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For the Boys!: Fails of the Week (August 2018) | FailArmy

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It’s time for another weekly round up of the best fails! We have an unfortunate rope swing incident, overzealous party goers, and more! Submit your videos to FailArmy.com! Be sure to check out our new card game here: goo.gl/bwqTBt
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Woman Faceplants on Dirt Road While Attempting Kiki Challenge goo.gl/UkKHTB
Raven Hangs off Owner's Finger with Beak goo.gl/Phf5jH
Water Balloon Full of Paint Bursts in Boy's Hands goo.gl/DXFRUS
Teen Breaks Golf Club's Driver While Taking Trickshot goo.gl/8E9P1T
Overzealous Partygoer Drops Birthday Cake on Floor goo.gl/aG5N9d
Guy Falls Down Slippery Staircase goo.gl/g9mK8M
Guy Flies off Trampoline and Collides with Metal Pole goo.gl/WCHgWD
Guy Fails Backflip off Wall goo.gl/PMmH6J
Guy Walks Face First into Screen Door goo.gl/36j1RZ
Baby Pukes While Sitting on Dancing Dad's Shoulders goo.gl/7Gjym9
Guy Crashes After Speeding Down Hill on Toy Bike goo.gl/A44wz1
Toddler Accidentally Sprays Self in Face with Garden Hose goo.gl/U54fta
Homemade Diving Board Immediately Snaps Under Guy's Weight goo.gl/Sveebv
Boy Falls off Rope Swing and Faceplants into Stream goo.gl/Xsy71V
Guy Washes Car While it Rains goo.gl/6pUuZ4
Amateur Skater Tumbles Downhill While Skating goo.gl/yk91zU
Guy Falls Trying to High Kick a Punching Bag goo.gl/b1SCzd
Guy Falls into Lake While Trying to Climb Ridge goo.gl/xRHgNM
Girl Fails Handstand and Hits Face on Boat goo.gl/rpBEsS
Kid Falls Over Tub of Baseballs During Practice Game goo.gl/ZyYqUa
Man Struggles to Open Party Popper While Giving Birthday Surprise goo.gl/G2X3DY
Little Girl's Hilarious Attempt at Drinking from Water Fountain goo.gl/ai4Qq4
Guy Belly Flops into Water After Jumping from Cliff goo.gl/Tz2Ysb
Driver Struggles to Park Van in a Tight Parking Space goo.gl/HC87Zj
Girl Chips Tooth While Trying out Skateboard goo.gl/tf4XZ6
Masked Man Hides in Corner and Scares Kid goo.gl/wrBT4V
Baby Tumbles Off Piano Stool and Faceplants Onto Floor goo.gl/Ujat5x
Impatient Driver Tries to Move Past Truck and Crashes goo.gl/jd1cZk
Guy Accidentally Lands on Kid After Rope Swinging into Lake goo.gl/2zEJgP
Man Falls off Chair While Pushing Rainwater off Top of Tent goo.gl/nCftMz




31 Aug 2018



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Annihilator 2000
0:16 the guy in the back is having a spaz attack
Mohammad Aiman
Mohammad Aiman Vor 3 Monate
2.25 bad human and fuck
TheOtherGuys2 Vor 3 Monate
Aaaand the bleeps are deafening again. what if instead of loud and annoying to literally everyone, it was subtle and barely noticeable? You know, instead of hiding the swears by making them the loudest part of the video next to the intro/outro.
corbyn collins
corbyn collins Vor 3 Monate
mrRodtaku Vor 5 Monate
2:40 i like when boys at that age cry... stupid smart ass...
SinisterShift Vor 5 Monate
4:10 thats being smart with what you're given
bhamin arshia
bhamin arshia Vor 6 Monate
kingikiller Vor 6 Monate
4.00 you just know he sued.
Banna Om Rathore
Banna Om Rathore Vor 6 Monate
Make a channel "" like a boss army""
The Dudess
The Dudess Vor 6 Monate
0:23 i don't understand what was so hard about avoiding your head to hit the ground. you have arms and hands
the informer
the informer Vor 6 Monate
2:28 oh yeah just stay there and watch your baby kid get hurt so you can send a video to fail army .
Shlomo HaTalmid
Shlomo HaTalmid Vor 6 Monate
When Are These Doltish Troglodytes Going To Learn To Hold The Phone In Landscape Instead Of Portrait When Filming?... It's Just Absurd.
Eugene Kvasnikov
Eugene Kvasnikov Vor 6 Monate
What song playing at 1:20?
