Hairdresser Reacts To Insane Punk Hair Tutorials

Brad Mondo
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Hi Beautiful! I'm ready to become a punk princess after watching these insane liberty spike videos! These people have serious hair talent.
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20 Okt 2019



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Boot and Z
Boot and Z Vor 2 Tage
Hair is already in wattle and daub walls, mostly horse hair from 100 years ago but still.
hurricanefierce Vor 2 Tage
Old school punks do them with egg whites or soap. Hair spray is too expensive!
Eden Cline
Eden Cline Vor 4 Tage
Brad. Are you okay? ....we love you Brad
Danielle Terese
Danielle Terese Vor 4 Tage
When I was a junior in HS (1998😂) I was in Speech for Jr year English class and we had to do a-“how to” speech & I did a mine on how to do a Mohawk!!! 😂🤣🤣 love 💕 you Brad!!!
Elizabeth Mote
Elizabeth Mote Vor 4 Tage
Little did he know 2020 would be the worst year every...
sophie wilde
sophie wilde Vor 4 Tage
I' m saluting Britain here ,this is interesting reading about punk history rockandrollreport.com/a-history-of-punk-music-and-its-effect-on-british-culture-and-society-2/
Taco Of Love
Taco Of Love Vor 5 Tage
Hey!! If your hair is 6ft you can spike it to keep ppl away for social distancing 🤣
Lauren Klich
Lauren Klich Vor 6 Tage
13:04 😂😂😂😂
Yaya Hamby
Yaya Hamby Vor 6 Tage
i wanna do liberty spikes with my hair that goes past my butt
Breona Bryant
Breona Bryant Vor 7 Tage
Lil Kim in the Crush on You video
Spencer at Walford East
Liberty spikes come from the UK
Victoria Careaga
Victoria Careaga Vor 9 Tage
How do you style a mohawk other than this?
Alexandra Longoria
Alexandra Longoria Vor 10 Tage
When he said “dink -ow” I LOST MY SHIT 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Denise S
Denise S Vor 10 Tage
Yesterday....night. Yes.
javali escarlate
javali escarlate Vor 10 Tage
ah sla o jeito q ele me olha é diferente sabe?
Erica mekish
Erica mekish Vor 11 Tage
cheyy Vor 12 Tage
My little brother had a liberty hawk when he was like 7 years old I loved it he didn't care about what people thought 😍
cheyy Vor 12 Tage
And my dad had an Mohawk the most of his life 😍
Danielle Vor 12 Tage
YESSS More Lindsor!!!!!
Bogi M
Bogi M Vor 12 Tage
I used to be inspired by punk culture. I shaved my head both sides, cut a side bang and leave some hair for the mohawk. Also, hairspray never worked. I used soapbars instead. I dried the wet soap with hairdryer on my spikes 😂
Gunja Singh
Gunja Singh Vor 12 Tage
Does he actually have those two eyebrow piercing
Olivia Mattison
Olivia Mattison Vor 12 Tage
Brad what is wrong with you lol your so fucking funny lol you should totally do the liberty spikes lol
Hazbin Kyupiddo
Hazbin Kyupiddo Vor 13 Tage
im a punk rocker, i wanna get a mohawk so bad lol but im only 13
mutiara daulay
mutiara daulay Vor 14 Tage
11:00 that head look like durian fruit
Gabrielle Reggio
Gabrielle Reggio Vor 16 Tage
Brad looking like an early 2000's K-pop boy band snack!
Sophie Morin
Sophie Morin Vor 16 Tage
I have a mohawk and I just always shave my sides and never cut my hair on top ! And when you put up your mohawk you can keep it up maybe one week ! And I kind of never wash my hair... sometimes once in 2 weeks or per month lol
lidsboy 45
lidsboy 45 Vor 5 Tage
badass dude I'm think about cuting my own hair in to a mohawk diy style do you have any suggestions?
Lisa Mylynn
Lisa Mylynn Vor 16 Tage
Brad "DO IT SHOW ME!!!" Followed by frustrated fidgeting.
