Game Theory: FNAF 7, The Untold Story of Sister Location

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FNAF is back again. This game never really ends, does it? This time Scott Cawthon put up teasers for the new installment, Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted. Of course then he took the main image down for other reasons, but that's for another day. Today, I am here to tell you that I have figured out the ENTIRE new lore for FNAF VR. From our return to Sister Location, to what this all means for this beloved franchise - it's going to get DARK! Are you ready, Theorists?
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24 Mär 2019



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Kitty Kat7
Kitty Kat7 Vor Stunde
I Was Waiting For You Reaction Lmao! P.S, It Was Priceless 👌🏻 I’m Ready For The Episodes 🤘🏻
Cinnamon Pugz
Cinnamon Pugz Vor Stunde
Yesss! It’s back! I’ve been rewatching, reimagining and just enjoying fnaf theories. Finally, it’s back. Thank you Matt. 🙌🏻
Tracy Nettles
Tracy Nettles Vor Stunde
He (Scott cawthon) He protecc He attacc But most importantly His game series always seem to come bacc
Lovelypikagirl101 Gaming
Yasssss finally you made another video it was about two or a year ago and still watch your old theories thanks and keep up the theories!!!!! 😮😁👌♥️👍
Jon Meyer
Jon Meyer Vor Stunde
You got me suspended
John Clark Jr
John Clark Jr Vor Stunde
Mat pat: i have solved fnaf Scott: hold my beer
Mr. Foxy
Mr. Foxy Vor Stunde
GayShips Vor Stunde
MatPat: FNAF is done we figured it out. Scott: *BET*
thelaughingrouge Vor Stunde
F'ing *ENOUGH!* Stop it. Get some help.
JellyTop Vor Stunde
In the first seconds of watching the video, that is my reaction to me seeing it and having to watch it. *How many more videos are you going to make?! I think Scott is just trying to make you suffer xD*
Crmboom Vor Stunde
Hold up so that creepy endo in the teaser is ennard, wow I wish I was a good theorist
Michal Baudyš
Michal Baudyš Vor Stunde
i could see that little smile
kahorinan Vor Stunde
Please dont go with the greenscreen-theme throughout the next theories :( I like the editing much more. Nothing against your face matpat, we all love you, but the editing comes over more funny
jokejugser Vor Stunde
this but an stupid idea but, if there's two technicians is there an possibility that it could be an vr coop game.
Prince Plume
Prince Plume Vor Stunde
Damn ma, we still on about this?
Iron- Spider
Iron- Spider Vor Stunde
Yeah indie games....
CoolioDudio Vor Stunde
I might have gone crazy, but 0rgn reminds me or the word "origin"... hmmmm🤔
Asher Gresso
Asher Gresso Vor Stunde
I thought. Organ
Genji Shimada
Genji Shimada Vor Stunde
Truth be told Matpat must be happy there is FNAF 7 trailer so he can milk the cow as much as he can i still love these vids nice.
Charlotte Coleman
Dr. Bepis
Dr. Bepis Vor Stunde
Fnaf Checklist Fursuits and Fanfic adaptations *_sweats profusely_*
Gordo Skinny
Gordo Skinny Vor Stunde
Check me out!
Dave Jhonson
Dave Jhonson Vor Stunde
Im only 13,and I've been watching Game theory since I was 10. My intellect has grown so much just from watching theories about games,love your vids matpat and keep up the good word :3
Ashley Channel
Ashley Channel Vor Stunde
The Piano Composer
Don't click read more Okay, I'll give you good luck. And the best thing is, you don't have to do anything! Have a great day!
Maya Davis
Maya Davis Vor Stunde
Matpat: Yes! I’m finally done with FNAF! Scott: Hold my beer.
Asher Gresso
Asher Gresso Vor Stunde
*non alcoholic beverage*
Ichigo theOG
Ichigo theOG Vor Stunde
We really still talk about this game huh?
