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29 Jun 2020



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Through Our Eyes
Hey HEY! We're back on filming schedule!! SOOO so much has been happening behind the scenes that we needed this time to prepare for what's ahead! Thank you for staying with us and being part of the family:) With all the love, Ryan, Leslie, Bellamy and tiny princess!!
Etana Elcock
Etana Elcock Vor 2 Tage
70% comments is about how everyone thinks Catherine doesn't care about leaslie
Roxderedits Vor 11 Tage
_TheyCallMeDom _
_TheyCallMeDom _ Vor 20 Tage
Ddadaxxdgbnhhe We'd love 2nd. This will help me. It is a good idea to have a 666. I have a good idea to have a good idea to me, 5 hfvfcggfvngfvnhhjhihbmmnhjhh, I have to be a good idea to havAaaase, not mog njj1ww222 Lliy Ggv
_TheyCallMeDom _
_TheyCallMeDom _ Vor 20 Tage
Lliy dr
emilee ramirez
emilee ramirez Vor Monat
probably because catherine hid her pregnancy until she was like 5 months so we only saw her pregnant for a little bit but lesly we saw the full effect
Kenneth Cummings
Kenneth Cummings Vor 11 Stunden
Ryan why don't you start your own business doing shoes like painting them and just sell them
raveena hoosein
love the baby shoes ( it so dope / lit ) always love you all and be safe and can't wait to meet our baby girl
Nickolas Walker
Nickolas Walker
Com certeza eu vou 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
James Wellford
James Wellford Vor 2 Tage
really cool montage.
Zahriah Gonzalez
Zahriah Gonzalez Vor 3 Tage
Hey guysss!!:)
mylene renegado
mylene renegado Vor 3 Tage
Wow,, absolutely extreme shoes 😍😍😍 very nice.
vanlal pari
vanlal pari Vor 5 Tage
The shoes are so cool and how did you colour that ???
ochuwa igietsemhe
you are such a good artist. you should start selling art
Neirita Sanchez
Neirita Sanchez Vor 8 Tage
Omg so! Artistic ! Yes customized shoes 🙌🏻😭❤️✨ they came out amazing! & it is the thought that counts..aw god bless you guys! & god bless everyone through these rough times, all we really need is love , happiness , faith , kindness , just trust in god! Amen 🙏🏻😇🦋✝️
Bonny Amung
Bonny Amung Vor 10 Tage
Im so confused with "the ACE family", " This is L&S" And "through our eyes" Family. Someone pls enlighten me if they are related. I donot follow them but i see all the guys looks the same and all the wives look similar. Pls help
I N S A N E Vor 10 Tage
.. Somewhere between “ 8 toffees for 1 rupee” and “1 toffee for 8 rupees”, we grew up! Somewhere between “Ground mai aaja” (Come to the park) and “Online aaja”, (Come online) we grew up! Somewhere between “stealing chocolate of our sister” and “Buying chocolate for her children”, we grew up! Somewhere between “Just five more mins Maa” and “Pressing the snooze button”, we grew up! Somewhere between “Crying out loud just to get what we want” and “Holding our tears when we are broken inside”, we grew up! Somewhere between “I want to grow up” and “I want to be a child again”, we grew up! Somewhere between “Lets meet and plan” and “Lets plan and meet”, we grew up! Somewhere between "Being afraid of our parents" and "Praying for our parents" we finally grew up And as we grew up, we realize; How silently, our lives have changed..... If you like a bit please do subscribe and If not then don’t need to be but don’t spread hate ❤️ Peace out 💯💫
Lala S2
Lala S2 Vor 10 Tage
Well...I won't judge the way they treat eachother, bc I don't have a full view of their family. We only know what they want us to know, I mean, maybe there is a real reason for why Catherine is not so close to Leslie.
