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So E3 just happened and it got me thinking a lot about which of the announced games will be the next big game here on DE-vid. The answer? None of them. You see, none of these games will be able to do what Minecraft and Fortnite have done on the platform. Not internet darling Keanu Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077, not Deathloop, or any other game. You see, despite the coming launch of Google Stadia, they have built a platform that will not support it. Sit back and hold your favorite game close, Loyal Theorists, the future isn't looking bright.
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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: Marc Schneider, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman




23 Jun 2019

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The Game Theorists
The Game Theorists Vor 12 Stunden
#1 on Trending? It's almost like DE-vid is calling our bluff...
Brendan Dulay
Brendan Dulay Vor 28 Minuten
It's true DE-vid has real stupid community guidelines now compared to when Google was not involved, Google ruined it's own search engine for ads, I mean seriously Google stop ruining your services for crappy brands that don't care about your brand and how your users enjoy their comtent, we were here first at least I know I was here way back when DE-vid first opened and no one was bidding for it.
Panda_ Dragon
Panda_ Dragon Vor 35 Minuten
Your 3rd now
Joseph Hradecky
Joseph Hradecky Vor 35 Minuten
DE-vid and Google in private be like, "They're on to our paradox. Time to make a new platform."
The Truth has been Determined to be a Lie
I'm new, subscribed just because of the intro.... Epic
Pvz2lovers #SteveGang
Pvz2lovers #SteveGang Vor 39 Minuten
The Game Theorists yep
Riley Cam
Riley Cam Vor 23 Minuten
Wow congrats on top 3 on trending!
DJ Sterf
DJ Sterf Vor 23 Minuten
FNaF 53: Five Nights at Freddard Spark's
Ayowin B
Ayowin B Vor 24 Minuten
Yes I knew about it
Cannon Ball
Cannon Ball Vor 24 Minuten
Mortal kombat is such a good game This new system sucks
ZombieGirlsLife Vor 24 Minuten
This is so bad for indie game companies. I'm a huge fan of indie games in general but I rarely find videos for the new ones I see, because they have "risky" themes or bloody scenes, and people can't monitize their videos for them. As creators and gamers, we need to take a stand.
Gkkiux Vor 24 Minuten
Serious Sam was really ahead of its time with the hippie mode
Landon Kolb
Landon Kolb Vor 25 Minuten
Minecraft is the only thing that has a good chance of killing fortnite
ali sarosh
ali sarosh Vor 25 Minuten
You made a mistake at 5:35 You said Twitch earns more money than DE-vid, but the figure for the revenue you provided is the same for both ($700,000 for Twitch vs. $700,000 for DE-vid)
Yanni Xinidakis
Yanni Xinidakis Vor 26 Minuten
Lol I remember back in the day when Minecraft was the big thing on youtube. I still remember when it first came out, same with fnaf. These are games that pop up in our lifetime, and start booming. Not some distant big thing like pacman. I remember shrugging off fnaf as some random game, nothing much, I didn't even want to watch the video when matpat made one. But then another one came out, then another, and another, and then fnaf just boomed.
gamernostalgia Vor 26 Minuten
DaFudgeNugget06 Vor 26 Minuten
Where is r6s Quarantine?
Doug Dimmadome
Doug Dimmadome Vor 26 Minuten
Hey matpat twitch said $700,000,000 And DE-vid had the same number I’m your infograph
Games could add a "DE-vid mode" or something, where they reduce the gore and profanity. This would probably cost a fair amount for large games though...
andrew Infante
andrew Infante Vor 28 Minuten
Seems this would also affect indie titles and smaller game companies more so. Especially when they don't have as much of a marketing budget as the larger gaming companies. Real tragedy there, unfortunately
1988 Vor 28 Minuten
This is so sad because game developers work so hard on their games
Burned Testrale
Burned Testrale Vor 28 Minuten
MatPat: *sitting on couch* Me: Uh Oh, stuff is getting real
Samantha Cruz
Samantha Cruz Vor 29 Minuten
David Larsen
David Larsen Vor 29 Minuten
DE-vid helps gammers! Nothing worse that buying a game in the late 90's get it home only to find out it is crap. But wait why did i buy this game Ign (electronic games monthly) or nintendo power said it was good but it was not!
rk 4391
rk 4391 Vor 29 Minuten
DE-vid isn't the problem. Gamers are. Just like what you like. Not just what's popular. Not just what 'popular people' tell you to like. What's popular is usually trash, anyway.
