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Dive into the fray with Halo's most harrowing fight yet. You face an entire army of ruthless Banished soldiers. But they face the Master Chief.

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27 Nov 2021



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EckhartsLadder Vor Monat
Chief took that kick personally
Bill Gates
Bill Gates Vor 29 Tage
"Oh brother this guy stinks!"
Bruce Barnes
Bruce Barnes Vor 29 Tage
@SideKick Music you're right...that was better than the original speed
Bones Vor Monat
hes a superhuman, what the hell do you expect lmfao
AchranMallory Vor Monat
Acting like that brute was trying to kill him or something
juke Vor Monat
@PurpleCast Media he's actually faster but yeah this is a good depiction of chief here
Mr. McTikTok
Mr. McTikTok Vor Monat
Reminds me a little of the old Halo 3 commercials. I’m excited and feeling a little nostalgic. Can’t wait to play the campaign with MC again!
Mystic 649
Mystic 649 Vor Monat
Fr I remember having those on my 360 😂 when I was like 10
Dilldog Vor Monat
@FlamingGold also here’s a theory, I wonder why they released it early and didn’t wait till December 8th when it was polished. Hmmm probably to see how lucrative the game could be and how much money they could make releasing an unfinished product. But idk if you ask me it’s just a bad look for first time player and people who don’t play halo as much to hop into it and see how bare bones it is and how terrible the progression system is.
Dilldog Vor Monat
@FlamingGold 1st no the devs didn’t want a grinding battle pass cause they even said in their vdocs that the infinite battle pass won’t be a grind, and they have already made changes to it to fix the battle pass grind by adding more after match xp so no I believe they didn’t intend for that, they just wanted players to buy up the tiers for the passes, which is why when it came it it was so grindy and the battle pass their were awful. And 2nd yeah when they lower the prices that’ll be great and yes I won’t complain, but if the community didn’t complain in the first place then they wouldn’t do that would they? And yeah the core elements make it a really fun game, and I’m gonna keep playing it cause it great. I’m just mad that other halo games have good progression and they could have copied the blue prints from those. But instead they didn’t and wanted to make a ton of money and have a non player friendly battle pass that heavily markets buying levels instead of naturally progressing through it with game play. And Stop giving game company’s a pass because the free to play crap. It’s just a way to fill it with micro transactions and make even more money. I’d rather pay $60 for it and have everything there to be unlocked through gameplay and progressing and not locked behind a dumb pay wall like literally every other halo that’s not halo 5 and infinite. People like you who defend companies like this are the problem with gaming today because they can just scam the consumer, and people like you are like it’s cool cause it’s cool it’s free. Also 343 said when they were releasing the multiplayer beta it’ll have everything day one when it was released a couple weeks ago. So people defending it’s just a beta will be severely disappointed when the game comes out on December 8th and its still has the lack of content and bad battle pass system. And don’t even get me started about the lack of playlist for multiplayer and the broken custom games.
FlamingGold Vor Monat
@kaoz spartan dude your points aren’t really making any sense. Yeah they need to give out better loot and fix the micro-transactions but don’t forget it’s a FREE game. The devs want people to progress slowly so people will play longer to grind for that next level/loot. Yes there are clear problems with the micro transactions/progression but look at a perfect example that’s pulling in millions of dollars and that’s Fortnite. 343 is trying copy their success and obviously it’s not working but I guarantee if they lower the prices and replace the trash loot with actually cool stuff literally no one will complain. Obviously the cosmetics make no difference to the core game but there are people who are obsessed with loot/skins/cosmetics and that’s their interest, if paying that extra money makes them happy then who cares. Idk, this game has its problems but for not paying $60 I’m pretty happy about it and you should too and dude it’s literally a considered a beta, the official launch is on the 8th so they’ll definitely fix a lot of stuff.