Syra Ortega
Syra Ortega Vor 11 Tage
Did anyone else catch Austin face when he saw the camera 8:00/8:02 he said “Oh yea hey how you doing?” After he saw the camera... 🤔
N Doja
N Doja Vor 11 Tage
You can tell Catherine hates Leslie 😟
Roxderedits Vor 11 Tage
LeGenDsNVRdiE Vor 12 Tage
Do to ur babys 👍 The shoes r amazingly nice 💓
Shabba Ranks
Shabba Ranks Vor 12 Tage
The girls weren’t in the video cause that would be to much clout for this channel 🤣 I’m pretty sure the way Catherine and Austin seen this video was like “were enough for the video” especially knowing Leslie use to stalk the ace fams house. I’m dead 🧟‍♀️😂😂😂
Shabba Ranks
Shabba Ranks Vor 12 Tage
Lol Leslie was a ace fan and stalked so hard she trapped Catherine’s brother what you think 😂
Camryn K
Camryn K Vor 13 Tage
It’s so sad how they treat Leslie if I were her I wouldn’t put up with it
Emily Vasquez
Emily Vasquez Vor 14 Tage
Ryan needs to do a shoe collection or something thats talent right there!
Ashley Nolen
Ashley Nolen Vor 14 Tage
I see all these negative comments and I honestly think that its just rude. They're all just trying to live life and doing whats best for their families. They might act like that on camera but none of us really know what goes on behind the scenes...stop being negative on their videos and start giving out positivity thats all they need!
Magan Woods
Magan Woods Vor 14 Tage
I would definitely love a custom pair of shoes from you Ryan. Those shoes look amazing. So talented. Leslie is glowing. Congrats to the ACE FAM!
Taahat Ahmed
Taahat Ahmed Vor 14 Tage
And Ryan is like Austin 🤔
Taahat Ahmed
Taahat Ahmed Vor 14 Tage
Leslie sound like Catherine has anyone noticed that ???
Diana Lopez
Diana Lopez Vor 15 Tage
He should make a store selling painted stuff or cool paintings
Sarita kreitz
Sarita kreitz Vor 15 Tage
Are they Catherine’s relatives
chaquel ragbasingh
chaquel ragbasingh Vor 15 Tage
Meena mehta
Meena mehta Vor 16 Tage
I feel like Elle and Aalia should have come to play I mean dose not make sense but in the last trampoline part I feel the was rayan and his family feels for the ace family they don’t feel the same or show the same energy
Liz None
Liz None Vor 16 Tage
Hands down you two are my favorite couple
Big Island BeYOUty
Big Island BeYOUty Vor 17 Tage
I looooooovvvvveee those shoes Ryan your such a talented amazing artist. I need a pair for myself please😊
Travis Chellberg
Travis Chellberg Vor 17 Tage
So happy
Kelly Sauter
Kelly Sauter Vor 17 Tage
I would have him do some shoes awesome
Blue Girl
Blue Girl Vor 17 Tage
Look at those kids... cAtHerInE dOeSn'T LiKe LEsLiE & ShYlA They all have kids, they are mothers, so this means they're busy. So enough with bullshit.
Manshen Shanglonghu
Bro what colors did you use to paint the shoes ?
Valerie Kam
Valerie Kam Vor 18 Tage
Truly talented
Aswathi Menon
Aswathi Menon Vor 18 Tage
Catherine is fake and rude.
Diana Kachach
Diana Kachach Vor 18 Tage
Cathrine: WHO are you Me: his your brother
Pooja Pooja
Pooja Pooja Vor 18 Tage
Jaime vois votre video❤️......
Glydelyn Rocamora
Glydelyn Rocamora Vor 18 Tage
Ryan: "We're about to leave in 5 minutes." Still Ryan:"I'll be costumizing the shoes so it will take me about an one." Bellamy *sneeze* Leslie:"let's go" Me:😒
maira elizabeth
maira elizabeth Vor 18 Tage
Catherine is close with both, off-cam. They’ve said this way too many times.
Janna Alejos
Janna Alejos Vor 18 Tage
I love all of them❤️
Carina Sanchez
Carina Sanchez Vor 18 Tage
Your gift is the most sweetest thoughtful gift I’ve seen anyone make for someone 🥺❤️
Ifunanya Loveline
Ifunanya Loveline Vor 18 Tage
Leslie you are such a beautiful girl with beautiful heart
R W Vor 19 Tage
Do they live in LA or somewhere else?