Cool GuYz XD20
Cool GuYz XD20 Vor Stunde
Hello new timeline
Luna Toons
Luna Toons Vor Stunde
Panda Gaming
Panda Gaming Vor Stunde
Me, wondering how this is still a channel without fnaf theory's. MatPat makes a new one even though he says no more fnaf
Groove Games
Groove Games Vor Stunde
The Ian and Finley show
HEY GUYS LET'S TORTURE MARKIPLIER WITH THIS VR FNAF!!!!!!!!!!(we're evil, or its probably just me) 😂
Ophie Is Me
Ophie Is Me Vor Stunde
speedy jolteon
speedy jolteon Vor Stunde
Victor Tovar
Victor Tovar Vor Stunde
Help mat he is the teknition
Owen Robinson
Owen Robinson Vor Stunde
And again we go
Rockstar Gaming
Rockstar Gaming Vor Stunde
Damn. I thought we got rid of you.
Jake Pauler
Jake Pauler Vor Stunde
Honestly better than dora the explorer movie.
Anamations YT
Anamations YT Vor Stunde
WTF Scott
Anamations YT
Anamations YT Vor Stunde
WTF Scott
Bear Bear
Bear Bear Vor Stunde
It’s back! YESSS
Fredbear and Me and Nightmare Foxy
phantom freddy:can i scare game thery Scott
Commander K
Commander K Vor Stunde
Am i stupid or did Scott get rid of the leak because when i click on the link, I cant see it
Starkiller Vor Stunde
I didn't get notified on this video. So youtube plz fix
Funtime Stage
Funtime Stage Vor Stunde
Dimadude Vor Stunde
scott took this teaser down a while ago because the models had been fanmade :/ you also completely forgot the clues in the source code :/
1000 subscribers with No videos challenge
Matpat: Welp I’m done with fnaf Scott: I always will comeback.
Brian Arrington
Brian Arrington Vor Stunde
1000 subscribers with No videos challenge lmao
Waker Vor Stunde
I love what Honey is, but I signed up from one of the last times that they sponsored you because I wanted to help support you. Does this put me out of the chances for winning?
XxMemeLordxX _
XxMemeLordxX _ Vor Stunde
ASMR bear
ASMR bear Vor Stunde
Crimson Cal
Crimson Cal Vor Stunde
Matpat I relized something about when you talkrd about how Foxy is William Afton and Freddy is Henry Remember Foxy is Aftons Favorite animatronic?
Crimson Cal
Crimson Cal Vor Stunde
Wait no i just rememberd thats phine guy not afton sorry
Lauren 6567
Lauren 6567 Vor Stunde
I thought it was done, but legends never die
G01d3n_Freddy XD
G01d3n_Freddy XD Vor Stunde
I think scott creates more fnaf just to drive matpat crazy
TrinTrin •
TrinTrin • Vor Stunde
I didn’t even know people still played this game lmaoooo I was 13 when I was into FNAF. Now I’m 18 so I guess I just grew out of it. Good times
XR collateroL
XR collateroL Vor Stunde
About time
Marshadow Boi
Marshadow Boi Vor Stunde
Congrats on #1 on trending
ComradeAlpha Vor Stunde
Matpat: finally, fnaf is over! Scott: well yes but actually no
Daniel Lopes
Daniel Lopes Vor Stunde
Actually liked this theory style
YVNG Samurai
YVNG Samurai Vor Stunde
CFO BOYZ Vor Stunde
today has ben bad
CFO BOYZ Vor Stunde
it is back
Synecoッ Vor Stunde
Next game Fnaf Battle Royale
the average savage
Please stop making these videos,fnaf theories are irrelevant
Diane J.
Diane J. Vor Stunde
I'm just shocked that no one has ever brought up that the crying child aka Michael never had the light of life in his eyes.
