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Funkisode 20 with the mini scooter where kids and pros toss tricks like frontflips backflips and more. So many kids fail and bail because the mini scooter is so hard to ride at first, after acclimating you'll love riding the small scooter! Started off in the forest with Corey, the kids rode the park Corey filmed Owen Carter destroying the quarter! Corey eats 4lbs of watermelon meanwhile back at monster Capron films a kids first time at a skatepark with a BMX and he back flipped the same day, he nearly knocked himself out from the bike falling on him. Capron put the mini scoot together and Owen Carter landed the worlds second mini scooter front flip (first was done by Dan Lornie) very proud of him. After that nearly 40 kids tried the mini scoot so many crashed but they all got back up and thats what skateparks teach you! Ending the day on how much I play Pump BMX 3 after editing im sure you guys relate. Thanks Monster for having us.
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MONSTER: instagram.com/monsterskatepark
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3 Okt 2016

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Nayai Alfonso
Nayai Alfonso Vor 9 Tage
At 0:12 it doesn't sound right
Gman & Noah's aventures g
i know owen
JOEL yates
JOEL yates Vor 10 Monate
I live in Australia and my name is Joel
TheKIDGamer // MohammadPlayz
I went there yesterday
Adam Denomme
Adam Denomme Vor year
I want to ride the mini scooter but I live in brockville Ontario Canada
I need help on a tailwhip
Paige Severin
Paige Severin Vor year
You guys are so skilled
K P Vor year
MINI scooter
Luke’s Supa awsome gaming
How do u double wip
Christine Stephen
I need to learn how to tail whip
Mavryck Mathes
I mean I would love to read the mini scooter please bring it to the la Vern skate park
Mavryck Mathes
I would love to ride the middle school please bring it to Lavern skate park
Grant Stevenson
Slipping montage
ITS TEDOO Vor year
Totally want to ride the mini scoot
Jonathan Trelles
his hand look ducked up 7:27
Jesse Cutler
Jesse Cutler Vor year
I already have a mini scoot
Sam hunter_1
Sam hunter_1 Vor year
How many people live in Australia and watch funk bros? I am in Australia
Trez Cook
Trez Cook Vor year
my notifications are on so I get your videos to me every day
boofuls76 Vor year
That's so cool I like every vid😀😄😄😄
Zippo0024 Games
you should come to salt lake
The Nice gamer
I won't to ride the mine scoot
How do you do backflip
Casey Flett
Casey Flett Vor year
My scooter bars snapped today so now I have nothing to do
Callum Harrison
what is that game cold
Isaac Carter
Isaac Carter Vor year
I need help with a tail whip and everyone says I suck and need to quit
Chris Avis
Chris Avis Vor year
how do you get a you tube channel
neweysmithmedia Newey
He should not McFlip because he hasn't failed a McFlip yet and he will on a mini scoot and it would take 2 or 3 try's and he has to keep up the McFlip streak
Eli Woody
Eli Woody Vor 2 years
come to morris al
Son1 Fluitt
Son1 Fluitt Vor 2 years
how did u get hurt
Mandy Rowell
Mandy Rowell Vor 2 years
how do you do a flip on a scooter
Heather Benavides
Heather Benavides Vor 2 years
how to do a flare
Mr.fortnite kills
Mr.fortnite kills Vor 2 years
do u pay to ride in scooter zone
Scoot Alive
Scoot Alive Vor 2 years
Yeah. Boy give me a shot
AllNolan05 Vor 2 years
how do you tailwhip
Dcjacko Vor 2 years
what skatepark is that?
Tyler Watt
Tyler Watt Vor 2 years
Come to the skatepark in Hamilton
Drey Chamberlin
Drey Chamberlin Vor 2 years
funkbros are the best you are the best scooter Ridder's ever!!!!!!
Kenzo Vor 2 years
Hey Corey I want to learn how to barspin and tailwhip but I can't do it. Can you give me some advice
Peter Asprey
Peter Asprey Vor 2 years
me to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maja Musioł
Maja Musioł Vor 2 years
XNovaStorm Vor 2 years
I need to learn how to talewhip.i started scooters because of you guys!