Daniel Schneider
Daniel Schneider Vor 30 Minuten
Portal Wombat seems like a game I want to play
Suicide is Good
Suicide is Good Vor 31 Minute
I watched a mortal kombat lets play and the guy stopped playing it because he just got demonetized
[GD] Maulr
[GD] Maulr Vor 31 Minute
DE-vid: *makes pewdiepie number one on gaming* PewDiePie: *cool* Also DE-vid: *makes pewdiepie's video not even appear on the trending home page* PewDiePie: *gets blown up by creeper*
William Bailey
William Bailey Vor 31 Minute
I might be missing something or it might not even out properly but doesn't Google want to create a greater need for paid promotion? If Doom can't earn it's media and still wants to generate sales then it'll have to buy more advertising space.
the habbening
the habbening Vor 32 Minuten
nah this trash is ruining gaming and youtube
Edwin Latorre
Edwin Latorre Vor 32 Minuten
Money says Stadia game videos suddenly have a different set of rules than everyone else
Warren Pond III
Warren Pond III Vor 32 Minuten
Huh. I guess now would be a good time to switch to Twitch...
W0t m8
W0t m8 Vor 33 Minuten
*POSTS ON DE-vid* "I used the stones to destroy the stones"
Dinomax Productions
Dinomax Productions Vor 34 Minuten
Pretty bold move to go on DE-vid and say that DE-vid is ruining something
Yansai Vor 34 Minuten
Wow, a video actually worth watching on trending. I'm surprised
SupaTube 9000
SupaTube 9000 Vor 35 Minuten
Me:Where is [insert violent video game here] DE-vid:Gone, reduced to atoms
The Force Sensitive Droids
#3 on trending? Good job! :)
Turtle _
Turtle _ Vor 36 Minuten
#3 on trending now lol
Katrina Allott
Katrina Allott Vor 36 Minuten
I just posted an everyday makeup look for summer if anyone is interested :))
Cuc Boy
Cuc Boy Vor 37 Minuten
Gaming week
John Lake Melton
John Lake Melton Vor 37 Minuten
It’s been a minute Matt
5t3v3n12343211 Vor 38 Minuten
It’s like google had all their employees watch this video
cookie gaming
cookie gaming Vor 38 Minuten
I remembered this when it was number 1 on trending
MasterBlade111 Vor 38 Minuten
Tldr: The rise of Nintendo is upon us 😐
maxyboy 3113
maxyboy 3113 Vor 38 Minuten
hello internet welcome to couch theory
CreativeName 12345
CreativeName 12345 Vor 38 Minuten
Listen here GT audience, I'm still a minor. I love franchises like Doom, Watchdogs, and Mortal Kombat respectively. DE-vid really does have to fix their system but no one really knows what's happening in their HQ. People like Pewds can't play games that they would like to play. Take Pewds (yes again) for example because of all of his "controversy" he can't really play games like he used to before! Millions of people love these franchises but youtube wants you to be quiet and not say a naughty word!
StarGazerTom1991 Vor 38 Minuten
Inb4 anything with a Stadia label is whitelisted to allow it bypass all these restrictions.
TheFestifarian Vor 38 Minuten
Who cares about youtube views Tho for real, . minecraft is still a trash can,platform 🙈💝
reallifeistoflat Vor 38 Minuten
Is earned media actually what DE-vidrs were making? If people are jumping on power trends in an effort to monetize their playthroughs then what has the game earned? It's functionally the after shock of previous paid marketing. Any content that is actually earned won't be dissuaded by demonizing because that shouldn't be what's motivating them. Companies have been saving money on marketing because DE-vid influencers were doing their work for free. I don't think DE-vid is the problem. It's a hurdle but the real issue is the systemic issues with marketing and the gaming community.
Slim B Tha General
Slim B Tha General Vor 39 Minuten
MrZerosins Vor 39 Minuten
While I do agree to a certain degree that youtube can effect the financial performance of a game early on, I can't help but feel like you put a little to much stock on this one detail. Sure, demonetization will result in less content for that game as a whole is being made, but it wont really effect how much of it is getting consume by people as a whole. A lot of titles are inherently niche to begin with, so they just naturally attract fewer players as a result, people simply aren't going to consume content for a game they have 0 interest in playing to begin with; so youtube's algorithm isn't going to recommend something someone isn't already actively looking for. Since you used it as an example, MK11 is a niche title, in a niche genre, so it already has a very small pool of potential players that would be interested in playing the game, you pair that with the fact that the game is pretty average as a whole, and you have a game that is really only going to be appealing to a more hardcore audience. There is absolutely no reason why youtube should randomly show people who aren't looking up fighting games, or mortal combat videos MK11 at that point. DE-vid isn't going to show players MK11 content unless they are actively consuming it, I know this because I did actively consume that content, and I was regularly suggested MK11 content for the longest time, until I stopped watching it, so youtube for the most part did its job. I am not that surprised MK11 performed poorly, and I honestly can say that it's not because youtube was demonetizing player content; the game did nothing special that would really make it appealing to a broader audience, so there was no reason for more people to go out of their way to pick up the game, or even look up content for that game. They could just watch a lets play, or catch a story playthrough stream on twitch and have the same effect without having to cough up 60$ to play it. Now look at games like Path of exile, Grim dawn, warframe, binding of issac, the souls series, and darkest dungeon, these are just a very small handfull of games that can, and probably do get demonetized by youtube, but they thrive just fine. I regularly get suggested videos for all of these games (again, youtube doing its job), and people do regularly make videos for them inspite of the fact that the videos would very likely just get demonetized. They are niche titles that do what they set out to do very well, and as a result of that they have gotten a reasonable following. Its not fortnight/mincraft huge, but its enough to the point where they can justify continuing to support them, and players who actively play those games gladly continue to give these games money as a result of that. tl;dr Good games will get the attention they deserve regardless of what youtube does. DE-vid algorithm for the most part is doing its job, if someone isn't finding certain games its because they aren't actively looking for it, hence they are probably not very interested in the game to begin with; its really not their job to make players aware of the games that are out there. You really can't underestimate the power that comes with people just talking about games in general, youtube isn't the only way people find games, I know it's not my main source of information.
