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ONE man has spent five years, and thousands of dollars, single-handedly recreating the iconic Warthog truck from the Halo video games. Bryant Havercamp, a phone technician from Michigan, built the incredibly-detailed replica completely by himself, using traditional fabrication methods, a 3D printer, and the frame of a 1984 Chevy K10. The fully street-legal recreation is based on a 3D model extracted directly from the Halo game, allowing Bryant to match the truck’s measurements to the in-game version. Bryant told Barcroft Media: “Most people when they see this thing are just absolutely floored with how realistic it looks."
Video Credits:
Videographer / director: Adam Gray
Producer: Joe Roberts, Ruby Coote
Editor: Ross Dower
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13 Sep 2018

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John Chmielarczyk
I wanna like this vid but I need to be the 500th dislike
xd Valerian
xd Valerian Vor 15 Stunden
Man hours?!? REEEEEEE
Go's With the Wind
nice work, real creative.
androtaz01 Vor Tag
It's... beautiful.
Noah Salvio
Noah Salvio Vor Tag
Idk if it makes sense to do it in real life, but in the game but in the game, both the back and front wheels turn.
Charlie Brown678
Charlie Brown678 Vor 2 Tage
can i link my xbox controller to this
2Keen To give a what
Doom Guy needs one of these
Dinopower Vor 2 Tage
Hes a true gamer
John Dou
John Dou Vor 2 Tage
He knows what the ladies like
Qrazey Vor 2 Tage
Halo 3 greatest game ever made
Zachary Cagle
Zachary Cagle Vor 3 Tage
How street legal is this?
Viktor Michel
Viktor Michel Vor 3 Tage
HAHAHA Vor 3 Tage
But the windshield is not angled enough...
MJchild33 Vor 3 Tage
UNSC: would like to know your location
bloxic Vor 3 Tage
he should redo the dashboard to almost exactly how it is in halo
Masterchief 11
Masterchief 11 Vor 4 Tage
It's a puma
Marlen Kusyk
Marlen Kusyk Vor 4 Tage
Just needs to change the steering wheel and get the MC uniform on to complete it
John Lucas
John Lucas Vor 5 Tage
*Slaps hood of scarab* Yea i built this badboy in my garage. Took 5 years.
Hayden Frost
Hayden Frost Vor 6 Tage
Why does all the best things come from Michigan
FallenDeception Vor 6 Tage
Now build the Pilar of Autumn
Wellington Smithopolis
my first thought was...Awesome build, this guy must still live with his parents....like a cliche, his parents pop up in the video!
harvey breadmore
harvey breadmore Vor 6 Tage
Man of amazing taste
ThePudgyBudgie Vor 6 Tage
343’s warthog design is better
Steam Trainlover
Steam Trainlover Vor 6 Tage
he needs to go to a halloween party as master chief with this ride i mean what better way to make the entrace
viciousranger69 Vor 7 Tage
This guy isn't the first to make a real warthog... There was one made in 2007 for a halo movie and appeared in the movie HALO Forward Unto Dawn
Michael Statia
Michael Statia Vor 7 Tage
10grand, thats actually not that bad , since he built it himself
Eriksonix Vor 8 Tage
Does it have 6 pedals?
Ronnie Branch
Ronnie Branch Vor 8 Tage
cmz8706 Vor 8 Tage
but will it blend?
Jaime Perez
Jaime Perez Vor 9 Tage
When to buy car
hitgamez Vor 9 Tage
boi ill pay for it. Wanna sell it boi?
Kouvre Vor 9 Tage
I like it, but it'd be cooler with 4 wheel steering and 4 wheel independent suspension like the video game version.
FMChimera Vor 9 Tage
Still needs a lot of finishing touches but yeah, I can see somebody with more money than talent laying out a hundred k for it...
Mogul DaMongrel
Mogul DaMongrel Vor 10 Tage
no minigun? must be a civilian model, known as the piglet.
Some Guy Who Never Uploads But Still Comments
corran barclay
corran barclay Vor 12 Tage
Now create a life size high charity👌
Midnight Tiger
Midnight Tiger Vor 12 Tage
Woah nice build!
OVERLOAD949494 Vor 13 Tage
Is this guy still living by his parents?
Purduevette 00
Purduevette 00 Vor 14 Tage
If I had the money I’d make a company on him making warthogs with workers and he can be the co-owner of the company or owner
edwar arias
edwar arias Vor 14 Tage
Mis respetos...
Tom Vor 15 Tage
See how cool people from Michigan are
Hextin Vor 15 Tage
100k is not enough for this unique piece of art at least one mil no less its a one of a kind.
Raven Drakearud
Raven Drakearud Vor 15 Tage
My only issue with this video is that I will never be able to drive that thing.
Outworld Studios
Outworld Studios Vor 15 Tage
Where's the 50.cal turret?
Mario Looney
Mario Looney Vor 16 Tage
CREEK 2005
CREEK 2005 Vor 17 Tage
I call chief he say this is it
redlieutenant2616 Vor 18 Tage
Worthog run in real life i can see it happening
Lance Hartley
Lance Hartley Vor 19 Tage
Needs to have independent suspension to be a real warthog
Andrew Zhu
Andrew Zhu Vor 19 Tage
No doors and roof and machine gun turret really?
