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0:00 Welcome to the Drop Zone!
0:13 Let the Fun Begin
1:24 Hammer Going up to 100ft!
2:00 Everyday Items
4:30 Things are Getting Serious
5:38 Big Time Fun
6:50 Everything is Fine
7:38 How Much Force?
9:00 Will the Hammer Bounce?
10:35 The Big Ticket Items
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26 Sep 2023



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6891s Vor year
dis link looks like a scam i should not click it
Love your vids hacksmith
Battleray Vor year
@6891s 😂
Dog_Awesome21 Vor year
4th like
Here on literally 500 views
MCLegoMan Vor year
I don't think the car is going to be insured for "Giant Hammer Damage"! 🤣
Ryanwfer2 Vor year
Directioner 13 #13yearsof1d #comeback1d
Bro how did you get the membership? can you tell me
Shiven Kumar
Shiven Kumar Vor year
It's just an Act of God
Logan Montgomery
@Directioner 13 #13yearsof1d #comeback1d Beside the subscribe button it should say join
knHighmer Dos
knHighmer Dos Vor year
@Logan Montgomery it doesn't show
Ri Ban
Ri Ban Vor year
I love how clearly you can see how much fun they're having, destroying things with a ridiculously oversized hammer! Love the videos!
The Real Capybara
This is the most epic thing ever, I don’t think anymore sponsors are gonna pull out after seeing this! Amazing work
Karamela Lb
Karamela Lb Vor year
Just the amount of fun they are all having while dropping a gigantic hammer on things is so fun to watch! Like the joy literally sleeps through the screen!
Darkstalker Vor year
I remember seeing the piano short, and the fact that bogthoven’s scream was cut out, and just hearing the full scream was enough to make me realize this is the greatest channel in the history of engineering.
Brandon Pitre
Brandon Pitre Vor year
I have watched this channel since before it was at 100k subscribers, I’m so happy to see it’s come so far and that you guys get to do what you’ve always dreamt of doing. That light saber project seems like it opened up so many opportunities
Os in 't Mos
Os in 't Mos Vor year
Hacksmith is slowly becoming "How ridicoulous", the thumbnail really strikes the style!
F1R3 BR47
F1R3 BR47 Vor year
Exactly what I thought!
Thorne Vor year
Even the auspicious weight of the thing, 4444, kinda screams HR
johonn Vor year
@Thorne Time to send the hammer to Australia!
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke Vor year
I kept waiting for them to give a shout-out to HR... for basically doing their thing... but nope.
Logan Sarver
Logan Sarver Vor year
I agree with you guys, I’m surprised they didn’t come over with their custom trampoline
SeanHodgins Vor year
Crushing stuff was awesome, but I loved the giant nail. Hopefully no pipes under there!
EpicNeroWolf Vor year
I don’t think they thought about that
Scizor Sky
Scizor Sky Vor 2 Monate
@EpicNeroWolf I'm sure they did.
Thomas Todd
Thomas Todd Vor 2 Monate
I could have used that truck to get around. I have a daughter and it's hard to make money for a vehicle and y'all just destroyed a good truck that I could have used to help make money.
PantherLive Vor year
It’s so cool seeing you go from a guy in a garage, to a man with a big hammer, keep going legend
Joao Ferreira
Joao Ferreira Vor 9 Monate
Great job guys. A lot of work went into this.
Rainwalker Studios
This was so much fun to watch, but seeing Kyle just made it so much better.
Jakey Beechler
As much as i love your high tech/heavy machinery builds. Id love to see something more traditional like making a european broadsword, or a katana. Even if it's just you helping out the bladesmith, I think it'd be really cool.
Sam The Battleshipp
That is how you put the hammer down Very interesting to see how the different materials reacted. Awesome!
