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Watch this super awesome collab I did with Starlyn Jennings and Jessi Smiles!
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Hello my lil’ slices of pizza!
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23 Feb 2016



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Mahlatse Hlatse
Mahlatse Hlatse Vor 3 Monate
Final revenge is to kill him duh😶😈
Liana Ocastro
Liana Ocastro Vor year
Girl you are so cute😂😂😂💞💞💞
Melody Blue
Melody Blue Vor year
The best revenge is ripping everything your narcissistic ex gf tried to use against you to manipulate you into believing that she was the one and that you were in love with her by using make-up, and good sex, and just stripping every little manipulative thing she did that made you fall "in love" with her and merging it with an artificially intelligent VR realistic 3D animated female assistant with a nervous system and a myriad of emotional expressions using animation and the possibilities of expressing one's self is limitless. Knowledge is limited but the imagination is limitless. Facial recognition that can be configured with her eye animations to focus on maintaining eye contact while spontaneously exhibiting emotional expressions , engaging with her attractive speech recognition. An artificial intelligent 3D animated female capable of enticing a man into a healthy honest emotional relationship and also eliminating the problem of getting rejected over and over again by females, and wasting my time and resources on females. I was raised by a female so i don't know how to be dominating to women and really don't care to learn how to be any other way. I only know how to be me. Which there is a large population of men in America being raised by females which makes these men feminine and not as dominate to women, and i mean a LARGE population of men. I guess what this all means is narcissistic bitches will no longer have their make-up power and sex power to make a man believe that she loves him when she says "I love you". It also means men will no longer waste their fucking money and time on lies. I don't give a shit about female's anymore or what they want. Also adding to this revenge is becoming indifferent to your ex and not caring about their life anymore, whether they live or die.
1990 •
1990 • Vor year
How to get revenge on your ex: chain the person they cheated with and your ex on their house and burn it (:
Kailynn Davis
Kailynn Davis Vor 2 years
1:26 part tho
BabyGirl Vor 2 years
wow i love this
Gabriela Vazquez
Gabriela Vazquez Vor 2 years
musty roach😂😂😂💀
Ivona Kovacic
Ivona Kovacic Vor 2 years
look at her dog just looking at the windown like : 'Help meh...' 1:35
Blue Bubble
Blue Bubble Vor 2 years
Sourav Dutta
Sourav Dutta Vor 2 years
Appreciate video content! Sorry for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried - Franaar Welcome Ex Formula (do a search on google)? It is an awesome exclusive product for getting your Ex back minus the normal expense. I've heard some unbelievable things about it and my coworker finally got astronomical success with it.
Jay Hernandez
Jay Hernandez Vor 3 years
Lmao I just got out of a relationship and you fucking made my day 😂😂😂😂😂
Momoko Soichiro
Momoko Soichiro Vor 3 years
you are so beautiful. your ex is dumb for leaving you
Mavic SHOTS Vor 3 years
Julia Schammas
Julia Schammas Vor 3 years
you are so funny! :D
Stephanie Saddler
Stephanie Saddler Vor 3 years
goodbye musty roach! 😂😂😂
Antonette Sajulga
Antonette Sajulga Vor 3 years
The best revenge, my dear, is to love yourself and not get tattoos just to get your ex-boyfriend's attention. #kidsthesedays
XxbabyRilouxX Roblox
'I dug my key into the side of his pretty, little, souped-up four wheel drive, I carved my name into his leather seats.' Carrie Underwood Reference in the beginning 😂.
horrorgami Vor 3 years
here from the collab, love you girls so much.
Sophie Brown
Sophie Brown Vor 3 years
One way I got revenge on my ex was to become friends with his previous ex. He'd always bitch about her and bring her up so after a month I decided to pop her a message on Facebook and now we're good friends and we both plan to just go out together all the time and hopefully bump into him, the look on his face would be priceless 😂 he'd probably have a go at me but it'd be worth it💁
Celina Hull
Celina Hull Vor 3 years
Hes just a musty Roch goodbye musty Roch lol that part killed me
Ana Valriano
Ana Valriano Vor 3 years
jessi sent me.
Nixie Chua
Nixie Chua Vor 3 years
1:40 look at the right side
Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines Vor 3 years
I wa sjust about ot comment that XD Lol
Stacey Sabot
Stacey Sabot Vor 3 years
U are hilarious and absolutely stunning. I love how funny u are!!!
