Game of Thrones | Season 8 Episode 2 | Preview (HBO)

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Death has many faces.
The final season of Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO.



15 Apr 2019



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Star Turtle
Star Turtle Vor 15 Minuten
My money's on Jorah and Greyworm being the first to die in the battle.
unlikeavirgin Vor 31 Minute
I want Cersei to be bitten in the neck by a white walker then torched by Drogon
Brandon Feagaimaalii
Brandon Feagaimaalii Vor 39 Minuten
I hate Danearys
corneliusperiscope Vor 41 Minute
Spoiler: Nothing will happen to Jaime at this "trial" as he's in another trailing where he is fighting in a battle so he will probably die there. Don't blame me for using logic, blame HBO for making bad trailers!
Shantel Toney
Shantel Toney Vor 50 Minuten
I like Daenerys but the woman is power hungry with an attitude like that you will never sit on the throne but then again maybe the night king will.🤣🤣🤣🤣
Lafken Wünelfe
Lafken Wünelfe Vor 57 Minuten
Here We Stand.
Sonik Uk
Sonik Uk Vor 58 Minuten
omg omg omg omg omg 😱
Bipradip Mandal
Bipradip Mandal Vor 59 Minuten
These previews are spoilers. Fuuuckk .
Rakan Khalid
Rakan Khalid Vor Stunde
Tyrion, hand of the looks.
kikiwest2001 Vor Stunde
Y’all know season 8 will be a disappointment right? They’re going to rush everything. Typically when shows announce their final season, the writing, acting all goes down the drain because they no longer need to be exceptional to get another season. Just look at the final season of shows like “break bad, true blood, sons of anarchy. All ended horribly.
Rácz Béla Rácz
Rácz Béla Rácz Vor 12 Minuten
not true at all but just stay negative
Decay Gaming
Decay Gaming Vor Stunde
Jamie is a hero, Bran knows precisely what happened he will speak for him
Joseph Leonard
Joseph Leonard Vor Stunde
i miss tywin lannister and petyr baelish and olenna tyrell and oberyn martell
Vivek Kalosiya
Vivek Kalosiya Vor Stunde
2000s is of harry potter 2010s is of GOT It may be possible 2020s will be of Avtar series
Григор Хачатрян
I get those goosebumps every time
Meghan Daniell
Meghan Daniell Vor Stunde
Who is here is also super excited but not emotionally ready for this episode, say aye
Janella Tanco
Janella Tanco Vor Stunde
Hmm. Sansa is very queen material at this point
DankerThaN You
DankerThaN You Vor Stunde
Finally the no balls dude kisses the dictionary
JIRH JennerIsRightHere
I like how Sansa can still “talk” back to Daenerys at the same time respecting her as her Queen. Daenerys is indeed setback by Sanaa’s confidence as shown in the part where Sansa says “you never should have either “
Flower S
Flower S Vor Stunde
Watch de-vid.com/video/video-HYrnGgNdn8M.html
R K Vor Stunde
Does season 8 contains Rhaeghar & Robert battle of trident
R K Vor Stunde
+sinnoboy0000 As Jon snow was son of Rhaeghar so, bran can tell him truth about his father's death
sinnoboy0000 Vor Stunde
R K no... why would it?
Eamon Nolan
Eamon Nolan Vor Stunde
Walking dead > GOT
Rácz Béla Rácz
Rácz Béla Rácz Vor 10 Minuten
how it feels like to have brain damage ?
sinnoboy0000 Vor Stunde
Eamon Nolan Don’t even joke around like that
OhJaney Vor Stunde
Ugh... that’s rich coming from Danny.
rreed12 Vor 2 Stunden
Jaime better do a speech like he did in the tub with Brienne explaining how he saved Kings Landing from certain destruction by Wildfire and how the mad king told him to bring him his father head. And how the relationship started between him and Ned Stark around a supposed first impression. If this does not happen the writers have done a disservice to the show and failed the character. This would allow Jaime redemption and if he could talk about how he served justice to Tyrion by letting an innocent man free this should sway the room.