Jean_ ThePlushie
this would be a perfect hammer for ant man when he is big if he was worthy lol
ϟ Vor year
If the man is big then the physical strength will be more too the hamer can be lifted easily
Sam du 2017
Sam du 2017 Vor year
@ϟ depends if he is worthy
MrSock Vor year
I want to be an old comment…
MrSock Vor year
Put the camera down mr camera man
I love how excited they are before it drops. They're like a bunch of kids
Being Happy
Being Happy Vor year
Serious respect for building such an abuse-proof hammer
Arbitrator Kit
Arbitrator Kit Vor 9 Monate
You can see the inner child being allowed to have fun in all of their faces, it’s so awesome
Zachery and his coffee
I love how the hammer didn't even take much damage besides the few cosmetic things flying off lmao
Epic dino
Epic dino Vor 3 Monate
Love how the video is straight to the point keep up the great work
Master Freeze
Master Freeze Vor year
I freaked out just as much as they did every time a drop was made. I really LOVE the energy and the hype on this test. ESPECIALLY the NAIL that was phenomenal!
Jessica Fortin
Yes! We had to rewind to watch the nail a couple times. So perfectly executed!
Joost Floot
Joost Floot Vor year
I agree, the nail was amazing
Deja Vor year
I liked the part when the hammer hit stuff. The rest was pretty cool too. Also the way that crane moved when you dropped the hammer was very quite interesting.
Ben Wilson
Ben Wilson Vor year
Great video, as always!! Massive respect!
Antisimex Vor 8 Monate
The nail shot was freaking amazing, you barely saw it touch the nail before it went into the ground. Love it!
Imcool0950 Vor year
your work is amazing! keep up the good work!
kerenbanget Vor year
I couldn't imagine myself standing below that gigantic hammer right there.
Sonia’s Way
Sonia’s Way Vor year
It took you guys 4 months, woah! Huge respect for being so consistent and putting in so much effort in your content
Tiya Kotwani
Tiya Kotwani Vor year
no it took them thor months
NutOnPapaya Vor year
This video was literally awesome!! This was one of my favorite mjolnir videos. im quit curious tho if its even possible to make a heavier mjolnir. Like maybe filling it with something idk but that would be insanely insane!
DashFlash Vor year
Genuinely one of the most entertaining videos I’ve seen this week. Thanks!
bilinas mini
bilinas mini Vor year
This must be the coolest job ever, for an engineer.
Uncle M
Uncle M Vor year
This was very impressive. It's true, that if you have a problem in physics, just get a bigger hammer.
Mr Afton
Mr Afton Vor year
The ultimate test for an unbreakable box is the massive Thor's Hammer test. If a box survives that, they can officially say a box is unbreakable...
Nzeru Socia
Nzeru Socia Vor year
I am genuinely surprised at how resilient the hammer actually is! Excellent job guys! Now, I am really curious as to what would happen if it were dropped from a thousand feet!
Venkat Gudavalli
Good luck getting it 1000feet up.
extreme989 Vor year
Let’s drop it from orbit
Scott Vor year
@Venkat Gudavalli yo wheres my guy elon at??
Father Elijah
Father Elijah Vor year
It would shatter the crust of the earth, leaving devastation for miles
Naoh Baker
Naoh Baker Vor year
TRULY A BANGER! The Hacksmith are definitely worthy.
Konrad Piaseczny
The sound the hammer makes on impact is insane
Tarubochan Vor 9 Monate
Keep up the great content love this!
Quirky View
Quirky View Vor year
Now just think, with Thor's normal sized hammer, this is about the same amount of force he hits stuff with
UniqueExecuted Vor 2 Monate
I liked the part where they didn't spend half an hour talking about destroying stuff but instead went straight into destroying stuff.
Quality nail! Whoever built it should be proud.
Jessica Fortin
He sounded very proud!
Michael Pettitt
How big a claw hammer will they build to pull that nail out with?
Rei Da Tecnologia
It's crazy to imagine that Thor himself give this and even more powerful hammer attacks with his small hammer 😂
Petter Larsson
Petter Larsson Vor 7 Monate
5:13 it looked absolutely surreal seeing the hammer get immediately stopped in its tracks
Cj Slime
Cj Slime Vor year
This made me realise that rockets don’t produce as much force as we thought
Kalijah Anderson
You guys do so much better of a job with these things than "How Rediculous" does.
