Haters and Goals!! They go hand in hand!

Coffee With The Crockers
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5 Mär 2021



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Susan Bernard
Susan Bernard Vor Monat
🇨🇦 Thanks for the Canadian shout out. 🇨🇦
Edens Garden
Edens Garden Vor Monat
Hello Jason. You should keep Grandma goat. Love her. Loved seeing you and your brothers together!! Love hearing the birds. Goals are important. Gives us something to look forward to. Have a great day.
Great advice! Never to old to dream!! Go get them !! You're just what I needed to hear today!
Marcelle Treu
Marcelle Treu Vor Monat
Haters thrive in other peoples misery... Whatever they do, think or say, is not any business of you.
1caramelle1 Vor Monat
Robert King
Robert King Vor Monat
My two cents if it helps at all - I love the CD drink and...Goals are good however, counting the cost daily with a focused effort will always deliver results. Much like you I used to get bored easily and never finish what I start like a double minded man who is unstable in all his ways. I help others first but to a point of it negatively affe ting my life in some way. Looking for something and not being fulfilled. Not an insult, but your decisions decide seasons. When you keep changing your decisions you gain no long term ground. Time flies by and you cannot get any of it back. Like a gypsy you wander into one thing after the other blown by the wind. Adventure has its freedom and excitement but without friends and companionship you cant find the joy in the journey. You have a great heart (generous) however, you are also co-dependent at times. Boundaries for yourself and others would be a good tool to help. Bloom where you are planted so you can reap the harvest relationally.
Scott Slaboda
Scott Slaboda Vor Monat
That's the problem w social media you got haters but you got people you don't know caring and worry about you so just think of of the good shit and roll w it take care screw the scumbags hating you they suck and are jealous of your life
Scott Vor Monat
your still crying lmao that your still crying like a little !@#!@#.. your not cut out for this you have no original idea's everything you have done you just copied from someone else you haven't followed through on one thing you quit everything you start ..
Thomas Chandler
Thomas Chandler Vor Monat
Well I think you have a great plan .... do it ! ..... Jason I'm 55 and I still have goals .... I have taken good care of myself so I'm blessed to be able to work hard and still accomplish goals .... and it's awesome.... and I've always liked your drive .... so keep it up ... I'm glad to see your living your life your way 😁☕ .... Carnivore diet.... builds muscle burns fat .... stay active 😁💪 now go have fun 😁🏆
Thomas Chandler
Thomas Chandler Vor Monat
Good morning Jason 😁☕
Craig Hill
Craig Hill Vor Monat
So your no home stedder can't handle a couple of goats lol
Jen Halliburton
Jen Halliburton Vor Monat
Would love to talk with you. Sorry to old for dating, lol. Just have a move across country and stuff brewing. Thinking about the how and wow. Lol
Jen Halliburton
Jen Halliburton Vor Monat
This gal is with ya. Being add,dddd myself. It's easy to get bored with the same stuff everyday. I find myself needing to find my happy. My pups help alot. Hope you can , hugs
onlyinmissouri Vor Monat
I keep telling you ignore the turds...haters are always going hate! Have a great day keep pushing forward!
mike bye
mike bye Vor Monat
one dat at a timeim
pauline Kenyon
pauline Kenyon Vor Monat
Hi you said that you are looking for land flat hope you find it but what is going to happen about where you are now and the money you spent on it so far, you going to sell ?
Brenda Baker
Brenda Baker Vor Monat
I’m here watching all of y’all’s videos wishing I had had the guts y’all have now when I was that young but now I’m in my 50’s and we are retired and I would do a utube channel if I had something to do it on or about lol so keep the videos coming I think it makes some of us older people feel young again! Hopefully get to meet y’all someday!
Alex Vor Monat
I am sorry you have to go through this. I just want to keep watching you whatever you posted but I can’t read comments as I find them upsetting when they bash you. Life is so short why can’t people just be nice. Why watch you if they don’t like the videos to just start at you ?
