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30 Nov 2021



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DreamGang Vor year
Every song in this video is going to be on the billboards
GIO Vor year
First Last
First Last Vor year
S h o t t a
S h o t t a Vor year
@Kingwithout throne77 :/
ThePlanantAnt Vor year
RDC really is something special man, they’re a one of a kind group
Adin Andrei C. Villanueva
Been their fan since 2015 and bro,im not even part of the group nor I saw them once but im so happy they getting the attention they deserve bruh. They hella underrated im not even playin.
Susana Brewster
RetroGames y Mas!
They are family
GunsNGames248 Vor year
it's crazy cause it's other people that think like this. this normal to me how we grew up
misterhouse Vor year
Best friends turned brothers
Jal Vor year
"I went from rags to riches" "Nyah!" 🤣💀
BrunoTheWeeb Vor year
Unexpected, but a welcome surprise nonetheless.
Aye Eye
Aye Eye Vor year
Ayooo 🤣
DaReoCharmer Vor year
12:41 I’m crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ya boi Tombuto
Ya boi Tombuto Vor 9 Monate
god tier ad lib
Bitumen Road
Bitumen Road Vor year
1:52 "Can I rap???" "Nah bro" If only some rappers have true friends like that 😂😂
🤣🤣🤣 they be saying yeah for they can drop a bag they sold soul for on them
Samuel Kim
Samuel Kim Vor 8 Monate
This is why we have so many bad rappers in the mainstream smh.
EJ Vor 7 Monate
@Samuel Kim well the reason they’re mainstream obviously means millions stream their music so 💀
Big Poppa
Big Poppa Vor year
If Kendrick lived in my neighborhood i would doing the same shit everytime I saw him. We need you bro.
AY instrumentals
"New flows coming; be patient brother."
Ronnie Houston
Facts 😂
junior nyembe
junior nyembe Vor year
and he releasing in May 2022
!??! Vor year
He just released so I guess whatever you did worked lol
Nigerundayo Vor year
Well today's the day man
Ryan Hopkins
Ryan Hopkins Vor year
Craig Chapman
Craig Chapman Vor year
Mark: "In the fast lane!!" Desmond: "MMMMMMMMMM" 🤣🤣🤣
R.E.V.O Vor year
BOOM!!! 😂😂😂
KingCrypn Vor year
Jig Frm 1300 swear😭😭
The Last Stop
The Last Stop Vor 10 Monate
Car Hawara
Car Hawara Vor 9 Monate
Love how he upshifts
Mack Alcime
Mack Alcime Vor year
This the first time I seen “How Hood Rappers be Making Love Songs” and I been laughing for 20 minutes. So damn accurate. These boys are legends fr
Faze RICH Vor 8 Monate
E A Vor 8 Monate
Fr. Reminds me of Take da charge by project pat
Plugg Exhibit
Plugg Exhibit Vor 4 Monate
same 😭😭
timbo Squeeze
timbo Squeeze Vor 3 Monate
Listen to rxk nephew i love my girlfriend
S Reni
S Reni Vor year
Leland with his "Nyah" adlib gets me everytime 😂😂😂😂
Hector Juarez
Hector Juarez Vor 10 Monate
"gotta work 12 hours at a factory to makes ends meet" noooo this is my life right now
Jason Anno
Jason Anno Vor 8 Monate
You need drake to come save you
PROD. BY LVW LEE Vor 2 Monate
Mine too 😭
Produced by 3AM
Produced by 3AM Vor 2 Monate
12 hours but 3 days off a week not bad
Terrydon Vor year
6:08 he lowkey Killed that adlib tho😂
Emmanuel Kissi
I been laughing since bro
Raissa Lyles
Raissa Lyles Vor year
He got the heeeaatt, stay in the streeehht 🤣🤣 pow key he was a vibe 🤷🏽‍♀️
The Real's A&R
That was sick 😂🔥
back up doughboi
back up doughboi Vor 8 Monate
Mann Muzo
Mann Muzo Vor 7 Monate
EEEEeeeeh ... YEAHHHH... OOO-oO-Hooo He got the Heeeeeh! 🔥
Alexander Thurmond
Lol how they film this with such straight faces all the time is beyond me. I know they gotta be making each other crack up and do different takes. This friendship is so genuine, when they make it big they will look back on these videos and enjoy these days so much
MrGUnit27 Vor year
I love they always cast Leland as the rapper who always gets in trouble and Desmond as the rapper who's just straight up trash 🤣
KrayzieMofoGuy Vor 8 Monate
To be fair to Desmond, he was the least trash at the adlibs out of the 3 who tried 😂
MrGUnit27 Vor 8 Monate
@KrayzieMofoGuy I don't know about that. Aff's Gregorian chant vocals were pretty sick 😂
KrayzieMofoGuy Vor 8 Monate
@MrGUnit27 🤣🤣 true true
Dante LAN-I-ER
"I DON'T F*CK WIT NONE UH DAT!" Best chant of all time 😂😂😂
Domo Vor year
😭😭😭😭shiiii had me crying
mixtape weezy
mixtape weezy Vor 2 Monate
He asked how he was cancelled. Lol. That lgbt line is what did it fsm. 😂
Kaye Dee Capers
Kaye Dee Capers Vor 10 Monate
@4:12-6:20😂😂. I was dying the whole time they were in the studio. His raps and the ad libs are hilarious! 😂
Nikhil G.