Hux Vor 9 Monate
11:18 That tempered glass shattering looked sooooo satisfying
With how much stuff was sent flying, Im surprised no one decided to bring the captain america shield, or mando armor just for the heck of getting closer to the impact zone.
AiRsTrIkExXzZ Vor year
For some reason one of my favourite things is when they’re doing stuff and they use their previous things they’ve made to help with their future antics
Joey Vor 2 Monate
Hacksmith Industries is like the engineering version of the Mrbeast crew. They are both energetic, curious, and humorous. They are such great DE-vid channels.
Hellfire reaper gaming
This was incredible can't wait for the next project
Jake Guillot
Jake Guillot Vor year
You should call up mark rober to see if you can drop this on his trampoline that was designed for things like this
Let's Get Creating
I thought exactly the same thing
Roy Mayers
Roy Mayers Vor year
Yea same here
Zack V
Zack V Vor year
As good as that would be… I don’t think sending a 40 ton hammer flying uncontrolled through the air is a good idea
BobT36 Vor year
100% this.
KaboomGaming 42
​@Zack V idk maybe stand back like 1000 feet. surely the trampoline can be sacrificed for the sake of science.
Hydra Dreamwalker
This video is just some big kids playing with even bigger toys, I love it! Hope you guys had a blast!
Blizzrdヅ Vor year
The fact that this video is just a bunch of guys smashing things using a gigantic Mjolnir is just amazing to watch
TomatoPickle Vor 9 Monate
Thanks for the gift! Smashes with giant hammer.
WizzardVR Vor year
I really like about how the hammer when it hit some stuff it went straight through and other times to the side.
PRATEEK * Vor 6 Monate
Imagine launching those pressure rockets with this
Professional new guy
I think it would be awesome to see them redo some of there first projects now that they have updated equipment and a bigger team.
punkdigerati Vor year
Did you properly remove the refrigerant from those before crushing them?
OHYAAA Vor year
No way this dude said “we don’t know if it’s gonna hold up or not” when dropping a 4,000++lb pure solid ass metal on woods and thin metals….
Divine-X Vor 11 Monate
fun fact:It’s impossible to pull a giant nail out of the ground when it’s smashed by a giant thor’s hammer
RomaniFenix Ch.
I wonder if Mark Rober could make a even stronger tramploine that can handle Thor's hammer?
Amazing Transformation Lux
Man, you inspire millions of young people to get better every day! Thank you)
Lurmox Vor year
Glad too see a mythologically accurate build, no unnecessary electricity, just a very, very heavy hammer, nice
Heppelhop Vor year
The people of the Norse used hammers similar in shape to this
MakerBot200 Vor year
Imagine driving by only to see a giant Thor hammer being dropped from the sky.
Highly Caffeinated
Watching that crush at the end got me wondering, what if you built a trebuchet, and launched the hammer into objects from a distance?
Marbles Shadow
I love how people made a custom car and they just dropped a giant hammer on it.
Stinky Goat
Stinky Goat Vor year
I love that yall seemingly wanted to still make sure that the trucks engine was salvageable for parts
Fish Vor year
Imagine working right next door to the hacksmith building and you come home just like “Honey they built a massive hammer and destroyed stuff with it”
World Builder
World Builder Vor year
This was super fun! You guys should definitely invite the boys from how rediculous to come over and drap this thing with you!
Phoenic Vor year
12:37 The sheer childlike joy in his "Look at the giant dust cloud" lmao
Josh Cording-Jones
Seriouslt, Chris Hemsworth needs to visit you workshop with these hammers. The collaboration would be sick
Jay_Daegan Vor year
Absolutely love Kyle Hill and this channel would love to see a full collab
E-Koff Vor year
this video was INSANE, keep up the amazing content!!
Xoby Vor year
You should totally make the sword called "Murasama" (make sure you don't read it as muramasa) from the game called Metal Gear Rising. Its basically a red katana that vibrates really fast to cut through things easier.
Juan Navarro
Juan Navarro Vor year
It's amazing how sturdy that hammer is! Loved it, but what I loved the most were the reactions of everyone on the team. So much happiness and emotions, so much happy screaming and surprises! That's how you know you're doing great! Also, you should try finding a wrecked building somewhere and help with the demolition using this guy. Maybe without telling the demolition guys how are you going to help them... until they see the hammer hahahah!