FlamingGold Vor Monat
@Dilldog dude your points aren’t really making any sense. Yeah the progression system is bad and they need to give out better loot and fix the micro-transactions but don’t forget it’s a FREE game. The devs want people to progress slowly so people will play longer to grind for that next level/loot. If the progression system was faster than people would already be done with the battle pass, I’m already level 30 and I barely play. Yes there are clear problems with the micro transactions/progression but look at a perfect example that’s pulling in millions of dollars and that’s Fortnite. 343 is trying copy their success and obviously it’s not working but I guarantee if they lower the prices and replace the trash loot with actually cool stuff literally no one will complain. To counter your point if they fix the progression system; everyone will get level 100 on the battle pass and then what? Will everyone stop playing because there’s nothing to grind for, of course not! A good game shouldn’t be about a progression system, that’s an incentive for playing the game. A truly good game is something that you enjoy playing and come back to to have an exciting time with yourself or other people, not mindlessly grind for levels that mean nothing unless your in that 1% of people who play games. So idk, this game has problems but for not paying $60 I’m pretty happy about it and you should too and dude it’s literally a considered a beta, the official launch is on the 8th so they’ll definitely fix a lot of stuff.
Hentaiweeb69 Vor Monat
Chief: what do i get for defeating the entire banished faction and retaking zeta halo The UNSC: best i can do is 50XP
everyone Vor Monat
+10 Valor Points
Baldovah Vor Monat
Chief: Make it 25 UNSC: :O
Very Nice and Polite Person
@Darby Miller You definitely have a point. I'm just worried that 343 feels like they have a winning solution as far as monetization goes, and that they will end up making small changes to the current model rather than doing the massive overhaul that they need to do if they want to hold on to players, especially the veteran ones.
Darby Miller
Darby Miller Vor Monat
@Very Nice and Polite Person this isn’t me giving them a pass, this is just me giving them props as they continue to make changes in response to wide feedback. 343 could be like EA and just literally ignore everything everyone says, but they are clearly listening and in the process of making changes. It’s by no means a complete system, but I have hope for now and I will deliver good notes when they make show they are trying to fix what is wrong
Rush Garcia
Rush Garcia Vor Monat
You know spartan 2's specifically weigh like over a thousand pounds, so really there's no reason why we cant just swing grunts around like a flail with the grapple shot.
Alex Luca
Alex Luca Vor 13 Tage
@Kanden he was taken by surprise by a 10ft tall 3ton brute, what else did you expect?
Daniel Talamantes
Daniel Talamantes Vor 15 Tage
Heh'hahahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha... Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
Joseph Jackson
Joseph Jackson Vor Monat
There’s a line when you grapple shot at a grunt he will say”how I’m I heavier than you”
MrBrotato Vor Monat
@Flixytip in first strike, master chief noticed that they were extremely fast, his radar could barely keep track of the brute that he almost died too, the brute at the end of this trailer was probably moving too fast for his radar to pick it up
M.K Vor Monat
@reecedactyl Elites are not slightly stronger, Spartan-IIs are stronger than most elites
Gorey Bits
Gorey Bits Vor Monat
Can’t wait to play the new campaign!
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Vor Monat
Okay that was badass
Roanoke Gaming
Roanoke Gaming Vor Monat
All your hammers are belong to us
M12GProductions Vor Monat
Hey, Roanoke: how's it hanging? Excited for Infinite?
Syha Vor Monat
Starting with the feet
David Fisher
David Fisher Vor Monat
@Roanoke Gaming nah. He didnt even get that right bruh
M117 Vor Monat
Empire Earth cheat code
유리큐브 제왕Lord of the Glass Cube
"I got that reference"
Moodle Vor Monat
Imagine being able to kill Brutes with 2 shots from an assault rifle
rev0lve Vor 14 Tage
Dude is playing on easy
Revolver Ocelot
Revolver Ocelot Vor Monat
@Tee B commando=alien monke killer
Tee B
Tee B Vor Monat
3 shots from commando
Whisk Brightling
Well, I mean, 7.62 straigth to the face wouldn't let you unhurt
Benjuicyy Vor Monat
He done it multiple times in Shadows of Reach (albeit some didn't activate their shields or didn't have any at all) and rifle bullets to the head are still bullets contacting a critical body part
P H Vor Monat
Halo is shaping up to be my go to game this year. It runs on my crappy PC, the multiplayer is fun as hell, and the campaign looks great. It really seems that they got this one right.
