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23 Sep 2022



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Hacksmith Vor Monat
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Beta Malatjie
Beta Malatjie Vor 16 Tage
Why don't you try making black panther,s suit
enderman Vor 17 Tage
TwinLitz2 Vor Monat
You guys should make the storm trooper first order taser baton
Nathan Rooney
Nathan Rooney Vor Monat
You guys should do more mini vehicle builds like the Cybertruck! Would love to see more like it!
Dominic Lichfield
I hope the stuff that you destroyed is damaged or not working
MCLegoMan Vor Monat
I don't think the car is going to be insured for "Giant Hammer Damage"! 🤣
PastyUSCricketer--Rowan’s language
Well, I mean… insurance fraud?
CreepersNeedHugs Vor 20 Tage
@Robert Smith Jake from State Farm seconds this
Korin Turner
Korin Turner Vor Monat
I was honestly expecting this to be a collab video
SquadleCraft Vor Monat
RudyRocks01 Vor Monat
It’s considered an act of a god
PantherLive Vor Monat
It’s so cool seeing you go from a guy in a garage, to a man with a big hammer, keep going legend
Karamela Lb
Karamela Lb Vor Monat
Just the amount of fun they are all having while dropping a gigantic hammer on things is so fun to watch! Like the joy literally sleeps through the screen!
Brandon Pitre
Brandon Pitre Vor Monat
I have watched this channel since before it was at 100k subscribers, I’m so happy to see it’s come so far and that you guys get to do what you’ve always dreamt of doing. That light saber project seems like it opened up so many opportunities
100k subs Challenge
These guy excudes such a positive energy that they tends to lift spirits ❤️, ❤️
SeanHodgins Vor Monat
Crushing stuff was awesome, but I loved the giant nail. Hopefully no pipes under there!
Epic Nero Wolf
Epic Nero Wolf Vor Monat
I don’t think they thought about that
Jakey Beechler
Jakey Beechler Vor Monat
As much as i love your high tech/heavy machinery builds. Id love to see something more traditional like making a european broadsword, or a katana. Even if it's just you helping out the bladesmith, I think it'd be really cool.
gioyu comi
gioyu comi Vor Monat
I think it would be awesome to see them redo some of there first projects now that they have updated equipment and a bigger team.
OrisaCP CoinPark
Such a creative test is incredible, Instagram looks forward to hearing from you, thank you!
aola wili
aola wili Vor Monat
I think it would be awesome to see them redo some of there first projects now that they have updated equipment and a bigger team.
os in het mos
os in het mos Vor Monat
Hacksmith is slowly becoming "How ridicoulous", the thumbnail really strikes the style!
VictorC4 Vor 28 Tage
Ik!! Even 44k likes!
Casey Michel
Casey Michel Vor Monat
Same exact thought. It’s all I was thinking about the entire time lol
26ZS Vor Monat
I thought it was
Brian Saban
Brian Saban Vor Monat
Since you mentioned it in the comments "We'll pin ya!!!!!"
Jackson Query
Jackson Query Vor Monat
@Evan Halsey PLEASE, would love to see that (wonder if they still got that Mark Rober Trampoline that bounced a airplane, I wanna see if it will bounce this)
NightOwl Vor Monat
5:19 In order to get the legendary nail from the ground, you have to be worthy
NutOnPapaya Vor Monat
This video was literally awesome!! This was one of my favorite mjolnir videos. im quit curious tho if its even possible to make a heavier mjolnir. Like maybe filling it with something idk but that would be insanely insane!
Imcool0950 Vor Monat
your work is amazing! keep up the good work!
Vlad Devener
Vlad Devener Vor Monat
That was absolutely magnificent the I loved every single second of tbjs video it was phenomenal thank you guys so much for making this video for us to watch cause it was truly incredible I definitely want to see more and more drops with that hammer wow it was insane & yeah take care now amazing people bye peace out 😎😎😎✌✌✌🖤🤍❤💚🤎💛💙.
Sam The Battleshipp
That is how you put the hammer down Very interesting to see how the different materials reacted. Awesome!
