor Monat
YO Grian whats it like driving on thee wrong side of the road? lmaooo
Mr T
Mr T Vor Monat
I'm male and straight, but dammmn does he look handsome :Dddddd
Brad Zoe and Isla
I live in England
Brad Zoe and Isla
Where do you live
Ro-Ro Vor Monat
0:47 and I think he's going to the shambles I'm going to keep watching to see.
joe torrance
joe torrance Vor Monat
Damn this man goes this far for a build in minecraft
yup Vor Monat
I was literally there today
Powl man
Powl man Vor Monat
Powl man
Powl man Vor Monat
buy it now please i have a family ti support
Tinkie Tunky
Tinkie Tunky Vor Monat
true dedication
marshmello op
marshmello op Vor Monat
It would not be a supries to me that grians irl house don't have a back
marshmello op
marshmello op Vor Monat
Grian never likes to build a back
Smoothi Vor Monat
2:20 how does that window?
Grian should rename this channel to grain lol
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Vor Monat
I-I live close to that! I go to york every week! I COULD HAVE SEEN GRAIN!?!?!?!?
Soupy Salamander
Yo griannnn that car 😳
Monkey MineCraft
Rokzila Vor Monat
Now I know where New York came from
Packo Tacko
Packo Tacko Vor Monat
He shouldve had mumbo film it
S K Sivasubramaniyam
Grain matches 98% with his Minecraft skin
Luke S
Luke S Vor Monat
Isn’t this the town that AoT is based on
stinkyhobgoblin Vor Monat
I literally live there woah
ImagineThis! Vor Monat
You know, if you took pictures while people were in it, you may be able to get the energy it holds in case you want to do statue things with Cleo- but holy cow those pictures are so pretty- this makes me want to go to England even mOre now- can’t wait to see how the base turns out!!!
Rema Sailesh
Rema Sailesh Vor Monat
Petition to name the storage room "Griangotts"
Video Game Bot
Video Game Bot Vor Monat
What camera at 3:49
Ashe Vor Monat
lucas johnston pickwoad
I loveeee the harry potter series and you building diagon alley makes you my favorite youtuber by far
beast killer 2
beast killer 2 Vor Monat
i am also a harry potter nerd :)
GrimRunnerVODS Vor Monat
Im moving to york in 4 weeks this makes me more excited!!
Shane Williams
Shane Williams Vor Monat
hi can u do among us
Ryan Seifferlein
Harry Potter is awesome I'm watching the movies in order and I'm on the 5th
Joe McAlister
Joe McAlister Vor Monat
so your telling me that you get sunlight before 6am?
Faiy Vor Monat
I was born in York and still live here. The excitement to see your base develop has just got even higher. So pleased you enjoyed our little city and it gave you the inspiration you needed!
Zakcasipe1771 XD
Grian doesent have a backbone
Somura Vor Monat
This inspiration is sponsored by lots of windows, awning overhangs, and hanging antique signs.
pokkyla plays
pokkyla plays Vor Monat
So how many episodes there are gonna be of hermicraft
Super Fire 64 Gaming
Well that’s not what I was guessing. It’s also not what Reddit was guessing lol
joyous pradhan shrestha
Grian has a weird problem with back of builds and doors He stole the doors in season 7 now he gonna steal the back of builds
PowCore Vor Monat
He woke up like 4 o’clock in the morning to take pictures for a video game base😂
This is an ocd nightmare
Oscar Wilkinson
Oscar Wilkinson Vor Monat
Local to me! Never thought you'd come
MRC Gaming
MRC Gaming Vor Monat
Build a vault called grianggots
William Rivett
William Rivett Vor Monat
You have a nice camera
alex liu
alex liu Vor Monat
I’m curious what camera and lens that is
KØFFIN Vor Monat
you look like cg5
David Rahd
David Rahd Vor Monat
my cat died... :~~
ouistle Vor Monat
“You’re doing this so you don’t have to build the back. Which is also true” we love an honest man.😂😂
Shiny Gem
Shiny Gem Vor Monat
“And 2 you build this bc you don’t have to do the back witch is also true”. Season 7 flash backs
Jack Whiteley
Jack Whiteley Vor Monat
I went there with my family this morning it was really nice and there were some cool shops and we went to shambles market I recognised you went there when my dad said the name.I was so so excited!
Jacobi Wan Kenobi
Woah that’s a cool car
The Fun Pig
The Fun Pig Vor Monat
I like New York
flarson Vor Monat
I want his voice.
sg 07
sg 07 Vor Monat
The old high street in folkstone looks like diagon alley too
Wo ist PUUKI❓😈
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