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Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether a name is male or female if you come from a different country. So today, let's see if I can guess the gender of these tricky German names!
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28 Aug 2016



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Marcel Fusco
Marcel Fusco Vor Tag
Also jetzt mal im Ernst die ersten 3 Namen waren doch kein Deutsch! Die haben sich vielleicht aber auch nur vielleicht eingebürgert
Urs Arlt
Urs Arlt Vor 12 Tage
These are mostly really uncommon names in Germany but I guess it proves that naming kids can still be very creative in Germany despite the legal restrictions.
ten-chan Vor 12 Tage
Eines Tages werde ich mein Kind Geschirrspühlmaschine nennen...
Chris Tian
Chris Tian Vor 16 Tage
Most of these names are not very "typical" German and I think the majority of them are Scandinavian, so this is why they sound like furniture from IKEA. The name Gundel I have only read in "Disneys lustige Taschenbücher", where there is a witch called Gundel Gaukeley. You don't name your children after comic characters, do you? :-)
Cmygo Vor 17 Tage
Oh mein Gott, Trixi ist so hübsch! 😍
Nicole J.
Nicole J. Vor 20 Tage
Wer heißt denn so? 😮
Mr Racing
Mr Racing Vor 20 Tage
Sören 💪🏽💪🏽
Schiarazula Marazula
In France, René is a male name, the corresponding female name being Renée Mette: part of the name of the Crown Princess of Norway Arne: I knew the gender of Arne thanks to Jules Verne's "Journey to the Centre of the Earth". Ilja: it's prophet Elijah's name in Russian
the 3 little unicorns salazar
Mika in spanish is green card
Lizzy Finchen
Lizzy Finchen Vor Monat
Mika geht halt einfach auch für Mädchen♀️♂️. Ostwind und so 🐎
Kaisa D
Kaisa D Vor Monat
Great uncle from Finland is Aarne...
sweet tee
sweet tee Vor Monat
Ich kenne keinen hier in deutschland der auch nur in irgent einer art so namen hat
Giina MH
Giina MH Vor Monat
Never ever heard these names and I am German. 🤦🏻‍♀️ stupid.
Lara 10
Lara 10 Vor Monat
Wait ... why I don‘t know some names when I am a german Girl?
Lilico Wagner
Lilico Wagner Vor Monat
Yea I am from Germany and I got all of theses wrong 😂
Murts 1811
Murts 1811 Vor Monat
I'm from Northern Germany and I knew all names :)
Murts 1811
Murts 1811 Vor Monat
Und warum heißt nh Freundin meiner Eltern dann Eike? xD
Mia 22
Mia 22 Vor Monat
I'm german and I've never heard one of those names...
Capo Papi
Capo Papi Vor Monat
Wo kommen die Namen her weil in Deutschland habe ich die noch nie gehört
neele_dm Deimann
Wiebke is a German girl's name too😂
mimi play
mimi play Vor Monat
Seit wann ist Ilja bitte ein Jungs Name?
Gudrun Van Steenbergen
I am named Gudrun. But my dad was teacher at American high-school. We lived in Kaiserslautern. And I went to American nursery. They had problems with my name so they named me Gudy. My friends still call me that
Drug. Dog
Drug. Dog Vor Monat
I'm a German and never heard this names XD
Anna-Lena Janssen
The most names are very typical east frisian names
Maja Keller
Maja Keller Vor Monat
Lustig , dass hier so viele deutsche schreiben das sie diese Namen noch nie gehört haben . Ich lebe im Norden Deutschlands und kenne alle Namen und die meisten sogar sehr gut . :)
Annabell Johannsen
Funny how most of the people here just say they are German but never heard of those names 😅 I’m German and lived in Germany for 20 years and knew all of those names and got everything right. But Eike is both - male and female
Lee Wehr
Lee Wehr Vor Monat
Ich bin aus Deutschland und habe bei ca 50% falsch geraten😅😂
Jemmy. Vor Monat
But Ilja is a russian name or? I know a Russian and his name is ilja.
Mimmistar_HD Vor Monat
I live in Germany
Nina Alexander
Nina Alexander Vor Monat
Das sind zwar im Norden häufig genutzte Namen aber keine typisch deutschen Namen.