Sam du 2017
Sam du 2017 Vor Monat
what the actual heck
Warrobotsfan Vor Monat
Put the camera down mr camera man
Warrobotsfan Vor Monat
I want to be an old comment…
Sam du 2017
Sam du 2017 Vor Monat
@ϟ depends if he is worthy
ϟ Vor Monat
If the man is big then the physical strength will be more too the hamer can be lifted easily
SHOBAN industries
5:12 "Finally something that a hammer is supposed to be used for....😂"
G-urts55 Vor 19 Tage
God I love the fact that this is all being done like 10 minutes from my house 😀😀 You guys rock! Keep it up
Jerome Nowak
Jerome Nowak Vor Monat
"How much energy is this hammer actually producing?" - Proceeds to give numbers on speed, force, pressure, but no energy lol.
Being Happy
Being Happy Vor Monat
Serious respect for building such an abuse-proof hammer
Jake Guillot
Jake Guillot Vor Monat
You should call up mark rober to see if you can drop this on his trampoline that was designed for things like this
Vishakha Sawal
Vishakha Sawal Vor Monat
The hammer might fall on the crane
A Z Vor Monat
@Hobbit ah ok
Hobbit Vor Monat
@A Z was a small car, no way it can handle this hammer. The car broke part of the trampoline
Blake Chance
Blake Chance Vor Monat
@Zack V 2.25 ton, it's only 4,444 lbs
A Z Vor Monat
@Jake Guillot ok, don’t remember that video lol
Rei Da Tecnologia
It's crazy to imagine that Thor himself give this and even more powerful hammer attacks with his small hammer 😂
Amazing Transformation Lux
Man, you inspire millions of young people to get better every day! Thank you)
DashFlash Vor Monat
Genuinely one of the most entertaining videos I’ve seen this week. Thanks!
⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️☝️Wow congrat I got something special for you DM to claim your prize🎁🎁🎁⬅️
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Vor Monat
This must be the coolest job ever, for an engineer.
Ri Ban
Ri Ban Vor Monat
I love how clearly you can see how much fun they're having, destroying things with a ridiculously oversized hammer! Love the videos!
Uncle M
Uncle M Vor Monat
This was very impressive. It's true, that if you have a problem in physics, just get a bigger hammer.
kerenbanget Vor Monat
I couldn't imagine myself standing below that gigantic hammer right there.
Stephen Harvey
Stephen Harvey Vor Monat
One thing I've been wanting to ask, with the hacksmith protosbaer, lighter, on the merch shop, how long can you run the lighter before you have to refuel? I'm sure it uses a lot of fuel, but how much fuel does it carry so i don't need to be refueling it after every use because i think i used everything in that short period use
grovermatic Vor Monat
Suddenly reminded of my #1 favorite line from HR: "That landed with an _almighty_ thud!"
Master Freeze
Master Freeze Vor Monat
I freaked out just as much as they did every time a drop was made. I really LOVE the energy and the hype on this test. ESPECIALLY the NAIL that was phenomenal!
Joost Floot
Joost Floot Vor Monat
I agree, the nail was amazing
Jessica Fortin
Jessica Fortin Vor Monat
Yes! We had to rewind to watch the nail a couple times. So perfectly executed!
Hellfire reaper gaming
This was incredible can't wait for the next project
Noah Popal
Noah Popal Vor Monat
This took “hammer time” to the next level.
Hydra The Plaguewatcher
This video is just some big kids playing with even bigger toys, I love it! Hope you guys had a blast!
Marcus Holland
Marcus Holland Vor Monat
I want to see the space spears same weight as this, just a giant solid metal dart, i wonder what kind of force it would produce
Nzeru Socia
Nzeru Socia Vor Monat
I am genuinely surprised at how resilient the hammer actually is! Excellent job guys! Now, I am really curious as to what would happen if it were dropped from a thousand feet!
Mr Madre
Mr Madre Vor 29 Tage
It would shatter the crust of the earth, leaving devastation for miles
CouchPotato1178 Vor Monat
@Venkat Gudavalli yo wheres my guy elon at??
extreme989 Vor Monat
Let’s drop it from orbit
Venkat Gudavalli
Good luck getting it 1000feet up.
Konrad Piaseczny
The sound the hammer makes on impact is insane
Patrick McManus
Patrick McManus Vor Monat
I feel like this is something that "That's Amazing" would do 😂
Azeem Travadi
Azeem Travadi Vor Monat
I love the editing for this video. very snappy and no nonsense
Plasma Channel
Plasma Channel Vor Monat
The anger with "my piano!!!!" is palpable. Well done, lads.