Anxious Earth
Anxious Earth Vor Monat
Doesn't let you play at all if your VRAM is less than 4gb. Unless that changed.
Brave Cat
Brave Cat Vor Monat
besides the awful customization progression and ridiculous challenges meant to temp money spending, yea its pretty damn good. No coop until later 2022 though. 343 seems really torn between making a good functional game and also trying to rake in as much monetization as possible. I'm rooting for the people actually working on it rather than the corporate suits above them making greedy business decisions.
Clobbit Vor Monat
capped at 30 frames baby! but i'm still out here ruining people's lives on their $3,000 rigs lol
Commissar Chaotic
@Spess Sigiswulf Yeah, how? Mine runs at 11fps!
Spess Sigiswulf
Spess Sigiswulf Vor Monat
Infinite runs on your "crappy" PC?
tobias GR3Y
tobias GR3Y Vor Monat
*"When all you've got to keep is strong, move along- move along..."* Man I'm getting serious nostalgia watching this trailer and thinking back to Halo 3.
@Sora Kazama nice trolling
Sora Kazama
Sora Kazama Vor Monat
@flippedoutcookie don't remember talking to you. Please move on, I'm having a discussion. You're a side show bub
@Sora Kazama nice trolling
Sora Kazama
Sora Kazama Vor Monat
@Jayce Neal 3 was not. It died immediately which is why halo reach was so MLG focused. Halo 3 was fun for casual but hardcores didn't like the easy mode stuff they added. All those equipments and removing weapon skills like brx and such. G2 gave halo 2 its own show. Didn't happen again until reach on halo way point. Halo 3 competitive wise was dead.
Jayce Neal
Jayce Neal Vor Monat
lol WHAT? Halo Reach killed competitive play. 2 and 3 are the most competitive in the series minus halo 5 but, well, thats not a halo game
Victor Echeverria
Awesome, and I love that he fired 1 burst and reloaded like a true gamer.
CTI Vor Monat
@Anxious Earth asked
CTI Vor Monat
@Anxious Earth who
Anxious Earth
Anxious Earth Vor Monat
@CTI There is no other response. All they said was 'But chief wasted ammo'. It can just as well be meant to add another idea in addition to the joke.
CTI Vor Monat
@Anxious Earth you're right, it was the response that indicated he missed the joke
Anxious Earth
Anxious Earth Vor Monat
@CTI Commenting on a joke is not missing it.
Storm-Night Vor Monat
You’ve successfully gotten 2 kills with a spike grenade , 3 AR kills , used a grapple to acquire a weapon . 343: 50 XP
Very Nice and Polite Person
@The Truth Why would you bother to make an idiot out of yourself like this? The amount of XP earned is never "relative" to anything, what are you even talking about? You get XP bonuses for the first 6 matches you play per day and then it resets to 50.
Roketman 9460
Roketman 9460 Vor Monat
Not to mention it was a double kill with a stuck stick grenade, lol
Brave Cat
Brave Cat Vor Monat
@The Truth yeah and you need 1000 xp, meaning if your not doing extra challenges or have run out of them it takes 20 5-10 minute matches to go up 1 level, which is the lowest rate out of any battle pass that exists
Ian Tobia
Ian Tobia Vor Monat
I laughed out loud to this, I'm still only rank 8 and have put a good number of hours into the multiplayer already XD
iSp Gravy
iSp Gravy Vor Monat
@The Truth it’s literally 50
Johnny The Epic
Johnny The Epic Vor Monat
I love Chief just literally "Get Over Here!" As he pull the hammer
Peregrine Vor Monat
Takes off the helmet and spits fire for a fatality.