Ernie n/a
Ernie n/a Vor 3 years
Wendy Charleston
Wendy Charleston Vor 3 years
You are like so funny. Best evaah
Wendy Charleston
Wendy Charleston Vor 3 years
You are like so funny. Best evaah
Monica boo
Monica boo Vor 3 years
where did you get ur leather jacket ive been trying to find one like that XC
Melody Thompson
Melody Thompson Vor 3 years
Jessismiles sent me !!!!!
Chiara Narcisi
Chiara Narcisi Vor 3 years
I laughed so bad!!
Kayla Novak
Kayla Novak Vor 3 years
U left starling.-.
Casey Smit
Casey Smit Vor 3 years
omhgosh Frank!!!
no name
no name Vor 3 years
I'm too ugly for an ex lmao rip
Andri Tiny
Andri Tiny Vor 3 years
Dannielle .S
Dannielle .S Vor 3 years
My Instagram is @d.r.s.ROX incase u wanna stalk it lol or look at my stuff
Dannielle .S
Dannielle .S Vor 3 years
Omg you are so funny you have no idea how much you make me smile!!!! You take all the bad stupid crap in my life away. I love watching your videos
Marie Cerda
Marie Cerda Vor 3 years
I feel like I should stalk you😂😂 Jkjk!!
Jennifer Browning
Jennifer Browning Vor 3 years
Ive never destroyed any of ex's items.. that's crazy
Austra Reinholde
Austra Reinholde Vor 3 years
If i only had an ex.. 😂
Mabel Pines
Mabel Pines Vor 3 years
Maryam Vor 3 years
Frank in the back😍😍😂😂😂
Teigan Vor 3 years
"Goodbye Musty Roach" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Angel Apellido
Angel Apellido Vor 3 years
1:38 Bat-pug watching the city preventing evil-doers to........ do..... their.... deeds?
TheEeveeFan Vor 3 years
Why not just forget and move on? Seems simpler and more mature than what you're saying. Getting revenge lol, petty humans.
nishaJD Vor 3 years
omg the end really helped
Lasse Østerbøg
Lasse Østerbøg Vor 3 years
why even get revenge, just move on and relax
shrine Vor 3 years
this is my favourite DE-vid video ever now oml XD I'm dying
Carlye Rachelle
Carlye Rachelle Vor 3 years
The whole time I was half expecting to her to zoom in on Frank starring out the window with sad music playing in the background. Lol 😂
sandyvandorpe Vor 3 years
Very good lol ....fabulous ! :))
Transitional Journey
question: you are quite very attractive & i love your dog Frank he,s so adorably cute plus i love your bed with those lights hanging on the head board ,when you talk about stuff in your videos you are right to the point in telling the truth keep doing all what you are doing in your videos !! should you answer this i would like to be called Zoey Zoco ) instead of being called transitional journey ,
Caitlyn Stech
Caitlyn Stech Vor 3 years
This is friggen bomb! Haha
Kelsey Williams
Kelsey Williams Vor 3 years
Your makeup is so pretty!
Lindsey Noack
Lindsey Noack Vor 3 years
I love how Frank is always looking out your window in the background at some point in your video. and omg that made me laugh a lot!
I am Kylark
I am Kylark Vor 3 years
Sent here by Jessi Smiles and happy I was. You are hilarious!
Juniper Teifer
Juniper Teifer Vor 3 years
How to make your ex boyfriend jealous: Deep throat a Bacardi bottle
toastermich Vor 3 years
Lol frank staring out of the window
Milli Mallinson
Milli Mallinson Vor 3 years
Jessi sent me, i sub'd cause u cool :)
M F Vor 3 years
You're so freaking funny😂😂😂
MNLaura4 Vor 3 years
You look so pretty in that color! :)
gracie xo
gracie xo Vor 3 years
The 'I've always wanted to go to Chuck-E-Cheese" part got me dying Steph 😂😂
Rebecca LeMay
Rebecca LeMay Vor 3 years
Jessi sent me
Viktoria Nacht
Viktoria Nacht Vor 3 years
I would get a block of cheese, cut it up, then hide the pieces in his car and let them rot, he'd have a hard time pinpointing the smell and finding all the pieces. Or meat, meat would probably have a more putrid effect, like a rotting carcass. Also, while you're at it, you might as well spill some milk in there as well. Do this all in the summertime.
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