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Watch the highlight from the Mayweather-Paul bout, plus get the full reaction from the Morning Kombat team on the action.

Go to Showtime for all your extended coverage of Mayweather-Paul.

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6 Jun 2021



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KK Sonar
KK Sonar Vor 2 Stunden
Logan definitely won At being the most idiotic human on youtube.
Wonderful Timeline
Wonderful Timeline Vor 2 Stunden
The most boring looking match I've ever seen
Canadian Bacon
Canadian Bacon Vor 2 Stunden
That's embarrassing not to beat Maweather with a size and age advantage like that. Logan sucks. There isn't much skill there and he was so inefficient. There are a lot of boxers out there who don't compete that could beat Maweather
oossirriss Vor 4 Stunden
actullyy put real fight ok
SERAPIS50 Vor 4 Stunden
What a con job. May weather let the joke go for as long as he allowed it but the dude has no pride, happy to step in the ring with a kangaroo if the price was right.
mjojr jr
mjojr jr Vor 6 Stunden
Legend in picking and running 🏃‍♂️
Jj nin
Jj nin Vor 7 Stunden
this is what you call boxing??
proper toke 420 rep
proper toke 420 rep Vor 9 Stunden
First looked a lil fake cuz u. An see Floyd pretty much let him hit him Floyd is just better boxer hands down
xTronKillmaster Vor 9 Stunden
Paul is 18 years younger, he out weighed Mayweather by 35 lbs. That’s a huge advantage, it sucks that Paul thought surviving the fight would be a win.
SHY GUY Vor 14 Stunden
Jacy Steven
Jacy Steven Vor 14 Stunden
Login is the best
Jacy Steven
Jacy Steven Vor 14 Stunden
Nice login beat hiss as up
Lamia Ben Khalifa
Lamia Ben Khalifa Vor 14 Stunden
Fake Game
Jayz OverTimes
Jayz OverTimes Vor 14 Stunden
Jake Paul knows dam well in a real fight all 12 rounds he would not go the distance he was always hugging cause he got scared
Dodahbay Vor 15 Stunden
Floyd wasn't even trying..lol
zashi07 Vor 15 Stunden
Professional boxer vs professional idiot😁😁😁
Levi Hanes
Levi Hanes Vor 15 Stunden
Give it up boy yea this is only your second professional fight…that you lost 😂 Usually great fighters don’t lose their first two fights 🤦🏾‍♂️ stick to blogging or wat ever u do
Rylee Randol
Rylee Randol Vor 17 Stunden
Fight Mike Tyson that would be interesting
emonnoe wooten
emonnoe wooten Vor 17 Stunden
they can´t box
LoosieGoosie Vor 17 Stunden
“Pro” fighting or whatever you want to call it, wether mma, boxing, karate, Roman gladiators, it’s always been about the money for the majority of participants, fighters included.
pandaland1 Vor 17 Stunden
How bad did Floyd need money that he lower himself to this level. It was bad enough with Connor but seriously? I don’t honk his dignity is worth it.
TheMonkeyGrass Vor 18 Stunden
How can dude fight a few time and be punch drunk already
steve casillas
steve casillas Vor 21 Stunde
trailblazer King
trailblazer King Vor 21 Stunde
Logan Holding everytime.....paul..!!! Lol..Mayweather shut-out ...!!!!
Kin C
Kin C Vor 21 Stunde
Blem tattoo man jake paul is sick, respect what Mayweather went through in his life.
Dark Lord
Dark Lord Vor 22 Stunden
Now get us Tom Cruise vs Justin Bieber ❤️
Emma Snow
Emma Snow Vor Tag
What trash....
HappyLarry Vor Tag
Mayweather was definitely paid to NOT KO Paul
Gimangi Podestry
Worst highlight and wouldnyou just stfu damn
Mr.Anderson Vor Tag
Dude I rather watch WWE than this bull shit
Luke McGuire
Luke McGuire Vor Tag
Floyd is arguably the best fighter ever. The fact that he couldnt even knock down that chump means it was a loss. He let him have his "win"
Ricky Hits
Ricky Hits Vor Tag
I wish the Paul's would disappear
Kiki Takoudi
Kiki Takoudi Vor Tag
hug competition
thomas anderson
Boxing is overrated. The difference is in training. Aging Boxers will stop fighting you tubers because the skill level is not as wide as believed. A much younger good athlete with some training will often do much better than expected. Mayweather looked bad and couldnt put away a novice fighter with an 0-1 record. Hurting the legacy but getting rich.