L.H.2. X
L.H.2. X Vor Stunde
#1 on trending. MatPat moving up in the world. Especially considering his last theory on the dragons developing Stockholm syndrome
Khalil Amador
Khalil Amador Vor Stunde
What's with the inconsistent hair color
Gideon Ross
Gideon Ross Vor Stunde
In that picture Freddy isn’t attached to the other animatronics.
CommandoXLL1211 btw
Ok soo im just saying that i think they can all speak and of coures the onlything im worried about here is when fazbear entertainment burned down and then after that spring trap left to go find whoever i forget, so where is spring trap now???
meme review x
meme review x Vor Stunde
3=========D -------_-
Norma Repollet
Norma Repollet Vor Stunde
Congrats #1 on Trending!
Jordon Nelson
Jordon Nelson Vor Stunde
I really want my papa frank back
AnimeLover Vor Stunde
This title just made me lose my edges
leeeinfield Vor Stunde
Scott: turn out all the animatronics were gay all along
derrent beast321
derrent beast321 Vor Stunde
Mady41008 Vor Stunde
me: *listening to a harry potter song* there once was a boy named Harry,- *sees this* WELP HARRY YOU CAN GET ATTACKED IN A SEC I NEED TO WATCH GAME THEORY
*-Maiden Wind-*
*-Maiden Wind-* Vor Stunde
I wonder if scott every goes through matpat's videos to laugh or confirm a few theories.
Rajia Miahz
Rajia Miahz Vor Stunde
Here we go again
Anti- Venom
Anti- Venom Vor Stunde
Mat pat: Finally The FNAF series is over Scott: Forgive me brother
Sub2 pewdiepie please
18 min from a image
Kieran Montuori
Kieran Montuori Vor Stunde
Hey, Mat I wanted to enter the contest too but I already have Honey from when you first were sponsored. Do you know any other way I could enter?
SavageNoah Vor Stunde
Can’t wait for markiplier to play it
Roman Belic
Roman Belic Vor Stunde
4:10 got you
Jessica Kent
Jessica Kent Vor Stunde
#1 on trending 🤯😂 Well ok then 👍
Skeleton Gaming
Skeleton Gaming Vor Stunde
Nice job on #1 on Trending!
XBlade 021417
XBlade 021417 Vor Stunde
MatPat: I finally solved everything FNaF has to offer! Scott Cawthon: Well yes, but actually no
barronvonnoodle Vor Stunde
#1 on trending?! good job theorists
Deaclan Finch
Deaclan Finch Vor Stunde
HA you thought
Wolf Gamer1011
Wolf Gamer1011 Vor Stunde
1 one trending
PackedMouse Vor Stunde
2019 and Matpat still out here making FNAF videos
Cesar Bahena
Cesar Bahena Vor Stunde
Face reveal
1 trending
Grayson Roach
Grayson Roach Vor Stunde
Did you see the menu from five nights at Freddy 1 in sister location
Mency Magica
Mency Magica Vor Stunde
Number 1 on trending as of now. Good job!
Captain Spooky
Captain Spooky Vor Stunde
Oh no
Nerdy Vids
Nerdy Vids Vor Stunde
Matpat:FNAF is finally over, YES Scott:I ALWAYS COME BACK >:D
Eylül Özdemir _
DeltaDragon Krieger
Guess MatPat just got a new green screen
Funtime_frexy Gaming
No x ♾
Melanie Filips
Melanie Filips Vor Stunde
another one seriously ?
Jacko lanternio
Jacko lanternio Vor Stunde
F Fi Fiv Five Five n Five ni Five nig Five nigh Five night Five nights Five nights at Five nights at f Five nights at fr Five nights at fre Five nights at fred Five nights at fredd Five nights at freddy Five nights at freddys Five nights at freddys
Jillian Bentley
Jillian Bentley Vor Stunde
Not sure how I feel abt the new editing. Not bad, maybe I just don't like change
Jenelle Omatseye
Jenelle Omatseye Vor Stunde
I’m on a cruise
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