Reese Holder
Reese Holder Vor 6 Monate
3:50 if you laughed at that, fuck you lol
Barna Poller
Barna Poller Vor 6 Monate
Michael Minio
Michael Minio Vor 6 Monate
The kid at the end who threw the golf ball looks like the crack kid screaming YEAH when he got hit with the basketball
Big H
Big H Vor 6 Monate
The US is doomed.. kids have turned into clueless idiots..
Zap W Bolt
Zap W Bolt Vor 7 Monate
0:54 New favorite video
G KAT Vor 7 Monate
3:41 OWWW my hands!
TheGr8stManEvr Vor 7 Monate
Still too many fucking boring kid fails.
Phil B
Phil B Vor 7 Monate
Nothing says 'bitch' like mohawk
pandemic7 Vor 7 Monate
3:51 This looks like a Kenny Powers moment.
marcus henderson
marcus henderson Vor 7 Monate
@2:44 the wall flip was a fail but... the hair was flawless
Fred Bird
Fred Bird Vor 7 Monate
4:04 "oh my god look he's washing his car in the rain, he's sponging his car with soap in the rain, there's water rinsing his car look, what a fail".
Kenza Breton
Kenza Breton Vor 7 Monate
Rhetoric food European note fan ring reader nominee smooth teaching gold
All Fantastics
All Fantastics Vor 7 Monate
Rob Langer
Rob Langer Vor 7 Monate
3:50 pmsl!!!
JL Ribeiro
JL Ribeiro Vor 7 Monate
2:26 It had enougth time to predict that the baby was gonna fall and save him. Such a asshole the camera man!
Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips Vor 7 Monate
*VERTICAL Format* is the Ultimate Fail!-- C'mon! Get With It!
C3 Industries
C3 Industries Vor 7 Monate
0:16 Get the London Look...
Ariel Cohen
Ariel Cohen Vor 7 Monate
Nimbhotep Vor 7 Monate
Make no vertical videos compilation
spacemanbose Vor 7 Monate
What s the accent in the raven/crow clip? Irish? Welsh?
MyBoringLife Vor 7 Monate
0:03 Oh shit that's Chase
xXbayFatihXx Vor 7 Monate
Aaaaa heeelll naaahhh
So much vertical filming...
unem ploy
unem ploy Vor 7 Monate
I don't consider babies falling, a fail. Maybe a fail on the parent filming and not acting
Big Hoss Johnson
Big Hoss Johnson Vor 7 Monate
Had to use non copyrighted music for the Kiki do you love me lol
Epiclysmoove 3O
Epiclysmoove 3O Vor 7 Monate
The crow was a win for me 😂😂
sogerc1 Vor 7 Monate
Wow, a failarmy video that contained no dups? How is that even possible...
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson Vor 7 Monate
The car trying to hit the on ramp is fucking fantastic
marco sanchez
marco sanchez Vor 7 Monate
Oh lawd please save me from this downward fall from greatness that was once failarmy.. you guys used to be good, but this is straight trash now.. take care now, bye bye then..
Matt42020 Vor 7 Monate
3:51 the sound you make when u bust a nut and knock yourself out at the same time.
Gamer Noob
Gamer Noob Vor 7 Monate
kk1209 Vor 7 Monate
Was that man trynna catch his baby's puke with his tongue. Disgusting!
Jason Butova
Jason Butova Vor 7 Monate
Is fail army and junkin videos the same thing. Kinda of ridiculous.
Kernal Scott 2
Kernal Scott 2 Vor 7 Monate
I like the kid at the end who says 'c'est la vie'.
Nidus Vor 7 Monate
0:30 it's suits her better now
abby sia
abby sia Vor 7 Monate
5:47 barf
abby sia
abby sia Vor 7 Monate
3:51 grusome
Mikey Alexander
Mikey Alexander Vor 7 Monate
1:56 - 2:03 I think shes doing it wrong
Bence Beöthy
Bence Beöthy Vor 7 Monate
3:37 They see me rollin' ...
Does anyone know what the song is at 1:22????
ET Pariseau
ET Pariseau Vor 7 Monate
if he land it that will be a big WIN 2:50
Paman Bungas
Paman Bungas Vor 7 Monate
Sub me guys
Paman Bungas
Paman Bungas Vor 7 Monate
My lol
Khalid Mahsud
Khalid Mahsud Vor 7 Monate
OOHHH MY GOD! I love this channel! This video inspire me alot. This is the channel, inspired me to create my own channel. I would love some support/feedback. So please hit subscribe and check it out. peace😍
Terence Jay
Terence Jay Vor 7 Monate
Someone should make a compilation of every 'cake slip'. It would be three days long.