Josh Vor year
The energy in this video was INTENSE!
Michael Carey
Michael Carey Vor year
Nice hammer! Probably shouldn't breathe in the dust from the smashed concrete blocks though
Areld Cookie55™
Areld Cookie55™ Vor 7 Monate
These guys is living every man's dream
Welded Daydreams
How much would it weigh if you made it out of solid tungsten, and how much would it cost in materials?
Marcus Holland
I want to see the space spears same weight as this, just a giant solid metal dart, i wonder what kind of force it would produce
Box King Kevin
I just started watching the video but I'm SO freaking happy you guys immediately get into the video and not spend 15 minutes talking about sponsors or unrelated crap and the last 30 seconds is the actual video people wanted to see. Thank you Hacksmith. I love you. I'll gladly marry you, if you asked.
Box King Kevin
The video was AMAZING! Please be more careful tho next time! Seeing those chunks of wood and metal gave me so much anxiety, someone could have died horribly. Love the video but be careful 😭
Azeem Travadi
Azeem Travadi Vor year
I love the editing for this video. very snappy and no nonsense
Kooper Watson
Kooper Watson Vor year
8:42 was easily my favourite part
Petter Larsson
Petter Larsson Vor 7 Monate
4:22 notice how the bag gets blown by the hammer's wind before it gets smashed
Classic Hacksmith fun! Love you guys
PigSquiggle Vor 2 Monate
Hacksmith: "this company donated this amazing van with some AMAZING art on it of me as thor! We're so happy with it and grateful" Also hacksmith: squishes it
Nub Bit
Nub Bit Vor year
I was kind of worried at how the crane looked at 0:20 . Luckily it was only lens distortion...
I can barely sing…
But it does still bend quite a bit, though.
David DDI Lukášek
Lol XD
rubber crane! 😂
Tirth Vora
Tirth Vora Vor year
yes same
Donut vlog
Donut vlog Vor year
He was just worthy
stefan.m_87 Vor year
I really like the Thors hammer series. But could you make an american football thrower too? I am curious how it would work and look like!
Plasma Channel
The anger with "my piano!!!!" is palpable. Well done, lads.
Bad name #568
Bad name #568 Vor year
Imagine being the crane operator for this
Blake Lofgreen
You should try dropping the hammer on a giant vat of Newtonian fluid to see if the hammer would bounce.
Noah Popal
Noah Popal Vor year
This took “hammer time” to the next level.
NightOwl Vor year
5:19 In order to get the legendary nail from the ground, you have to be worthy
Numa Arban
Numa Arban Vor year
imagine if instead of being hollow, you guys filled it with concrete
Austin rimel
Austin rimel Vor 8 Monate
These guys are like if the corridor crew made the cgi real rather than good.
Dormin Vor year
Please get Chris Hemsworth to come look at this, there's no way he wouldn't want to.
Shaun House
Shaun House Vor year
Hacksmith - creates real light sabres and irons man suits Also hack smith - runs into a cloud of cement dust… hello silicosis my old friend.
The Night Productions
The Night Productions Vor 11 Monate
imagine walking out of your house and see a giant Mjöllnir comming at you
Waltz industries
This is just beautiful to see, very happy to see this massive hammer
Jessica Fortin
Epic!! Next you should destroy a giant tub of water balloons. Also, a huge stack of mattresses or feather pillows! *We called on the handle decorations going first. Yay*
Becool Vor year
You pay for the tub and mattress
j p
j p Vor year
@Becool I mean, she did pay them, so I guess her money would be going to it
Jerome Nowak
Jerome Nowak Vor year
"How much energy is this hammer actually producing?" - Proceeds to give numbers on speed, force, pressure, but no energy lol.
lindon taylor
lindon taylor Vor 11 Monate
in my opinion this is by far your best test video. can we get a part 2 lol
Taha Tuncer
Taha Tuncer Vor 9 Monate
This is maybe my favourite video on youtube now. I dont know why it just responds to my male cave man brain..... AND I LOVE IT
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