Nikhil G. Vor year
“Dirk…I mean Luka…DONCIC” adlib was hilarious🤣
Donavan Randall
This shit had me smiling so much my cheeks hurt after I watched it. The ad-libs had me cryin.
teggy Vor year
so we not gonna act like that first adlib at 5:43 was fire as hell and on beat
Jason Anno
Jason Anno Vor 8 Monate
That vroom shit is fire
Justin Shivrattan
"Bro I wanna be a rapper" Me in my head: "I already know where this is going"
Gregory Cook
Gregory Cook Vor year
One of the most romantic rap songs I ever heard.
Primal Love
Primal Love Vor year
It really was, tbh. For people who really live like that. You want someone loyal who can take the heat. Love ain't always pretty.
Gregory Cook
Gregory Cook Vor year
@Primal Love that sounds ridiculous.
Squeeze my cheese
Squeeze my cheese Vor 11 Monate
@Primal Love not romantic for the person getting the short end of the stick.
“Idk why I keep running into you” 😂😂😂
Midwest Krazy83 Turner
UFC highlights
UFC highlights Vor 4 Monate
Rojo TrueShinobi
My condolences to all the fellow real musicians, rappers, and composers, who no longer tell people your dream of creating good music because every nigga wanna be a rapper now 😭😂
Jo3y 💎 Diamond
Ye fr tho it's bullshit
M I C H A E L 💫
Right 😒 I’m all for getting money but man it’s deeper than money for us, it’s a passion & love….
Ten Thousand Locusts
@M I C H A E L 💫 uhuh
Mauzzy Vor year
@M I C H A E L 💫 faxxxxxxx
AudioGAWD Vor year
The reason this is my second and gaming DE-vid page lol
Milton Mitchell
When ol boy was having the thoughts bout his homie becoming a rapper was on point and hilarious
firecomesoutofme Vor 9 Monate
right... I had a few friends who thought that they were rappers who ended up like he predicted 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
somethingawesome14 Vor 5 Monate
That’s most of my hs classmates when they graduated.
KB Cheeseball
KB Cheeseball Vor year
6:09 LOL this had me dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lowkey was 🔥
Gym Winning
Gym Winning Vor year
He really going off though 😂😂
I had to rewind the next few minutes! 😂😂😂
Free slime
Free slime Vor year
The rap compilations always have me rollin🤣
Joe Strozewski
"Wake up go back to sleep. I'm a bum"🤣🤣
Anthony McNeil
Anthony McNeil Vor 11 Monate
"Drake come say me!!!!"
Na Na
Na Na Vor 8 Monate
@Anthony McNeil Come SAVE me
Z-D!zzy Vor year
If all of RDC made a song I would listen to it back tot back
Æilert Argenthorne
Aren't you lucky?
Keion Adams
Keion Adams Vor year
They have made a song
Sharron Denice
They really are talented, their facial expressions are everything. The tall light skin guy is the father of facial expressions he should start a training camp for actors lol
T Burgle
T Burgle Vor year
“If we keep it a buck, he really wasn’t talking about nothing.” 😂😂😂
The Rapper agent raging is hilarious LMAO
Clayton Scott
Clayton Scott Vor year
bro when leland was doing add libs with mark i just lost it.
Lenard Newson
Lenard Newson Vor year
My name is Leland lol
V3LDE Vor year
@Lenard Newson that shit say Lenard
Laya Renaè
Laya Renaè Vor year
@V3LDE 😂😂😂
Hippie Seven
Hippie Seven Vor 10 Monate
Son of Man!!
Son of Man!! Vor year
Them adlibs had me crying 😂😂 DIRK...oh dirk dont play for them no more.
