Game of Thrones - How to Ruin a Great Show

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20 Mai 2019



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Cinema Playground
Cinema Playground Vor 5 Stunden
Game of Thrones anime would be swag
Bender C. Moriarti
Bender C. Moriarti Vor 9 Stunden
R+L=J wasnt predicted by dumb and dumber...it was a famous fan theory since 1 year after AGOT publishing.
Marquis Anderson
Twars1105 Vor Tag
it is fucking depressing somehow
Antonio Brooks
The first 3 episodes should’ve been the main cast coming together putting everything on the table, the middle 3 episodes should’ve seen the story twist with Dany going mad after gaining the Iron Throne, etc with the final 3-4 episodes seeing how the iron throne has corrupted her and turned her evil, had Jon killed her after all of that, it would’ve been a mire satisfying ending. Dany really could’ve been a great villain
Antonio Brooks
Fans and critics: we want to see all these have a well rounded character/story conclusion in season 8 D&D: reality can be often disappointing
Sophie Koch
Sophie Koch Vor 2 Tage
I will forever be pissed at the ending... Ngl I will probably never be able to see it all from the beginning again and that's so sad
HAZZARD Vor 2 Tage
This has got to be the greatest let down in any media related content of all time.
Arix Vor 3 Tage
you know what really WRINKLES MY BALLS?
Avril Tully
Avril Tully Vor 3 Tage
" he had so much death and subtlety to his character in the early seasons. the first thing he does is fuck his sister." I wheezed
birrdman928 Vor 5 Tage
This soap opera fucking sucks
Big Green
Big Green Vor 6 Tage
23:00. Brienne closes the book before the ink dries...
Lucy Matthews
Lucy Matthews Vor 6 Tage
the waste of r+l=j is the most infuriating for me because when they revealed that initially i lost my tiny fucking mind. and then. okay. incest. okay
Edriely Vor 7 Tage
This last season cost me several coffees in bets with my dad because we were trying to call how character arcs would end. End of the episode where Aria rode off on the horse I said "we aren't going to see her again. she's ridden off and the writers are going to leave her ending open, possibly for sequels" my dad said no. next episode, we freaking open on her, and where the hell did her horse even go? Before Jon's lineage was revealed to Dany I said "she's going to see that Jon is a threat and try and use her dragon to kill him, but because he's a dragon, he won't burn and will walk through the flames and kill her" Jon's lineage basically equated to a fucking footnote. was he a true dragon? We'll never know! I said alternatively Aria was going to be the one to kill Dany, that or Sansa, my dad said it would be jon, he won. I said, "without a doubt, Jamie is going to be the one to kill his sister. he's going to return to her, she's going to go to him with love and tears, and he's going to just quietly slide a dagger into her gut, and drop to the floor with her dying in his arms as he cries, whispering that he's sorry and that he loves her, because he did love her dearly, but knew it was for the best, because his sister was bat shit fucking nuts" how'd she die? building fell on her. and jamie, his arc went fucking nowhere. I mean I'm not crazy, am I? The show was indicating that these were at least fair directions they could go! It just really screwed the pooch. oh, and speaking of pooches! Why the hell did Nimeria's story go all kinds of nowhere? Why even let her live if she was going to wind up as a footnote of "well, some people saw some wolves...One was pretty big...in other news, how's the breadmaking business?" I mean sure, Aria saw her, for like half a second and then its NEVER mentioned.
Edriely Vor 7 Tage
Bran went from "Gee, I like this kid, he's pretty cool" to "Wait, who's this fucker again? You mean he's still HERE? WHY?" to "goddamn creepy motherfucker" and the latter? Not a compliment! He just creeped me the fuck out in the last season. Honestly, I wanted someone to kill that fucker off, and I Liked the kid in the first episode! Thought he was a fun little dude!
Louis Saucedo
Louis Saucedo Vor 7 Tage
"A dose of the dumb-dumb juice" I love it x'D
Andrew Colbert
Andrew Colbert Vor 8 Tage
Daenerys does not have a higher body count than Anakin Skywalker/ Darth Vadar his empires death star killed a whole planet
Just that Random guy
I knew this was going to happen back in season 2 so I never saw the rest.
KingpinPasta Vor 9 Tage
Anyone notice that he’s playing the Grim matchstick them from cuphead while Drogon is destroying kings landing. Nice touch.
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez Vor 9 Tage
1st season 👍 2nd season 👍 3rd season 👋 4th season 👌 5th season 👎 6th season 👎 7th season 👎 8th season 💩
Abbie Roberts
Abbie Roberts Vor 9 Tage
Better storyline would have been for Dany to get to the fight against the night king and become afraid of losing her dragons so to hold them back and let people die. Considering she spend her whole arc gaining her power this fear of losing it would have made sense in that moment. This would have turned people against her and actually create a reason for her to become a bad guy. Then John could have actually had time to try and bring her back but fail.