W Vor 2 Stunden
At 0:10 the quick shot of Jaime looking at Bran with a panicked look on his face.. I wonder what Bran reveals to him
Sachin Kumar
Sachin Kumar Vor 2 Stunden
Jaqan H'gar = Rhaegar Targaryen!
Anton Zigando
Anton Zigando Vor 2 Stunden
i wish someone leaked the whole season already
Blue Nile
Blue Nile Vor 2 Stunden
subscribe plz
Bran: waiting for an old friend... *Jaime rocks up sees Bran, Bran sees Jaime... * Mind = BLOWN RIGHT UP
Rin Akatsuki
Rin Akatsuki Vor 2 Stunden
looks boring :/ I knew they would manage to make half the episodes boring af.
sandra Vor 2 Stunden
people bitching about danaerys' speech about jamie killing the mad king but y'all haven't even seen the full scene yet. who knows how it goes, she might turn it around admitting her father was a bad man the same way she did before. i'm curious how that scene goes tbh. and tbh that act of jamie's started what for her was the annihilation of her whole family and being a chased target of assassination her whole childhood and then some. cut some slack for her that she's not totally cool to meet him right off the bat. like jesus christ, what were people expecting she'd be like "oh hey, cool to see you here." plus it's not like she would be the first character who'd scorn the king slayer for said act, a shitton of people do that to him, it's part of his whole character story for the whole show. she wouldn't be the first.
Young Lotus
Young Lotus Vor 3 Stunden
They better not kill Jamie
Caius Postumius Turrinus
It seems the battle of Winterfell is about cersei launching a completely blazen attack on the North. Despite the white walker threat...
Alysa Neveah
Alysa Neveah Vor 3 Stunden
Download next episode free here www.gots8. ga Thank me later😊💟
Alysa Neveah
Alysa Neveah Vor 3 Stunden
Download next episode free here www.gots8. ga Thank me later😊💟
Vegan Peasant
Vegan Peasant Vor 3 Stunden
I stopped at season 5. I just couldn't deal with the gore.
Rácz Béla Rácz
Rácz Béla Rácz Vor 9 Minuten
Lol pussy
Kristel Olmedo
Kristel Olmedo Vor 3 Stunden
Game of thrones is becoming fanfiction... yes its hollywood... more fan service!
Rácz Béla Rácz
Rácz Béla Rácz Vor 8 Minuten
I don't like it anymore so therefore it's fanfiction, flawless logic
Robert Bullock
Robert Bullock Vor 3 Stunden
Arya's so young, and we dont even know if she'll live that long
Unnatural09 Vor 3 Stunden
Seems like Danny has short term memory loss, did she forgot what Barrister Selmy told her about her father's madness and how the rumours of him burning people were genuine.
EvanX86 Vor 3 Stunden
I keep seeing in my mind Jamie killing Cersei and saying "the things we do for love"
Miss Youtubebe
Miss Youtubebe Vor 3 Stunden
The trailer leads no clue
Kristel Olmedo
Kristel Olmedo Vor 3 Stunden
Can someone pls slap danearys cause she should be executed too. Cause her father was willing to burn all the people of westeros.
Bella Gloria
Bella Gloria Vor 3 Stunden
They should just use wild fire and make wild fire bombs then will see if the night king still has an army left
IG jonasbalu
IG jonasbalu Vor 3 Stunden
Im so pumped for the next episode ^^
Bella Gloria
Bella Gloria Vor 3 Stunden
Arya don’t bring your faceless bullshit on the Night King.............. just saying
FrankDelJobsen Vor 4 Stunden
allein das thumbnail ist ein spoiler!
Jimmy Chen
Jimmy Chen Vor 4 Stunden
Anyone else find dany a bit annoying She away quick to go into iam threating u mode
aped Vor 4 Stunden
Tyrion is about to get fired. He’s been doing a bad job as hand of the Queen. Dany night name Sansa as hand.