TimeBucks Vor Monat
Quick and sweet
Max Harris
Max Harris Vor Monat
I've watched this too many times now, THIS feels like halo. Definitely giving me 3 vibes
Verixz 1047
Verixz 1047 Vor Monat
Love how Chief reloads after shooting six bullets, matches the multiplayer experience perfectly.
wowee Vor 25 Tage
@Very Nice and Polite Person for me it’s the opposite I dont care on how shit the MP is but the campaign I do (and personally they delivered lol)
Bigman88 George
Bigman88 George Vor Monat
@Lol loser I remember that ad for Halo 3. It was cool, but kinds hated it. I said to myself "why did they show chief jumping into a whole Battalion of enemies?" It went overboard.
Karan Vor Monat
@Sag Norm halo 3 believe commercial had mc jumping into a group of brutes lol
over9000713 Vor Monat
*reloads, hides behind wall* *SNIPED*
SteampunkNord Vor Monat
@Crashie-J Wait, y'all are throwing them at movement? I just throw em incase I can't hear em or see em.
Thomas S
Thomas S Vor Monat
0:13 If Chief’s motion tracker is anything like what we have in multiplayer, you can’t blame him for getting caught off guard.
Isaac Vor Monat
He's playing Ranked where there is no motion tracker 😉
Mowza Vor Monat
Based on playing multiplayer alot of people don't pay any attention to them
Red Wing
Red Wing Vor 26 Tage
After playing halo infinite campaign , I can confirm this is how it feels to play it
Justin oliver
Justin oliver Vor Monat
I like how brutes/banished remind me of orcs from Lord of the rings or like Mongols basically a warring faction. The best warriors are warlords who seek glory in battle and will destroy, pillage, to get what they want and their relentless. I like how they wear trophies of the defeated, as well. I think they're an excellent faction to start this new era of Halo off.
Monstrr Vor Monat
Really like how they showed him fighting here. Brutally efficient, nothing too fancy
Ganonburp Vor Monat
After doing all these sick moves: "Challenge Completed - 50 XP"
Very Nice and Polite Person
@Dadu I do care about dressing up my Barbie, I want that goddamn Mark VI helmet and I want to be able to earn it in a reasonable amount of time without playing the minigame of trying to time XP boosts with weekly challenges and daily XP bonuses.
Very Nice and Polite Person
@Unknownwill 4th The dark purple armor color is only available on that one set of armor that looks really stupid, too bad.
The Navigation
The Navigation Vor Monat
@Arthur yh its annoying plus the subscription as well my parents wont get convinced in me buying it
Arthur Vor Monat
@The Navigation I would say in the store. F2P paywall
@Unknownwill 4th but you still need the premium battle pass to equip it.
TJ For Liberty
TJ For Liberty Vor Monat
We need this to be a whole song, so understated, yet so beautiful.
That was excellent! we need more material like this!
Lyg3rBurg3rz Vor 21 Tag
I love how there’s something “300-esque” about the way this trailer is framed. The slow motion scene at the end just kinda reminds me of Leonidas’ fight scenes in the film.
Love it! Can't wait for the campaign.
Noelle Sears
Noelle Sears Vor Monat
i love when i open a video and my first thought is to pause and admire how good it looks. dont even need to see him move to know how many hours they put into making something spectacular looking. im not a huge halo fan but id watch anything that looked this good, no question
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb Vor Monat
Love this! Reminds me of the Halo 3 trailer. Good to see they are making epic trailers again like in the glory days
Tony The Great
Tony The Great Vor Monat
Could really see how powerful these spartans really are fighting these huge strong aliens, so the Halo 5 cutescene of Chief and Locke fighting didn't make sense at all. Like that gravity hammer is as heavy as a car engine, and he just swings it like it is a toy foam bat
Juan Juan Seban
Juan Juan Seban Vor Monat
That RELOAD. I never thought something so simple/necessary could look so cool
LuceoX30 Vor Monat
Quick and sweet. As Expected of Chief.
RareWarington Vor Monat
Sex joke.
Daniel crawford
Daniel crawford Vor Monat
Wish he short more like empty the clip just seems cooler to me but he is chief so
Lord Krythic
Lord Krythic Vor Monat
@Abel Aguirre The real canonical Locke is still in a coma and is merely dreaming about having fought Master Chief, and the rest of the events of Halo 5, which is why everything after that scene was such a fever dream. In reality, Locke was knocked out in < 0.5 seconds and Chief went and saved the day. Retconning everything for Halo Infinite.