Devin Cheff
Devin Cheff Vor 12 Tage
Igor Ramos Peula
Igor Ramos Peula Vor 12 Tage
Sorry, but actually the Fullmetal Alchemist 2003 run out of manga to adapt in about the 4th episode, and still it's much better than Brotherhood. I like that they took their own way, and they did fantastically.
mr panda
mr panda Vor 13 Tage
When you go from sad to going to commit genocide
Justin Ornelas
Justin Ornelas Vor 13 Tage
If only this series had started 10 years ago, then I could blame it for ruining my childhood like all the cool kids do now
Danny Rodriguez
Danny Rodriguez Vor 14 Tage
Says that anakin has a lower body count Anakin who fucking blew up an planet full of innocent people
Iftekhar Sarkar
Iftekhar Sarkar Vor 14 Tage
It's October and I'm still watching this rant . It shows how much I hated it and still hate it.
Thomas RockBottom45
I don't really hate it, but this video explains in a good way, what went wrong!
Iam Cleaver
Iam Cleaver Vor 15 Tage
I personally didn't like the hordor reveal. It makes no sense and it opens a pandora's box of problems with causality and time travel. If you are going to include time travel, you need to thoroughly explain how it works. Y
Broke Trash
Broke Trash Vor 15 Tage
The soundtrack one of the few things good about season 8. The music is so great.
Awesome Welles
Awesome Welles Vor 15 Tage
BBB.......... Big Budget Bullshit
Tuszkki Vor 16 Tage
It's so sad to see how garbage the writing got. When they were following the books, characters felt real. When characters made mistakes, they were punished for it. But not in the later seasons. Using the original writing, every single character would be dead. The amount of mistakes they all make and all end up walking away fine.
Arctypeteryx Selihaverem
With Bran, a theory with his is that he was supposed to be the lord of light. with his time and space powers etc. that would have been cool AF....but they fucked it up.
yoonglepaws Vor 16 Tage
tbh I didn't really care about anyone but Jamie in the last season and ALL I WANTED WAS FOR HIM TO KILL CERSEI IT WOULD HAVE BEEN PERFECT BUT NO DUMB AND DUMBER HAD TO RUIN IT AND HAVE THEM BOTH KILLED BY FUCKING BRICKS YES I AM STILL MAD I mean he could have been a real life Zuko but no he bangs Brienne to realise character development apparently doesn't apply to him anymore and now my head canon will forever be that Jamie actually DID kill Cersei by stabbing her in the back, we just didn't see it bc stupid bricks were falling from the ceiling and blocked the view also I think it's kinda hilarious that Bran became king, he sat around for this whole season and got the worst of all nicknames with the same fucking facial expression, he's at a level of unbotheredness I aspire to reach in my life
bees in the what now?
“They ran outta books” pretty much sums it up.
Kirsten L
Kirsten L Vor 17 Tage
What happened to the prince that was promised?!
Ontos Vor 17 Tage
Nothing, it never went anywhere and wasnt important
Some guy With a name
Nice wandering ghosts is playing in the background
Vladimir Taylor
Vladimir Taylor Vor 18 Tage
Loved the Telltale Got music on the background. Iron from Ice!
If you ever read BERSERK, you’ll never give a shit about game of thrones.
dadankestmemays Vor 18 Tage
I felt that turning the page to a Dany chapter pain, man.
Ben Masta
Ben Masta Vor 19 Tage
who were these "people" who were telling you that season 7 would be great back when it first started? I think they had to be fictional. No one was excited for season 7 after season 6.
Jazz G
Jazz G Vor 19 Tage
So is Jaime pretty much Itachi?
LegoLiam1803 Vor 19 Tage
Cosmonaut: How many fantasy shows come close to the quality of GoT Me: Star Wars: The Clone Wars....Thats all I got.
Ontos Vor 17 Tage
@LegoLiam1803 hopefully
LegoLiam1803 Vor 17 Tage
@Ontos yes, but it shall be an epic one.
Ontos Vor 17 Tage
@LegoLiam1803 well yes but its actual ending isnt actually here yet
LegoLiam1803 Vor 17 Tage
@Ontos it is science fiction, yes. I am aware it is not of fantasy. But, it still had a batter ending, and comeback.
Ontos Vor 17 Tage
Thats not fantasy though?
Valdemar Jessen
Valdemar Jessen Vor 19 Tage
Is that castlevania music in the background?
