Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling - Funny Moments

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from the blade runner 2049 press tour. these two crack me up.

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16 Okt 2017



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Eddie Meow
Eddie Meow Vor 2 Monate
Your editing sucks
RolyMoly Vor 3 Monate
Name a better duo...I’ll wait
Bluemgwes Vor 5 Monate
4:08 I'm sorry, but this interviewer looks like his face is made of plastic.
Paul Edelstein
Paul Edelstein Vor 5 Monate
Georgina Hnatiuk
Georgina Hnatiuk Vor 5 Monate
What a special friendship those two have!
j9 Phoenix
j9 Phoenix Vor 5 Monate
Harrison Ford - people think he is a grumpy man who doesn't suffer fools - the thing with him is he is playing the grumpy man - and if an interviewer understands that they can have a lot of fun. He is so funny - so many clips of him with people saying things about his grumpiness - if he was genuinely that way he wouldn't bother with the interviews at all - he doesn't HAVE to do that - he is Harrison Ford.
Alex Kosmit
Alex Kosmit Vor 5 Monate
Seeing Harrison Ford is laughing. Priceless. BUT why this guy looks like an alien? explain 4:19
The Ghost Diaries
The Ghost Diaries Vor 5 Monate
Really unfortunate that it didn't perform well financially. It's a brilliant film through and through.
Girl from Mars
Girl from Mars Vor 6 Monate
I’m here for that interviewer’s laugh! It makes me lose it too 😂😂
The Proxinian
The Proxinian Vor 7 Monate
He had more fun here than in the forced awakens.
fla la
fla la Vor 7 Monate
They’re sweet together Laughed a lot watching this 😄
Sue Burgess
Sue Burgess Vor 8 Monate
Like father and son
Frank Lee Steamed
Frank Lee Steamed Vor 8 Monate
The laugh 🙄
JottaGamer - Saint Seiya cosmo fantasy en Español
you bet your ass it is xD harrisond for president yall
Andres Quijano
Andres Quijano Vor 9 Monate
it looks like eva mendes :O 6:06
Gina Toupin
Gina Toupin Vor 9 Monate
loved this movie:)
Swirling Vortex of Entropy
7:35 woman's laugh is life hahahahaha
Brian Lange
Brian Lange Vor 10 Monate
it seems like they get along really well
You punched him during the fight scene? No it was at the food table and there was one corona left
Елизавета Шпаковская
Janfrans Zuidema
The "I don't drink" stuff ends the fun. It cheapens it. Pretending to do something. Nasty Fake News!
KimInChains Vor year
Love em!
STLOU87 Vor year
Harrison fords fuck it switch is broken.
Kristine Marcos
Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling could pass as father and son, they look so much alike
Ana 21
Ana 21 Vor 8 Monate
Kristine Marcos I don't see how. Nothing to do with each other.
Nelson Milich
Nelson Milich Vor year
i love how genuine they are! they just look throuth the interview format and have fun with it! lovely people!
Honestly Harrison Ford doesn't seem to get along genuinely with many people these days, let alone Actors. But, he is having a great time with Ryan.
Jérémie Campeau-Poirier
You mean Bryan
SAVE MOTHRA!!! Vor 6 Monate
CaptainTexican Ryan gosling has a similar effect on russell crowe in the nice guys
C Vor year
These guys are like father and son.
Accel Vor year
First interview, f*ckin hilarious!! All goofballs!
Thor Vor year
I think if these two made a comedy it would be😂🤣
aoitennyo Vor year
This is my family’s sense of humor, lol.
The Spaniard
The Spaniard Vor year
Bryan Groslin Lool
purplemonkey Vor year
I think I'd go full straight for Ryan or Harrison at this point.
purplemonkey Vor year
BROTP right here
Chaitanya Vyas
4:52 Ryan shows a middle finger lol
Marty Wittenberg
Is your goal to reboot every franchise you helped create? Harrison: You bet your ass it is. Lmaooo Hey they doing it with about every success it was at the time so you might as well hop on. He is getting pretty old. To him it's like. "Let's do this while were still young"
Harold Trump
Harold Trump Vor year
Joking apart retirement for Harrison please
Henry Murray
Henry Murray Vor year
"We're the original G" HAHAHAHA
Taupe Toutoune
"Are you fan of the original ?" "Never seen it...😅😄😂" "I appreciate your candor !" LMFAO
spiceyfood52 Vor year
I watched the Blade Runner last night. It was slow and long . But I like it.
Taupe Toutoune
Hey ! Dead Man's Bones reference ! 😉 Thank you, maybe more people will discover Ryan's band with your video !
Tk4211 Vor year
Should've had Ryan Play the new Han Solo
joker7 ford
joker7 ford Vor year
Best actor ever
Astral Eagle
Astral Eagle Vor year
It has to be stupid hard to have a good time and keep interviews fresh when you answer the same questions a hundred times.
Tina Huston
Tina Huston Vor year
Is Ford perpetually hammered?
Matt N
Matt N Vor year
7:44 Harrison points to Ryan ....HOTTTTTT lmao
sarah854r4h Vor year
"Bryan ? When does he call you Bryan ?" "It's an easy mistake to make" lmao
Oğuzhan Kopuz
Both of like Father and son.
DesROWUnited Vor year
The happiest I've ever seen Ford in years, good for him.
Perez Roman
Perez Roman Vor year
2708nino Vor year
I'm in love with Bryan's sweaters
Soto Vor year
2708nino Ryan*
K. Chris Caldwell
That big lady is having a blast.
River-Phoenix Luna Pavier