Abel Aguirre
Abel Aguirre Vor Monat
Lol unlike chief vs locke
Ethan Downs
Ethan Downs Vor Monat
That’s what she said
Meme Slayer
Meme Slayer Vor Monat
This feels like starry night, and I love it
annag cocl
annag cocl Vor Monat
I love how accurate he reloads. Reloads after less than 10 shots. lmao
Trey J. Anderson
Got some huge Halo Landfall vibes from this absolutely love it
Trevor Doge
Trevor Doge Vor Monat
It’s still got a little bit of that ‘floaty’ feeling that Halo 5 had, but that Brute kick was heavy, I felt that🤕
DaiDai 07
DaiDai 07 Vor Monat
I just want to say the Halo TV series better have dope action scenes like this, this looks dope. Edit: I’m aware the Tv series won’t actually look like this unfortunately, the show could still suck which wouldn’t surprise me but I’m expecting it to at least be entertaining.
Shenzy Officiel
Shenzy Officiel Vor Monat
Halo finite
VISHV Vor Monat
I mean we can expect a lot from the show especially because Steven Spielberg is involved in that.
Viro-A211 Vor Monat
@Jormy Gormy money aint everything
Mitchell Quesinberry
@Jormy Gormy no rebuttal
Jormy Gormy
Jormy Gormy Vor Monat
@Mitchell Quesinberry 🤡 🤡 🤡
King Hart
King Hart Vor Monat
We don't even need a live-action show if it looked like this when chief is on that hill at the start it looks so freaking good
Jayden Abraham
Jayden Abraham Vor Monat
Can confirm. This is what playing on easy is like
Larva Tuba Show
Larva Tuba Show Vor Monat
Man I just cannot wait anymore. It feels so good to be that excited for a Halo again !
M1 Garand
M1 Garand Vor Monat
This is awesome because we never really had chief actually fighting in a cinematic before the Infinite ad campaigns. It’s just awesome to see. You never really got a true picture of how chief fought outside gameplay.
Tristan Aurelio
Tristan Aurelio Vor Monat
This game will make you FEEL like the master chief.
Chrisy Munro
Chrisy Munro Vor Monat
Love when halo does these do more please 🙏!!💙💙💚
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio Vor Monat
destroy, pillage, to get what they want and their relentless. I like how they wear trophies of the defeated, as well. I think they're an excellent faction to start this new era of Halo o
Kevin Vor Monat
I wonder if this means you can disarm opponents with the grappleshot! I really hope you can! (in campaign and multiplayer)
David Zhu
David Zhu Vor Monat
I can't say I liked it till Chief got kicked, the running animation in the beginning feels like he got no urgency, nor does he got any weight, the fighting with the 2 brutes feels very stiff and again the stepping on the brute feels like Chief lack any weight and he supposed to be around 1000 lb, but after he got kicked, the animation felt impactful and good.
Sukki Blue
Sukki Blue Vor Monat
Yeah, I can point out like, 15 second SFM animations made by one person that are less uncanny valley
Dane Roschen
Dane Roschen Vor Monat
343 bringing more and more hype. And we already know the multiplayer is good. Now for the good landing on the campaign. They could just pull of the good balance of hype and delivery. Very very excited.
Christian Gonzalez
Love the way he took out the first two Brutes.
Wanna A Jed
Wanna A Jed Vor Monat
It’s good to see one game still wants to live up to its name
Sean Davis
Sean Davis Vor Monat
Never tired of seeing trailers of Chief just absolutely being the Demon that he is to the Banished.
John Wick
John Wick Vor Monat
@LoftierTen already did vmrooo.. idk wether the comment is still there or not
LoftierTen Vor Monat
@John Wick maybe he's dumb, maybe he's an asshole, maybe even both. Please report the comment so nobody can get spoiled.
John Wick
John Wick Vor Monat
@FZ x ShADoWz why spoiling?
LoftierTen Vor Monat
@FZ x ShADoWz just eliminate this coment
FZ x ShADoWz
FZ x ShADoWz Vor Monat
@LoftierTen Tf you smokin kid?