Wave Studio Productions
I would take this as my car any day. The weather doesn’t matter to me.
physicsme Vor 20 Tage
487 brutes disliked this video
_ ㄥ 丨 Ꮆ 卄 ㄒ __ 几 丨 Ꮆ 卄 ㄒ _
Why didn't they not play the Halo theme throughout the video???
Burn Nolys
Burn Nolys Vor 21 Tag
start video at 2:00 mute the song and play this de-vid.com/video/video-L20Jkpp3Tmw.html
kevin knox
kevin knox Vor 21 Tag
i gotta change my shorts....
Luketanker I'm Back
Can he be my best friend?
Jesse Garrison
Jesse Garrison Vor 22 Tage
All he needs is a minigun on the back in the Marine in the passenger side and chief riding on the back firing the minigun and give him a Marine uniform to be The Driver
Benny Lape
Benny Lape Vor 23 Tage
He wakes up and says “still a virgin”
Aden Triplett
Aden Triplett Vor 23 Tage
Needs a diesel.
Trancended Gopnik
Trancended Gopnik Vor 23 Tage
Ok now a ghost
Arisara Jamieson
Arisara Jamieson Vor 23 Tage
Where’s the mini gun in the back😂
what size tires are they?
Mex--WarKrime Vor 23 Tage
Did people forget about the one used in Forward Unto Dawn?
Jorn Kootje
Jorn Kootje Vor 24 Tage
It looks so good it looks fake
Fox Cerulean
Fox Cerulean Vor 25 Tage
Now just build the seats and roll cage in the back and you have a transport warthog
Matthew Layne
Matthew Layne Vor 25 Tage
I would of done the trup carrier from halo 3 and reach
ZYB M Vor 25 Tage
Classic I wonder does have airbag
/// Насяльника \\\
WoW. Just... Wow.
Dylan’s Hockey Channel
He should put an air soft turret on the back
KTML Vor 26 Tage
Great build I love halo and one thing I would edit about this is putting a turret in the back(:
vinny240sx dba
vinny240sx dba Vor 26 Tage
It doesn’t look anything like a damn war hog he put no attention to detail at all and expects 100k for it lol
Michael Suazo
Michael Suazo Vor 27 Tage
Stop crossing your arms as you turn!
Ivan Blyat
Ivan Blyat Vor 27 Tage
Jay Bro
Jay Bro Vor 27 Tage
484 dislikes are covenant grunts
No Olvera
No Olvera Vor 27 Tage
Should have used a 454 instead of the 350
LIL ZURZUR Vor 27 Tage
Looks dope wish i had one
Eric Vasquez
Eric Vasquez Vor 28 Tage
Might go for Upwards of 100 grand?
Peteraba Gilliez
Peteraba Gilliez Vor 28 Tage
We could all be building cool things like this, but wamen distract us from our true passions. Stay strong in the month of November, my fellow no-nutters
Spartan003 Vor 28 Tage
well....time to add a turret on the back
hummerskickass Vor 29 Tage
I would suggest someone build their Warthog off of a humvee. As the Humvees the only vehicle irl that has a suspension system remotely similar to a warthog. You can get humvees fairly cheap these days from government actions.
That's badass
Shabot2000 Vor Monat
Me:.................how much?
ZiRR Vor Monat
And the best part is that if it’s upside down. Just flip it.
007 Lanski
007 Lanski Vor Monat
He can sell it to the government now. (U.S. Militar) He has to be a mechanical engineer.
Spartan War118
Spartan War118 Vor Monat
Damn Usually these days cars are made mostly by machines This guy made one by himself That's dedication upwards of a -thousand fold- billion-fold
Tex Vor Monat
From the ground up my arse, he started from another truck entirely. He doesn't have the strength to do it all himself either.
Blind Strike
Blind Strike Vor Monat
Taser Tag
Taser Tag Vor Monat
This is amazing, in spite of the flop of Halo 5.
Andrew Schmidt
Andrew Schmidt Vor Monat
You need a turret now.
Joshua Dockerty
Joshua Dockerty Vor Monat
"That's amazing and awesome"! am also I huge halo fan but am from the UK I wish I was I the passenger seat my face will be like this 😁 you have put Alos work and dedication in the warthog keep it up it's excellent you have put a lot effort .
Nightmare AJ Bushey Someone's Yandere
*whistle* that 'hog is a thing of beauty
Jay Lee
Jay Lee Vor Monat
u need a turret
Its foxtrot 4
Its foxtrot 4 Vor Monat
2:27 The face you make when your son spend his whole life making a car from a video game Instead of have a girlfriend and a kid
Ryan Borchert
Ryan Borchert Vor Monat
dude, this is absolutely beautiful. being a long time Halo fan, this is a testament to how much love fans have for this thing. thank you to the guy who made this, you're an inspiration to us all.
Xyooj Thoj
Xyooj Thoj Vor Monat
0/10 too small wrong chairs no turret I can name 1000 issues
Jaminator Vor Monat
This is the first step to Trump's 𝐒𝐏𝐀𝐂𝐄 𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐂𝐄
Bumble Smash234
Bumble Smash234 Vor Monat
Hey ppl. Make these for everyone that isn't as talented as this guy. It would be my DREAM car. Screw lambos and bughatis
MudStreak Legend
What about the warthog horn? How are you going to produce that sound??
Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports
JEEP should be building em
ThatCableGuy Vor Monat
Very very impressive
Hasin Turner
Hasin Turner Vor Monat
I want ten....
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