Laura Päsler
Laura Päsler Vor Monat
Maybe you can guess the names Hildegard(female), Magnus(male), Elfriede(female) or Radha(female) in your next video
Laura Päsler
Laura Päsler Vor Monat
I'm German and I've never heard of these names except Mika (because he's IN MY CLASS), Anke and René
Saphira Ahmad
Saphira Ahmad Vor Monat
Kenne die Namen nicht
Jana Trostel
Jana Trostel Vor Monat
Der Moment wenn man als deutsche selber mitraten kann😂👌
Sarah Mey
Sarah Mey Vor Monat
Maybe 4-5 Names in Germany can you hear but not the other strange names
Sarah Mey
Sarah Mey Vor Monat
Germany ? I dont know where you have this strange names but this is not really from Germany
Sienna Lauren Jagust
I’m German, and those names sound kinda weird..... don’t think i heard most of these... ❤️💯🇩🇪
Moritz Sauer
Moritz Sauer Vor Monat
Was sind das denn für Namen?
Nils W
Nils W Vor Monat
90% aller Kommentar ich kenn die alle nich Also ich wohne in Niedersachsen Und hab iwie schon alle Namen gehört die meisten sind halt friesisch
Lottijolie Vor Monat
The most of these names i‘d never heard before. I don‘t know where you get this names😂
Lottijolie Vor Monat
(I‘m from germany😂)
Vivez votre rêve
I only know the names Sören, Gundel, Mika, Anke, Arne, (is René a german name?) but they are not very popular in germany.
smartie0401 Vor Monat
The name Eike can used for both genders. Male and female it’s not a guys name only 😉
Sylvia M.
Sylvia M. Vor Monat
The most of the names i never heard of. What´s about Stefanie or Pauline or Helene or.....Kevin :))
xHappy Hippox
xHappy Hippox Vor Monat
I got most of them right. The trend i hate most now is the names that start with Dj like Djoy Djeslynn etc. Its mostly used by families from deprived neighbourhoods. In most streets all children have the same names. Saw 2 boys born in one street and both being called Djaivy on the welcoming plates in the garden. Please stop this! You dont want your kid to be discriminated just by their parents poor name choice.
Finya Marie
Finya Marie Vor Monat
I'm from Germany (near Hamburg): Bjarne = my fathers best friend Tomke = my best friend Sören = my trainer Mette = a person I know Mika = a person I know Anke = my neighbour Bente = a person from primary school Arne = my friend's father René = trainer I don't someone who's name is Eike or Ilja but I've heard of it... But... GUNDEL?? wtf😂😂
Bea Rabenwald
Bea Rabenwald Vor Monat
Eike is actually a name for both genders. I'm female and my middle name is Eike
Maaike Bakker
Maaike Bakker Vor Monat
Mette, Bjarne, Bente and Ilja are also common names in the Netherlands
Ha Na
Ha Na Vor Monat
Rene und Eike sind geschlechtsneutrale Namen in Deutschland
Naration Lifestyle
But ilja is also a girls name
Flamingo 1
Flamingo 1 Vor Monat
Ich komme aus dem Norden von Niedersachsen, die Namen sind bei uns Gang und Gebe
Paula Sp.
Paula Sp. Vor Monat
Those aren't typical german names, they sound like they are from northern europe
Sarah T.
Sarah T. Vor Monat
Ich wohne 30 min von der dänischen Grenze entfernt und kenne alle Namen
Bjarne... The first time I heard this name was when I went to the Gymnasium for the first time... He's one of my classmates 😂
Luisa T
Luisa T Vor Monat
My mother's name is Andrea and when we went to Italy the people there were confused about this, because in Italy Andrea is a male name.
Teilzeit. vergessen
Isn't German names. Fail
Das sind keine Deutschen Namen!
Aliyah Schmidt
Aliyah Schmidt Vor Monat
Hä tomke ist doch n Mädel Name
Victor Gruner
Victor Gruner Vor Monat
Where did she get these names? I never heard the most of them. They’re pretty unusual in Germany, especially nowadays.
Logische Anna Graf
On one of the pices of paper was written torge but it wasn't named in the video
Xenia Wegmann
Xenia Wegmann Vor Monat
My name is Xenia
Jummi Vor Monat
I'm German and I never heard 80% of the names. So, you could say that I don't know a lot of people, but I work for the local administration and have to deal with about 100 customers a day. The most names sound like they are used by very, very intellectual parents...
Lisa und leonie
Lisa und leonie Vor Monat
Ich wohne mein lebenslang in deutschland und ich habe gerafeeinmal 2 Namen gekannt
lena aaa
lena aaa Vor Monat
most of these are not german names
Ich hab in Deutschland noch nie so einen Namen gehört, hört sich eher nach Schweden oder so an 🤔😑
Kindall Vaughn
Kindall Vaughn Vor Monat
My dads name is Jörg 😌 he came to the us when he was 10
feitje bijtje
feitje bijtje Vor Monat
I know a an ayke who is a female
Little Mixer
Little Mixer Vor Monat
Mette isn’t a girls name lol a friend of mine which is a boy has the name x
Free little Girl
I know a German girl named Rene
Sopemin Army
Sopemin Army Vor Monat
I‘m german and some namens are the wrong gender in german. And some of them aren‘ german...
