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Deutsche Fenster!! German windows...so amazing. As an American living in Germany, I am fascinated by the windows here in Germany, especially how they open. "Fenster kippen" was not something I had heard of in the USA!
So my question for you is: Windows!! What can you do with the windows where you live? Or what kind of interesting things have you seen as far as windows go around the world?
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7 Jun 2018



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Helga Cantrell
Well, alone in Europe, the UK has the same type of windows as the USA, i.e. cranks opening to the outside or push ups. Cleaning them is also a nuisance!
Armin Reichhardt
Thanks Dana, for these interesting insights abt windows. From now on, I'm gonna see my windows from a different angle.... ;-)
easyalpha1 Vor 3 Tage
In the western part of the US we got sliding sideways windows with screens. Saves space and easy to maintain and replace.
Xoxoxo lol
Xoxoxo lol Vor 3 Tage
Videoquestion: I Life in germany so tue Windows are tue same like the Window in the video🙈
Lilian Vor 4 Tage
We know how your Windows look like, from movies LOL
Pary Moppins
Pary Moppins Vor 6 Tage
We kipp the Fenster every Day for lüften 👌🏻
hossein abd
hossein abd Vor 7 Tage
I like your description method
Another special thing you can also do with a german "Fenster" - You can watch out of the room.. ;-)
Jerry Newberry
Jerry Newberry Vor 8 Tage
Isn't it amazing how some people are so easily entertained? God wait till she goes to a public restroom in Germany. She'll freak out.
I would love if women would be excited like this when having a first date with a man.
Justice Vanpool
Justice Vanpool Vor 11 Tage
They are like that in France too. Had them for decades
Sonnenblumenkind Mali
Funny that you are so astonished. I thought its normal everywhere :D
m hordijk
m hordijk Vor 12 Tage
So, let me get this strait; American windows don't swing open, but they slide horizontally? That's odd.
m hordijk
m hordijk Vor 12 Tage
+Unknown Yeah, well, we don't have those here.
Unknown Vor 12 Tage
The window manufacturer is in co-hoot with the Air Conditioner manufacturer😉. How else will the Air conditioner sell window based AC? The windows that opens up horizontally is used to *hold* the AC in place.
Spielquittung Vor 14 Tage
Ich wette die Erfindung dieses Mechanismus war weniger spektakulär als dieses Video xD
nihilivonne Vor 16 Tage
I am german living in the UK since 2 years, and I was quite confused... I thought EVERYONE in Europe has this kind of windows, but now, in the Uk it is completely different, you can´t open them. Feels super strange. Well, very nice and realistic video, I will share it.
carl Vor 19 Tage
hey Dana, now you understand maybe why we are exporting so much stuff from such a small country, cause we germans like good things, and everyone else too ;-)
\Metal head/
\Metal head/ Vor 20 Tage
I believe the Americans live in a other world
ChritachY Vor 21 Tag
Pretty easy: ro-laden and roll-laden ... that’s how it’s spoken ^^ your welcome
Anschneea Vor 21 Tag
Du bist so witzig. Ich schaue deine Videos echt gerne. Wenn man in Deutschland groß wird macht man sich darüber überhaupt keine Gedanken. Dieses: "It sounds the same to me" :-D. Its very difficult. No shame. You make that very good. God save german windows.
Michael Schuler
Michael Schuler Vor 23 Tage
If you get that excited about the windows wait until you see the German porn 😉
Francesco di Stefano
Oh man... Entschuldigung, aber ich bin kein Fan der USA... ganz im Gegenteil, aber dieses Video setzt dem ganzen noch die Krone auf... .
Rikard Nilsson
Rikard Nilsson Vor 24 Tage
2:30 For English press 1: persiennes /ˌpəːsɪˈɛnz/ noun noun: persienne a set of window shutters or external blinds incorporating light horizontal movable slats en.wiktionary.org/wiki/persienne
Donna Woodford
Donna Woodford Vor 24 Tage
Ich lern Deutsch kurz. Meine Sohn kom mt aus USA. Ich will ach gern wenn is toll. Bitte schreibst. Danke.
