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Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether a name is male or female if you come from a different country. So today, let's see if I can guess the gender of these tricky German names!
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28 Aug 2016

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Johannes von Rüden
Johannes von Rüden Vor 17 Stunden
Iam Form Germany, most of the names I never heard of in any place here.
Kerstin N
Kerstin N Vor Tag
Eike ist ein Männer und Frauen Name
Littleblacklawyergerman Blakgerman
ohhhh please where did you get them from?
Zarah Qadir
Zarah Qadir Vor 4 Tage
Ich wollte den namen Elfriede hören 😎
Johann Brandstatter
Hello girls ! What a happy and cheerful lot you both are ! As for your names, they are not typical German names at all. There is no prohibition not to use them, but a great lot of them are so obviously foreign, it's not funny. Mostly from Danish ( that is another country ), but they could also be from the other Scandinavian countries : Arne, Bjarne, Soeren, Mette ind Bente. Slavic origins Mika and Ilya. Rene is so obviously French.As a native German speaker, none of them were a riddle, but, I was just wondering where the hell you dug them up... A bit of homework for you - and I am not including the Norrth American ghetto names you can give your ( poor and stigmatised for life ) children. To combat confusion in or with English names, here is a small sample : Alex, Toni, Lindsay and Kim. Nobody knows or could guess with any certainty what sex the bearer of that name is ! This would not happen with German names....
spacemantango Vor 4 Tage
It's because gender norms, femininity and masculinity are made up human concepts with no logical or science behind them. It's cool to analyze though.
Leonie Schneider
Leonie Schneider Vor 5 Tage
Ok I know a female René bro
Dodo Linjo
Dodo Linjo Vor 5 Tage
I have got a name for you : Corsin
Funda Vor 6 Tage
"Typical german names" ? Do i live in another germany or something ?! Those names sound really swedish in my opinion 😂
Viki die Ente
Viki die Ente Vor 6 Tage
I'm german and knew nearly none of those names😂
Vivienne Tran
Vivienne Tran Vor 6 Tage
I‘m from Germany and I‘m pretty sure that Bente is a male name haha
Foxi Time
Foxi Time Vor 7 Tage
im a German and my second name is René (im a girl)😂😂
Jeff Schiller
Jeff Schiller Vor 7 Tage
I'm half German. Just teach me the language. Babble is good until you get stuck. Rotten computor.
bts-love-taehyung on rolls
I'm also from Germany never heard those names
sandra ri
sandra ri Vor 9 Tage
at least 90% of the names are scandinavian, not german 😂
Samson110SW Vor 9 Tage
most of the names are northern German / Scandinavian in origin (although Ilja is slavic, René is French)... but Eike can be both male (northern Germany) or female (southern Germany). with both regions being absolutely convinced that THEIR way of using the name is the correct one
Lisa Bentele
Lisa Bentele Vor 10 Tage
7.50 Hallo ostwind das ist doch wohl weiblich
Laura G.
Laura G. Vor 13 Tage
Tomke, Eike and Mika are in fact unisex names, you need a second name to clarify the gender of your child if you choose one of these names. As for René: It can be used as a female name if it's written "Renée", otherwise it would clearly be a male name in Germany (as well as in France, where it originates from).
Michael Frank
Michael Frank Vor 14 Tage
It puzzels me, that so many here claim to not know those names - maybe you are all from bavaria or maybe from Neukölln where all the people are named Xaver or Ibrahim? I think Bente was the only name I was not sure to have heard before, but I guess it is from Ostfriesland. Bjarne and Mette are rather scandinavian names, but are in use in the north of germany, too. Never heard of Ilja Richter? Sören, Söhnke, Anke, Arne, René are common, I would have guessed every one knows them. Some names are from Ostfriesland with it´s many uncommon names - the ones with the -ke ending often. Mika is common in Finland for Michael. Bjarne I considered to name my son, which then happend to be a girl, so it had to be a different name.
Mickey Clicky
Mickey Clicky Vor 14 Tage
Eike can be either!
Müller Sabine
Müller Sabine Vor 15 Tage
Das sind überwiegend norddeutsche Namen.
Myanmar Vor 16 Tage
Ich kenne nen männlichen Tomke..