From 2001 up till now....I'm proud to serve 20 years on xbox along side Master Chief through out his journeys.
Michael Adhi
Michael Adhi Vor Monat
Thanks to UNSC Archives vid, I felt the weight on every Master Chief movement and action. I'd probably bawl my eyes out if there's a trailer that combine all the UNSC Archives vids and showing the armor/shield/grappling hook in action.
THADZ Vor Monat
If they do live a action series, they should have the same special effects and stunt coordination like in the movie shang chi. It made everything look believable and at the same time, fantasy like. Showing the true combat capabilities of Spartans would be hard af in live action
Cameron Oulds
Cameron Oulds Vor Monat
The Wise Goat
The Wise Goat Vor Monat
That really does work with this.
RaGin RaZin
RaGin RaZin Vor Monat
Rose Supreme
Rose Supreme Vor Monat
Tovarus got screwed over big time!
FxG Spartan
FxG Spartan Vor Monat
Badass animations like this are part of what made the Halo name so hype
The Real Dirty Dan
I love how calm, collected and calculated he is....like the whole time he's not even thinking oh shit he's just auto pilot killing shit probably like...shit...did I leave the oven on??
BT293 Vor Monat
Knowing the lore, its probably closer to “damn… is the oven on?”
Horizon Herbs
Horizon Herbs Vor Monat
I would pay to watch this as a series man
About time we see the chief doing some hand to hand combat like the other Spartans we've seen
iSpiteful Vor Monat
Okay that was badass
Powerful Grogsmasher
Wakanda forever
Revenant Pneuma
Revenant Pneuma Vor Monat
@robob221 343 has a budget of $500m and still gets demolished by bungies decade old game 😂
Revenant Pneuma
Revenant Pneuma Vor Monat
@robob221 that’s what I’m sayin... lol
robob221 Vor Monat
Are you guys old enough to have seen halo 3 trailers? This is sad.
Revenant Pneuma
Revenant Pneuma Vor Monat
Bro, it looks like it came out in 2009.....
Crancel Browser
Crancel Browser Vor Monat
"Carry on" lol, perfect slogan for everyone airing their grievances with the battle pass/progression. Take your time to voice your complaints, then carry on and keep grinding out those challenges and double xp boosters and carry on like everyone else
Yoced Vor Monat
He shot 5 times and tried to reload when nobody was around that’s how we all do it
TheBootyClapper Vor Monat
Badass especially the part where master chief does that I need a weapon snatch
Toasty Vor Monat
Imagine if you can actually steal weapons from Enemies using the Grapple that would be awesome
Penumbra Vor Monat
@Alen Thomas Most people that have had their hands on the preview have said this will be one of the harder Halo campaigns to date. From watching gameplay I agree. Jackals for example which were generally just slightly stronger grunts now have better A.I. They reposition their shield to throw off their weakspots and deal pretty lethal damage. Quoting Greenskull on his legendary run "Jackals in this game feel like what Elites are in other games meanwhile Elites are something else". As for earning weapons you still technically do have to earn them. You only get the modified versions from defeating High value targets and they are difficult mini bosses that reward you with their weapons. Overall I get that it won't be like a typical Halo campaign but that's a given because of the open world nature of it.
Ashley Vs The World
@chief master ah right! Ty for the update on info :)
chief master
chief master Vor Monat
@Ashley Vs The World Nope, its been confirmed that AI enemies can get their weapons stolen
Joshua Sharma
Joshua Sharma Vor Monat
@Peppy lafew i watched gameplay and you can look in the comments. The ppl that played are saying you cant
Peppy lafew
Peppy lafew Vor Monat
@Joshua Sharma you have played the campaign?
Kc Chainey
Kc Chainey Vor Monat
Was actually hyped to see this trailer! But this is nothing compared to 3 and reach’s live action trailers! They were filled with so much emotion! Still the game is banging so far looking forward to the full realease
Hudhudgaming Vor Monat
When he pulled the grapple hook I forgot he had it so I thought he would be in big trouble 😂
Keilerbie Vor Monat
Can't wait to play the campaign in 6 months!
elitehunter 117
elitehunter 117 Vor Monat
This is incredible.