Sven Adam
Sven Adam Vor 27 Tage
Rolladen und Rouladen sind auch wirklich leicht zu verwechseln ...
wwwrun Vor 27 Tage
On newer windows you can also put the handle between left/right and up to open the window a small gap of about 5 mm. The window is locked in the position, so it can't pushed open or close by the wind. Its called "Spaltlüftung".
kalwi eu
kalwi eu Vor 28 Tage
You've probably missed one other cool feature of such windows, however, some windows don't have it (especially cheaper ones). When you turn the lever in a diagonal way, then a very small gap between the window and its frame appears, but you still can't open the window fully out. It's called a micro ventilation and it allows your house/flat "to breathe", I mean a moisture can get out, or a fresh air can get in. It's very useful e.g. when you use a fume hood or fire heater or fireplace with a chimney, because these windows will hermetically seal off the space otherwise when fully closed. The lever turned into the down-side position usually opens a smaller gap than the up-side position, but sometimes the up-side position doesn't work well or the window could accidentally open. And yes, as many people already mentioned, these windows are common among whole continental Europe, here in Czech Republic too.
Anna Wysoczynska
Anna Wysoczynska Vor 29 Tage
Those are European windows not just German 😂
Lilith Kenis
Lilith Kenis Vor Monat
I live in Belgium and we have the same windows that can "kippen" (tilt), openand close and we also have "rolluiken" which is the roll-up-down store on the outside. :)
Holger Priske
Holger Priske Vor Monat
Windows have been like this already 500 years ago. Why should one use an other technique for windows and doors ? It's both the same thing, they differ in size. I' always scared of US-windows, we have a fear they could fall down, while we are leaning out. The only advantage of US-windows: they are storm safer, the wind doesn't move any mobile part. But how do they clean the window from outside ? They never clean it ? Or some roped serviceman is coming down the facade ? The german housewife just stands in her living room.
Crystal Mobley
Crystal Mobley Vor Monat
Truthfully, there is no practical way for me to clean the outside of my windows. It's a problem, but not as much as it seems like it would be since it also doesn't seem to get very dirty on the outside. Of course, I"m a second-floor dweller, so no one can just touch them with sticky hands or such things
moschidreamer Vor Monat
It allready existed in GDR. Not that comfortable with one handle only but the windows could "kipp" too by lock/ unlock the hinges for each funktion .
Ohilipp Vor Monat
Goldig :D
Grigoryev Mihail
Even the poorest country in Europe, Moldova has such windows, for 15 years now.
It’s somebody
It’s somebody Vor Monat
Why you need to „kippen“ your windows, when you have Central Air in rooms?
Crystal Mobley
Crystal Mobley Vor Monat
It's nice to be able to air out your home, to let fresh air in. Central Air recycles the air, so there's no new air coming in. But it probably is something that you would only want in places that have mild weather.
Carl Cushman Hybels
Fun to see and hear your enthusiasm. The 'Tippen' and 'Rollahden' innovatively nice and cool handle action. But the way the whole window swings inward seems a bad design: It'd be in the way and reduce interior room/ make moving around indoors awkward. Plus, inward opening, loose swinging windows would be dangerous with young kids running around (slamming into them) or oblivious texting teens bonking into them. American old and newer sashed up and down windows appear more practical and safe. Outward cranking windows (USA and Euro) are OK, but constrict ventilation.
Franco Sonaglia
Franco Sonaglia Vor Monat
hahahaha … really a new-concept !! In Italy we have them for many decades ...
kensaiix Vor 28 Tage
she is american, they don't know things.
M. Moolhuysen
M. Moolhuysen Vor Monat
The first time I encountered such a window and made it "kipp" by accident, I freaked out because I tought that the window came falling out on top of me.
Tyantreides Vor Monat
Yeah i think the whole tilting thing is pretty standard in most german windows. But "Rollläden" the Shutters are not. Many apartments got them but is a matter of the Time they are build in and if the owner invests that money because they are expensive even if they are manualy.
lost in music
lost in music Vor Monat
Btw, have you tried Rouladen? There are Kohlrouladen or Rinderrouladen. They're really tasty, don't miss it😊
lost in music
lost in music Vor Monat
You've never seen a Kippfenster before? Seems you like them though😁👏♥️cute😊
globalgaucho Vor Monat
those rolling window blind are comon in europe, south america an middle east
A.D. Elz
A.D. Elz Vor Monat
You‘re just like Arthur weasley! Fangirling over stuff that we take for granted in our lives😂
There's still a lot more to a german window than what you described. For example: In america most windows are just a single plane of glass. In germany you usually have two and sometimes three planes of glass with either air or sometimes even a special gas in between. This helps to reduce the heat exchange between the interior and the exterior of the room when the window is closed, thereby contributing to the insulation of the house and in the last consequence helps to save a whole lot of money on heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. Furthermore the insulation strip in between the windowframe and the window not only increases the insulation factor but usually also contains a membrane that helps to regulate moisture exchange between the inside and the outside. You can also get specialiced windows with a self-tanning effect when exposed to strong sunlight or with specialized sound insulation, but that's not all too common.
