Florida: Where Everything is Wrong!

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Results for three big elections in Florida still aren’t final. In Palm Beach County, they had to start the early vote count over because some of the machines overheated. The President has a theory as to why Republicans lost the elections this time around and Florida Senator Marco Rubio weighed in with his own conspiracy analogy as well. While unfounded rumors of voter fraud may be of concern, there is another threat looming in the Sunshine State, a threat more worrisome than any recount could ever be, just in time for tonight’s edition of “This Week in Florida.”
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Florida: Where Everything is Wrong!




15 Nov 2018

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Spider skpe
Spider skpe Vor 3 Tage
So, Vitalii Sediuk is in Florida. This explains everything. People going to their car just to put on a new hat...that 100% Vitalii Sediuk.
Ace Diamonds
Ace Diamonds Vor Monat
Florida man, Florida man Hit on the head with a frying pan Lives his life in a garbage can Florida man Is he depressed or is he a mess? Does he feel totally worthless? Who came up with Florida man? Degraded man, Florida man
Charles Wyble
Charles Wyble Vor Monat
My 8 year old daughter says things that make more sense then some of the things Trump spews out.
Kayleigh Matthews
We don't want you here, then! Especially when it's overcrowded already. If you're a snowbird, make sure you know we make fun of y'all all the time. Take cover, it's snowbird season!
kevinerosa Vor Monat
Just stay out of Florida, especially Central Forida, specifically I-4 around 4:30 p.m.
keyla A.
keyla A. Vor Monat
I am from Florida, and I am very sad that stereo type is still a thing from all Floridians. 😔
Dennis Vor Monat
Since Florida consistently screws up on their vote, the state (or any state) should be disqualified from the election. 49 states would then determine the winner. No more convenient tallies from Florida, we know what you're up to!
Moe Baba
Moe Baba Vor Monat
Half if not more of Florida will be submerged far in the future so enjoy the black magic state
YeeSoest Vor Monat
The real question is "Why is it that republicans always think they know HOW they're being cheated but can never do anything about it or copy the trick??" How impotent are they that they think they see it coming, see it happening and don't do anything about it but whine like a little girl?? You're in power, if there was anything to do, you WOULD do it !!
regguy69 Vor Monat
Monkey's with Herpes and Koalas with Chlamydia..... I guess it's true what they say, unprotected sex is better but unsafe.
Wayne Black
Wayne Black Vor Monat
Not only does trump not know how voting works here in the U.S., he doesn't know how to buy cereal.
Jeffrey Birman
Jeffrey Birman Vor Monat
Florida, come for vacation...leave on probation!
apirate namedjohn
So do florida mail in ballots count as three points and dem lawyers are gonna only make them count as one? Marko rubio is an idiot.
Jimin is a blessing
Love living the zaniest state, we all hold dear in our heart, Florida :)
joey BROWN
joey BROWN Vor Monat
I love living in Florida but we are crazy
savvysearch Vor Monat
The whole country has to go through this with Florida in nearly EVERY major election ever since the hangings chads. Every 2 or 4 years the country has to say “Florida, you had ONE JOB!”
Stupid Goigle
Stupid Goigle Vor Monat
herpes monkeys... ... the donald s vacation home here... coincidence? I think not... .
Stupid Goigle
Stupid Goigle Vor Monat
this can't possibly be a real podus quote..mmm ..m.....can it ...? well I guess it can........
Stupid Goigle
Stupid Goigle Vor Monat
I am a native Floridian. yes everything is wrong with state government. y all just now see it?
Shawn Tucker
Shawn Tucker Vor Monat
MERO Mero Vor Monat
Oh my God! Florida, I love you.
ShadowMatter Vor Monat
I wonder why nobody's talking about the tens of thousands of illegal votes in Florida from Bay County. Fraudulent votes that were sent in via email which is( I'll say it for a second time) illegal!!! These votes were counted in the original count and they absolutely should not be. it must be because Bay County is mostly Republican
Burako Shimazaki
By the way your comment doesn’t make any sense without proper punctuation.
