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Gabriel Iglesias is one of the fastest rising comics today! With his unique brand of humor, loveable stage presence and a wide range of voices and impressions, it's no wonder he became an instant favorite on "Last Comic Standing". Gabriel Iglesias blends storytelling, sound effects and characters to bring his personal issues to life, riffing about his oversized belly, road trips with friends and how he comes up with new material.



21 Jul 2017



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way shock07
way shock07 Vor 6 Stunden
He was a here a second ago I don't know where he went. Exscuse me what? Me drive? A hell no I'm fucked up 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
TheSilverHand 362
TheSilverHand 362 Vor 12 Stunden
4:12 "Aw, hell, yeah man"
A Doctor
A Doctor Vor 14 Stunden
Which of the levels are you? I think I’m a big or a healthy
Isaias E Ayala
5:30 my favorite part
Katie Runnels
Katie Runnels Vor 4 Tage
We love to meet you Fluffy 😍😘💞💕💗💖.
Alexandra Delliou
2020: 2797
Elijah Collins
Elijah Collins Vor 6 Tage
He's slowly replacing the other comedians lol
Aloyus Knight
Aloyus Knight Vor 6 Tage
You could really take advantage of being a fluffy guy in a Hawaiian shirt in the ghetto because, you could be a drug dealer & no one suspect you were up to anything.
Just Ty
Just Ty Vor 7 Tage
It was Scottish u were doing
Reginald lee Jackson
Fuffy your awesome
Grassy Dirt
Grassy Dirt Vor 8 Tage
10:17 This is my most favorite scene
edocc Vor 8 Tage
really offended about the Shrek joke ;(
Nick Vargas Arias
Nick Vargas Arias Vor 11 Tage
Bro, I actually called and it happened, except for the Spanish, it said that my friend was a bit crazy
Nicole Morales
Nicole Morales Vor 11 Tage
Best comedian ever
Alvie Valle
Alvie Valle Vor 12 Tage
15:59 I'm still wondering how he beatboxes like that
lagginggames gaming
I am just wondering which president did he impersonate there?
World Wide Patriots
So, any jokes? Or just silly voices and noises? Wtf this dude is shit.
dellanda meyers
dellanda meyers Vor 13 Tage
Fluffy thank you so much you take me from my dark place to good place thank you soo much for what you do need those laughs from the great jokes love you so much mental illness is hard but I watch you and I forget about my crap
Julie Antunez
Julie Antunez Vor 14 Tage
What a wonderful way to spend my quarantine , correction the best way
Rebeca Cuellar
Rebeca Cuellar Vor 14 Tage
7:56 levels of fatness
Bill Perron
Bill Perron Vor 14 Tage
40 Seconds that will make you laugh!!!! de-vid.com/video/video-R32DXz-6sJs.html
Brooke Doll
Brooke Doll Vor 15 Tage
I love you
Mercedes Stokes
Mercedes Stokes Vor 16 Tage
If you're reading this comment go like & subscribe to @Beestokesstyling for beauty, makeup, hair and more!!
Joyce Dunnell
Joyce Dunnell Vor 18 Tage
I would have loved to have gone to high school with this guy and to have a couple of classes with him. LOL
Greenville State FiveM
This man is the sound effect guy from police academy XD
Y U N G L X R D Vor 18 Tage
20:07 when u finally found out how to do it! 14:48 DONKEY
I am my higher self
This lady is a bad guy. I remember her deeds. Don't follow her command she's evil
Chris H
Chris H Vor 20 Tage
Who also is from Bakersfield
Jesse Garcia
Jesse Garcia Vor 21 Tag
I worked at the fox theater when I was liveing in Bakersfield a few times
Dakota Dirden
Dakota Dirden Vor 22 Tage
Sexual with a freaking doughnut lol
Ding Dong
Ding Dong Vor 23 Tage
The man is extremely likeable
Angie Solano
Angie Solano Vor 24 Tage
How his mom crackes him up is how he makes all of us laugh 😄😄😄
FuZz Vor 25 Tage
😂 Gabriel Is The Funniest I met him in real life and was nice
Captain Echo26
Captain Echo26 Vor 25 Tage
13:45 had me crying
Brian Lee • 81 years ago
Detroit Metro Airport Cars
He’s the best ever
Nisa Dume
Nisa Dume Vor 28 Tage
34:44 I know he's not talking specifically about our current President, but I must say that's accurate as hell
Gage Carpenter
Gage Carpenter Vor Monat
Susie Shuff
Susie Shuff Vor Monat
it is really easy to do that girl voice.
Blaise Wieber
Blaise Wieber Vor Monat
At 12:12 you can find the yankee with brim
Jules P.
Jules P. Vor Monat
what's the song name in the beginning???🥺
GeotheScot Vor Monat
Poor Irish accent because it’s Scottish shreds accent is Scottish ( Mike Myers parents are Scots
trisha erra
trisha erra Vor Monat
@GeotheScot it would give a great laugh for you guys cause its a bit off right? 😅 but for other people and other countries this would drop them laughing especially because it was a movie reference 😅
GeotheScot Vor Monat
@trisha erra I think he's great for a foreign comedian ( I'm Scottish - he's foreign) BUT the Irish accent was horrendous . but would b a half descent Scots 1 😂😂😂
trisha erra
trisha erra Vor Monat
Its a joke dude let 'em be 😉
Lily Val
Lily Val Vor Monat
I'm glad he lost a bit of weight as got a bit older for his health, etc I'm sure. Donkey. Lol Love it. Lol Croc guy, got stung by a Stab through by stingray. He was funny. Sexy Spanish commercial. Omg Pepsi. Lol mom joke. Lol the Krispy Kreme donut cop is so funny. His happy smiling eyes & personality is so good. Pikachu. Hochies. This guy is just #1 along with Jeff Dunnam. The rest watched on DE-vid, good, but not fave.