All things Nash
All things Nash Vor 19 Tage
Ryan should have been Austin's sibling rather 😂😂😂
Snorin Lauren
Snorin Lauren Vor 19 Tage
Omg those shoes are so dope 😍 I love them all! I think Elle's 🍩 shoes were my favorite❤ They're all sooo cute! You are so freakin' talented, Ryan! Love you guys ☺
ashley morris
ashley morris Vor 19 Tage
U shld be selling shoes like that i want to buy some those were so awesome
Ashley B
Ashley B Vor 19 Tage
Damnnn he killed those shoes for Elle,Alaïa and Steel 🔥🔥 They are all beautofuk,but Elles are my fav forsure
Prebika Rana
Prebika Rana Vor 19 Tage
Ryan's one of the best artist in the world❤ more love to you Leslie Ryan and Bellamy🥰
wonderfullymadefashion Wonderfullymadefashion
The shoes are all beautiful
Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Vor 20 Tage
Woooow Catherine is phatttt
Nancy Petersen
Nancy Petersen Vor 20 Tage
You both have done a great job with your channel You have me hooked)!!!!
Jennie Archer
Jennie Archer Vor 20 Tage
I would love a pair of those shoes!! They are amazing!!!
Kelli Boone
Kelli Boone Vor 20 Tage
Love them all! Great job!
Shelley Watson
Shelley Watson Vor 20 Tage
jasmin pacheco
jasmin pacheco Vor 20 Tage
amazing video i loved the customized sneakers too so dope
hailey Vor 20 Tage
I read this from another comment but you should really create your art business and name it “Art Through Ryan’s Eyes”
ML - 06GG - Williams Parkway Sr PS (1424)
I think Leslie is kind of sad that the ace family kids get those cool looking shoes and she is sad that there daughter u know those not get those shoes
Sofia Cobian
Sofia Cobian Vor 20 Tage
Who eles saw that Ryan said “Steel” but very quietly minute 8:42
Katie Christensen
Can you make me bright pink air forces please
Angela Strand
Angela Strand Vor 21 Tag
The pink ones are amazing!❤️
kajunkisses41 Vor 22 Tage
where did you get those little baby nike's?
Their could be a reason why a catherine probably like Leslie. So a while ago at their old ace family house that got broke into she was a fan of them before dating Ryan. She was one of the ppl who would wait at their house I’m not trying to take sides i love them both but that could be a reason
Charity Madden
Charity Madden Vor 22 Tage
Those shoes are amazing. Please keep up the great work
sireal Reutov
sireal Reutov Vor 22 Tage
The best uncle EVER! Beautiful shoes. I'm a size 9 :) you're an amazing, God sent artist
Gamerboy Chan360
Gamerboy Chan360 Vor 22 Tage
Leslie looks like dina from last of us 2.
Kaneez Ayesha
Kaneez Ayesha Vor 22 Tage
I really want the shoes that you guys gave to Elle and Alaia♡. Love Through our eyes . Love The ace family ♤
Lisa Christina . H.
Love this video and yes I definitely can see the love in your beautiful masterpiece your art keep inspiring and creating thanks for sharing with us.
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez Vor 23 Tage
Danny Martinez
Danny Martinez Vor 23 Tage
He said her nipples look chupados😂😂
Jeimy Gonzalez
Jeimy Gonzalez Vor 23 Tage
OMG! i've wanted customized Air Forces but its hard to trust someone!!!! can you make one for meeee pleaseeeee
Amber O'Brien
Amber O'Brien Vor 23 Tage
I would love custom sneakers from Ryan! They were dope as hell!
I absolutely love that the gifts were created from Ryan's time, talent and heart! Sweet kix Ace kids!
Alexa Garcia
Alexa Garcia Vor 23 Tage
I like leslie to she so sweet and nice
Brooke Lyn
Brooke Lyn Vor 23 Tage
It’s leslies nephew as well
Jess Holl
Jess Holl Vor 23 Tage
Ryan I am so touched you are such a beautiful person the art that you do is amazing😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💖👼
Lyall Golden
Lyall Golden Vor 23 Tage
I'd be honoured to own a pair or few of custom pair of shoes painted by Ryan. Much love to you and Leslie from Cape Town, South Africa.