Burako Shimazaki
ShadowMatter probably because it never happened. Voter fraud is not a thing, go work at a polling station and see for yourself. Last election the amount of fraudulent votes could be counted on one hand and it all came from dumbass republicans. One was a republican politician who voted for his wife or ex wife illegally for Trump, forging her signature as well, a second was a stupid lady who bought into Trump’s rhetoric of cheating Democrats so she voted twice, once at two different polling stations. She was caught and arrested, at the time she said she did it because Trump said the Democrats would cheat. You can’t simply email a fraudulent vote. You either receive a paper ballot, or you vote at a station. Those that live overseas get the option of mailing paper ballots or receiving their ballot to print out and then send in. Whether or not they accept a copy sent back to the election office by email depends. Either way you still have to verify you are the registered voter and if you cannot your vote is not counted. Why don’t you look into election fraud that does exist rather than voter fraud which doesn’t?
Daniel Hodgson
Daniel Hodgson Vor Monat
Kimmel is a sexist. He is comparing a possible non-working voting machine to menopause!! Such a disgusting man he is degrading women like this.
Brent P
Brent P Vor Monat
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Vor Monat
That sign looks like the real thing.
queenhiphop1002 Vor Monat
These two counties are straight blue. If votes are being counted you can’t be mad lol even before they finished these counties were blue if there are 2millon registered voters and only 600k of 1.6 people’s votes are being counted...what do you expect?
Kazzo Productions
The Campfire
The Campfire Vor Monat
God I hate how Jimmy has to make everything political...i used to be a fan too.
Dean Strickson
Dean Strickson Vor Monat
Well, you wouldn’t see it if Republicans weren’t so idiotic and corrupt. Put the blame where it belongs. Meanwhile, I’ll be ROTFLing at right-wingers with Jimmy.
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Vor Monat
The Campfire So, if you hate him so much, why are you here?
Trumps been playing a lot of Hitman😂😂😂
Merril Almeida
Merril Almeida Vor Monat
Monkeys gonna make them win
3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!!
Watch Mark Dice Richard Nixon.. americans are idiots
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Vor Monat
3 Subscribers Without Any Videos!!!!! Not all of us
john hand
john hand Vor Monat
Yeah those sacha baron cohen disguises got me 32 votes
Kanishk Pant
Kanishk Pant Vor Monat
Thank god the president didn't say that the Democrats hacked the EVM...😂😂😂
Martha Ingram
Martha Ingram Vor Monat
Not so ! After waiting so long ; Once u vote your ready to leave and go home. Not come around twice .
New Message
New Message Vor Monat
Americans feel about Florida the way Canadians feel about America.
Dalia Jaimes
Dalia Jaimes Vor Monat
+Brandon Stah forreal. Last year when it got cold, the iguanas were freezing on the trees and when it warmed up, they would thaw out and fall onto the floor.
Kitty S
Kitty S Vor Monat
Lala Xo : Awwee lmao. Did that burn? It's what the whole world thinks... now, the whole world must be irrelevant to you, eh?
Brandon Stah
Brandon Stah Vor Monat
Meanwhile Floridian’s could care less with the pythons gaining ground and the damn iguanas are getting out of hand. Source- current southern Florida resident.
Lala Xo
Lala Xo Vor Monat
We don’t care about what the most irrelevant country in the world thinks
Kitty S
Kitty S Vor Monat
Ssshhh... We Canadians don't say it out loud. We have manners. We are polite. We got a class. 🌚
Chaotic Nerd
Chaotic Nerd Vor Monat
president tantrum thinks people use MCU disguise tactic in real life 😂😂😂 *Tell me how's this guy a president again?* He doesn't even know people need ID to vote.
Jordan Vor Monat
That doesn't mean every polling place will ID
drcb 18
drcb 18 Vor Monat
@ Chaotic Nerd It could very well be the same disguise consisting of a red hat and a white shirt a certain someone used to meet porn stars in hotels.
geewolfe geewolfe
To any foreigners stay away from Florida, it's a crazy sh**hole.😂😂
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Vor Monat
geewolfe geewolfe Your icon is the raddest looking uterus I’ve ever seen-especially the Fallopian tubes!
barcode0954 Vor Monat
+MSA 212 You should go! Went for spring break 2 years ago! Loved it! Was going to go to Panama city FL for next year's spring break but the hurricanes changed that!