Is like logan just showered
Where the FUCK are the highlights??? Just two blokes talking crap.
Colhoun Clan
Colhoun Clan Vor Tag
Lolll Logan is just a SLUGGER....Throwing those Haymakers... TRASH boxer
Brandon Wildfong
Logan had the longer arms and he was swinging them all over the place hoping for the best
Brennan Swanson
The real humour here is all these broke guys on DE-vid making fun of Logan. The irony
Gonzalo Simon
The guy talking is improvising
Yvonne Evans
Yvonne Evans Vor Tag
Bunch of mess - what the heck!
Tommy J
Tommy J Vor Tag
To think this was a Real fight .. No judges 8 round match wtf? Makes you realize they did this solely for entertainment.. But the money they made 😂
Mung & Mung Vlog
Two puppies playing around.. Is this really boxing or a new hugging sport?? People pay for this garbage.??. Me and my brother fighting over a TV remote is more voilant than this??
Zaidon Ribeiro Cooper
sarah Vor Tag
This is so sad… lmao😂💀
Favian Villalobos
CheatDeath NYC
Size don’t matter
Goddess Ella
Goddess Ella Vor Tag
Every like is a flamethrower in Logan Paul's face xo
William Stewart
Never seen anybody with such an act on being perfect. This dude has so many flaws and has gotten whooped in fighting yet he acts like he’s untouchable. My question for him if I could as is why didn’t you knock him out. I’m not saying Logan Paul is/was a good opponent, Floyd is obviously really good. But if he’s that good why would he fight someone with no fighting background, it’s like him fighting me or you reading this. Really don’t like the dude, heard this once. Wanting to be first means others are losing, and priding your self and only desiring winning is a disease. That’s how I see it at least, along with some others. Floyd is a big kid that grew up not learning good sportsmanship and that there’s more value in a balance of winning and losing rather than just willing. When I would win I’d feel for the person who lost and made effort to allow that other person to feel like a winner to. This dude is toxic, frustrates me so much, have some light and love for other people and more than being first place. Stop getting off on others losing.
William Spain
I think Floyd was honestly confused as to why he was being showered with so many loving hugs from logan and that's why he didn't knock him out
dreadful Vor Tag
I want to see him vs Tyson
Samuel Prata Prata
Português!✌🏽 É nós família!🌔🌎🌍
Emily An
Emily An Vor 2 Tage
"I know it's Mayweather, but $20m is $20m"
The inconvenient Truth
Can’t believe the Money team went this low . Mayweather is ruining his reputation. Why not earn the same amount ( if not more ) but fight Pacquiao instead
TS .LeonardoWakulu
Let's See Mike tyson Vs Logan Paul 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Rene Rodjel
Rene Rodjel Vor 2 Tage
clown mayweather just sucking peoples money its a nonsense fight!
ZaynXlaflameLB Vor 2 Tage
POV floyd lost
Emily An
Emily An Vor 2 Tage
Yeah, I'm not really surprised but Logan is way out of Mayweather's class. If Logan was smaller or Mayweather was bigger Logan may not have survived. If Logan fights any
Anonymous Me
Anonymous Me Vor 2 Tage
His rhythm was totally off. Engulfed in anger. Those are not good for a fight. If it wasn't a scripted fight Logan would have KO ed at the first round itself
Maskd Panda
Maskd Panda Vor 2 Tage
I’ve seen less hugging in gay porn. I was waiting for jake to get on his knees and start gagging.
Juliana brown
Juliana brown Vor 2 Tage
Know that I’m looking at this it looks like it’s fake
Joseph Turner
Joseph Turner Vor 2 Tage
Mayweather would not have lasted in the real world of boxing.The Golden age of boxing.floyd was the new generation.like cell phones.
Joseph Turner
Joseph Turner Vor 2 Tage
No skills.this is not boxing..
billy blaa
billy blaa Vor 2 Tage
All about money and fame.. Nothing to do with boxing
Pancake Potato
Pancake Potato Vor 2 Tage
This is a joke. I didn’t pay to watch it but i still feel robbed
Thaison Tran
Thaison Tran Vor 2 Tage
When did boxing become wrestling?
Stab 420
Stab 420 Vor 2 Tage
This crap ..smh. Since it's likely an act I think people would have rather see Floyd Mayweather Vs Kevin Hart! *Fist bump* P.s still havent watched this fight and probably wont until it's free or posted on social media.