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith Vor 23 Tage
I definitely want some. Bad ass
Gabriela Vor 23 Tage
Did you guys notice how Catherine didn’t even pay attention to Bellamy but when Landon and Shyla came over, Catherine was holding Soul? It’s like Catherine favorites Austin’s family more than her own.
Gabriela Vor 17 Tage
Delwyn Evans / So? It’s her niece. Just because she doesn’t like Leslie, doesn’t mean she should neglect her niece.
Delwyn Evans
Delwyn Evans Vor 18 Tage
I mean leslie used to stalk the ace family. Search up the story.
Gabriela Vor 19 Tage
Rizzmayo “they didn’t film it” I understand that the didn’t film everything but even when Ryan was holding Steel, Catherine could’ve at least paid attention to Bellamy just like how she did to Soul. But whatever. It’s not my life and it’s not my family 🤷🏻‍♀️ I was just pointing out what everyone else was thinking so stfu
Rssmayo Vor 19 Tage
Lol calm down, they might just didn’t film it. Your assumptions impossible ‘cause if you were there before they got famous, Ryan and Catherine’s really so close with each other. They got a lot of bond. So are goes to the nieces for sure
Makenna Corson
Makenna Corson Vor 20 Tage
The Lesko Fam
The Lesko Fam Vor 23 Tage
love Grisell
love Grisell Vor 23 Tage
Leslie needs a new hairstylist saying this with so much love. She's beautiful she needs someone who can put extensions on better.
malaesha Murphy
malaesha Murphy Vor 23 Tage
They where all my favorites beautiful sneakers
Pamela Felita
Pamela Felita Vor 23 Tage
Omg love ur baby bump😀❤💞
I love all of them but my favorite one is baby boys
Kelly Guerra
Kelly Guerra Vor 24 Tage
First time watching them and they seem so sweet. Ryan is so talented n I would luv shoes from him. Not sure about what's going on with both families but they are both very blessed.
angie c
angie c Vor 24 Tage
All of you are having babies so excited I've been seeing all your fam videos its amazing. And ryan those art on sneakers 😱 u have great talent keep focused on that. Do clothes designs too. Blessings your way. 🙏
Ruby Hernandez
Ruby Hernandez Vor 24 Tage
Aye bro make me a pair of AF1 😭😭😭🔥
Naomi DuBois
Naomi DuBois Vor 24 Tage
i feel like all the kids in there family are all close in age
Lasheena Casson
Lasheena Casson Vor 24 Tage
Quick question? Why didn't Elle and Alaia meet Bellamy in this video? I'm confused with this relationship. Austin and Catherine are very close with his brother Landon but Catherine doesn't seem as close to her brother. Am I missing something
Makayla Kerr
Makayla Kerr Vor 24 Tage
She just had a baby. She’s obviously not gonna match the energy🤦‍♀️
Gabriela Vor 14 Tage
Oh please, Landon and Shyla came over days before Ryan and Leslie and Catherine and Austin were laughing and even holding Soul. The way Catherine and Austin treated Ryan and Leslie was seriously disgusting. They couldn’t even interact with Bellamy and couldn’t even answer Leslie when she talked.
Michelle allen
Michelle allen Vor 24 Tage
I bet you Ryan and Lesliewe will have a boy to right after this girl like Catherine and Austin
Leanna Ochoa
Leanna Ochoa Vor 24 Tage
As soon as they delivered the pizza a ad from dominoes pop up😳
Jennifer Caguana
Jennifer Caguana Vor 24 Tage
Remember God Loves and Cares about you so much. Jesus was sacrificed because he loves us. Repent now. Have a Blessed day. 🙏😊
miya buachie
miya buachie Vor 25 Tage
Start a custom shoe business
Khavaugn Fung
Khavaugn Fung Vor 25 Tage
Fah some reason Ryan is just too extra
Jacky Lou
Jacky Lou Vor 25 Tage
Ohhh i love it 😍😍😍
Victoria Velasquez
Victoria Velasquez Vor 25 Tage
When Ryan said Catherine’s boobs look all chupados had me dying I had to replay that’s shit!!😂😂
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