AcEofAcEs 145
AcEofAcEs 145 Vor Monat
at 12:11 what stage is that DAMN! or Fluffy
Demonic Chaos Overlord
george w bush is a saint compared to trumpy boy
Christian Martinez
luuk ovee thee a tiga!!!
gacha girl
gacha girl Vor Monat
I like the part were he said dont drink and drive because my mom died in a car wreck cause her driver was drunk so I missed an entire childhood with her
lord mAzerati
lord mAzerati Vor Monat
Rest in peace esther
Jaztin Torio
Jaztin Torio Vor Monat
This is what I realize about Gabriel He knew beatbox and thats AMAZING
Martin Duran
Martin Duran Vor Monat
And jazmin aguilar still ain’t shit
Xylon Barajas
Xylon Barajas Vor Monat
Be Beat
Be Beat Vor Monat
Evil Destroyer
Evil Destroyer Vor Monat
Why did Netflix take this off
Super sayian Goku
Gabriel: three years ago I bought a beetle, not even thinking *crowd laughing* Gabriel: thats not the joke shut up
Christian Landers
45:56 I swear these captions... 😑 Actually, just have captions on for the entire video.
Destiny Sta
Destiny Sta Vor Monat
39:53 low key that sorta sounded like Present Mic and I’m not upset 😂
Tony Trevino
Tony Trevino Vor Monat
5:23 *truck horn* ShuT uP stUpId...
Tony Trevino
Tony Trevino Vor Monat
43:10 Dun Dan! I came out
Tony Trevino
Tony Trevino Vor Monat
30:18 The best part
Tony Trevino
Tony Trevino Vor Monat
29:37 When the corner cuts me off and I want the whole room to smell like potato wedges
Tony Trevino
Tony Trevino Vor Monat
22:55 Oh my god! My family!
Tony Trevino
Tony Trevino Vor Monat
22:20 I see white people Synco de mayo wearing a serape walking a donkey with a sombrero. You dont look at them and go, "Hola amigo!" No! Your like "Hey Ted! Hi."
Beau Morris
Beau Morris Vor Monat
Trump is a vary good presidint
Maizy Paneitz
Maizy Paneitz Vor Monat
I was watching this and I was with my parents I was trying not to laugh and I swear...I almost passed out.
The_Spooky_Goth Vor Monat
Anyone else just wanna hug him 🧸
Francis Vaofanua
"I don't want to die tomorrow knowing I could've had a piece of cake tonight." ~Fluffy
The_ Rooster66
The_ Rooster66 Vor Monat
Crocodile hunter didn’t teach us about nature he taught us how to live
Aremanuel Brooks
He can make the most voice changes in the world I've ever seen I swear 2 Bob
Michael Kelley
Michael Kelley Vor Monat
When are you going to come to Jacksonville fl
Codi Stoddard-Courtright
I love Gabe Like if you are still waching this in 2020 👇👍
Yonael Vor Monat
Today I saw the funniest shit. Gabriel's Wikipedia page has this gem: "He is of Mexican heritage[citation needed]"
Yonael Vor Monat
Remember where Bush was considered the devil? I miss those days, they were simpler times.
Yonael Vor Monat
Hawaiians look like japanese mexicans IMO
Rowan Thomas
Rowan Thomas Vor Monat
Fluffy would kill it at being a dj
Cinnamon Toast Boi
“You can’t be hard and colorful” _some items would say otherwise_
Revolutionary Cinema Productions
30:20 i disagree. Steve Irwin taught me everything i knew about animals for years and years as a child until he died. Because of him, i love animals, he showed me even crocodiles, lions, tigers, etc., 'the blood thirsty monsters of nature', were beautiful, amazing animals that deserve just as much love and respect as any herbivore or omnivore. I was very young, but i learned the foundation of the knowledge we have on these animals. After he died, i carried on learning from many sources, but i only did that because Steve Irwin taught me so much about specific animals, as well as animals in general. I feel the most important thing he taught me was how great these animals are, and why we need to do everything we possibly can to maintain a healthy population for everything here, humans, animals plants etc., and the importance and significance of doing so. So i completely disagree with fluffy on that, Steve Irwin absolutely taught so many people, especially kids and young adults in my generation learned how and why to love animals, beyond just the standard biological facts which we also learned from him. At the very least the philosophical stance Steve Irwin had towards animals and conservation is so important, and he taught that to so many kids and people that there is no way to justify saying Steve didnt teach. But other than that, great stand up i havent laughed this hard in a long time, so i genuinely appreciate that, and even tho i disagree with that statement on Steve, the following joke about "Imma powke eht withah steck" (im gonna poke it with a stick **with an Australian accent**) lol so dont think im hatin, im a big fan and fluffy is one of my favorite comedians by far, and this is the only time i completely disagreed with something he said, but thats totally okay anyone can disagree and think what they want thats okay
Onyx Vor Monat
I see fluffy but where is hot??
tochki Vor Monat
All i want is TIME MACHINE
Isaac Sneyd
Isaac Sneyd Vor Monat
U should perform in the Michigan theater in Jackson Michigan
troglodyte Vor Monat
I do not get the donkey joke. Can someone explain?
Bloxerstar Vor Monat
10:34 when u sent a dick pic but ur girl sends you one back
JUSTINA Hoffman Vor Monat
I can't stop laughing every time I watch fluffy. Every video is so funny.
Penamino Tuia
Penamino Tuia Vor Monat
Daniel Larson
Daniel Larson Vor Monat
Very funny!
Jay and The sassy seamstress
Hey big fan of ya fluffy can you do a show at waterbro
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