Fixing a New 3DS With BROKEN 3D!

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15 Mär 2019



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anime king
anime king Vor 3 Tage
How do u buy a special Edition dragonball extreme butoden 3ds and not like dragonball
Vica Metanic
Vica Metanic Vor 6 Tage
New 2ds xl
Mag Oker
Mag Oker Vor Monat
How can I find them for cheap as faulty since i feel like most are selling for 50 dollar or more plus 20 dollar shipping
speedwaynutt Vor Monat
Why would you change the faceplates on a limited edition system :/
Son Goku
Son Goku Vor Monat
1:36 *Sad Goku noises*
Jasmine Sealie
Jasmine Sealie Vor 3 Monate
Dragonballz cover nooooo! I would have taken that of your hands😭
mr poob
mr poob Vor 3 Monate
i love how small the New 3DS looks. it’s so adorable 😍
Lulu Animations
Lulu Animations Vor 3 Monate
And before it’s just the parental controls
Izzat Talib
Izzat Talib Vor 4 Monate
Hey do you know where to find n3ds IPS screen replacement
Brent Spiner
Brent Spiner Vor 4 Monate
List of fixed handhelds by a newbie in 2020. DSi Japan. power Gba Japan. Power Ds lite ×5. power. No read. Triggers non functional. (I fixed these to fund more projects) New 3ds xl. 3d slider DSi xl. sd no read Gba. power PS Vita. sd intermittent no read My gba's have IPS now so my fiancee isn't pissy about linking Mario kart. Love Vita;)
Brent Spiner
Brent Spiner Vor 4 Monate
Oh yeah eBay is worth spending all your toilet time on. Got a Mario white new 3ds fully functional with a few scratches on top lens for 60 bucks. Plus everything else I listed. Everyone poops
DOGMA DARK Vor 5 Monate
You are not gona use the 3D? But why did you fucking try to fix it then? Wtf
Blokdudo Vor 5 Monate
Yo just quickly I've been watching you for almost a year and it wasn't until yesterday where a friend pointed out that I wasn't subscribed and should be showing some love if I really constantly end up watching everything, glad to see you do amazing things with consoles man keep it up.
zafosinferno888 Vor 6 Monate
Do you know any good websites with new 3ds board schematics? I would love ti know with lead of the screens' ribbon cable does what.
NintnedoU Vor 7 Monate
What does this Music called fix 3D
NintnedoU Vor 7 Monate
What does this music called ?
Matteo G.
Matteo G. Vor 7 Monate
I have a New Nintendo 3ds and the cartridges remain stuck in the console. The mechanism doesn't work correctly, and the games do not come out when i press them. Do you suggest me to send it for repair or is it something that i can do by myself?
Rezn Vor 7 Monate
That camo case is "FUCKING DISGUSTAING!!!" A gordan Ramsey once said.
Stryde Vor 8 Monate
Dislike for removing the DBZ face plates.
Xx_LordOfTheSwag_xX Vor 8 Monate
Instantainiously unsubscribed because of disliking dbz
Xinless Vice
Xinless Vice Vor 8 Monate
Well, now you have a 2ds with better build quality.( If only it would get past that one point.)
Tor Vec
Tor Vec Vor 10 Monate
How to fix the home butto, please?
SMG4 Gaming - Poppy from DreamWorks' Trolls
What about the 3ds 2nd circle controller refurb?
Dwayne Vor 11 Monate
Dude...I love your channel man, learning how to repair 3ds' one of my all time favorite handhelds. Liked and subbed.
Jorge Canales
Jorge Canales Vor 11 Monate
Hi I have the 2DS both of the screens are broken and I was hoping being that you could like fix my 2DS please and if you can thanks a lot but if you can't we'll be okay if you can can you reply to me please
Mad PW
Mad PW Vor year
To be honest did anyone notice the 3D no seriously the only time when I noticed it were the times were when I purposely looked at it and still then it wasn’t that effective
Delilh Vor year
That music while the fixing is the exact same music I used to listen while I was plaing Apex Legends with a vaporwave video on the background
NintnedoU Vor 7 Monate
What does this Music called fix 3D
SSGSS Goku Vor year
Can I have the base plates
Scott Nilsson
Scott Nilsson Vor year
You forgot to put the custom faceplate on. I can't see it.
kaborius Vor year
If you put this kind of system to sale can you tell me your ebay profile link (can be in private message)
Woodybutler Vor year
I can’t get past the setup because of the 3D last I have the home button issue and my system shuts off when I close the clamshell
john Mahoney
john Mahoney Vor year
What do you call a 3ds with no 3d a S
Jean-Andre Sonnenschein
Amazing that in 2019 finally someone comes up with reparing nintendo 3ds consoles. My 3d Mode is also not working the light that says 3d is on but when I slide the slider up nothing happens.
lukas Vor year
hello, by accident delete all data from the sd of my old 3ds ... someone will have a link to download this data or they can upload it to some download page ... PS: Sorry for my bad English ... Google Translate xdddx
How broken can you find these things? Like don’t you think with those like 3 dollar non-working systems like “what has that owner done” Meanwhile before it was broken the owner was like “YYYYEEEEETTTT”
YumaKuga Vor year
All the dislikes are from DBZ fuccbois
HNID STX Vor year
Hey i have a Problem with My new 3Ds xl, when i Start it, the blue led turns on but the screens and the sound don’t turn on. Have someone a Solution ?
