"Good Credit, Buy Anything!" - Trevor Noah - (African American)

Trevor Noah
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3 Okt 2019



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Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah Vor 4 Monate
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Sthandile Mpanza
Sthandile Mpanza Vor 29 Tage
I love you
Kf O
Kf O Vor Monat
Chinese American sell car don’t speak that accent. You must’ve forgotten you talked to a Chinese server at Chinese restaurant about selling your cheap black ass car to him.
hatfieldrick Vor Monat
Well okay, but only because I adore you and want to nibble on your ears, you darling fellow.
A Jess
A Jess Vor 2 Monate
Trevor Noah hi my question is not very relevant but why can’t I find your video on Australian guy fighting over plane seat with African . That was epic
serk serk
serk serk Vor 3 Monate
i love u trevor
moonandback Vor Tag
I relate to the siri bit too much. I am Indian and had to switch off the damn thing on my ipad because she kept going sorry, I don't understand whatever I said.
chrissy ll
chrissy ll Vor 2 Tage
i usually really admire how u put so much thought and respect in your jokes, especially when it comes to jokes related to ethnicity! in this video though, tbh I do felt a bit offended, when u did the joke with "why do u say our country, is it bc u live here or bc china owns it" I think bc the US is so diverse, that it should not be anormal, when someone with a migrational background who lives in the US for a long time to feel like home there and to identify with it as to "their country"
Sinn Madikizela
Sinn Madikizela Vor 4 Tage
Chinese accent....😂😂😂😂🤣 I died
dominik klan
dominik klan Vor 4 Tage
He's talking how hard chinese is but its primitive compared to japanese
Yoon - Moon
Yoon - Moon Vor Tag
dominik klan Japanese writing was kind of stolen from the chinese though. Also I think the difficulty lies in pronunciation. It could just be me but when people attempt chinese, it’s always not quite the right tome or completely off and because I speak Chinese I can tell. However, with Japanese I think the tones are easier to replicate overall?!?!?!
arkd3um1988 Vor 5 Tage
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh Vor 5 Tage
this guy is awesome ....i'm afraid i'll run out of his stand ups to watch
Дина Прокофьева
Man, that thing about choking nose speaking lady wasn't funny at all. I'm a big fan of yours particularly 'cause you don't make cruel and misogynic jokes.
KIMANI Vor 5 Tage
Trevor u are crazy
Olivia Lou
Olivia Lou Vor 9 Tage
Hahah it’s so true that Chinese is the most difficult language, I still remember how almost every class we had in pre school and elementary school were all basically language learning, grammar and writing, up until like middle school. I can’t image how hard it is for foreigners, good luck!
Jmaria Nevarez
Jmaria Nevarez Vor 9 Tage
Credit is under the assumption that you can pay back the money lol this dude knowledge is on point lol
Moses Chong
Moses Chong Vor 11 Tage
Meanwhile in Singapore when we get into issues on the road we call each other vulgarities and bad drivers
Rugby7swife Vor 11 Tage
freaking hilarious!
Shel Vor 11 Tage
Hi Trevor, our son Dylan Jae is a huge fan of yours and he turns 9 today. Could you please give him a shout out? I know you get this all the time but he thinks you are hilarious and loves your show. Just a favor if you could, keeping our fingers crossed! It will be the best surprise, he just had his tonsils out and this would certainly cheer him up! Thanks for taking the time to read this Trevor! We love you!
Mind For Everything
de-vid.com/video/video-w3iRHhR-PlI.html to learn Spanish click this link
macalice1 Vor 12 Tage
Hi Trevor, I love your show as you are a funny and intelligent man however I don’t like what your comment on Chinese language. Chinese language is not the most difficult language to learn at all. I’m a Chinese teacher and I’ve been learning English for more than 30 years but I still make mistakes when I use English either in writing and speaking. What I’m trying to say is learning a second language is not easy and every language has its easy parts and difficult parts. You don’t need to master 10 thousand characters in order to speak or write in Chinese. Pls do a bit more research before create a joke which may involve the subject or a area that you are not familiar with. Keep doing the fantastic work Trevor and wish you even greater success😻😍❣️❤️
Mikhial 12
Mikhial 12 Vor 12 Tage
Can’t watch this without Siri asking me what I want when Trevor is saying Siri😂😂😂
Hussain Vishah
Hussain Vishah Vor 14 Tage
Trevor, do you watch anime?
Ashlyn Rose
Ashlyn Rose Vor 15 Tage
Oh Trevor, how can you be so cute.
Mellissa Dalby
Mellissa Dalby Vor 15 Tage
Mr. Trevor, you are not wrong about that... You hit a lot of nails right on the head, sir.
張Victor Vor 17 Tage
as a Chinese,we also only have 26 letters,we use it to pronounce characters.
Parigoon Hedayat
Parigoon Hedayat Vor 17 Tage
Hahaaaa you're the ONE!!!!