Slipspace Entertainment
Now how to make this a meme
Mr Chicken6568
Mr Chicken6568 Vor 6 Tage
Chief just dies.
Josh Spray
Josh Spray Vor 14 Tage
Idea: 0:20 at this moment he knew, he Fxcked up
Jake Barclay
Jake Barclay Vor 17 Tage
Replace master chief with the kool-aid man
OpticKiller Vor 18 Tage
I know put your mom getting beat up 😂😂
Coyote Tango studio
@Rapid Action Animations rapid action I’m just seeing you everywhere now
David Vernaci
David Vernaci Vor Monat
Freaking legendary
Jack Lowenfeld
Jack Lowenfeld Vor Monat
this game is actually perfect
Diamond Dawg
Diamond Dawg Vor Monat
I’m just confused at how chief didn’t die to the spikers projectiles immediately
alida flus
alida flus Vor Monat
imagine an upgrade for the grapple that lets you steal enemy weapons if you can make the shot. half the time you'd end up flying at them lmao it would be amazing
Silver Productions
Halo is such a cool guy. He fight aliens and doesn’t afraid of anything.
QuestForAdventure Channel
Master Halo
sierra1593 Vor Monat
Spartan spark-343
I am Buhlockay
I am Buhlockay Vor Monat
I understood that reference.
candle_eatist Vor Monat
mister 711 is so cool, he kill alein and boom
Marco Eduardo Gonzalez Medina
el Halo verde te dice gracias
miko foin
miko foin Vor Monat
imagine an upgrade for the grapple that lets you steal enemy weapons if you can make the shot. half the time you'd end up flying at them lmao it would be amazing
Isaac B
Isaac B Vor Monat
If the new halo TV series that's coming out, doesn't have badass choreography like this, then I don't want it 😤
J Boyo
J Boyo Vor Monat
They're making badass trailers again, feels just like old times.
Eva 64
Eva 64 Vor Monat
Didn't get to try Halo until the MCC dropped on PC, so this is gonna be the very first Halo campaign I get to play when it's brand new as opposed to many years after, I *really* hope it's good, because this shit is hype
Fly Lights
Fly Lights Vor Monat
That’s what I like to Imagine The fight in that halo 3 trailer where he jumps right onto all those Enemies would look like. Kickass!
Lt. mean cat
Lt. mean cat Vor Monat
@TROLLGE I was 4 years old when I first saw Halo and I was blinded by its majesty
Elija Jackson
Elija Jackson Vor Monat
@Eucri Diaz no u won't. U won't forget this trailer 😂🤣
@Lt. mean cat fr bro we getting treated next year with halo
Lt. mean cat
Lt. mean cat Vor Monat
@Fly Lights Can't wait for the TV series might get more scenes like this
Tanzeel Billoo
Tanzeel Billoo Vor Monat
Why don't we get videos like this 😭
Nashwalker7 Vor Monat
Man it’s never been better to be a halo fan ;)
James Vor Monat
Idk why but chief's movements feel so slow in that first scuffle: it's the one thing I don't like abt how 343 are portraying Spartans, such as during Chief vs Locke in Halo 5. Canonically Spartans should move in a blink of an eye, and have reaction speeds we can't even comprehend.
Sukki Blue
Sukki Blue Vor Monat
Not to mention how janky and sharp his movements were. There's absolutely no fluidity or weight to them
Haywire Hayley
Haywire Hayley Vor Monat
Bungie portrayed them as even slower so at least they've improved upon it. Halo 5 had plenty of movement abilities that made spartans feel much more like... spartans.
Johnny D
Johnny D Vor Monat
This is a spartan. As awesome as the opening sequence for Halo 5 was, all that extra mechanical powers were overplayed.
Zion Rios
Zion Rios Vor Monat
I think halo is a cool guy, he kills aliens and doesn't afraid of anything
HorrorPleb Vor Monat
@RikkiTikkiTavi Yeah cool but the idea is that some people on the internet nowadays tend to consider old memes as outdated so whenever they see someone create a joke using the meme makes them mad and they end up replying with toxicity. Basically, old memes are illegal 90% of the time.