Michael Bruce
Michael Bruce Vor year
Ben's face @4:56 😂😂😂
Tarhia Moore
Tarhia Moore Vor year
Bruuuhh so far this is the best RDC comp I’ve ever seen, I can watch this over and over and over …. And over 🔥 🔥 🔥
Uchiha_Reggie Vor year
Drake come save MEEEE💀💀
Tyrone Davison
Tyrone Davison Vor 2 Monate
I LI-TE-RA-LLY spit my water out at "Back in this bih"😂😂😂
5uper_Breezy Vor year
Feeling personally attack for working my factory 12hr shifts pursuing my rap career 😂
Gseric47 Vor year
*'You can get hit---with a cane!--"* 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Indiewolf Vor 11 Monate
The streets been real quiet since Dez dropped his new shit
Domo Vor year
13:27 had me in tears 😭😭😭😭😭
XTwixterrX Vor year
When he said “The LGBT? MAN NONE OF THAT”
Kwanele Sosibo
“All charges up call me static shock”
Justmeduhh Vor year
Hard fr fr🌚😭
Scottie L Bee
Scottie L Bee Vor year
That was the exact moment his hating hit the peak lmao..
Tz Nara
Tz Nara Vor year
ScreamDemonX Vor year
Are we gonna forget the fact that Mark really dressed up in a tuxedo for this?
alvin mitchell
These brothers should not ever break up. It will be comedy heartbreak if they do.
Emmanuel Hernandez
“Ball like the mavericks” “DIRK” 😂😂😂😂😂
drefrmda 7
drefrmda 7 Vor year
I ain't gone lie these skits funny asf I'm over here crying laughin 🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Christopher
“Can I rap?” “Nah, bruh” 😂😂😂
CL Anderson
CL Anderson Vor 11 Monate
Damn I wish I had a team like this
Slimmy Tha Hippy
Slimmy Tha Hippy Vor 11 Monate
That "get over here" always get me 😂😂
Aliyah Harvey
Aliyah Harvey Vor year
The song "if you really down" to the females will have me laughing out of nowhere when nothing going on around me is even funny 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 this shit hurt💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣
It’s reminds me of fuck yo nigga by king Von💀
Aliyah Harvey
Aliyah Harvey Vor year
RetroGames y Mas!
Eminem needs 9 hours to get a good verse and he is a pro... This man just needs 20 minuts. Hahahahah
Zer0 F
Zer0 F Vor year
Not true he could freestyle to just not all the time but u know people like juice, trippie, young thug, Harry Mack, lil Uzi could really freestyle off the top like nothing
RetroGames y Mas!
@Zer0 F yes.. Anyone can freestyle easy but not a freestyle who anyone likes and do a song of it.
tbmjj9 Vor year
@Zer0 F please don’t tell me you actually think he was being serious
Pablo Escabar
Pablo Escabar Vor 11 Monate
Stop it...
Swae Vor year
The engine adlib had me dead 😂
YoungXvader Vor year
That second one was funny asf legit had me dying😂😂😂
back up doughboi
back up doughboi Vor 8 Monate
6:51 greatest bars ever produced
The Skateboarder Behind the slaughter
5:43 had me dead lmao
Danni Boo
Danni Boo Vor year
Aff had me crying lol
Kamo Flauge
Kamo Flauge Vor 20 Tage
The way leland does the adlibs got me weak ash😂
g_bxbbie Vor 4 Monate
aff with that temple chant had me crying 😭😭😭 “oOoOoOh hE gOt tHe hEeEEeEeeEaAaAt”
ANJR Vor year
The adlib one is one of the best skits of all time
Tom Ato
Tom Ato Vor year
I love the rap skits in part bcuz the verses lowkey catchy
Daily Unfairness
I'm surprised nobody mention how dat boy ate that starting at 9:00 🔥🔥😭😭😭
2:35 got me crying the way they hyped him
Etrocy Vor year
“I ain’t talking no bitch fits , but u can get hit bitch” Is kinda hard ngl
Reginald Short
That lawyer bit was the funniest. How they get you on camera in 4k? 🤔😳🙂😀😃😄😂🤣
Joshua Dennis
Joshua Dennis Vor year
These dudes are lowkey funnier than every comwedian ive watched , funnier than dave chappel , funnier than keven hart , funnier the damn kat williams , dudes are underated as hell
NotQuelo Vor 2 Monate
That "Damn Nigga you happy asf!" Get me everytime 🤣🤣🤣
Zach Knight
Zach Knight Vor 9 Monate
The amount of memes this crew creates too is impressive
Mahamoud Sugal
"Drake come save me!!!" 🤣🤣🤣
Troubie Doobie-Doo
Troubie Doobie-Doo Vor 8 Monate
Desmond & Leland with the ad libs got me cryin’! 😂😂😂
Lamahle Magagula
0:34 that bar was lowkey fire 🔥
Anthony McNeil
I know he was hurt went he got out rapped...his friends were real tho by coming to his side and saying the other rappers verse wasn't that good. Real friends right there.