Duke12687 Vor 7 Monate
Fails are so weak FailArmy
Patrick DeLisle
Patrick DeLisle Vor 7 Monate
Slow motion fails are the best
Bruce Kirk
Bruce Kirk Vor 7 Monate
Neighbor called CPS because my brothers kids were out back playing and drank from the hose and they actually showed up.
MRMineKraftMan 06
MRMineKraftMan 06 Vor 7 Monate
U Guys Are Awesome And Funny, I Started Watching U Guys Since 2015
Alex Savi
Alex Savi Vor 7 Monate
Poor animolss
freakystein nl
freakystein nl Vor 7 Monate
1 40 for The Boysssssssssss Sssssssssssssss Sssssssssssssss Sssssssssssssss Ssssssssssssssss
HuGGyBeaR tim
HuGGyBeaR tim Vor 7 Monate
1:17 had to laugh about her before something happened. Why is someone so fat wearing leggins?
Warren Jensen
Warren Jensen Vor 7 Monate
0:30 The chipped tooth suits the rest of your look
TheDancingMoonFoxy Vor 7 Monate
But I’m a girl
Winslow Wilson
Winslow Wilson Vor 7 Monate
A baby vomiting is not cute or funny. Get some class.
Gabriel Camargo
Gabriel Camargo Vor 7 Monate
HAHAHAHHAHAA Nice video!!! Tons of comments criticizing!
Charlie P.
Charlie P. Vor 7 Monate
2:43 Guy was 45 degrees away from the ultimate wins comp...
Ryan Rockwell
Ryan Rockwell Vor 7 Monate
Ryan Rockwell
Ryan Rockwell Vor 7 Monate
gav Vor 7 Monate
Cracked vertebrae
Sakonema Vor 7 Monate
For the boys? You post a video about boys... GAY !
Flynn Vor 7 Monate
Nice to see that you took AkindAleWar's video, in its entirety, without permission.
Bill Schlafly
Bill Schlafly Vor 7 Monate
I skipped a lot...I wish I had skipped more.
Rajat Thapliyal
Rajat Thapliyal Vor 7 Monate
Song name in 1:20
Sam Griffin
Sam Griffin Vor 7 Monate
Song at 5:45 ??
AletheAce Vor 7 Monate
5:51 baby throws up and his first instinct is to put his tongue out
Roland Deschain
Roland Deschain Vor 7 Monate
Wtf was up with that dad just letting the baby fall bleeding yanks
Lindani Bennie
Lindani Bennie Vor 7 Monate
Sam Kolder @ 2:45 ?
Vincent Garcia
Vincent Garcia Vor 7 Monate
Offical Matenjor
Offical Matenjor Vor 7 Monate
Watch my video if you love fails
Mloc Vor 7 Monate
That music, THAT FUCKIN MUSIC!!... Don't make me go to change.org..
Winston Knowitall
Winston Knowitall Vor 7 Monate
0:16 Check out legs in the background...
11111111 11111111
11111111 11111111 Vor 7 Monate
Dale Stephanson
Dale Stephanson Vor 7 Monate
Guy washing his car in rain is *still a fail.* Rain forms around dust and dirt in the atmosphere before it falls, and I doubt it's raining hard enough to wash all the soap off the edges of his trim and bumper so he'll still have dust and soap scum all over his car.
Hammersteyn Vor 7 Monate
2018, silly humans are still filming vertical.
rookjoke Vor 7 Monate
5:45 i was eating man -_-
Hermano_PC Vor 7 Monate
borring !
Doge Legend
Doge Legend Vor 7 Monate
5:17 That is how can handle the Cake..
Cat Bird
Cat Bird Vor 7 Monate
Last clip - now instead of a golf club, he’s got hisself a nice stick!
Ignacio TROUBLE Ramos
Yeah That Outta Teach Ya Not Steal My Mail And Packages Dumbass Next Time You'll Be Talking To The German Shepherds Max. Demon And Bowser 😄😎
Josef Buljung
Josef Buljung Vor 7 Monate
Holy crap! I think I just saw a new clip!
TG Maps
TG Maps Vor 7 Monate
Anyone else go to the comments to see who else thought the guy washing his car in the rain was a win and not a fail?
Nick R
Nick R Vor 7 Monate
Was about to put my 2 cents in on 4:05 til I read the comments, glad to see people paying attention.
Julian Robinson
Julian Robinson Vor 7 Monate
2:26 your child is clearly about to fall but no no, just keep recording, it’ll get you views
guido7095 Vor 7 Monate
Foolish Tongue
Foolish Tongue Vor 7 Monate
That last clip says it all, a mundane thing happened, their first thought? Fail Army!
Nick Name
Nick Name Vor 7 Monate
Boring clips. Standards aren't what they used to be
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