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Vor Monat
It took you guys 4 months, woah! Huge respect for being so consistent and putting in so much effort in your content
Tiya Kotwani
Tiya Kotwani Vor Monat
no it took them thor months
PiLambdaOd Vor Monat
You know you need to build one of those test your strength machines to drop the hammer on.
Michael Carey
Michael Carey Vor Monat
Nice hammer! Probably shouldn't breathe in the dust from the smashed concrete blocks though
Meep Vor Monat
"How much energy is this hammer actually producing?" *Provides impact speed, force based on some untold acceleration and pressure based on some untold area*
Burgrz_tasty Vor 6 Tage
Probably told him the area, probably measured the speed
Cj Slime
Cj Slime Vor Monat
This made me realise that rockets don’t produce as much force as we thought
The Real Capybara
This is the most epic thing ever, I don’t think anymore sponsors are gonna pull out after seeing this! Amazing work
Marbles Shadow
Marbles Shadow Vor Monat
I love how people made a custom car and they just dropped a giant hammer on it.
Viktor Jönsson
Viktor Jönsson Vor Monat
That hammer is hollow though 🤔 would the crane even be able to lift it if it were solid steel?
Mr Afton
Mr Afton Vor Monat
The ultimate test for an unbreakable box is the massive Thor's Hammer test. If a box survives that, they can officially say a box is unbreakable...
Stinky Goat
Stinky Goat Vor Monat
I love that yall seemingly wanted to still make sure that the trucks engine was salvageable for parts
ThePlayerMakes Vor Monat
Quality nail! Whoever built it should be proud.
Michael Pettitt
Michael Pettitt Vor Monat
How big a claw hammer will they build to pull that nail out with?
Jessica Fortin
Jessica Fortin Vor Monat
He sounded very proud!
Matthieu Aubert
Matthieu Aubert Vor 25 Tage
"It is now 2 dimensional" : best explaination ever, this made my day :D
Ronan Prunty
Ronan Prunty Vor Monat
The less climactic version of the sword in the stone: The nail in the dirt!
Nexus71c Vor Monat
Absolutely awesome! Now all you need to do is build ANOTHER Giant Hammer, and then drop one of them on top of the other. Should be good lol
Mathew John Vinteres
This Is Totally Insaaaane!!! All the Stuff and Height of the Biggest Thor Hammer is way to Awesome. More insane Videos to come From: Philippines
Beroj Arbab
Beroj Arbab Vor Monat
I remember seeing the piano short, and the fact that bogthoven’s scream was cut out, and just hearing the full scream was enough to make me realize this is the greatest channel in the history of engineering.
biuor su
biuor su Vor Monat
I was kind of worried at how the crane looked at 0:20 . Luckily it was only lens distortion...
NinjaBearFilms Vor Monat
1:59 Thank you for showing the power loader in use
Thor's Gaming
Thor's Gaming Vor 27 Tage
Nailed it 😂 That's was just awesome
Piipiipoopoo__ Vor Monat
Amazing video! More of drop Thor’s hammer on stuff pls 👌🏼🧡
Zack Heiner
Zack Heiner Vor Monat
The way the rear window survived the initial impact but broke in the air is fascinating 11:18
zmiatacz 74
zmiatacz 74 Vor 20 Tage
oh god it`s amazing
Bad name #568
Bad name #568 Vor Monat
Imagine being the crane operator for this
ProtectYourBits Vor Monat
You guys should drop it on one of those human hamsterballs! And you should get a 10x10 sheet of metal (you figure out the thickness) and stand it up and see if it can crunch a sheet of like 1/4 inch this steel lol. Thatd be insane.
Numa Arban
Numa Arban Vor Monat
imagine if instead of being hollow, you guys filled it with concrete
DigDig1999 Vor Tag
Can the power loader lift it? Also sad to see no thanos thing being under it
Nub Bit
Nub Bit Vor Monat
I was kind of worried at how the crane looked at 0:20 . Luckily it was only lens distortion...
j p
j p Vor Monat
@I can barely sing… no it doesn’t?
Donut vlog
Donut vlog Vor Monat
He was just worthy
Tirth Vora
Tirth Vora Vor Monat
yes same
SomethingRandom Vor Monat
rubber crane! 😂
David DDI Lukášek
Lol XD
S Mirsky
S Mirsky Vor Monat
2:37 Why does the hammer look almost the same size as the Redbull can in in these last moments? Am I missing something in the perspective?? Was it a giant can?