XXXTENTACíON Vor 4 Stunden
Autumn Brown
Autumn Brown Vor 4 Stunden
I just had this flash of Jon getting hit with the cold fire and it turning his hair white...Epic Targaryen moment
c20995 Vor 4 Stunden
You gotta admire Jamie's bravery and growth as a Character.
IlIlIlIlIlI Vor 4 Stunden
Jaime: need a push? Bran: need a hand?
Al-ShAmi ❶
Al-ShAmi ❶ Vor 4 Stunden
جايمي 😍❤️🔥
Austin Gore
Austin Gore Vor 4 Stunden
the writers are having so much trouble with dialogue without source material. Poor Tyrion.
Bahadar Amiksh
Bahadar Amiksh Vor 4 Stunden
bet ghost is as big as a horse now
Ece Ceylin & Brothers
Ece Ceylin & Brothers Vor 4 Stunden
Search Ece Ceylin & Brothers
Kyla Allen
Kyla Allen Vor 5 Stunden
I like it so. vary
Gabriel Brito
Gabriel Brito Vor 5 Stunden
Chicken Wing
Chicken Wing Vor 5 Stunden
Just watched season 1 to 7/8 in 5 days and this show is bad-ish I wouldn’t call it good I feel sorry for whoever watched it in 2011 because nothings really happened like a whole 7/8 years just to build up to one fight💀😂I’m lucky I’ve just started watching it now imagine someone watching this in 2011/12 for this
Exquisite Elephant
Exquisite Elephant Vor 5 Stunden
How come everyone has 1000 plus likes
Le Rigoureux
Le Rigoureux Vor 5 Stunden
Not going to lie, I hated season 7 Daenerys and I genuinely want Aegon to take over the whole thing. Yeah, I'm calling him Aegon, come at me. 😎
Purple Magic
Purple Magic Vor 5 Stunden
Im female and I dont feel like kneeling for Daenerys 🤔
Harish RR
Harish RR Vor 43 Minuten
Its funny that in 2019, only a female can criticise a fictional female character. If a man does it, he is obviously sexist! LOL
Can Ceylan
Can Ceylan Vor 5 Stunden
Please, Kill the Jamie!!! Jamie's sins enough in this show.
Oran f
Oran f Vor 5 Stunden
Me when the Night king come through.... Ninja Cat de-vid.com/video/video-GyWR88-uQcw.html
arctic 1878
arctic 1878 Vor 5 Stunden
Why do people want to watch these things, just spoils the next episode.
647JC Vor 5 Stunden
Whens this bastard war going to happen...
Lenny Vor 5 Stunden
Breaking bad Is still better
TheTassoul Vor 6 Stunden
Jamie: Need a push?` Bran: No, but I could use a hand.
Mphajay Vor 6 Stunden
Love Sansa this season. She seems to be channeling Cersei 's fierceness
A D Vor 6 Stunden
Watching for the forth time!!!
jenrhea reyes
jenrhea reyes Vor 6 Stunden
Entitled dany always bitchin about everything. Ugh annoying! Plus she and jonsnow has zero chemistry.
Hugo Vor 6 Stunden
Im confused, i have never seen Game og Thrones. Like if you have neither
RED Picture
RED Picture Vor 6 Stunden
Robert VanderMay
Robert VanderMay Vor 6 Stunden
Danny is the other side of the coin with Cersie. She may be a good queen when she gets the throne. But it’s all about the throne. Where with Jon it’s all about people. Danny is going mad. And will not be good queen to have in the end. ( my opinion )
Kiefer Newman
Kiefer Newman Vor 6 Stunden
:16 Look at the glare Dany gives Sansa, I bet she says something like good riddance or applauds Jamie for killing her father.
Alexanne McKenzie
Alexanne McKenzie Vor 6 Stunden
Arra" nyam king slayer and find bron, did bron die already?