RikkiTikkiTavi Vor Monat
@HorrorPleb I used an even older meme lol
HorrorPleb Vor Monat
@RikkiTikkiTavi Wow, thats the first time I've seen a person actually let someone off for old memes and jokes, this is a rare sight!
Derek Ford
Derek Ford Vor Monat
I was about to clear them
Jon Vor Monat
Halo chief
Vapor Steve
Vapor Steve Vor Monat
The Chief always a badass. That's he's legacy
CavemanGrugg Co.
I’ve always wondered, where does chief keep his spare mags?
firefockx Vor Monat
Imagine the xp you need to get on that level.
Agent Washington
Sometimes, you need an army. Sometimes, one man IS your army.
Ghostvirus Vor Monat
This takes me back to the early Halo 3 trailer with Chief deploying a bubble shield while charging a wraith and Brutes.
Jonathan O'Riley
@Dangerous I could easily say the same to you, only it'd be more correct of me to say so since I countered using a coherent argument, unlike you. But I digress. Point being, this trailer is objectively inferior to Starry Night in nearly every way.
Dangerous Vor Monat
Did you read my comment or did you just get offended at the meaningless insult
Dangerous Vor Monat
@Jonathan O'Riley lol ok
Jonathan O'Riley
@Dangerous Graphically (models and textures) wise this trailer is better, but otherwise the Starry Night trailer had noticeably smoother animations, far superior cinematography, and was much more thematically inspiring. This trailer, when looked at on a deeper level, is quite bland and uninspiring - it's just an action set piece with no thematic or emotional undertones. Everyone already knows Master Chief can kick a**, so seeing him do so is nothing special. Make note of the fact that Starry Night cut off right before any real fighting started. And if you want to discuss this, perhaps you should act like an adult, rather than use base insults like an impudent child.
Jonathan O'Riley
@Abyss Chef The movement animations are a bit janky, so I can kinda see how someone can get that impression ngl.
MatafiedGaming Vor Monat
Once again we are reminded of why we NEED a full length Halo MOVIE!
Buk Luck
Buk Luck Vor Monat
Forward unto dawn?
ShadowGlitch204 Vor Monat
"Then there's still hope" this is what he means (:
Cory M.M.
Cory M.M. Vor Monat
Now if you can actually grapple weapons away from enemies, that’s be cool.
James Bowman
James Bowman Vor Monat
Chief looks like his halo 3 self so much but so modern! This fight was like literally perfect! God how I’ve missed commercials and trailers like these😮‍💨
Jose Maniates
Jose Maniates Vor Monat
This is exactly how I play in multiplayer
peteromg Vor Monat
although i only played halo because of multiplayer, i’m still excited for this
Alpha Gamer
Alpha Gamer Vor Monat
i can t wait for the tv show this is epic
Victor Sandoval
Victor Sandoval Vor Monat
It was at this moment, Chief knew……… he needed a weapon.
mokeyrock Vor Monat
This green guy is skilled, he should have a videogame series around him!
Pez Equilibrado • hace 5 años
@Sora Kazama yeah ikr, this people are so dumb, like he’s halo the guy from fortnite
shedrack Jenkins thee_lone wolf
@Bradly Oulton yish😂😂😂
Bradly Oulton
Bradly Oulton Vor Monat
@The Truth you don’t sound very smart no offense :/
Pugzilla Vor Monat
Yeah ikr
Gabriel Wood
Gabriel Wood Vor Monat
Overused comment
유리큐브 제왕Lord of the Glass Cube
I expect no less from Chief
Windflare223 Vor Monat
0:12 listen to the armor take the brunt of that hit Awesome
Braz Mann
Braz Mann Vor Monat
This is probably the most accurate depiction of what it looks like to see Chief fight in the books. He literally sees these Brutes moving in slow motion.
M T Z Vor Monat
Welcome back Chief, We have been waiting for you all this long.
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