Darian Olivares
Darian Olivares Vor 19 Tage
As bad as the ending was, season 5 was the worst season. My god I almost stopped watching
fmellark Vor 19 Tage
When I told my friends I was mad they wrote the white walkers off like it was no biggie, to go fight with Cersei as the LAST BATTLE in the fucking show they told me: oh, but this is GAME OF THRONES what matters is the politics of it. I almost kicked their asses, because NO, this is not all about politics, the fantasy is a big part of it, and the night king and the ww are important. They spent 8 fucking seasons saying "winter is coming, the long night is coming" so it came and it lasted ONE FUCKING EPISODE and it ended like it was no big deal at all. Arya SHANKING the nk was the dumbest shit I've ever seen in my life. If this show proved anything was that humans are shit, and humanity is always going to fuck everything up. So the perfect way to end this story would be this: battle against Cersei first. A lot of people die, main characters included. THEN comes the long night, the zombie army approaches. We let Jon and Bran fight against the NK because that has been part of their storyline since DAY ONE, it's their main purpose, not Arya's. And finally, we have our main characters (the ones still alive) fighting for the survivor of humanity, which is way more important than all the petty shit they were fighting for to begin with, and THEN we have the darkness covering everything, as the long night takes over, and the times for those humans end so a new and better world could begin. But no, instead we have the most boring character as king for no reason, they kill Dany horribly, and then sent off Jon to the wall because... why? WHY IS THERES A NEED FOR THE WALL IF THE ZOMBIES ARE GONE AND THE WILDLINGS ARE ON THE OTHER SIDE NOW? Nothing about this fuckin season made sense! IT WAS THE SHITTIEST FUCKING ENDING EVER! im still pissed.
fmellark Vor 19 Tage
Dumb and Dumber ruined one of the best shows ever, and still they want that Star Wars money... KEEP THESE FUCKERS AWAY FROM STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andrew Camden
Andrew Camden Vor 20 Tage
Dani was always evil. Remember the first season when she promised "our enemies will die screaming?" Don't you remember how she personally caused the destruction of the "sheep people" and then tired to salve her conscience by rescuing a couple of random women? Remember how when she was dealing with a guerrilla war, she just started torturing random people to death without having any idea of whether or not they were connected to the resistance? The ending was badly executed that is true but Dani's fall to the dark side was complete by the end of the first season. If you didn't notice that, it's just because like the mass murderers Churchill (who killed for million people in Bengal) and Stalin (who killed up to 2 million people) she was sometimes at war with the bad guys.
Everyday Cow
Everyday Cow Vor 20 Tage
“Got Batman on your payroll” lol
Popistan Iuliu
Popistan Iuliu Vor 20 Tage
"This is what's gonna happen to Daenerys by the end of the story". No, no. Absolutely not. What will happen to her is that she will be killed (most likely by Jon Snow). But it will come as a sacrifice. As a Fire and Blood sacrifice. Dany will certainly not become the new Night King or in Tyrion's words: "the biggest threat to the people now". No, no way.
Lukas Fields
Lukas Fields Vor 21 Tag
Dany’s arc is beautiful, its about the corruption of power. Her losing it when Westeros doesn’t like her because all of Essos did. She lost everything and had the power to make it different. There are disappointing parts about this season, it’s rushed and Dany’s arc should’ve taken more time. But every other character arc seems complete, and it isn’t written out word for word, it makes it cool for people who love the show that they get to think about how exactly what happened to them effected where they ended up. Bran’s arc sucks, and its wasted potential, Varys got the GOT treatment of getting completely erased for doing what’s right and it makes him seem like he is supposed to seem, the most intelligent man in westeros. I really liked the season, because it was all political and dialogue previously to set up this season, and now we got to watch it play out.
Aidan McGreenie
Aidan McGreenie Vor 21 Tag
too much fma shade in this game of thrones vid. I DEMAND AN FMA VIDEO!
Troy Garcia
Troy Garcia Vor 21 Tag
You mention the expectation inversion on revenge driven characters, and I think it's a bit of a disservice not to mention what happens to Cat due to her lust for vengeance. Though the spoiler warning may have just applied to the show so i understand.
Cathulhu Vor 21 Tag
Bran Stark = Sans from undertale
Pearse MacIntyre
Pearse MacIntyre Vor 21 Tag
Jaime should not have slept with Brienne. Shttered all the sublety in that situation
Kazu -kid
Kazu -kid Vor 23 Tage
In some stupid side thought I had I thought it was fitting that aria killed the night king as she killed 2 versions of death, kinda? Yea no I’m stupid
Dan Malka
Dan Malka Vor 23 Tage
Daenerys' fall to the dark side is indeed foreshadowed... In season 1 and 2. Then we forget about it for the entire rest of the show, which completely ruins the character's developement as a potential vilain. It's hella dumb.
Ontos Vor 17 Tage
Foreshadowing is not character development pal
Leigh Foulkes
Leigh Foulkes Vor 24 Tage
But the show sucked from the beginning.
Jay Polasek
Jay Polasek Vor 24 Tage
Gerard Collins
Gerard Collins Vor 25 Tage
What DA FUCK did you say to me ya little bitch! XD
Big guy 31601
Big guy 31601 Vor 25 Tage
"The Voltron series finale is Garbage!" GOT: step aside weakling
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