Halo Infinite - E3 2018 - Announcement Trailer

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The Master Chief returns in Halo Infinite - the next chapter of the legendary franchise. Developed by 343 Industries and created with our new Slipspace Engine, Halo Infinite was revealed at the Xbox E3 2018 Briefing with a thrilling engine demo that provides a glimpse into the future of the Halo franchise, leading it into new and unexpected directions.
Xbox One and Windows 10 Exclusive.
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10 Jun 2018



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Fick_Urself Vor 54 Sekunden
June 9th 2018: friend last seen online 10 years ago June 10th 2018: friend online me: *tears us* “it’s back”
Aidan Eaglesfield
Aidan Eaglesfield Vor 13 Minuten
Using the Halo rings means nothing, you managed to butcher every other part of the Halo Universe so far - what's to say you won't do the same here? The best I'm hoping for is a copy and paste formula from one of the first games, even ODST would be fine...but until then I'm staying cynical due to 5's marketing.
MIKE2111ful Vor 27 Minuten
When I first saw this trailer I thought it was gonna be and Xbox One title but now looking at it it's way to beautiful to be able to run on the base Xbox One
Pde554 Vor 37 Minuten
Better not be battle royale
Keegan Nichols
Keegan Nichols Vor 41 Minute
I'm not crying, you're crying...QQ
PanicSteak 40226
PanicSteak 40226 Vor 59 Minuten
3,300 play station players disliked this video
Cullen Tashiro
Cullen Tashiro Vor Stunde
Tucker: "Open your eyes." Caboose: "Oh my God. The graphics are incredible!"
Josh Laber
Josh Laber Vor 3 Stunden
Once Chief's helmet pops in and that music hits....Goosebumps...every...single...time
larch Vor 3 Stunden
I want the unsc to be a military again not some power ranger task force make the Spartans armor an olive drab or a black some kind of uniformity I don't give a shit about the lore in halo 4+5 just rewrite it or something just look at where you when wrong and don't make those mistakes again. I love this game. And I hated seeing it turn in to the trash that is 4+5. I know how hard 343 worked on it, and I know they are halo fans like us, but 4 and 5 were just not good.i hope they redeem themselves with infinite
John Smith
John Smith Vor 5 Stunden
The comments below are 65% people that are excited for the return of one of the best gaming franchises 10% people trying to start another gay console war and trigger ps4 players 5% people trying to convince others xbox is dead cuz the halo franchise will eventually coming to pc 20% fake fans or people tying to pretend halo is the biggest cock that they can ride on just so they can try to enjoy the tenprorary opportunity to look over other franchises, companies, games , consoles and communities
Tomcat Model Kits
Tomcat Model Kits Vor 9 Stunden
Top 10 anime redemption arcs
Alex White
Alex White Vor 11 Stunden
Man the environments look incredible but once they showed Chief it looked terrible. He looks like a tiny human. I honestly thought this was an RTS announcement when it first was shown. I’m hoping they improve the character models cause oof...not good. Art style is fine but the actual composition of it? Nope.
the tall man
the tall man Vor 14 Stunden
GOTY 2019
Steeevvee Vor 18 Stunden
U know if this was in ps4 I would get it just saying
SpensurgeX7 Vor 18 Stunden
The earth is billions of years old and you were lucky enough to exist at the same time as Halo.
TetePlayerGameplays Vor 19 Stunden
The only reason I would consider buying an Xbox
Metal Gorilla78
Metal Gorilla78 Vor 20 Stunden
I hope this comes out on the soulja boy console
Miguel Zapata
Miguel Zapata Vor 21 Stunde
I remember playing the first halo i remember staying up all night loving every minute every second going to school and waiting for that last bell to ring so I could go back home and play in that increidible universe bungie created for us buying every halo game release up to reach...... I also remember when halo 4 and 5 came out wacthing how 343 destroyed Halo how 343 ruined what I played with passion for years the day came when I gave up on master chief and halo with tears in my eyes I stopped caring for the game that made me and xbox user and marked me for life... Now my dreams and my love for halo are coming back the vibes and hope this halo game give me are INFINITE I just want my old Halo back please 343 please do this right for all us halo fans who have lost are way please........
Blue Werewolf
Omg I hope they add bots
Tobob opodopolis
Me, to 343: Kill it or release it, parasite, but do not waste my time with trailers. 343: There are many trailers, and I have listened through DE-vid, forums, and fan mail. Now I shall release trailers and YOU shall watch.
AxlxlxL Vor Tag
I haven't played halo
Total Failure
This is why i want an Xbox.
Matt McAwesome
Soryy, I'm a huge Halo fan ever since but this trailer is weak !
Matt McAwesome
+MYTHICALTWINKIE So why do you like this trailer ?!
