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Gordon Ramsay cannot believe a culinary teacher has no experience as a chef.
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In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.




14 Jul 2019

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Cam Vor 11 Minuten
“Same plumbing; different wiring” k den
rexlive1 Vor Stunde
I respect her for say what she said 😂😂😂😂
Frank Matthews
Frank Matthews Vor 2 Stunden
5:33 shoudlve said "put it back up there cause its shit"
izzy B
izzy B Vor 3 Stunden
"I teach manners too chef" *Kratos theme song starts playing*
Sam saadeh
Sam saadeh Vor 3 Stunden
She charge 300$ imagine how much Gordon gonna charge her
Miracle man
Miracle man Vor 4 Stunden
3:25 The dish is clumsy like you lol
Herp Derp
Herp Derp Vor 4 Stunden
HAAAAAHAHA zero points for being a faggot. And here he thought he would get some leftist victim pander points from chef "gives no fucks" Ramsey?
Natsuki Loves to Bake
Natsuki Loves to Bake Vor 4 Stunden
*reads first half of title* Wow Gordon Ramsey is impressed? *reads second half* Oh.
Eion Malchow
Eion Malchow Vor 4 Stunden
7:13 is what everyone is looking for
Girlynerd !
Girlynerd ! Vor 5 Stunden
I got an ad for Gordon Ramsay before this video lol
Jacob B
Jacob B Vor 5 Stunden
0:02 why does this actually sound like _James_ Gordon?
Chrome Child
Chrome Child Vor 5 Stunden
That is pretty crazy to teach chefs never being taught how to be an actual chef.
James Flames
James Flames Vor 5 Stunden
Don't get too happy, love. He strongly implied it looked like absolute shit.
Besomar Vor 6 Stunden
"ok,please miss manners,fuck of back in line"
CarbonKnight Vor 6 Stunden
"I'm no Shrek!" 😂
Zues GodOfThunder
Zues GodOfThunder Vor 7 Stunden
Mrs.Manners scamming biotch
ComedyKing Vor 7 Stunden
Gorden only selected Colleen to torture the entire season. 😂
NoMore Vor 10 Stunden
I am openly out?? Who the fuck cares what your sexuall orientation are nowadays.
ricky Vor 11 Stunden
7:11 guess it was too hard...
Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay Vor 11 Stunden
Lamb sauce is now at Walmart for $15
Curtis Brown
Curtis Brown Vor 12 Stunden
That's not AWE! 🤣😅🤣😂😭
UGS Noah
UGS Noah Vor 13 Stunden
Gordon Ramsay is a toxic boi
Jeremiah Carlos
Jeremiah Carlos Vor 15 Stunden
If Ji didn't get injured this season she would have taken the whole show she had no competition whatsoever she would have won such a shame
good o'l me plant
good o'l me plant Vor 16 Stunden
Is this the episode with all the spaghetti in the trash?
NoVaKane Vor 18 Stunden
Why do you need to tell anyone . Its stupid
RustRabbit Vor 19 Stunden
what are these highlights ,... felt like i was smoking something strong ,. jumping from one scene to another with no idea whats going on
Parker Chiacchia
Parker Chiacchia Vor 19 Stunden
jérémy bossé
jérémy bossé Vor 20 Stunden
You will not kick the chef
Eliweed Vor 20 Stunden
Me: utter trash Ramsay: Amazing Me: :o -- I mean, uh amazing
Azazura Azura
Azazura Azura Vor 20 Stunden
gonna get hate, but the "pride parade" dude really should be put in his place. :/ being happy with who you are is all the matters. Using ur sexuality as a badge of honor is not. It comes off unprofessional, and arrogant. Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, (regardless of religion) and just makes an ass out of people.
ZadfrackGlutz Zesozose
That pride pin looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen.
Bruh What
Bruh What Vor 21 Stunde
7:14 Protocol execute Karen activated
hithereimcindy Vor 22 Stunden
Colleen: “I teach manners too chef.” Gordon: I’m going to end this women’s whole career.
jes pla
jes pla Vor 22 Stunden
holy sht. im scared to chef gordon
palta_gacha Vor 23 Stunden
Wasabi_Me Vor 23 Stunden
Ew Colleen
Artur TMT
Artur TMT Vor Tag
fucking hell what a roasting season. "the dish is clumsy, liiiike you" , I'm not even gonna comment on that Karen chick.