Elina Mendes
Elina Mendes Vor 16 Tage
Lmao I'm from Germany and I never hear of this names 😂😅 I don't think they are German names 😂(most of them)
Elli 23
Elli 23 Vor 16 Tage
Erst mal informieren bevor du irgendeinen Schrott hochlädst. Nix stimmt. Hast wahrscheinlich mit Finnland oder so verwechselt. Dann lösch doch dieses Video bevor du andere Nationen in dem Glauben lässt dass Deutsche so heißen. Du nervst mich
Robert  Wayne Vernon Jr
Well, Renea and Renée are girl's name, but I see René is a boy's name in French and German.
Mira Kitten
Mira Kitten Vor 17 Tage
Sounds a little bit like dansk/nordish names
Mira Kitten
Mira Kitten Vor 17 Tage
Mika is also a female Name But Mikas is a Male name
/ /
/ / Vor 23 Tage
Mika ist männlich oder weiblich
/ /
/ / Vor 23 Tage
SÖNKE , SÖREN? hab ich noch nie gehört!
Franka Billerbeck
Franka Billerbeck Vor 23 Tage
I think Eike ist either... I know a woman which Name is Eike
damiel1109 Vor 25 Tage
The most of this names are from denmark not from germany 😂😂😂
stefanie bender
stefanie bender Vor 28 Tage
i'm german, and know all names... mika is more polish than german, gundel is an old name, today you would say gundula, sönke is a old northern german name... it means little son, bjarne is not a real german name... it came from skandinavia, tomke... northern germany, mette... from danmark and norway, ilya is a eastern europe name... from romania and the czech republik... it was very populair in the 60's and 70's in germany, sören ... came from scandinavia and is very populair in the north of germany, bente ... also a name from scandinavia, jused in the north of germany, eike ... an old german name, renee + rene ... are both in germany, like in france male and female, anke... german, arne ... nortern german name
Jill Kneip
Jill Kneip Vor 28 Tage
In Luxembourg exist the name René for both genders but for a female is written like that Renée
elsamoure Vor 29 Tage
Are they even German? They sound as if they oroginated from Denmark or some other nordish country....
rshshjjsj hshsvs
You've forgotten Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer
Silke Chambers
Silke Chambers Vor Monat
I came to the States from Germany when I was 3. My name is Silke, and I get a lot of questions about it ! My middle name is Edeltraut, which is my Mom's first name. She goes by Edie.
MrRoztoc Vor Monat
German names, haha! Nope! Fail!
Doc Blue
Doc Blue Vor Monat
was sollen das bitte für namen sein ihr amis seid doch einfach nur doof
Kontra K Loyal
Kontra K Loyal Vor Monat
Hauptsache ich bin deutsche und kannte davon nur 4 Namen
ChimeFloon -w-
ChimeFloon -w- Vor Monat
ich hab bis auf bjarne keinen einzigen davon je gehört XD
Leslie Richter
Leslie Richter Vor Monat
Im from germany and have an US name- leslie
Prateek Jain
Prateek Jain Vor Monat
These sound like Finnish/Swedish
Lilly Jools
Lilly Jools Vor Monat
Das sind doch keine typisch deutschen Namen. Hört sich eher nach norwegischen Namen an
ich hatte mal einen lehrer der hies arne sonst kenne ich noch sörren udn mika den rest nicht
ThomeTeque Vor Monat
WTF ??:D Wo hast du die Namen her?
Pro Gamer X8
Pro Gamer X8 Vor Monat
Das sind keine echten Namen
MrBeamUP Vor Monat
Eike kenne ich als Frauenname... Viele sind aber tatsächlich sehr "Nordisch angehaucht!" Und werden auch im "Norden" eher genommen...also Schleswig-Holstein und da auch eher Richtung Grenze zu Dänemark.
Dragon Drummer
Dragon Drummer Vor Monat
I am from germany and first of all, I have NEVER heard of most of theese names, but René can be male or female in germany. Also I wouldn't trust that much on the other names either ...
Alessa I.
Alessa I. Vor Monat
Ich kenne nur Bjarne...
byAnna_ Vor Monat
I know a René who is female 😂
Natalie Silber
Natalie Silber Vor Monat
I have a frend, he is a guy and his name is Tomke 🙈 And do you never had read Ostwind?The girls name is Mika : )
Laura h
Laura h Vor Monat
Ich kenne ein Mädchen was René heißt und ich habe jemanden in meiner Klasse der Sören heißt.