No your not
• ItsMrRogue •
with this game, ima come back to Xbox with open arms and my friends who added me over a decade ago will see me pop online fore the first time in years.
Penguin Tapes
343 Knows what the fans like
slavic filth
slavic filth Vor Tag
*I need a weapon*
Kitsune 9 tails
Finally we get to defeat cortana ... PLEASE
Bobblegum Vor Tag
Come on 343,come on! This looks amazing and i really want them to take their time and really polish this game up before launch. If they get it right,this could be the revival of a near dead franchise. I hope this is the greatest Halo game yet,and i really do think it will pass expectations.
Jorge Guzman lucero
Wait so hold up i lost track of halo and im tryna see when the new ones comin out so its this one infinite and its not called halo 6 or whats goin on??
Jonathan S
Jonathan S Vor Tag
Pretty sure this is the 6th one but obviously they changed the name. There's no release date by the looks of it.
joey kill
joey kill Vor Tag
Crudeowl Vor Tag
Halo is the Eminem of gaming
fernando gonzalez
This National Geographic commercial looks great
oblivion guard
oblivion guard Vor 2 Tage
1:36 this is where the orgasms began.
mundy_21 Vor 2 Tage
Aleossos 234
Aleossos 234 Vor 2 Tage
Que pedo
Super n00b
Super n00b Vor 2 Tage
My wishlist for halo infinite would be: Invasion of halo reach Normal firefight Playable elites The return of levels as Inheritor, instead of 1, 2 , 3, etc. I just find the the first one kind of more emotional Maps of halo 2 and 3
SuicidalHustla Vor 2 Tage
No one wants a Halo in "new and unsuspected directions", people just want classic halo. Why is that so hard to understand?
Mister Chief
Mister Chief Vor 2 Tage
PS4 can have millions of games. If we have halo. We win.
RageHov19 Vor 2 Tage
Spider Sped
Spider Sped Vor 2 Tage
When this was revealed I thought they was releasing Minecraft 2
I wish i have a new gen console so i can play this real deal game. Stuck with my 360 for about 7 years.
Kim Seok-Jin
Kim Seok-Jin Vor 3 Tage
343 should make a Halo game where Noble 6 didn't die.
SP Clips
SP Clips Vor 14 Stunden
Ali Albyate
Ali Albyate Vor 3 Tage
I love halo But Im have a ps4
Chris Schaefer
Chris Schaefer Vor 3 Tage
Doom Eternal Halo Infinite Master Chief Collection Oh sorry I was just naming things that Xbox has that other consoles don’t
Inigo Montoya
Inigo Montoya Vor 3 Tage
Love this feeling and atmosphere. Like Reach I hope its main focus is on the environment. Where you are just a small part in something much much greater. I hope they focus on Chief and his journey through the ring. A game can have real consequences even if they are relatively small compared to the end of the universe.
Tactical Noodles
Tactical Noodles Vor 3 Tage
im getting tingles, the good tingles
Guud_SniPez Vor 3 Tage
The old halo shaped me into the person I am today, so now, I’m the one who gets to insult the little kids who hop on here, and I better not get banned.
TiredEyedGamer Vor 3 Tage
*Sees Mark 6 helmet* *starts crying in joy*
Daniel D
Daniel D Vor 3 Tage
Bro why would he have Cortana on a chip if she’s evil
Timothy Weakly
Different AI
Zain Shah
Zain Shah Vor 3 Tage
This better succeed
Junuz96 Vor 4 Tage
I love how the warthog is nearly flipping over!!!
Debprit Chakraborty
I hope this is better then halo 4 and 5 since 343 industry made them and since 343 industry is making halo infinite I hope this time they do it better.
Jaxon Knox
Jaxon Knox Vor 4 Tage
iamzaymusic Vor 4 Tage
Horrible score
KingtoaGod Vor 4 Tage
Secretly want Jun or Noble Six as the main character
Saayan Biswas
Saayan Biswas Vor 4 Tage
I don't know why but i get a feeling that this maybe this game will be an open world game
CRM. SLADE Vor 4 Tage
I thought halo was dead pheewww😂🤣😅 thank u 343
Ed_Will_Ed Vor 4 Tage
Is Cortona gonna drown the master chief after it’s revealed that he was the villain the entire time?
MrCrayonBoy 911
MrCrayonBoy 911 Vor 4 Tage
This better have a midnight launch
Alexander LeCompte
My Guy Watching This On Iphone 6S With Only 1080p 60fps And It Still Looks Amazing 👌🏻
Emilio Vor 4 Tage
looks like a far cry trailer in the beginning
Luis jose Alfaro rivera
Ya lo quiero por Dios!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
tubekyle2 Vor 4 Tage
Don’t get me wrong I played Halo’s 1-3 and GoW 1-3. Plus some of the spin offs. How can you guys keep playing the same shit?!
nightrale814 Vor 4 Tage
Microsoft: You've drawn quite a crowd. 343i: If they came to hear me beg...