KittyKatDancer Vor 16 Tage
Liberty spikes gained their popularity in the late 70’s early 80’s in England during the punk movement. Commonly used products to put the hair up were things like soap water or egg whites. My room mate used to have a Mohawk and after experimentation we found a little back combing and a SMALL spray of hair spray then use a blow dryer on it usually worked wonders! I’d set it up every day for her. I miss people wearing their hair like this
Allyson Dillon
Allyson Dillon Vor 17 Tage
U should do the spikes on Ms. Manny Quinn
1312020 Vor 17 Tage
punk is not a fashion statement :( it doesn't matter your hair or look
RetroReceptionist Vor 17 Tage
Manny Quinn needs a liberty spikes moment
Hope's Notes
Hope's Notes Vor 17 Tage
OMG Brad PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE grab a wig and do a rainbow dye and liberty hawk tutorial and then wear it!!!!!!
NekoArts Vor 18 Tage
I had a mohawk as a teenager and I can't help but feel amazed at this hairspray that these people are using.. Back in my day (god, that makes me sound old.. I'm only 33!) everyone, myself included, used either sugar-water or gelatin. I personally used gelatin and my mohawk would stand for weeks (it's lucky that I always preferred to sleep on my side back then, haha). It was a bitch to wash out afterwards though.. As I'm writing this, I'm having flashbacks of spending hours sitting in the bathtub, essentially swimming in conditioner, trying to brush the gelatine out of my hair.. I don't miss it for a second..
Fleetwood Mac n cheese
The first girl's makeup is stunning
limplittleslut Vor 18 Tage
she looks like Angelica’s doll from rugrats
Brieana Davison
Brieana Davison Vor 19 Tage
I think I found the solution to keep others 6 ft apart at the grocery store! Whole head liberty spikes.
Kayla Sharp
Kayla Sharp Vor 19 Tage
Backcombing plus got to be glued equals the best liberty spikes ever. Don’t have the hair spray use egg whites
G Vor 19 Tage
People usually grow all their hair out and then shave the sides off :0
Queen Darki
Queen Darki Vor 20 Tage
How do they fit in cars? 🤔
go away im shy
go away im shy Vor 21 Tag
I remember being like 8 in Denver and seeing a guy with liberty hawk and I was amazed ever since.
Serenity Mercer
Serenity Mercer Vor 21 Tag
Eyyyyy you mentioned asexuals!
Cute But Evil
Cute But Evil Vor 22 Tage
Cultural appropriation! They're punk spikes, punk is British, stop renaming our stuff!
Fay Brooks
Fay Brooks Vor 23 Tage
Brad you are MY kind of freak...❤️❤️❤️
Emily Carr
Emily Carr Vor 23 Tage
*Giggles* It looks so pointy! *Giggles*
E Vor 23 Tage
5:44 angelica from rugrats EDIT: I was wrong, it's her doll Cynthia!!!!!!!!
Luna Szmukler
Luna Szmukler Vor 24 Tage
Punk unicorns
MinaPanda Vor 24 Tage
The best thing about this is Brad wondering how people grow a mohawk. It's easy. Shave your sides. Let the hawk grow. Looks cool regardless how long it is
Sara Skylar
Sara Skylar Vor 27 Tage
r u ok brad?
Vootodef Vor 29 Tage
That first girls make up is freakin killer.
Abbie Gossage
Abbie Gossage Vor Monat
Rachael Wilson
Rachael Wilson Vor Monat
"Nobody likes a limp one" 🤣 such a mood
Crystal O
Crystal O Vor Monat
Praying my future wife has liberty spikes
Tra'mayne Gaines
Krystle DeVooght
1960 British punk scene really made spiked mohawks big.
Ace Paulo
Ace Paulo Vor Monat
brad would had the cutest small spikes 😂
Cassi Flyn
Cassi Flyn Vor Monat
I lloovvvee your hair !!
