Fortnite 2 WTF Moments #1 (SEASON 1)

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Welcome to the episode #1 of Faiz Fortnite 2 WTF Moments!
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I was given the permission to edit and use these clips. All the transitions, filters , special effects, zoom in , zoom out , music, overlays and elements editing is done by me. I compiled all the clips into one video and gave it a unique value.
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Faiz has permission to feature the Epic & Funny moments videos you see. Thanks to everyone who submits their Epic & Funny moments clips to make these videos possible!
Fortnite 2 WTF Moments #1
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15 Okt 2019



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Faiz Vor 28 Tage
This season is toooo good!
Av Rakan
Av Rakan Vor 15 Tage
For me it is
Av Rakan
Av Rakan Vor 15 Tage
Naruto uzumaki
Naruto uzumaki Vor 23 Tage
ikr this season is toooo good!
itzbailey Vor 23 Tage
I love it so much and ur my favourite you tuber
gacha man FR
gacha man FR Vor 24 Tage
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 11 Stunden
Roses are red, Violets are blue, I got clickbaited and so did you
Braylon Grimes
yay thanks
Jamie Roubinek
Jamie Roubinek Vor 2 Tage
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 2 Tage
Holy crap you need to learn how to pronounce common words.
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 3 Tage
I love your vids
Ace Hardy
Ace Hardy Vor 4 Tage
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 4 Tage
you my hero
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 5 Tage
what a freaking clickbait
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 6 Tage
what a freaking clickbait
Irene Parra
Irene Parra Vor 6 Tage
R Daniell
R Daniell Vor 6 Tage
Dark iRon Bricks
Dark iRon Bricks Vor 7 Tage
This is season 11
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 7 Tage
thumbnail bait
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 8 Tage
Omg is this video a joke?
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 9 Tage
That’s superr funnyyy
no no
no no Vor 9 Tage
Gucci zRxper ft Gucci clix
Yes a lot
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 10 Tage
OMG nice video
Maria Sanchez
Maria Sanchez Vor 10 Tage
The video at bad
Nicolas Hanna
Nicolas Hanna Vor 10 Tage
Yup for the question of the day
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 11 Tage
I subbed and notificationed
Maritza Fuentes
Maritza Fuentes Vor 11 Tage
Abe Carson
Abe Carson Vor 11 Tage
I love this season its really fun and got a lot of dubs or victory royals like 20/25 some are solos and dues
Brittany Dycus
Brittany Dycus Vor 12 Tage
Chapter 2 is amazing with Halloween and u can carry people it is so amazing btw if I win the is my username tofreshlando
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 12 Tage
Who else eats food like if u do Reply if u don’t...
Bashy Bush
Bashy Bush Vor 12 Tage
Yup i love season 1 chapter 2
jake rees
jake rees Vor 12 Tage
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 13 Tage
wow the like button work xd 100
DaMiyah Davis
DaMiyah Davis Vor 13 Tage
yes i am
Braylon Grimes
Braylon Grimes Vor 15 Tage
Omg is this video a joke?
Azzy Depressed
Azzy Depressed Vor 16 Tage
Local Fishing
Local Fishing Vor 16 Tage
Juan Torres
Juan Torres Vor 16 Tage
Love chapter 2 season 1
Carlos Parral
Carlos Parral Vor 17 Tage
I’m enjoying chapter 2
Marcos Nogueira
Marcos Nogueira Vor 17 Tage
Rodolfo Mejicanos
Rodolfo Mejicanos Vor 17 Tage
Max Weekley
Max Weekley Vor 17 Tage
Chapter 2 season 1 is the best and im enjoying if anyone wanna play my name is FORTSIBUILD101
Jeremiah Coty
Jeremiah Coty Vor 17 Tage
everyone is a bot
Preston Voulo
Preston Voulo Vor 17 Tage
Ruby Fakhoury
Ruby Fakhoury Vor 17 Tage
Oh this season is legit the best season
Ethan Service
Ethan Service Vor 17 Tage
H_ YTD Vor 17 Tage
this season is cool
Mikkel Ruggaard Glerup
I love charter 2 and Thisted video
Chad Schmidt
Chad Schmidt Vor 18 Tage
I subbed
Johnnie Wiggins
Johnnie Wiggins Vor 18 Tage
Yeah I love Fortnite 2 it’s so funny I like how you can carry your teammates and Emmy players
mohamed aly
mohamed aly Vor 18 Tage
Yes of course
yusufaslal playz
yusufaslal playz Vor 18 Tage
Герасим Иванов
I do enjoy it very much
Yoyo Vor 19 Tage
I like this New version of the game
Ali Khanjar
Ali Khanjar Vor 19 Tage
Miguel Galandriel
Miguel Galandriel Vor 19 Tage
Loving it
xXGacha**WolfieXx EDITS
Yes I love it
Datley Stewart
Datley Stewart Vor 20 Tage
Jalynn Flores
Jalynn Flores Vor 20 Tage
I am really Injoying it
Amanda Young
Amanda Young Vor 20 Tage
Amanda Young
Amanda Young Vor 20 Tage
Williams Quiroz
Williams Quiroz Vor 20 Tage
I lo ve it
Dylan Leys
Dylan Leys Vor 20 Tage
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