Luna -
Luna - Vor Monat
GUNDEL ??!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 IM ERNST????😂😂😂😂WAS SIND DAS FÜR NAMEN????!?!!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂HABE ICH NOCH NIE GEHÖRT 😂
Paula B.
Paula B. Vor Monat
Mika is for boys and girls 😉
Feurio Brann
Feurio Brann Vor Monat
For me as German some finnish names sounds a bit cracy. For aksample the name "Ekke" is very close too "Ecke" witch means Corner. And a lot of finnish names ends with an I. In Germany normaly the short version (Verniedlichte Form) ends with an I.
Blub Bi
Blub Bi Vor Monat
Ilja? I just know russians with this name. The others sounds like nordic names. Not really typical german names. Whats about Heinz, Waldtraud, Sieglinde, Erich. They would be even funny to pronounce. the sausage joke is funny xD
FIRE PRO Vor Monat
Gundel sounds like the female name kendal
Pineapple Tv
Pineapple Tv Vor Monat
I’m from south Germany and I think most of them are Northern Germany names... I just knew a few of them
MaryMix Vor Monat
Sönke can be male and female but it’s mostly used for male persons. But I actually met a female Sönke long before I met a first male Sönke.
Alexandra Schneider
Wie alle auf Englisch schreiben 😂hier sind eh nur Deutsche🤦‍♀️
ich bin glücklich
Wer hat in Deutschland bitte einen dieser Namen?🤔
Ellens CandyCrash
Was sind das für Namen 😂
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bonus. Bjarne and Björn actually are versions of same Nordic name, meaning, unsurprisingly, bear. Mette = Margarethe. Sören = Severin(us) Ilja = Elias.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
On Arne : you also get a form örn, but in Swedish the form "Arne" is always a given name and the form "örn" is always common name of the bird.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
By the way, like French has René and Renée, Spanish has Renato and Renata. And therefore the feminine of René in German is actually the Spanish version, with a slight change : Renate.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Very famous such, that is René (masculine), is the Asterix and Lucky Luke writing René Goscinny. Who refused to get baptised despite allusions to his name.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
René in masculine and Renée in feminine, both meaning "born again" which is a fitting baptismal name. I hope not too many girls in US named so drop the feminine -e at the end after the accented é.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Arne, also in Nordic languages, and like Bjarne / Björn it is animalic, meaning, this time, eagle.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Classic example. In English "Dagmar" might be male. In Scandinavian languages, it is always female.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
In North Germany, aren't there some Josse for Josephine? I read a novel Präludium for Josse once.
Tomke: rumänisch/deutsch Bjane: dänisch/norwegisch Mette: skandinavisch/deutsch Ilja : Deutsche Schreibweise slawische Form theophorer Name Sören: dänisch Bente: skandinavische Mädchenname deutscher Jungenname Eike : Deutsch Mädchen/Junge Gundel: deutsch Mika : finnisch Sönke :friesisch Arne: mitteleuropäisch (also auch deutsch) Renee: Französisch Mädchen/Junge Nur die Hälfte der Namen ist Deutsch. Das finde ich schlecht recherchiert!!
Leonie Vor Monat
i’m german and i’ve never heard these names before LOL
Rana Bejjati
Rana Bejjati Vor Monat
I am from Germany and I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♀️ the most names ????????
Anna Laugwitz
Anna Laugwitz Vor Monat
Sönke???????!!!!!SCHWEDISCH 😂🤣🤦‍♀️irgendwie alle auf SCHWEDISCH 😂🤣😂
Sabine Wünschirs
Sönke ist ein friesischer Name
Lisa Lerbsch
Lisa Lerbsch Vor Monat
Hää noch nie von diesen namen gehört😂🤦🏻‍♀️
FreeSoftware Vor Monat
07:30 No! It's the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinksi - *Mika Brzezinski* .
Mika Schwarz
Mika Schwarz Vor Monat
Im from Germany and i didnt know any names...
Henriette Bohne
Henriette Bohne Vor Monat
Das sind keine deutschen Namen.Eike vielleicht.Aber ihr habt viele nordisch e Namen.Gundel ist eher schon deutsch.znd etwas älter 😊 Typisch wäre Heinrich, Krista ,Elke,Andrea, Georg ,...