Lazyest Guy
Lazyest Guy Vor 39 Minuten
Can twitch save us
Luke Davies
Luke Davies Vor 39 Minuten
DE-vid is ruining its own community. Thank you for showing your opinions mat great channel
Dylan Baptist
Dylan Baptist Vor 40 Minuten
DE-vid needs to change.
AlinosAlan Vor 41 Minute
i think google will buff stadia videos
SεΙεηγχ Vor 41 Minute
Matpat: Literally no one is able to compete with Fortnite right now Gaming: Minecraft Gameplay by Pewdiepie #1 Trending for Gaming Me:...mmhmmmm...Matpat, you know that Fortnite is dying, right? Minecraft's making a huge comeback.
Magic Bananaz
Magic Bananaz Vor 41 Minute
So MatPat, when are you and Pewds and others just gonna start up your own platform to compete with DE-vid?
Denise Pedroza
Denise Pedroza Vor 42 Minuten
fortnites died
Magic Bananaz
Magic Bananaz Vor 42 Minuten
Sure DE-vid can do what it wants. But should creaters and viewers comply? We need a new DE-vid.
NOOB Guccigang
NOOB Guccigang Vor 43 Minuten
Breeze Dorling
Breeze Dorling Vor 43 Minuten
DE-vid is broken and a *DEAD* platform
Caleb Alterman
Caleb Alterman Vor 43 Minuten
Matpat, I got an idea for your next videos! Video 1: In real life, out of all of the characters from the newest street fighter game, who is the most powerful? Video 2: In real life, out of all of the characters from the newest mortal KOMBAT game, who is the most powerful? Video 3: in real life, in a battle to the death between the best character of both games, who would win?
Collin Sherf
Collin Sherf Vor 43 Minuten
This is how many times game therory said heck 🔽
Lando Polo
Lando Polo Vor 43 Minuten
I’m not at the minimum threshold for DE-vid partner. [points finger at head] can’t demonetize someone who isn’t eligible yet 😂
luis fernandez
luis fernandez Vor 43 Minuten
Matpat: DE-vid is ruining gaming DE-vid: im about to end this man's whole career
Burak Bilik
Burak Bilik Vor 44 Minuten
ı am a student ,visit my channel and subscribe,please help me.
Laurents Kvist Reimer
Laurents Kvist Reimer Vor 44 Minuten
Do something about halo infinite
Temptation Dark
Temptation Dark Vor 44 Minuten
Matt: "DE-vid is ruining gaming: DE-vid: *#1 on trending*
Shinsuke Moriya
Shinsuke Moriya Vor 44 Minuten
BTW, games having a "DE-vid Mode" is Genius. Remembers me of an old Counter Strike for Kids video that I've seen a long time ago.
King Siracha
King Siracha Vor 44 Minuten
8:02 -> Don't you mean the SQUIP from Be More Chill?
Lithianic Vor 45 Minuten
looks like game developers need to contact youtubers directly for sponsorships deals. paid media all the way.
Tylander 101
Tylander 101 Vor 45 Minuten
atleast gta V is up there still
Hayden Reed
Hayden Reed Vor 45 Minuten
I actually forgot this was a game theory video until 1:00
Michael Hanna
Michael Hanna Vor 45 Minuten
I thought this was a Cody Ko video
Lawrence Lundblad
Lawrence Lundblad Vor 45 Minuten
Matpat: DE-vid is ruining gaming.. DE-vid: Demonitized!!!
Nathan Bryant
Nathan Bryant Vor 46 Minuten
Won't DE-vid just exclude this Google thing from its algorithm? Then the only way to be above the DE-vid law is to be partnered with Google?