+Carl Cushman Hybels Seems my information was outdated. Thanks for correcting me^^
Carl Cushman Hybels
Most American windows from the 1970's on are double pane. (Insulated by air space between) Some new ones (2000's) are triple pane. There are very few single pane windows left in USA, except probably in areas where the temps aren't cold or hot. As in: Most of USA are glad to have double pane windows.
Nathanyel Vor Monat
In the words of Reinhardt Wilhelm: "Precision German engineering."
Fiery Blumen
Fiery Blumen Vor Monat
In UK are terrible windows too 😒 i miss windows from my country (Czech Republic) exactly like this.
Jens Kirsten
Jens Kirsten Vor Monat
There are 4 functions not 3 of the windows. 0 = kippen, 45 kleines kippen, 90 open, 180 close.
Andy K
Andy K Vor Monat
Rouladen is the meat roll and Rolladen are on the windows ;-)
palentino97 Vor Monat
North Americans live in their world
Allis Lundberg
Allis Lundberg Vor Monat
We have that in Sweden too and it's awesome! :)
Charlotte SPN
Charlotte SPN Vor Monat
I’ve been to 18 countries and the US was the only one not to have these windows.
Julia Bielaszewska
Wtf 😂😂 wenn amerikaner ein fenster sehen 😂 das ist so cringe wie begeistert sie über die rollos ist 😂
Martin W.
Martin W. Vor Monat
Rolladen protect the apartment or the house not only from bright light but also from burglars. However, these shutters are quite expensive. That is why 90% of them are installed especially on the ground floor (Erdgeschoss). The Japanese and Koreans, like the Americans, use sliding windows. In this case they don't move the windows from the bottom to the top but from the right to the left or via versa. Personally, I consider that this represents the best of all solutions.
corona407 Vor Monat
Yes, all german windows (i think even in whole Europe) are like that and I've never seen someone being so excited about them 😂😂
Slippery Salamander
We have them in England too, it’s not just a German thing
irmenkop85 Vor Monat
German windows are amazing. They actually seal. Isn't that fantastic? For Europeans it is hard to believe that American windows are horrible. But they are. They do not seal and cause you heating and AC costs like hell. It is like everything built in America - not made for durability and neither for efficiency.
MolotovDrago Vor Monat
Ich kenne es nicht anders xD
Slawomir Wroblewski
I don't get it. Don't you have windows in US ? You poor barbarians....
fuedlibumser Vor Monat
ähm that standard in most european Countrys. And you could also tilt old windows by not turning the handle but by a lever in one of the lower corners of the window.
Pete Grusky
Pete Grusky Vor Monat
It still amazes me , how such a video , can have half of a million hits and counting ... Can't you just go on-line and buy your Rol-laden , instead of just treading it ... and yourselves as such a Wonder .
Pete Grusky
Pete Grusky Vor Monat
Kind of positive , this is not German invention .
Lumixfreund Vor Monat
amazing discoveries :-) have fun with german windows.....
Evita McBride
Evita McBride Vor Monat
And 45degrees is for ventilation 👍
John Smith
John Smith Vor Monat
Guys, instead of agreeing that all windows in the World are like that, let's find out where it is not so? The US, where else, anyone?
Nico Steffen
Nico Steffen Vor Monat
Germany was once the synonym for high tech! The kippen is there for a long time, first they were made from wood, now they are plastics! And the balcony door can sometimes also slide to the side, it can do the kippen and open by sliding.
Josef Přikryl
Josef Přikryl Vor Monat
Micro Ventilation position 120° It is a little gap between window and frame.
reginald burks
reginald burks Vor Monat
you can put a AC in a AMerican windows --- Europeans windows your can not put a AC unit in the window and most European Apartments do not have any AC .
stine emilie
stine emilie Vor Monat
wait... windows aren't like this in the us? wtf. i live in norway and i have windows like that in my apartment.
Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore Vor Monat
Yeah.... We have these in Scotland.. most of the UK actually.... maybe even Europe
Rolladen are not standard in Germany, only in some cities ;)
kristjan pirc
kristjan pirc Vor Monat
yes allot of windows kipn
sam elva
sam elva Vor Monat
omg is sherightin the head
Defne K
Defne K Vor Monat
I live in Turkey, a much less developed country when compared to the US. And I've never heard of windows that are as hard as you've described. We just have the windows in the video. I thought everyone had them
mark m
mark m Vor Monat
Please stop posting unless you do your research haha.