K. Chris Caldwell her name is Alison Hammond and she works for This Morning here in the UK. 99.999% of her interviews with people are like that! She cracks up everyone she interviews and you can’t help but laugh along with her. You should look her up!?! She’s married the Rock in an interview, fed Hugh Jackman chocolate seductively the list goes on.
S J Vor year
It's good to know that even when Harrison Ford dies, we'll still have Ryan Goslong - They're both so similar with their sense of humor and speech patterns/voices and both exceptional actors.
Marty Wittenberg
You having trouble with his name as well huh? Yeah when Harrison dies we always have.....Bryan Rosling....Seriously Harrison i will remember as long as i live....that other dude i forget as soon i click on the next video.
luqmanr Vor year
Hannibal Lovecraft
Ryan seems to have given Harrison hope in humanity. He's seems way more relaxed and having fun through these interviews.
SAVE MOTHRA!!! Vor 6 Monate
Hannibal Lovecraft he had a similar effect on russell crowe for the nice guys
lego spiderman 200
...nice,most critics top ten list 2017🎥📼😚
Tom Cross
Tom Cross Vor year
i wish they were a gay couple ^^
Smokes Vor year
Tom Cross Lmao, why does Call me by Your Name come to mind?
Tom Cross
Tom Cross Vor year
you're very strange, maybe you got erection problems on that last part, i know everything else here you do is a bit premature. we're not a dying breed, we exist in every culture, every country, every species. on raising kids as if that's something to do with being normal, we do something called ADOPTING, we also have SURROGATES. that is why we are as normal as straight ppl and why we have been rapidly gaining our rights. thanks but you fail no matter how hard you try to divide n conquer us. btw where do you think we come from in the first place? straight parents!
Marty Wittenberg
Oi oi i have nothing against gay. Seriously if you like meat shoved up your exit. Halleluja and Amen to you....But dying breed. Straight is still the norm buddyboy. Cause i ain't seeing babies drop outta your ass anytime soon. Just sayin' No hating. And before you call me a cuck..my manhood has more confidence then i do. Always pointing North. Or it is just trying to find water.....
Tom Cross
Tom Cross Vor year
lol RIP.
R.J. Vor year
fucking lmao
Tom Cross
Tom Cross Vor year
i love alison's laugh. it's kinda like how patrice o'neal used to laugh.
Cuntboy McCuntface
Cuntboy McCuntface Vor 8 Monate
Mike Carton
Mike Carton Vor 10 Monate
First Last
First Last Vor 11 Monate
wow your command of basic inglish grammar and hackneyed phrases is amazing let's meet and fuck.
Mike Carton
Mike Carton Vor 11 Monate
wow thats super related to the OP's comment
First Last
First Last Vor year
I bought this movie! On blu-ray too! Worth it.
Lori Stewart
Lori Stewart Vor year
They have great comedic timing. More, please?
Anthony MacKaye
They need to make a comedy together, De Niro-Ben Stiller style !!
fla la
fla la Vor 7 Monate
Anthony MacKaye yessssss!
DeclarinJam Vor year
Rumor is I'm still looking for Bryan Rosling...
dodgers doon1130
I'm going to eat some pizza
GorcStew Vor year
For some reason it set me off when he was pouring water while Ryan was telling the story lol. As if to say "keep talking you know I don't give a shit".
You Are The Creator
FYI, I did not know who Ryan Gosling was until this movie and then searching on DE-vid. Cool dude.
Jacky Hsieh
Jacky Hsieh Vor year
You Are The Creator or breaker high. You’d be shocked.
Angelina Bluecount
then see "Notebook", that was 1st time i saw Ryan, cool actor
Cursive rain
Cursive rain Vor year
99fetusfajitas 😂😂😂😂
You Are The Creator
no, will do tho
SPD Vor year
you never saw Drive?
You Are The Creator
This is almost better than the original Blade Runner and that's saying a lot. When I first heard they were doing another Blade Runner I thought oh, that's going to be crap, there's no way they can even come close to the first one. I was happily very wrong. I saw it twice and you bet your ass I'm buying the Blu Ray.
Diver, Sky
Diver, Sky Vor 8 Monate
Same here. Loved the original (in every cut) forever, just watched this new one today. Rewatched the original first, then watched the new one without even seeing a trailer for it, didn't even know Harrison Ford was in it. I'm no movie critic but this new one was great!
BattMarn Vor year
“Don’t look at me, I’m only in it for the money” Hahaha I love Harrison Ford
chattiermike140 Vor 5 Monate
As much as he dislikes talking about Han Solo it’s very clear he actually is Han Solo
rolling stone
rolling stone Vor year
That reference
Will King
Will King Vor year
featured 2 times in this video: thats a good score! :P
Zul Ganbold
Zul Ganbold Vor year
Cuteeee. Harrison Ford becomes like a child as every old human.
virtual-adam Vor year
Bryan Rosling is a good actor imo.
Feline Fatale
Feline Fatale Vor 5 Monate
It's Brian
brianno27 Vor year
bryan gusling haha
Kirill L
Kirill L Vor year
virtual-adam ahahaha
Kein Name
Kein Name Vor year
Cursive rain don't know what i thought a month ago but i think i ment it ironically:D
Cursive rain
Cursive rain Vor year
Kein Name you think? I think he's just really dry
Andyson Vor year
i have this first impression that some of the interviewers are so dumb
Will King
Will King Vor year
we are!
Andyson Vor year
Make a video about Ana de Armas!
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