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ONE man has spent five years, and thousands of dollars, single-handedly recreating the iconic Warthog truck from the Halo video games. Bryant Havercamp, a phone technician from Michigan, built the incredibly-detailed replica completely by himself, using traditional fabrication methods, a 3D printer, and the frame of a 1984 Chevy K10. The fully street-legal recreation is based on a 3D model extracted directly from the Halo game, allowing Bryant to match the truck’s measurements to the in-game version. Bryant told Barcroft Media: “Most people when they see this thing are just absolutely floored with how realistic it looks."
Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Adam Gray
Producer: Joe Roberts, Ruby Coote
Editor: Ross Dower
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Jamie Hansen
Jamie Hansen Vor 2 Tage
I'm a fan of the halo games and this amazed me
NCR Emergency Roadside Service
Add a turbo!!! It would be so sick!
Carl Julian
Carl Julian Vor 8 Tage
where is the gun....
GypsyDanger Titan
I'd probably use a Subaru double wishbone suspension from a Outback or Crosstrek and the engine would be a Flat 6 or flat 8 from the Subaru Ascent.
Hot Boy
Hot Boy Vor 9 Tage
"Halo 3 theme starting"
ColonelMetus Vor 10 Tage
This is what white privilege looks like. Absolutely disgusting
Quarkhammer Vor 10 Tage
if it hadnt the normal axles i would totally fall for it
Derick Villarreal
Derick Villarreal Vor 12 Tage
Now if they added a machine gun on the back of this would be the best drive by car ever
COD MASTER 1124 Vor 16 Tage
He just need new engine and a machine gun turret and well build plans then we mass product the warthog before 2300
Kieran Oberhansli
Kieran Oberhansli Vor 17 Tage
A heater installed *Doesn't have a roof or doors*
Ricardo Monge
Ricardo Monge Vor 17 Tage
Pulls up at school with this ...
Frank O'Connor
Frank O'Connor Vor 18 Tage
This is just fantastic work. Detailed, functional, fun, authentic and as far as I can tell - safe!? We can't officially sanction it per se, and it's my ethical repsonsibility to tell you to BE CAREFUL but we just get hyped seeing what fans are able to accomplish with hard work and effort. Since you're a dyed in the wool Michigan Ford guy, despite the chevy 350 pot you put in it, you might be happy to learn that the original engine sound was a blend of Subaru Boxer and Ford V8. 85mph isn't far off the game scale model "top speed" when adjusted for real world dimensions and physics. You should probably be glad you didn't try a four wheel steering version if what happened to Curtis Creamer at WETA is anything to go by... Your parents are SAINTS. My mom wouldn't even let me switch the mudguard on a Raleigh grifter...
GlitchKitt Vor 19 Tage
i want this thing now
Johnny Madrazo Gamers
No Minigun 0/10
gunzzz4life Vor 19 Tage
Next up build a Halo Installation
Aaron Young
Aaron Young Vor 21 Tag
Dude has mad skills !
Shaggy Ultra Instinct
Press X To Flip
Simon sayz
Simon sayz Vor 24 Tage
Halo 6 soon
Sonawane Vor 26 Tage
that halo man didn't showed us his face in game play but you are showing it hehe
Magical Blanket
Magical Blanket Vor Monat
*Halo bathroom music intestifies*
Untold Story
Untold Story Vor Monat
Man this guy is smart...
Wee Tod
Wee Tod Vor Monat
‘Halo CE Theme Plays’
Astromonkey gaming
wantedsniper 49
wantedsniper 49 Vor Monat
Which halo game
Axis Vor Monat
What's a Halo?
A Nomad
A Nomad Vor Monat
The steering should be connected to the backwheels
CountryEmsRescue51 Alvy
I want one!
Sovereign Vor Monat
That is it I’m going to build a drop ship. But since I don’t have the technology for the concussion weapon mounted on it it will just shoot water balloons at you and be really annoying. It will double in annoyance when it drops troops though. This will be because, again, since I don’t have the tech for very good thrusters, we will have to not put a lot of weight in it. This means that while it is pelting you with water balloons you will be hit constantly by small children wielding little water pistols and plastic lightsabers. *Nothing will stop them*
NotMason Vor Monat
looks like mcjuggernuggets
LegitProPlayer Vor Monat
Its not a warthog its a scout warthog lol
honder 342
honder 342 Vor Monat
No turret?
Ben 62
Ben 62 Vor Monat
Do a warthog run
PfunkNH Vor Monat
you are missing the Antenna and a Cat diesel....... Warthogs do not sound like v8's they sound like diesels
CarJack Vor Monat
You need to add speakers to make it sound like the real thing
Aliens Guy 42
Aliens Guy 42 Vor Monat
now you just need to make the mongoose
Bubbly Soda
Bubbly Soda Vor Monat
Dont forget the headlight fluid amd elbow grease!!!
Brian Everett
Brian Everett Vor Monat
Where's the turret machine gun?
trae baby
trae baby Vor Monat
Can you drive that in public.
Kwisatz Haderach
That is how "Suspension of Disbelief" makes Technical and Scientific progress possible by opening the door of imagination and we can all hear the dice rolling. Great.
Smitty Vor Monat
Pretty cool but I dont see 10k there. Unless its in bondo and fiberglass. Basically he built a body on a stock Blazer and threw on a hydro set up and some fancy lights. We build this set up all the time.. Truggys
Tristan Homewood
This is why changing art style Unnecessarily pisses me off
Zoom Zillfer
Zoom Zillfer Vor Monat
Now this is amazing
The Unarmed Panda
As a gamer who also plays halo, first thing I thought when he opened the hood was his cable management was terrible.