Matanya Holmes
Matanya Holmes Vor 6 Stunden
Just realised the 7 Pointed Star and the Night King's mark are both 7 markings. Im not sure if it means something maybe he has something to do with it perhaps...
Clove Vor 6 Stunden
Rant alert!!!!! A good dragon queen would not have let little Lord Umber go to the Last Hearth alone. She would have at least flown her dragons to escort him. He was no older than Bran when he became Lord of Winterfell. And why aren’t she and Jon out scouting on those dragons instead of flirting and kissing. WE DONT HAVE TIME 4 THIS !!!. Ok rant over!
Brennbox2000 _
Brennbox2000 _ Vor 6 Stunden
Subscribe yo my DE-vid channel Brennbox2000 _ everyone I would really appreciate it ❤️😃
satyam kumar
satyam kumar Vor 6 Stunden
I am pretty sure the Lanisters will come to fight against the night king soon.
AStoryGood Vor 7 Stunden
0:22 Things are going to get icy between them.
Son- Gohan
Son- Gohan Vor 7 Stunden
Hab noch nie Got geschaut aber die blonde würde ich ficken allda
Irina B
Irina B Vor 7 Stunden
Am I the only one who actually loves Jamie?
Jesstheblonde13 Vor 7 Stunden
Jamie: rides into winterfell Bran: That’s Jamie’s fooking Lannister
Vijay Sharma
Vijay Sharma Vor 7 Stunden
First episode was shit, looking forward to this one.
Hamoudi Kaya
Hamoudi Kaya Vor 7 Stunden
Can not wait to see this 😭
Calinescu Alexandru
Calinescu Alexandru Vor 7 Stunden
This is the part where the elephants come? Just askin'...
the action director who is aaryan
Why is Dany getting more and more unhinged episode after episode? I mean initially she was this underdog protagonist and now she’s so f*****g arrogant and self-entitled (when, actually she shouldn’t be) that she deserves to die or at least not become the queen But the lazy writers probably won’t choose either of the options because CROWDPLEASING!
music kashmir official
can anybody tell how is grey worm getting laid🤔
Patsfan 4life
Patsfan 4life Vor 7 Stunden
Just waking up like what’s for breakfast 🤔
S Markovic
S Markovic Vor 8 Stunden
My opinion what will happened... white king will get for.what he came for, they will give him anything to keep peace and both side need each other... when zombies return home then all hell will get lose for throne in kings landing...
Aze Vor 8 Stunden
Oh lord
Yusuf Yılmaz
Yusuf Yılmaz Vor 8 Stunden
Türkler nerede tek benmiyim bu diziyi izleyen🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
MLHKSKN Vor 8 Stunden
Sikicem danisini jon vur masaya artık hanımcılık biyere kadar kış geliyor kış topların doncak it
Winnie Morton
Winnie Morton Vor 8 Stunden
I can’t wait 🥳🥳🥳
Faisal Ibrahim
Faisal Ibrahim Vor 8 Stunden
Am I the only one who hates Daenerys?
Dj hotdawg
Dj hotdawg Vor 6 Stunden
Read the comment section that's all people are taking about
janek kowlowa
janek kowlowa Vor 8 Stunden
Kiedy 2 odcinek?
Outlas 0-0
Outlas 0-0 Vor 8 Stunden
se viene lo buenooo jovenes!!! v:
Neo Luthuli
Neo Luthuli Vor 8 Stunden
If that was Khaleesi's brother meeting Jaime "fooking" Lannister. He would be dead without uttering a single word that dude was crazy as fook.
Hammad Ali
Hammad Ali Vor 8 Stunden
Whether Jon is the rightful ruler of the seven kingdoms or Dany, one thing is for sure, if they both survive then their first born son is the rightful ruler.
Loïc Burgat
Loïc Burgat Vor 8 Stunden
daenerys will be mad and die
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