Brandon Vor Monat
I'd love to see you make a giant see-saw and drop the hammer on one side, make something fly
Xd Penpega
Xd Penpega Vor Monat
Imagine working right next door to the hacksmith building and you come home just like “Honey they built a massive hammer and destroyed stuff with it”
JasonScreams Vor Monat
I just had to give in to the urge of yelling HAMMER!! After every time they dropped it.
Smona Vor Monat
"Shoutout to these people they gave us a van look at the pretty artwork-" *smashes it with a giant hammer*
Shaun House
Shaun House Vor Monat
Hacksmith - creates real light sabres and irons man suits Also hack smith - runs into a cloud of cement dust… hello silicosis my old friend.
Eloso Industries
Looks like a blast!
Highly Caffeinated
Watching that crush at the end got me wondering, what if you built a trebuchet, and launched the hammer into objects from a distance?
Awesome Royals
Awesome Royals Vor Monat
3:44 the moment you can see pure happiness on a guys face
Mike Horrocks
Mike Horrocks Vor Monat
Now THIS is Trent’s new hammer!🤣🤣
Yeethan10 Vor Monat
3:44 Mr. Hacksmith, you look exactly like a mad scientist testing out his new invention. the HAMMERINATOR
Vyxelus Vor Monat
I noticed when the Hammer fell on the red bull can, the can was also enlarged. Anyone also notice?
Lurmox Vor Monat
Glad too see a mythologically accurate build, no unnecessary electricity, just a very, very heavy hammer, nice
Heppelhop Vor Monat
The people of the Norse used hammers similar in shape to this
Stuarnt Vor Monat
Idea: use friction to make a lightning object that whatever it touches shocks
The Infinite Vault
Would have made for a dope How Rediculous collaboration
DJ JACOB J Vor Monat
Now they just need a giant mechanical hand to use it!!!😃
Total Annihilation
This is great! Legit made my day haha
Jessica Fortin
Jessica Fortin Vor Monat
Epic!! Next you should destroy a giant tub of water balloons. Also, a huge stack of mattresses or feather pillows! *We called on the handle decorations going first. Yay*
j p
j p Vor Monat
@Becool I mean, she did pay them, so I guess her money would be going to it
Becool Vor Monat
You pay for the tub and mattress
Reg Ret
Reg Ret Vor Monat
Awesome video as always! Would like to see you guys make a video of making the Crescent Rose from RWBY next. That would be awesome
MrWAT3R Vor Monat
I believe they found the new meta for breaking unbreakable boxes, and they don’t even liquid nitrogen or a lightsaber
xobrynn Vor Monat
4:59 GENUINELY how was this shot, this was terrifying
Sam Makes
Sam Makes Vor Monat
I was going to watch this video, but I got. . . Hammered instead. Seriously though this was super epic!
Waltz industries
This is just beautiful to see, very happy to see this massive hammer
Michael Pritchard
You should get a shot of the crane arm after after releasing the hammer. I'm sure it rocks up.
I mean, I guess.
Imagine if aliens invade and have a 5,000lb hammer to throw around.🥲
Arjun Varma
Arjun Varma Vor Monat
Can a submarine or the material with which it’s made can withstand this impact?
Beau Rose
Beau Rose Vor Monat
You guys should make a hawk eye bow with the different types of arrows. Or a the falcons wing suit with the drone thing and the special glasses
World Builder
World Builder Vor Monat
This was super fun! You guys should definitely invite the boys from how rediculous to come over and drap this thing with you!
siva rohit k
siva rohit k Vor Monat
Imagining if it is made of tungsten, even cranes can't lift it
Jessi Lloyd
Jessi Lloyd Vor 29 Tage
I ran the numbers, and this hammer from 100ft is the energy equivalent of about 144g (5oz) of TNT. Just in case anyone needed to know that.
Suronal802 Vor Monat
Hahah that truck used to drive my ass to work every morning for years, can’t believe that thing was still running to be honest, considering it’s owner, I guess it had to go out in an unusual way ;) … great episode boys !
Zobeyo Vor Monat
You guys NEED to build I giant trebuchet that can launch this thing!! Imagine throwing it at that castle and Kyle calculating the power of that
The One Saskatchewan Farm Boy
Mr beast hit 100mil subscribers and a hacksmith video. What an amazing day
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