Angel Dario Alfredo Medrano
Well now for language setting with Siri you can set it to English(south Africa) then it can understand you
Tsungshi Jamir
Tsungshi Jamir Vor 18 Tage
Hahaha it's 5:08 am and I am laughing like anything you are a great comedian 😂😂😂👌
Baraka Malande
Baraka Malande Vor 18 Tage
I speak 6 different languages fluently
Germaine Boatwala -Sidhva
Hahahaha 😂😂😂
Ronnie Hossain
Ronnie Hossain Vor 23 Tage
Credit system sucks blood out of you. They force you to buy in credit then pay 33 percent interests for life. More or less they control your life. Now they are trying to use credit system to get a job. More or less USA has two class of people. One rich others are credit slaves. In USA you get .025 % interest on savings and lots of way to get broke.
Марат Малевич
Tell me please what he said at 4:05 "Siri, please call p............... and Siri replies You need pizza?
Марат Малевич
@Chris Azarian thanks a lot))
Chris Azarian
Chris Azarian Vor 25 Tage
He's saying "call Peter"
Ekaterina Imerslund
Trevor: Spreek je Nederlands (Afrikaans)? Du sprichst Deutsch auch, nicht wahr? "Der schwarze Hitler!"... hahaha. You rule, babe. Every time.
Judester Vor 29 Tage
Funny, but I didn't know he used profanity which made it less funny for me. :/
Tenvvely127 /Nina Park Min
Americans have such weird stereotypes never heard of the "Asians are bad at driving" thing till America
Transit Fun
Transit Fun Vor 23 Tage
Canadians have the same sterotype about Asians
Ohh man that spanish accent 😂😂😂😂 sexiest ever😂😂
John Claude Ramos
I laugh hard when the muppet joke come!
Mufasa Robin
Mufasa Robin Vor Monat
That's true many Asians are bad drivers..
Inara Dias
Inara Dias Vor Monat
man, this was the first video of yours that i didnt liked. choke a woman? come on!
Sarah M
Sarah M Vor Monat
Teacher Apple
Teacher Apple Vor Monat
I love trevor! A blast of wit and humor!
ZF YT Vor Monat
Try to learn Finish where 1 word means 20 diffrent things
LoCath Black
LoCath Black Vor Monat
Please add some sub, thanks
David vd Merwe
David vd Merwe Vor Monat
Is it true; Donald is a holocaust denier?
emiksilia Vor Monat
I also didn't hear a difference between pizza and Peter. xD I needed subtitles. But I'm not native of any English, it can be my fault.
Jeremy Woo
Jeremy Woo Vor Monat
I know about Chinese. there are 10 thousand letters and they combine into hundreds of thousands of them, and each of them have about 3 to 4 means. So in conclusion, don't learn Chinese.
Efrain aceves Tijuana
Que pemdejadas
alanp1991 Vor Monat
Lol I love him but seeing him without a suit looks weird. It's like running into your Co worker at the mall and seeing them in regular cloths.
Snyder Faustin
Snyder Faustin Vor Monat
Yes! I thought so as well
KiraAsakura14 Vor Monat
This is actually true. Japanese, even the girls CAN, but not always, speak from their chest. Every listened to them cute animé virtual youtubers and you just suddenly hear a growling tiger. You're not confused. It's them. It's a special ability.
Mr Sniper
Mr Sniper Vor Monat
Found out about this dude not long ago and already love him and his sense of humor
S K Vor Monat
Is that really what the man sounded like or did you do it for the audience?
Oni Vor Monat
What do you mean?
MrDavidGafas Vor Monat
You are the best Trevor!
Seonaid 22
Seonaid 22 Vor Monat
Trevor: ... because you speak japanese from your chest it makes you feel strong.. Me: you haven't meet them moe moe anime girls yet trevor.
Arya1999 Vor Monat
When I got divorced I had no debts and 20000 quid to my name. Which, for some reason, gave me "bad credit." I managed to wangle a CC from my bank account and now I'm broke as hell and can get any credit card or loan I want. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what's wrong with insisting the economy grows. It's all about getting people into debt, not about getting people actual money.
赵思亲 Vor Monat
oh,the accents are .......i cannot get any clear charcters from it.
Regina Huber
Regina Huber Vor Monat
The credit thing... so true! No one understands it. This no good for you...
Tanya Simchuk
Tanya Simchuk Vor Monat
This thing about the credit history also amazed me, while living in the US :)))) And yes, Trevor Noah is surely the best at doing different accents (not the languages themselves, but accents are just fantastic :)))))))))
Andrew Sprague
Andrew Sprague Vor Monat
As a Chinese speaker it’s so funny watching Trevor speak Chinese!
1 7
1 7 Vor Monat
Trevor Noah is a Raciss, Whiny little TWAT. And the best part is Trevor himself knows this is true...LMMFAO.
winson xiao
winson xiao Vor Monat
They don't even get the tones right most of the time
Parkour Yan
Parkour Yan Vor Monat
Ayee I'm Chinese and i can speak English and Spanish and Japanese hahahaha
Parkour Yan
Parkour Yan Vor Monat
Mean Ming yeah i already subed him year ago hahaha he is fucking talented
Mean Ming
Mean Ming Vor Monat
Check out laoshu505000
Caffeinated Nation
7:20 Dying 😂😂😂😂
Caffeinated Nation
5:45 He speaks Spanish toooo??? 😍
Anthony Ukpong
Anthony Ukpong Vor Monat
Jeez!!! I'll be laughing this out for days!!!
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