Dark Shadow Storm
Is the screen completely blank?
Zenodilodon Vor year
I love the channel you have going. It's therapeutic compared in comparison to mine lol I am just getting in a 3Ds to work on first time getting a barrier display, I caught that you mentioned opening up the device give you an understanding of the technology. I bought it because I want to do a video on barrier 3D display technologies and get some good microscope footage of it running. One thing I also noted was you seem a bit fearful of ribbon cables and other fine work, you do a really good job and obviously understand how to work on these things so I am not quite understanding the mental hesitation as compared to wise precautions. I might be coming at this from more of a hazardous perspective, the devices I work on are really dangerous in comparison.
Grey Fox
Grey Fox Vor year
You were cool until not a gan of dbz
Melissa Darksaenum
My friend have problems with his 2DS it goes randomly into sleep mode how he get this issue fixed?
Melissa Darksaenum
@The Retro Future the 2DS fall sometimes on the ground but not high. A time ago the botten screen make weird things and the buttons don't work one day that issue was gone IDK why.
The Retro Future
Maybe something was spilt into the sleep switch!
Jacopo Vor year
Hey elliot, do you know where i can find parts for a dsi, specifically the xl variant because i have one and the L button sometimes it does not work or it gets stuck in the case. Thank you! 🌟
Luis Rada
Luis Rada Vor year
Taking apart that thing looks tricky
dmann1982 Vor year
There are lots of cover plates for the 3DS. I have a few that are of solid colour, and then I have customised with stickers. I also have the same cover plate you picked up.
Kito Vor year
I love watching these fixing videos, it's like watching you rebuilding my childhood
John Gotts
John Gotts Vor year
The "New" 3DS XL and the "New" 3DS are extremely hard to work on. It's very easy to destroy the motherboard. I have destroyed two of them, and you have destroyed one. Those friction fittings are very poorly designed. Everything about your technique was good.
Moonsong Vor year
I would HATE it if any one of my 3Ds's had a home button that wasn't working, since I often suspend the software I am playing in order to quickly adjust the screen brightness!
Stormspark Vor year
No kidding, I wouldn't consider anything less than 100% perfect functionality for my main system. I wouldn't mind tinkering around with other systems and trying to repair them though, if I had the time and tools necessary to do so.
Moonsong Vor year
It is very interesting to see what the inside of a 3Ds looks like!
Moonsong Vor year
I don't like the 3D feature either and RARELY use it, though just a few times I used it out of curiosity. It kinda hurt my eyes. It is much better looking at a flat screen!
Go Clunker
Go Clunker Vor year
3 quid for faceplates?! Where?! They are an ARM and LEG everywhere
The Retro Future
Maxine Vor year
What would you recommend for a replacement Mr. Sheen I don't I can find it in the US.
The Retro Future
GldRush98 Vor year
Quality video as always. I enjoy your tear downs and repairs. Keep it up man!
I was never really interested in the 3d aspect either! great refurb, its looks lovely!
The Retro Future
Kevin Najera
Kevin Najera Vor year
I find your videos soothing.
The Retro Future
Calvin F.
Calvin F. Vor year
Ill buy it for 5 bucks
elliott ditman
I bought a used one of these for like $85 on ebay. I'm glad mine didn't have all these problems lol.
Orbital cum Stain Oscar
elliott ditman well he buys them on purpose
sha will
sha will Vor year
Hey man I love your videos. this channel is amazing 🔥.. if you're going to throw the dbz cover plate away can I have it? lol
Indy Cyclist
Indy Cyclist Vor year
I don't feel like this is a "real" TRF video without the intro.
Jeremy Mullins
Yes! I agree!
ALMiGHTYUZi Vor year
You wanna fix an ice white Japanese old 3ds that has broken 3D as well?
King Blank
King Blank Vor year
I've been considering replacing my working n3ds screen with a IPS varient, there are replacements in china but I'm not sure if they are IPS or TN...
Jordan Velazquez
So many ribbon cables.
Joehdah Vor year
The original 3ds is the hardest to take apart and reassemble, do a video on that and call it the hardest challenge yet.
Javier H
Javier H Vor year
I broke the little tab for the 3D slider on my new 3ds too but I managed to fix it by removing the slider from the wireless switch or volume slider (don’t remember) from a 2DS motherboard and removing the top part of the 3D slider and swapping out the old switch with the 2DS one. Maybe you can try that?
TimmSkiller Vor year
This need to be upvoted, in order for him to try it.