Kathelyne Jemtao
Kathelyne Jemtao Vor 4 Tage
Bungie: I would have been your daddy.. but *ah*.. never mind.
Olga Roman
Olga Roman Vor 4 Tage
(Halo infinite) (Doom Eternail) (Call of duty infinite warfare) anyone knowtisng a pattern hear.
Jdudhe Bsisjow
Jdudhe Bsisjow Vor 4 Tage
Now give us the Master Chief in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
Mister Chief
Mister Chief Vor 2 Tage
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah Vor 5 Tage
1:18 omg halo 6
toxic Vor 5 Tage
bro how did i miss this trailer
SubliminalPancakes 78
This has to be the best halo game in 1” years or my life will be ruined
Scoot Scoot
Scoot Scoot Vor 5 Tage
Gamers stand up
Chris Schaefer
Chris Schaefer Vor 5 Tage
Halo 4 was better then 3 and 5 Change my mind (Realizes that a horde of fans are about to invade) Uh oh
Timothy Weakly
I like halo 1 then 5 then 2 then 3 then 4.
Chris Schaefer
Chris Schaefer Vor 3 Tage
King Zahhak actually you’re right, I just replayed 3 after getting MCC, 3 is better than 4, but 4 still is better than 5 lol
King Zahhak
King Zahhak Vor 4 Tage
I respectfully disagree my fellow human being.
Shadey Mcbones
Shadey Mcbones Vor 5 Tage
I really hope a pc release is a possibility, seeing as the MCC is coming to pc as well :)
Kasper Vor 5 Tage
It's good that the old art style is back but somehow everything here in this trailer has ''a toy'' kind of look unlike Halo 3 had.
Brandon Keuning
Brandon Keuning Vor 5 Tage
Please for the love of God DON’T MAKE A BATTLE ROYALE FOR THIS GAME. it’s getting old
Tyguy Vor 5 Tage
I wish they would stop milking Halo. THat game was over with Bungie.
Winterdeath101 Vor 5 Tage
Who am I?
Who am I? Vor 5 Tage
The king is back for its throne... Fortnite... we're coming for YOU!
Super Kitten
Super Kitten Vor 5 Tage
It’s a horrible day outside. Planets are burning The flood is infecting everything On days like these... We all need to say... “I need a weapon”
McMeme 69
McMeme 69 Vor 5 Tage
Anybody else originally thing think this was like rust or some shit
Chris Schaefer
Chris Schaefer Vor 6 Tage
-hey I gotta go to bed -ok see ya tomorrow -bye (Last online 9 years ago)
Mister Chief
Mister Chief Vor 2 Tage
Chris Schaefer The second that piano note played. (Online)
Kirbu Vor 6 Tage
I have never seen this before
Pig Benis
Pig Benis Vor 6 Tage
1:30 *goosebumps* 1:47 *uncontrollable jizzing*
Relic Vor 6 Tage
I think I watch this like every week😂
ATLien n
ATLien n Vor 6 Tage
Can’t wait for the downgrades
Cheatle Durp
Cheatle Durp Vor 6 Tage
I guess 343 figured out what the ladies like
Milomir Kuzmic
Milomir Kuzmic Vor 6 Tage
R.I.P Fortnite
MaximilianMus Vor 6 Tage
Rip fortnite rip apex hopefully not though
Adadrad G
Adadrad G Vor 6 Tage
Literally had chills
Bangtan4Ever Vor 6 Tage
Now we got brand new halo infinite and master chief collection on pc. Now we can finish the fight.
JeMoederisanikka Vor 6 Tage
Ow i feel it its gonna be better than fortnite ow yea boy
Nate da Grape
Nate da Grape Vor 6 Tage
This game looks beautiful
Glections Vor 6 Tage
silkanator1999 Vor 6 Tage
Damn seeing chiefs helmet with the music is chilling. But Infinite?... sounds like live service to me. *squint intensifies*
Michael Ashley
Michael Ashley Vor 6 Tage
Launched with the same graphics as ODST 😂😂
Luis Laurel
Luis Laurel Vor 6 Tage
Release date?
Cam Da Man!
Cam Da Man! Vor 6 Tage
That's weird why isnt it released yet its 2019!!! Ok I guess I'll see you guys in 2030!!!
peter beneski
peter beneski Vor 6 Tage
The feelsssssssss
Passive Pixel
Passive Pixel Vor 6 Tage
Justin F.
Justin F. Vor 6 Tage
If they bring back the old god summoning music, I will buy it no matter how much it costs
Owen Racker
Owen Racker Vor 6 Tage
I wonder whose chiefs new ai
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