The SleepingMoose
Now time build a falcon. Or a real life pelican
Meme Boi
Meme Boi Vor Monat
If I were to do one thing to it, and idk how difficult it would be to do this, I’d give it the same steering system as a monster truck bc in the games it turns the front and back wheels at once just like a monster truck. But this has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen
Twitch Chat
Twitch Chat Vor Monat
Anyone hearing the halo theme when he was driving it?
Adolfo Antompietri
Needs gold paint.
Molemo Kgoele
Molemo Kgoele Vor Monat
Next up... halo fan builds a real life chief
Tom Hewitt
Tom Hewitt Vor Monat
Needs guns
Jacob Fritz
Jacob Fritz Vor Monat
Needs bigger tires but its sweet
Cameron Thompson
6/10 didn’t have a chain gun
Drafter Vor Monat
Liam Connolly
Liam Connolly Vor Monat
Does it have 6 pedals
drake574 Vor Monat
What can I pay this man to build one of these for me. I’d love one!
Plagueis The Wise Guy
Game haters: Only nerds with no skills play video games Me:
Plagueis The Wise Guy
Well, time to give up my crown of 1# Halo fan. not that I officially had one.
Live free Or die tryin'
I hate air bag suspension. But I love the overall vehicle.
Heath Reyes
Heath Reyes Vor Monat
if there was a warthog livery it’d complete it
deathbyzergling Vor Monat
We need to get a slanted windshield for this man.
dodo Motionz
dodo Motionz Vor Monat
This is what I call a real gamer
Itshaxerboi Vor Monat
Should of got Lopez to do it
Enchanted kitten
Now all he needs is a master chief suit and a battle rifle
Aiden Rutske
Aiden Rutske Vor Monat
Freakin beautiful
PLEASE, tell me the RBV warthog song plays if you turn on the radio.
Randy Escalante Garcia
for Fans ONLY 🔥🏆
Paul Martin
Paul Martin Vor Monat
He needs to meet up with the master chief suit guys. Well at least the ones that didn't have the postal service lose the suit.
Joakim Haugen
Joakim Haugen Vor Monat
1:00 «documentary crew» we need video of you working on this. «Bryant» but, it is finished. «documentary crew» we don't care just sandpaper the thing or something.
Sidley Harshbuckler
Joakim Haugen true 😂
Infinite Flame
Infinite Flame Vor Monat
Next we need to make a tank into a wraith
Jalex 1304MeME
Jalex 1304MeME Vor Monat
The military would probably want this car they might just finish making it for military use
Toten Vor Monat
Next build scorpion tank
iNf4MouS Pi3RRE
iNf4MouS Pi3RRE Vor Monat
Cop pulls you over- Wheres the number plates though???
CNB Productions
CNB Productions Vor Monat
It would be a shame if a sharp turn suddenly appeared...
Landon Miller
Landon Miller Vor Monat
I grew up on halo 4
Akira Vor Monat
When a zombie apocalypse come go to this guy he will hook you up
Brovakiin Vor Monat
Now build a second one and we'll ram them!
buddbasset Vor Monat
Why is Gordon Freeman making Warthogs now?
Trio of Misfits
Trio of Misfits Vor Monat
Can I get one? Like today, with some bells whistles and a Gauss Cannon?
Sparky Shirts
Sparky Shirts Vor Monat
mass production starts now
PKL Vor Monat
what bother me is that there is no turret
Sorrowli Vor Monat
The warthog is already a car irl...
spooT Vor Monat
Srsly, armed forces around the world should learn to take a look at the designs of vehicles in games such as the warthog from halo. If you look at it sideways, the vehicle has a unique aerodynamic design which improves it's overall speed. The original design in the game almost has the same concept as the humvee (if you look at the bottom, it's clean and a couple of feet above the ground, nothing else goes below the suspension bars, which comes in handy for climbing slopes). Srsly, this thing is absolutely almost perfect. Just make sure you don't flip it
Slinkerdeer Vor Monat
I never wanted to go to the USA UNTIL NOW! :-D
nachosNapples Vor Monat
god what if someone hit him
Plagueis The Wise Guy
I don't want to think about that. I don't know what I would do with if something hit it. I'd hope the guy is okay too but...
Jonathan Abraham
Now build a banshee
Caleb Gaard
Caleb Gaard Vor Monat
Idk about a 100k tho buddy
DarkBooger Vor Monat
This man has permission to play the *Red vs. Blue Warthog Music*
phineas 90
phineas 90 Vor Monat
Give it to the army to put the LMG on the back
Red Wolf0001
Red Wolf0001 Vor Monat
Well, he forgot something. The back wheels turn as well
Deus Ex
Deus Ex Vor Monat
Spartans never die...
Mr. ?
Mr. ? Vor Monat
Nerds are awesome
Jaden Donda
Jaden Donda Vor Monat
Seems like a sensible family car
DarthSailorMoon Vor Monat
100k for 5 years is a very poor investment.
Epic XY
Epic XY Vor Monat
Where is the gas tank
it's a CHARIOT
Coach Vor Monat
This is pretty cool.
Rashidski Vor Monat
Whuttt can you make also 1 for me😍
Rase Random
Rase Random Vor Monat
Don’t worry if it flips over all you have to do is press X
Moukazaru Gen2010
Dude is my hero. I have done myself a replica as well!
Ranger 74
Ranger 74 Vor Monat
That's awesome.
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