Gamer Pal360
Gamer Pal360 Vor 46 Minuten
Shouldn't this be on film theory cuz it's on YT
John Carter
John Carter Vor 46 Minuten
1.8 million in sales for MK11 is a really good number but yes MK DE-vidrs are being screwed over
Nithdog Night
Nithdog Night Vor 46 Minuten
Google owns youtube If DE-vid just monetizes the games that Google releases that's OP!
Perhaps the Expert
Perhaps the Expert Vor 47 Minuten
This made trending DE-vid: but wait that's illegal
NewAgeSoldier Vor 47 Minuten
This is why we need to stop being on DE-vid, to show them that we will fight back, there is another platform to upload videos, DTUBE, exactly like DE-vid, just.... No restrictions
Barybarobaragon Vor 47 Minuten
Sees video title)DE-vid GAMERS,RISeUp !!!!!
uona san
uona san Vor 47 Minuten
This is sooooooooo depressing, they always call us gamers on our games saying it's violence and things like that, this is no fear like what do you want from us? We're just gamers the most simple human beings just give us a good games, food and WiFi that's all Why are you people in the media making a big deal of it ?
Pootis Power
Pootis Power Vor 47 Minuten
#1 on trending The mods are asleep, you can say whatever you want
RedDragon Smaug
RedDragon Smaug Vor 48 Minuten
MatPat is basically the reason I hate FNAF
Daffy Pups
Daffy Pups Vor 48 Minuten
bro what the hell is this i’ve watch markiplier, jacksepticeye, and pewdiepie ever since i was 8 and now i’m too scared to take the scissors from the teacher and now youtube is scared of BAD LANGUAGE!? do they realize how this will effect the rest of the industry!? this will spell DOOM for us now it will be games that are low quality leap frog games thanks youtube
lionman999 Vor 48 Minuten
you want to know why rocket league and apex legend did so well in their first month? because the devs let the gameplay speak for themselves and paid twitch streamers to play their games.
lionman999 Vor 44 Minuten
nintendo hates earned media LMAO
Warribo Vor 48 Minuten
I think advertisers are going to realise that DE-vid has gone a bit too far, for the sake of a bit of blood and the odd swear word, advertisers are losing out on billions of views in total. When they realise that they can get three times the amount of views for the same amount of money, I think advertisers are going to start tapping on DE-vid's shoulder and asking them to relax and take a chill pill.
Himmel Vor 48 Minuten
Solution: DE-vidrs put the vids in pixelated even the thumb titles 🤣🤣🤣
Gabriel Giral
Gabriel Giral Vor 49 Minuten
Man microsoft if you wanted to play the game you could have just bought it for $36.00.
10000 Subscribers with videos
Minas Pikasis
Minas Pikasis Vor 49 Minuten
I think we must kill youtube!!!
Breg Vor 49 Minuten
God this guy is annoying. His personality is so grating. How the hell did he get famous.
ringofdeath Vor 49 Minuten
"Thanks for watching" insted of "thanks for the full watch time"
REAPER _NYAR Vor 49 Minuten
do a vid on watchdog legion
Collin Sherf
Collin Sherf Vor 49 Minuten
Let's hope fnaf dose not go away.....let's brig game theory............to there heck ucn
Danforth Paleontologist
It’s clear...youtobe don’t like games.
Trey Corthell
Trey Corthell Vor 50 Minuten
Well, this means I am probably never gonna get into the gaming industry for profit
iKatOverLord Vor 50 Minuten
Dr Pain
Dr Pain Vor 50 Minuten
Yes am happy enough just to see gameplay
kyleGamer420 ibanez9120
i see mortal kombat literally 4-10 times everyday. i dont watch them everyday. they are just there. i watched a handful after seeing some pop up. that was a couple weeks ago i first watched. But it still everywhere. Dude also all game companies are rich. illuminati, 1% population has 99% wealth, while we 99% population have 1% wealth. thats like 1 guy holding 99 apples, and 99 people starving over 1 apple. and u say they need more. i dont hear u talking about how gamers or the whole 99% needs more. or how wealthy the 1% is. ur iluminati
kyleGamer420 ibanez9120
Pythagorean Ball, what about that math. #Flat Earth, illuminati lies
Ethanwjh 34
Ethanwjh 34 Vor 51 Minute
6:57 n word?
Paradox Ultra Gamer
Paradox Ultra Gamer Vor 51 Minute
Boy, do I miss SkyDoesMinecraft
Ozert Art
Ozert Art Vor 51 Minute
Thats mean there is a new platform for gaming ? , Ill be on that platform rather than here just watching minecraft , fortnite etc . I just want to see new game so i can play new games to not get bored
Berat Uslu
Berat Uslu Vor 52 Minuten
25:12 Gorn(VR)
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