Hunter Mitchell
Hunter Mitchell Vor 2 Tage
Light Yagami
Light Yagami Vor Tag
Dude chillllll did your brother eat your pretzels or something?
monkey house
monkey house Vor 2 Tage
Logan paul won
Hyrule Master Chef
I have a feeling they were paid by the Pokémon company?
TheSuperMan Vor 2 Tage
Jake the joke came out punching worse than Charlie Zelenoff
Casey Byington
Casey Byington Vor 2 Tage
Yeah, I'm not really surprised but Logan is way out of Mayweather's class. If Logan was smaller or Mayweather was bigger Logan may not have survived. If Logan fights any current pro in his own class he doesn't even make it out of the corner in one. And mean even if he fights some scrub that is barely designated a pro. He should get some real training and see what he could really do.
Tejas Waghmare
Tejas Waghmare Vor 2 Tage
Hugging and cuddling 😂
Mista Miles
Mista Miles Vor 2 Tage
Looked old??? Then how old did Paul look???
Roland Cheng
Roland Cheng Vor 2 Tage
Logan paul vs Mike tyson now that is a weight even.
Austin Lee
Austin Lee Vor 2 Tage
2 up 6 down yeah i won hahaha
Are the 20mil subscribers that Logan Paul has all under 15yo?
Mike H
Mike H Vor 2 Tage
Logan looks like he just got out of a pool. Mayweather didn't even break a sweat.
Brooke Longobardi
Lucky for Logan he is young. If he was older he would have worn himself out. But, how is this a win for Logan? He didn't connect any good punches. And, he barely connected period.
Travian Benford
Travian Benford Vor 2 Tage
Like floyd said logan just happy he made it to 8 rounds & survived on top of that, meanwhile Floyd just out there having fun and making tons of money its clearly Floyd wasn't tryna knock the man out. He wanted to give ppl a show and he did by simply not knocking paul out and have ppl thinking Paul could actually stand a chance . But its a win win for both of em lol 😂💯 Easy work !!
Gene Tals
Gene Tals Vor 2 Tage
This Luke guy is such a douche.
clint mink
clint mink Vor 2 Tage
just a payday, boxing is done.
bismark asramah
bismark asramah Vor 2 Tage
You can't fight the black man
Gwar Richmond
Gwar Richmond Vor 2 Tage
💄🤡🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅🤡💄🎟🎪🐘🐒🦁🐅........ *I JUST GET SO EXCITED WHEN THE CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN !!!!* 😁😁
RyanBerto Vor 2 Tage
Floyd is so screwing around with him
American made
American made Vor 2 Tage
It's funny how Mayweather made many excuses afterwards then says hey no excuses😂 Mayweather is a great boxer but still not the greatest, Muhammad Ali was the greatest
American made
American made Vor 2 Tage
He split Mayweather's lip, he went 8 rounds. Mayweather wasn't holding back. Not bad
Zahide Ahmed
Zahide Ahmed Vor 2 Tage
Sadly this is there futher of boxing
Edgars Ozols
Edgars Ozols Vor 2 Tage
20.mill social subscribers 100.million social subscribers it dasnt change anything... if you'rea clown you're a clown.
Leonilo Porras
Leonilo Porras Vor 2 Tage
Mayweather fought bigshow so so funny of idolizing him..😁😁
nick quiroz
nick quiroz Vor 2 Tage
So going the distance with a 44 year old Floyd Mayweather who’s outweighed probably 50 pounds on the night of the fight and also giving up a significant height disadvantage a big acheivement? Since Floyd moved up from lightweight he hasn’t knocked anybody out except hatton. Ortiz is a joke too I guess. His hands are brittle. I knew Floyd wouldn’t try to knock him out that much because he’d have to take real risks.
God Of Dark And Light
*sweaty hugging session be like:*
Brodrick Sheffield
nothing impressive about Paul not getting knocked out by smaller Mayweather who doesn’t even throw knockout punches anymore. Why are yal paying for fights where the fighters think it is victory to ‘not get knocked out’. That is weak as hell, even if your good fighters like Logan Paul or Conor McGregor, that is weak as hell. McGregor shouldn’t feel bad, but Paul should as I had no idea how big he was. Great job Floyd.
abdo ghamoud
abdo ghamoud Vor 2 Tage
Mayweather is profissionel i mean who is logen paul to fight with mayweather come on its jock a youtuber become a boxer fuck that shit
Enzo Dyne896
Enzo Dyne896 Vor 2 Tage
Well done Floyd. Who are you going to fight next, Joe Biden?
carnage Vor 21 Stunde
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy Vor 2 Tage
Pacquiao fights real boxer Mayweather fights youtuber