Masked Blaze
Masked Blaze Vor year
I'm from Instagram, I saw your post. Follow him @theretrofuturephotos
The Retro Future
use the old slider, can you swap it the actual black plastic piece, i've done it myself with a power switch slider it usually has a tiny metal bit under it so be careful if you do
The Retro Future
Good idea!
Jay D.
Jay D. Vor year
Dude your a wizard, I admire the fact that you have the experience to do all of this
The Retro Future
Thanks! I learn as I go.
Great video! Loved watching you figure out what was wrong
The Retro Future
Glad you enjoyed it!
I miss the intro music :(
CyDragonGM Vor year
well for me I loved the 3d so whenever I get a chance to use a friends 3ds or new 3ds I crank the 3d to full because I enjoy it.
Rodville Vor year
I seems to have missed the first part of this. Let me go though all the videos. BRB.
Rodville Vor year
Nevermind I did watch it. For some reason I thought That it was a 3ds XL he fixed before. My bad.
gamer dude 6:12
If I had a New 3DS instead of my New 3DS XL I'd say send that DBZ shell my way if you didn't want it that sure looks awesome 😂
Joseph Neale
Joseph Neale Vor year
Awesome video as always
Viktor Chmiel
Viktor Chmiel Vor year
Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who uses the 3D function. I really do like it, lol. I wish I didn't because I like the design of the N2DS XL more.
Virtual Mo
Virtual Mo Vor 3 Monate
Giorgio DN
Giorgio DN Vor 5 Monate
I love the 3D function and use it almost all the time, I don't understand why people generally don't like it
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget Vor 8 Monate
The top screen on my N2DS XL looks nice and all... but the joystick and the c-stick leave marks on the screen when it is closed and it really disturbs me, the solution is to leave a piece of paper between the screen when it is closed, but is such a hassle that I rather just have the New 3DS XL
Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall Vor 8 Monate
Pink Kirlia funny I am or was in same boat I have both 2ds and 2ds xl and was debating in upgrading I actually baught the 3ds xl the first gen model and loved it braught it back exchanged it for the new one paid an additional twenty bucks and love the newer model even better than the first one I got, and it was funny cause they only reason why I baught a 3ds xl was to expierience the games that where new in the e shop that you couldn’t play on a 2ds or 2dsXL only the new 3ds you could like the snes games they have now up on the 3ds shop so I decided throw the towel in missing out on all those games went to Gamstop glad I did like I said only had enough get the first gen model didn’t have the extra twenty dollars so went with That one for 109 then went back in after learning about how much superior the 3D is on the newest model I went back with the extra twenty bucks and swapped the first model they gave me with the new model then paid the extra twenty butbthan got five bucks back because I had a coupon lol, but guess what I am saying is I baught it for the new snes games on the Eshop library they cane out with exclusive only to the new 3ds that’s what I baught it for not the three D, I never gave a shit about that or cared until I said F it I’ll try it out and since then on the RIGHT game’s YES it can be worth it and very nice to experience yes.. but I hope this helps
Tyler Hall
Tyler Hall Vor 8 Monate
The new 2dsXL is the way to go, only reason why new 3dsxL is one to get is because of the new Super Nintendo games on the E-shop now can’t can only play them with the new 3ds or new 3ds xl not compatible with the 2ds which is BULLS**#! idk why they do that , the snes games and then a few other games or exclusives WHATEVR you wanna call them you wouldn’t beable play them on the 2ds but I guess if people don’t play those particular games then yea if2ds or new 2dsXL is more comfortable or the style pleases you more than DO IT and be happy with the desision you made!!! And viktor chimiel this is directed straight to you it’s for everyone but if the 3D or those games aren’t shit to some and you like the way the new 2dsXL looks and it has and plays the same without the 3D and 3D isn’t everything to you and you wann just play the game library def go with a 2ds or 2dsXL
Sammy Hildebrand
My new 3ds XL wont conect to my Wi-Fi. :(
Ramon Aviles
Ramon Aviles Vor 8 Monate
Maybe is the type of WIFI you are using.
Sammy Hildebrand
Fortunately it connects to my cousins Wi-Fi
nick Vor year
Had the same problem. I needed to wait till nintendo creates a update to fix that.
Racinq Vor year
Glad you got it working, also love the camo face plates
Natalie Marie
Natalie Marie Vor year
I really love that youre doing 3ds now as well, awesome video great effort
jesus cristo
jesus cristo Vor year
"these are cool if you are into dragon Ball z, but I am not" ... Not liking dragon Ball z... You are automatic wrong...
jesus cristo
jesus cristo Vor year
@TimmSkiller then you are automatically wrong!
TimmSkiller Vor year
Well I don't like it either.
Mikka Heintz
Mikka Heintz Vor year
The new 3ds xl is Easyier to repair , more room and its durable ;)
Mikka Heintz
Mikka Heintz Vor year
Yeah a new retro future video , this is a good day would ice cube say
Tinker Freak
Tinker Freak Vor year
So your "saiyan" your not a dbz fan?
Ayla Afonso
Ayla Afonso Vor year
gamer dude 6:12
Ha well played sir
Can I have the DBZ cover?
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