Tucker Brooks
Tucker Brooks Vor 2 years
I want to ride it real bad but I live in canada
paul _shore
paul _shore Vor 2 years
corey I need help doing a tail wip so can you send me some tips on Twitter or comment tip on my chanel at paulbro vlogs
Tawk Sick
Tawk Sick Vor 2 years
the guy talking to future Caperon had such perfect teeth
Modz 69 Henderson
Modz 69 Henderson Vor 2 years
I got an mini scooter
T S Vor 2 years
Funk Bros how do you do a tailwhip
Luke Streams
Luke Streams Vor 2 years
come to Huntsville Alabama
Jack 8686
Jack 8686 Vor 2 years
A grind
Conner Robinson
Conner Robinson Vor 2 years
how do you do a flare
Nick Winge
Nick Winge Vor 2 years
Come to Stephen MN tell tanner fox to too you are my fav DE-vidr
scottxstead Vor 2 years
corey funk how do you backflip over a box
Shand Vor 2 years
STM201 Vor 2 years
came to gisborne new Zealand and bring the mini scooter
danTDM Andrew
danTDM Andrew Vor 2 years
I do
Charlie Druce
Charlie Druce Vor 2 years
I won't to ride and could you came to England because I love u and u made me love ridding even though I've got a brain timer
The funk Bro
The funk Bro Vor 2 years
Hey funk bros come to southborn in engalnd
Felix Gow
Felix Gow Vor 2 years
Corey how do you bri flip
lightning boi
lightning boi Vor 2 years
The mini scoot looks like the hardest scooter to ever ride, I want to try, but I live in canada I went to calgary and saw you guys but i was busy and could nit say hi, but next time! i promise
Mikaera Aurupa
Mikaera Aurupa Vor 2 years
I want a ride
13,289,094 views Vor 2 years
Come to St. Louis plz
joseph mcmahon
joseph mcmahon Vor 2 years
My friend was in this video saying " oh my gosh oh my gosh"
Daniel de Blois
Daniel de Blois Vor 2 years
bring it to Whitby plz😊😊😊😊😊😊
Walid kopiekop
Walid kopiekop Vor 2 years
Hi funk bros i wil you kom with the miniscooter too belgium pleas tear is a grand skarepark
Finn Lecky
Finn Lecky Vor 2 years
Knighton Mckinnon
Knighton Mckinnon Vor 2 years
i do i live in vancouver bc canada
Tusky Gamer
Tusky Gamer Vor 2 years
How do u bri flip
Thewaterspirit57 Vor 2 years
The birth of the MINI SCOOTS!
Thewaterspirit57 Vor 2 years
ava Butler 101
ava Butler 101 Vor 2 years
my name is Evan I live in ok Lawton and I'm big fan I hope you come here no youtubers ever come here oh and also I want to ride the mini scoot
Arnas Jancaitis
Arnas Jancaitis Vor 2 years
Like and get 1000 🤑 Sud get a iPhone 5 📱 Like and sud meet ROMANATWOOD OR TANNER FOX 🐺 OR MEET FUNKBROS
Leslie and angel show
yall are awsome
Mekong3 Vor 2 years
those kids got more stickers on their helmets than a macbook pro on a college campus
Max XxtubexX
Max XxtubexX Vor 2 years
please come to germany gießen skatepark
Collier buffington
Collier buffington Vor 2 years
of course
Rene Van der kuil
Rene Van der kuil Vor 2 years
merelin 😅😚😎💜💜💜💜💖💖💗💗💟🕶🤘🖒🐱🐶🏰
Becksup1 Vor 2 years
Teach me how to Dougie And Mick flip
Bec Bec
Bec Bec Vor 2 years
Am in astralea
Bec Bec
Bec Bec Vor 2 years
Gustav Van Hees
Gustav Van Hees Vor 2 years
i wand to but i live in the eu = belguim
Connorlink64 Vor 2 years
you probably couldn't bring the mini scooter to me because I live in Norwalk Ohio and I don't think you do I'm saying this to Funk Bros
Cauy Betony
Cauy Betony Vor 2 years
Come to Tuba City, AZ
Oscar Silva
Oscar Silva Vor 2 years
whats the song called in 0:37
Carson Willis27
Carson Willis27 Vor 2 years
EnderPlayzMc Vor 2 years
I want to Ride the miny scooter
BigC 123236
BigC 123236 Vor 2 years
I'm a beginner how do you tail whip anyone
WK King
WK King Vor 2 years
Come to Australia again
Juanito Gonzalez
Juanito Gonzalez Vor 2 years
I just laned a 360 bar spin
ItsPixieCraft Vor 2 years
i want to ride the mini scooter
Tomas Bikers
Tomas Bikers Vor 2 years
Luci Knight
Luci Knight Vor 2 years
Team JEOE Vor 2 years
come to Bentham skat parck
SCOOTER MEN Vor 2 years
XxSuperGunnaxX Vor 2 years
Yes you should do the Iflip
MR. Scrafty
MR. Scrafty Vor 2 years
i want to have the mini scoot so bad!!!
james mobbs
james mobbs Vor 2 years
LvAndvy YT
LvAndvy YT Vor 2 years
bring it to mansfield skatepark Fisher lane
guzmang71 Vor 2 years
I love you guys
xDsedex Vor 2 years
I want to ride it im living in sweden
James Greenwood
James Greenwood Vor 2 years
I am struggling to whip could u dm me on insta James_greenwood0
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