Rowanb93 Vor Monat
You don't know scary hair styling products until you experience the gel that synchronized swimmers use to keep their hair in place without a cap. That shit hurts.
Masha Bear
Masha Bear Vor Monat
I have hair down to my butt. I chose to get a mowhawk because it was too much hair and if I parted it in the middle you couldn't tell it was a mowhawk. It's growing it back out to your a$$ that really sucks. 2 years later in almost there!!!!
Elisabeth Blackwood
*watches Brad slowly descend into madness*
Hannah H
Hannah H Vor Monat
Egg white and sugar solution! Sets like concrete :)
MurdaScene C.F.N4Lツ
To have a mohawk you first grow your hair out to your desired length then shave the sides depending on the technique I'd say this works best cause honestly unless you can't have the sides like that unless you've had a mohawk before
Ailsa Gear
Ailsa Gear Vor Monat
Did anyone from Scotland on the second person get MAJOR OOR WILLIE vibes
I was very confused at first because I read it as "Insane pink hair tutorials" XD
Emmie Setliff
Emmie Setliff Vor Monat
Liberty spikes became a thing in the 70s whenever people just stopped listening to the government and they said hey let’s come out with a new thing
Bearoness Vor Monat
Ugh I used to do spikes like every day back in Highschool. It took so long but it was soooo worth it! I kinda miss it tbh :)
Vixel Fox
Vixel Fox Vor Monat
Well Brad, when I had long hair and shaved sides, I got so frustrated and pissed with how damn hot it was in the grooming salon I worked in, that I looked at my work-wife and said, “Hey Gabbs, do you love me?” And when she nervously said yes, I began shaving the sides of my head right then and there. Granted, I had been staring heatedly at myself with my clippers in my hands and my hair in a half-assed ponytail. The signs of my breakdown were there lmao.
Katie Lou
Katie Lou Vor Monat
Ok sis I'm lovvvvvvvvvingg this outfit
Clarissa Tarno
Clarissa Tarno Vor Monat
People: are you okay? Brad: I'm never okay. Me: I'm never okay either, but, you know what, I don't mind.
Dolly K
Dolly K Vor Monat
Liberty spikes originated in London in the 1970's. THE punk era!!
Nicky Shaw
Nicky Shaw Vor Monat
The 1st chick is the same one who had a stye in her eye and popped it with her fingers. So gross
R Blythe
R Blythe Vor Monat
Hate to tell this version of your self... but we all age 5 yrs in 2020
Google Earth
Google Earth Vor Monat
Someone get Brad the punk/emo man pf his dreammmmssss
Erika Vargas
Erika Vargas Vor Monat
Imagine like 20 inches of liberty spikes around your head I mean... That's some real tool for social distancing
X Jessica x Lowe x
Spikes all over ur head.... that’s a great idea on how to socially distance 😂
Zoe Z
Zoe Z Vor Monat
Liberty Spikes are now social distance spikes
starlitmagi Vor Monat
Brad: I'm gonna reverse age. Me: But you do... wait... SORCERY! :3
Nicole Becker
Nicole Becker Vor Monat
I have a similar haircut to the 2nd to last video but shorter on top. To answer your question, I cut mine into a pixie then shaved the back and sides. Then I kept shaving the sides while growing the top 👍
Nicole Grung
Nicole Grung Vor Monat
My brother was doing spikes and mohawks since 80 90 and he used wood glue 🤘 PUNK 🤘
Sunayna Zakkir
Sunayna Zakkir Vor Monat
omg i love your hair colour in this one it looks so good with makeup and outfit and its just perfect!!!
Hunter Havok
Hunter Havok Vor Monat
Liberty spikes and mohawks started in the 80's with all the hardcore punk movement, specially in the UK, you can see it in bands as the exploited actually, before that...I think the most spiky look there was out there was Sid viscous, and that's kind of it
Mort Dormouse
Mort Dormouse Vor Monat
Literally used to wear my shoulderlength black hair like the second guy sometimes xD inspired by Benji Madden.... lifestyleeeeeees of the rich and the famous 🎶
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