Dan Takemoto
Dan Takemoto Vor Tag
You don’t do small portions🤣🤣
Proud to be gay? What the fuck? You aren't born with pride kid. Pride is earned through personal accomplishments. Eating ass isn't something to be proud of.
Shaun Whalen
Shaun Whalen Vor Tag
Gordon is such an amazing big jerk
Artur TMT
Artur TMT Vor Tag
The way that one girl said that she's also cooking for her family was so sweet.
Cal Gibson
Cal Gibson Vor Tag
I've worked as a chef for Years (as well as every single other position in a restaurant) and I've always been really good with people, but working with him, I'd end up in Jail for Knocking him TF Out within the first week.
Justin Y Not.
7:14 oh man I love Chef Ramsey
mic line music
Jesus is chef, i mean God
cland123 Vor Tag
7:18 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shnaarlarlarlarlarlarl Barnaregarlarpartaardar
When he said he just pulled it out of his ass, gordan shoulda said, "Well put it back in there cause it's shit."
Tomm192 Vor Tag
" I am gay and proud of it" Who cares?
Green Lantern
I came here for the “I teach manners too” and was not disappointed
John K
John K Vor Tag
You’re in Gordon’s kitchen, expect to be shouted at.
Sidharth Sattiraju
Drama shit....
Box Shaped Beauty
Colleen is scamming!! 😂😂
Fumpf Vor Tag
Lady: "I teach manners too chef" *Gordon draws weapon* Gordon: "Never should have come here"
Byron Joel
Byron Joel Vor Tag
I wouldn't last 1 min in that kitchen. Can't handle taking shit from anyone 😏
Frisbee 'n' Cookies
"I teach manners too chef", *Gordinator mode activated* 😱
3:00 your blocking my phone move
Javal Thomas
Javal Thomas Vor Tag
The pride pin part warmed my heart🏳️‍🌈
komorebi Vor Tag
gordon: literally butchering a chef through words them: yes chef
Story Time With A Sudani
for robert does he like onions?
Nathan Regan
Nathan Regan Vor Tag
Gordon is such a dick he honestly deserves something bad
Annette Melnychuk
I don’t believe that the last woman is a cooking instructor otherwise I wonder how many restaurants she has owned has shut down
Not Neo
Not Neo Vor Tag
Did Josh take one of Colleen's classes? 😂 *So. Much. Spaghetti.*
sam gough
sam gough Vor Tag
This is old
Alek S
Alek S Vor Tag
me: Gordon: cunt
StormTrigger Vor Tag
"I teach manners too chef" Ok miss manners, fuck off, back in line What a great line
Some Name
Some Name Vor Tag
It’s more courageous now to have a straight pride than gay pride.
DrummerBB Vor Tag
I hate when people have to try to shove their homosexuality in your face. It's the same as shoving a bible in your face
Rustyknife Vor Tag
Why does homosexuality have to be injected into every fucking thing nowadays
Violet Flower
When she said "I teach manners too chef" the ground shook
Ben Sarlin
Ben Sarlin Vor Tag
Gordon is such a jerk. Last time I watch him. So tired of watching him humiliate people in public. He cant' even cook. Best Chef in the world comment was laughable. He can't even make fried chicken. Check out that video. So boring. He's a bigger jerk than Howard Stern or David Letterman and all the CNN newscasters combined. Predict he will die young. Thinks he's funny. He's just a jerk. Please everyone stop watching him.
Trivas  Palmer
I just started watching this.....omg where have I been??! I love the scrutiny on these dishes!!!
Kate Hawk
Kate Hawk Vor Tag
maybe corleen was a mortician, cuz she's about to get Death.
The influx of Lord of the Rings references fill me with joy.
Prince Marvelo Felipe
owww shit
Not Saya
Not Saya Vor 2 Tage
Yesssss the Asian (only reason I say that is that I’m Asian)
Abood Ashoor
Abood Ashoor Vor 2 Tage
"I teach mannere too chef" Gordon: fuck off back in line. oK.
Abood Ashoor
Abood Ashoor Vor 2 Tage
"I teach manners too chef" OOF.
The dish is clumsy..like you!!! #FightingWords
Supernova71288 Vor 2 Tage
$300 for a 3 hour cooking lesson from someone with no culinary training herself... unbelievable...
rachel menard
rachel menard Vor 2 Tage
O.M.Gosh Gordan is BRUTAL!
Tiger For life
Tiger For life Vor 2 Tage
Same plumbing different wiring but the gays dudes wiring is backed up with shut that was pounded in by a mother’s dudes 🍆
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