Park Jimin Christians Wife
I think this just reminded me of how terrible german names can sound....... oh man das ist fast schon peinlich 😂😂😂💖💖
Wiebke Horstmann
I know Bente and Eike male and female:D
Mystery Grl
Mystery Grl Vor Monat
Wenn du Deutsche bist und die Namen falsch rätst😂
Yuna Kurai
Yuna Kurai Vor Monat
Idk, why there are so many Germans here, who claim not to know any of these names, but I knew all of them and I‘m an underaged German. Though, I agree with many other comments, when it comes to the "commonness" of those names in Germany today.
Deutsche Bruderschaft
Ihr Dummköpfe wisst nichts über uns. Und werdet es nie wissen.
Jakob M
Jakob M Vor Monat
Im from Germany anderen ive Heard them all
AnnMarie3108 Vor Monat
Tomke,Bente, Mika und Eike sind unisex
k lala3456
k lala3456 Vor Monat
Also ich kannte fast alle Namen und komme aus Hannover:D
Joanne Gooch
Joanne Gooch Vor Monat
This is embarrassing, seriusly
Japunaka Vor Monat
Ist Mika nicht für beide Geschlechter? Ich kenne nämlich jungen und Mädchen mit dem Namen Mika
blau gelb
blau gelb Vor Monat
I know a female René
blau gelb
blau gelb Vor Monat
In my class, there is a male Bente.
LordSeries Vor Monat
Ficklampa is a german name too .------.
Kim Beuse
Kim Beuse Vor Monat
I'm from Germany and I have to say that most of the names are scandinavian and rene is a two-gender name. i also saw kim the name is aich both sexes.
Bente Tröndle
Bente Tröndle Vor Monat
I am named Bente
ShaNight _XD_
ShaNight _XD_ Vor Monat
What the hell xD
Jette G
Jette G Vor Monat
I know all Names (but Gundel is a reeeeeaaalllyyy old name, and no one has this name anymore) and in my region where I came from (yes I’m from Germany) are Bjarne, Tomke, Sören, Bente, Eike, Mika, Sönke, Anke, Arne, René normal Names. I mean why the most Germans here don’t know those names lmao
Lady Vampiria
Lady Vampiria Vor Monat
Eike is a name for both, male and female. And yes, I know that for a rather short time now, because I always heard it as a male name. There was a famous soccer player called Eike Immel. He was in the National Team. René(e) is a French name. And in France it is used for men and women. The only difference is how you write the name. Only one "é" is male and "ée" is female. But in Germany we use it as a boy's name with one "é". The same is with Frédéric and Frédérique. The first one is male and the second one is female. In Germany we only use the male version and write it Frederick or Frederik.
Elisabeth Hallensleben
Ich kenne einen Jungen der Mette heißt
Elisabeth Hallensleben
Ich wusste ganz viele Namen auch nicht😂
Sophie Ha
Sophie Ha Vor Monat
Mika kann auch ein Mädchenname sein (z.B. Mika von Ostwind 🐴). Und vom Großteil der Namen habe ich noch nie was gehört 😂😂😂
liesel meminger
liesel meminger Vor 2 Monate
Und meine Tante heißt Anke😂
liesel meminger
liesel meminger Vor 2 Monate
Mika ist ein Unisex Name
RaiRai kun
RaiRai kun Vor 2 Monate
please do a better research next time. this aren't common german names . I never met a person with on of this namens .. (except Anke. my neighbours Dog is named anke)
Maki Harukawa
Maki Harukawa Vor 2 Monate
I know a ‚Tomke‘ and it‘s a guy... he‘s from Germany
Pia Hoffmann
Pia Hoffmann Vor 2 Monate
Ich habe diese namen noch nie gehört
Julia 21
Julia 21 Vor 2 Monate
Bjarne tomke mette ilja bente eike and Sönke i Never heard and i live in germany where do she haves The names from ?!?
nik it
nik it Vor 2 Monate
Hahaha “bente geht in die Rente” 😂😂
Fizzyhacks on Instagram
Ich dachte auch Bjarne wäre ein Mädchen Name .-.
Steffen Vor 2 Monate
sönke sounds like a fridge to me
Nena Lams
Nena Lams Vor 2 Monate
I'm from the Netherlands but I have a German name: Nena
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