Paranoia Keeps Me Wake
Nah. Real friends keep it a buck and be like, "Dog you got upstaged you gone have to come harder." Don't lie to me to spare my feelings
Lotion Young
Lotion Young Vor year
@Paranoia Keeps Me Wake I agree
Raissa Lyles
Raissa Lyles Vor year
Nah that’s not real friends real friends tell you the truth and push you to become better not put others down to seem better 💯💯💯🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Kevin Jennings
Kevin Jennings Vor 8 Monate
3:50 is the best part 😂😂 “they gonna struggle in life”
Elijah Glover
Elijah Glover Vor year
Why no one talking about mark going hard on that beat 4:13
Erik Sutton
Erik Sutton Vor year
I was dying 😭
Nine Dots
Nine Dots Vor year
Cause he wasn’t lmao shit was just funny 😂😂
Elijah Glover
Elijah Glover Vor year
@Erik Sutton omm lol
Elijah Glover
Elijah Glover Vor year
@Nine Dots Lmaoo😂
J-LEZ Vor year
5:58 this was the funniest shit ever
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 Vor 8 Monate
9:22 I’ll give you all my money to make this a real full length song!
Ronnie Houston
"Look chain, chain, new car, new car!" 😂😂😂
Carl Vargas
Carl Vargas Vor year
The adlib one gets me everytime 😂😂😂
JayD Vor year
6:08 was killing me🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rae Lauren McCoy
Lmao! The laugh I needed today!
Aye Eye
Aye Eye Vor year
Desmond is the God Tier hypeman !!
Vincent Phillips
The mic caught all the yelling 😂😂😂😂😂
Cody RileyWilliams
Cody RileyWilliams Vor 7 Monate
this shit spot on 🤣🤣
joe smith
joe smith Vor year
The kids look at 4:58 is priceless....
bbqnice1 Vor 8 Monate
the romantic hood rap is phenomenal
A&N News & Reviews
A&N News & Reviews Vor 2 Monate
Imma need Aff 1st single on the billboard to ft Drake and J Cole. Much promo as they do for them ! 😂
Cesar Leo
Cesar Leo Vor year
KayDubb Vor 4 Monate
Bruh…..when he was like “come harder??? Wym come harder that verse took me a long time….took me like 20 min” 😂😂😂😂
Cody Moore
Cody Moore Vor 8 Monate
This some hood fun, I love this stuff!
Justin's Den
Justin's Den Vor 8 Monate
Love these skits 😂
Rishi Gandhi
Rishi Gandhi Vor 11 Monate
“I don’t know why I keep running into you” 😭 🤣
A.C.E Vor 7 Monate
every skit is literally me fr. 😅😂
Foxx Vor year
6:09 aff had me dying
weonfw3 Vor year
Mane I died of laughter def needed this
Thee OG Kush
Thee OG Kush Vor year
RDCWorld 1 doing special freestyle beats x7 .Rdcworld1 should make a music album of their own and produce music like this. I love their freestyle
Niino 2020Free
13:03 "I'm back in this bitch, I'm back in this bitch. Rap it up" 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Andrew Galvan
Andrew Galvan Vor year
You guys are fucking life lol I love all you hahaha straight up comedy
STB CURT Vor year
As a producer when ouu boy started harmonizing the adlibs on a rap verse 🤣💀⚰️
Yungwockheart Vor 8 Monate
Bruh the Ben chorus is goated 🐐 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥
Spider-Man Vor 3 Monate
The hood rapper making love songs is so fucken hilarious man. No one is talking about it enough.
thehotboy005 Vor year
Lmao the short song skit killed me lmao
Kevin Lawrence
What in DaBaby...!?! Bro! That last skit had me dying my fucking sides hurt! 😭
TheReal KO
TheReal KO Vor 3 Monate
I remember being questioned by authorities when I was in a bad time of my life . But they had me on camera with drugs and weapons and showed me videos & I was tellin em straight up it wasn’t me but I was wearing the same knicks jersey I was wearing in person 😂
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 Vor year
9:22 that was liquidate fire! That needs to be a real song.
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