MSA 212
MSA 212 Vor Monat
I always wanted to go to Miami
Ali Jamal
Ali Jamal Vor Monat
Everything is wrong with Floridians. Seek for Guidance from God.
Swampy Vor Monat
Those monkeys resemble Trumpers....don't feed them....
Md. Rifat
Md. Rifat Vor Monat
They can't win by vote. But they can win by stupidity.
Eternally Balanced Existence
Florida's better than this piece of s*** California state I live in and I used to live in Florida and California right now and it's still better
kingda117 Vor Monat
+Zawn Kostean You Conservatives are weird, cowardly and backwards. You're afraid of your own shadows, hate environmental protection and love officialdom in your bedrooms.
apirate namedjohn
+Zawn Kostean prove it.
Zawn Kostean
Zawn Kostean Vor Monat
Any place is better than a Liberal State. Even Africa.
ilovesparky13 Vor Monat
Gnostic Of The Divine Esoteric Source In what way?
Lionard Noda
Lionard Noda Vor Monat
Well said lmaoo
tRonald Dump
tRonald Dump Vor Monat
Oh boy, different shirt and hat only?
vynat draco
vynat draco Vor Monat
How can they vote multiple times? I've worked at a polling place and everyone's name is on a list, If you ain't on it, ya vote Provisionally...If you're not found later on list, it don't count...DUH!
ShadowMatter Vor Monat
+Cowy28 in order to vote you have to give your name and social security number and be registered at that polling place and we have many different systems in place that will throw out double votes. that's what's commonly known as voter fraud. And is quite illegal voter fraud the likes of which you're talking about happens at the rate of a couple of dozen over a decade worth of Elections And I'll repeat that there's another kind of voter fraud that happened at the tune of hundreds of thousands of votes during this last election in Florida it happened in Bay County where the supervisor of elections for that area called for and allowed voting by email even though it is specifically forbidden and illegal to vote by email those votes were inappropriately included in the initial count on Election night And I'll say it again whether or not it should be illegal to vote by email is a different conversation we might actually agree on but at the current moment it is illegal and all of those votes should be thrown out
Cowy28 Vor Monat
not saying that's why they lost but in many places they dont ID you or anything you can just walk in
ShadowMatter Vor Monat
The only voter fraud that has happened in Florida happened in Bay County where they allowed hundreds of thousands of people to email their votes in. which is very illegal. whether or not it should be is a different discussion. at the current moment it is illegal and those votes were included in the election night figures. BTW Bay County is a mostly Republican area
Jazzying up life
Just stay out of Florida.
Sam Perry
Sam Perry Vor Monat
Every time I see a wild news story I just assume it's from Florida
Sam Perry
Sam Perry Vor Monat
+Shawn Tucker I heard on the radio last night there was a woman arrested for fighting at Red Lobster & then running out with a live lobster. When police caught her the lobster was nowhere to be found. I Googled the story and was right.... Florida!
Shawn Tucker
Shawn Tucker Vor Monat
As a Floridian I can say that is accurate to the T.
ArtGirl82 Vor Monat
An alligator on bath salts robbed a Tampa nail salon? yeah, that sounds legit...
joey BROWN
joey BROWN Vor Monat
Lol I agree haha, Screw the wild Wild West it’s wild wild Florida 😃
MERO Mero Vor Monat
No were special.
Mr FlowSource
Mr FlowSource Vor Monat
This video came out 7 minutes ago
Mary Rose Kent
Mary Rose Kent Vor Monat
Mr FlowSource YAY! You know how to count! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Mr FlowSource
Mr FlowSource Vor Monat
Wilford Brimley
Wilford Brimley Vor Monat
Mr Swamp Gass
Mr Swamp Gass Vor Monat
I've lost a foot
David Jett
David Jett Vor Monat
I want to talk to you about Diabeetus Jesus
meng Vor Monat
im all ears mr brimley
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