Marie Bibimbap
Marie Bibimbap Vor Monat
I'm from Germany and a friend's name is Bente
masterfjordi_of_ disaster
I am from Germany (bavaria) and the most of these names i have never heard before. I think they are from north germany and for me it was difficult too to decide is it male or female😂
Johanna Darko
Johanna Darko Vor Monat
Mika is a male and female name
Lord_ Dragultrion Innozenz
es waren einfach mal alle Namen außer René nordisch und 90% hab ich noch nie hier in Deutschland gehört
Lord_ Dragultrion Innozenz
was sind das für Namen? noch nie von denen gehört,sind das nordische Namen?!?!?!
Nolin Tanith
Nolin Tanith Vor Monat
What? Can you use please german names, cause the names ar nit from Germany and I'm German
Maleah Müller
Maleah Müller Vor Monat
😂😂 Ich bin Deutsche 😂😂
Nathalie‘s Welt
Ich kenn keinen Deutschen Namen:)
Fabiloveskarate Vor Monat
I wouldn't say that Eike is a boys name I know so many girls with the name Eike
Fabiloveskarate Vor Monat
I'm from Germany and I have a male friend and his name is Tomke so I wouldn't say that Tomke is a girl name
Leax Vor Monat
She picked names i never heard before and i am german xD
Dr Brainstream
Dr Brainstream Vor Monat
Das Problem mit den ganzen Kommentaren hier ist das die meisten zu jung sind . Gundel ist zum Besispiel ein sehr alter Deutscher Name . Und einige sind einfach nicht mehr gefragt . Aber ein wenig gemogelt hat sie trotzdem 😂
Nayuta Ito
Nayuta Ito Vor Monat
Mika is also a Japanese name for only girls. It is pronounced the same as German.
Rieke T.
Rieke T. Vor Monat
Ich finde, dass die (meisten) Namen klingen eher skandinavisch und nicht deutsch klingen 🤔
Anshie Vor Monat
So confused about all the comments from Germans here who say they don't know these names. Is that because watchers are very young and nowadays all kids are called Justin or Chantal? 😂 Anyway, I knew all these names and their genders but I'm pretty sure Mika and René can be used for both genders nowadays.
Ro Man
Ro Man Vor Monat
Most of these are not German. Bjarne and Søren are actually Danish names. Tomke, Sönke, Anke and Eike are Frisian (which is a separate language from German). Mette and Bente are also Scandinavian. Ilja is Slavic. Mika is the Finnish version of Michael. Arne is Proto-Germanic, though most common in Scandinavia. René is French. The only real German name was Gundel.
Sada0386 Vor Monat
I really like your voice and your way of speaking in your videos
Sonya !!!
Sonya !!! Vor Monat
In thailand u can actually name ur kid what u want. For example cheese, flower, ocean, pink, cloud or sky
Karsten Kristensen
Bjarne, Mette, Dorte, Søren, Bente, Arne, Rene are Danish names. (As well ?) (Mika Hakkinen = Finish)
Taron D'Arcy
Taron D'Arcy Vor Monat
Lol, German Names are much clearer than American names.
Emely Diaz
Emely Diaz Vor Monat
Wtf ich kannte nur Ilja hahah
MsHoogeveen Vor Monat
I am Dutch and I had so many right :)
Squirtly Dude
Squirtly Dude Vor Monat
These are skandinavian names not German !!!
Chantal Burghardt
Hey, i'm Renée and i am a German girl....
Seasidebarbie Vor 2 Monate
Eike or Aike is also a girls name. It's for both genders. My best friends name is Aike and she is a girl :D Also this aren't typical german names, more like typical frisian names.
Mayleen Otte
Mayleen Otte Vor 2 Monate
Lol i‘m from germany and i haven‘t heard 90% of the names yet😂
Horse Girl
Horse Girl Vor 2 Monate
The names aren't german. I am from Germany
Dj CBACM Vor 2 Monate
Wenn nahezu alle namen nicht typisch deutsch sind und du dir so denkst wtf. Btw Tomke is a unisex-name, Bjarne is danish, Ilja is a girls name down in Munich, Eike is also a unisex name, gundels isnt even used at all, its more like the short form of Gundula or smthing like this, mika is the finnish form of Michael, Rene is more an french name, so better get informed before making videos like this.
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