Robert Schwegler
Don't mix Rouladen and Rolladen.U can eat the first one and die trying to eat the last one.
Robert Schwegler
Dana Neumann(Newman)?Do u have some german ancestors?
This video helps me close my German window. Thank you.
Harshit Raj
Harshit Raj Vor Monat
Never saw a person so hyped by windows. She's still a kid from the inside👦
sue she
sue she Vor Monat
Cheap American crap
RibaldC Vor Monat
Ich wundere mich. Rollade (lecker!) Rollade (Fesnter), Homonyme/Homophone gibts doch auch im Englischen
deffstar69 Vor Monat
its called a tilt and turn window made these back in 92 in uk
Jani Per
Jani Per Vor Monat
What's so special about that?
Axel Mende
Axel Mende Vor Monat
It is not true. Every country has bis Windows. Habe a look to Norway vor Süden. And Herr in Italy the Windows are not Vetter than in the USA. I believe the Geman Windows oft today are Form Switzerland. Too perfect!
Lisa Holenstein
Lisa Holenstein Vor Monat
Rolladen/Rolläden are usually only standard for ground floor / souterrain apartments, mainly to prevent unwanted entries like burglaries and to prevent passersby looking in your bedroom window. Newer buildings often have them on all floors though.
incredible Alk
incredible Alk Vor Monat
If we had Rolladen 70 years ago then the Nazis would have won the war. V1, V2 all the Wunderwaffen and Rolladen ... Imagine!
Martin Kelbel
Martin Kelbel Vor Monat
After watching it I seriously doubt that Americans ever landed on the moon. I hope you discovered wheel already. LoL 😂
Heather Thornton
This is awesome!! I want these!
Flight Channel
Flight Channel Vor Monat
Well, most if not all of the windows in germany are designed in that fashion, some even with an option to have an implemented lock in your handle so nobody can actually open a window without permission or possessing a key, e.g. at hotels and so on. And while this might be the most common design of windows in Europe, it isn#t the only one. British and Irish windows are often kept in that - let's call it North American - way, because it exists in Canada as well. But what I really really do love about those windows is: they're usually double-glassed. How have I been freezing my butt off at hotels and guesthouses abroad with those single-glassed, permeable uninsulated windows and you, in question, didn't even have a heating at hand...
Viviane B.
Viviane B. Vor Monat
It is not that America is not aware of these superwindows. I had a neighbor who sells those windows, double pane, Kipp and open like a door. The lobby for these ineffective Windows is so strong that there was no way for the company to get a foot in the door.
Viviane B.
Viviane B. Vor Monat
Me too. I have been looking for Kippfenster in the U S No such luck. Kippen let's the fresh air in while you are away, totally safe. I'm my house the Windows are wide and my arms are not long enough to grab both sides to open them. I NEED HELP to open my window!!!! They are most often "frozen". 😤😤😤😤
maikusch Vor 2 Monate
der Wahnsinn!
kutta1973 840420
kutta1973 840420 Vor 2 Monate
I see this all over in Germany 1992, massive wood windows , you discovered after 30 years
Jean-Paul Garson
Jean-Paul Garson Vor 2 Monate
We have the same in France.
Ich hatte noch nie Rollläden 🤔
Zer0 Vor 2 Monate
Rollladen aka. Blast Shields
Anastasia Charitonidou
every window is like that in Greece ! ha ha it's so funny that u got so excited about it 😂
Daniel Najera
Daniel Najera Vor 2 Monate
Yes they do all,open like this
Max 1412
Max 1412 Vor 2 Monate
Alle deutschen nur so:“ist die dumm?😂“
4ever242 Vor 2 Monate
I live in the Czech Republic (the neighboring country of Germany) These windows are quite common here. I think that such a window system is used everywhere in the European Union, it is the so-called "euro-window". "Rollladen" is called "Rolety" in Czech. I also think that for you as an American can be interesting some european security doors with the multipoint locks, that are used in many apartments.
I want to know
I want to know Vor 2 Monate
I was smiling throughout the whole video! You go Girl
Eva Mars
Eva Mars Vor 2 Monate
They’re like that in Norway too
Luca Lauri
Luca Lauri Vor 2 Monate
Was schau ich mir hier gerade an ?
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