Hillside Farm
Hillside Farm Vor Monat
My, My, My !!!
Julie Davis
Julie Davis Vor Monat
I will pray for you. You deserve everything you are talking about. So I will pray that you get it. God bless. My next big goal is to buy my own truck and property. Still a little ways off. But I'll get there.
Rusty McNitt
Rusty McNitt Vor Monat
Jason you have worked hard and done with out, so I think its about time you treated yourself to a few nice things, especially if it's part of a dream. I know that I've said it before, but I am very proud of all that you have accomplished. Along the way you have also inspired others and shown that even if times get tough it's not a reason to give up. Goals don't have to be huge, or outlandish, o e small step at a time works just fine. I've had my challenges this past year as well, but refuse to give up. I take it one day at a time. My problem is I have all these things I want to do and some I really need to do, but not sure where to begin. Guess I'll try to sit down and make a list of some kind and see where it takes me. Will buzz for now, glad to see you took the weekend off. Stay safe and have a great time. Best always Rusty
Mary Garris
Mary Garris Vor Monat
You have inspired me to buy my on mini farm and build my own house at the age of 74 I will be 80 before I get it all done I thank you for all your good vibes
James sammann
James sammann Vor Monat
Make a move on the tiny house.....did u forget about it ...seen no videos in 2021. Try to finish it time your 40
Windy Wise
Windy Wise Vor Monat
Get a new set...one mail one female, no doubt they help keep stuff down, then after they get back to six...... get your fans to take them
Windy Wise
Windy Wise Vor Monat
Bet you’re happy with the hair growth! Hubby recently shaved his beard... said his face is cold!
Dyana Mullican
Dyana Mullican Vor Monat
I took on a new thing I am repairing a 1922 treadle sewing machine that some one left out side.
CoachP Vor Monat
I like your channel a lot but it sure seems you are constantly going through cycles of the same drama over and over. It would be cool to see you set some goals that will set you up for long term success and happiness. I know you are relatively young but age has way of sneaking up on you. I hope you can find what you are looking for.
Dyana Mullican
Dyana Mullican Vor Monat
You are just great to watch. Just be you and share with us. We care about you.
Tim Sziminski
Tim Sziminski Vor Monat
GNADTOOHS ADANAC YRD LOL 👍😎👍 buy small pieces of land and do what you did with your land then go on to the next and the next etc etc. Set people up for off grid living. Just my opinion 👍👍
mary jemison
mary jemison Vor Monat
Glad you’re happy Jason 😍
Carla Walker
Carla Walker Vor Monat
Can't hear what you are saying
Starlene Kalinski
My lifetime dream is to work with horses and train them. There is a need for people to gentle and train wild Mustangs. I plan on training wild Mustangs and starting helping as many people as I can using my animals for Animal Assisted Therapy and teaching people how to train horses gently so the horses will be better horses. I have a sales contract on my land and I plan on moving to an agricultural area so I can raise my own food on my own property. I do have to work hard to get my health back. I retired from a job that totally burned me out and I had a physical, emotional and spiritual breakdown after I retired and it has been hard trying to come back, but I will get there. I just wish I would stop breaking bones! Ribs, wrist, and 2 fractures in my back. God Bless you Jason. My son is 44 this year and he has ADHD and you remind me of him.
Desma Wilson
Desma Wilson Vor Monat
Hi Jason you seem a bit low, You've been through a lot lately with Jaylena and stuff a nd may be bit lonely. You put on great stuff on your u tube and I wanna see that house finished, you are a really nice person and I miss your fun side you are a hard worker. Love ya Jason keep up the good work and ignore the idiots.
Hat Creek Homestead
Haters are gonna Hate, They Hate you cause they aint you dont let them BEE a BUZZ kill..lol..(see what I did there)
maxine kelly
maxine kelly Vor Monat
Time for another run on the tabletop down the hill but don’t hurt yourself. 😂😂😂🇦🇺❤️👍
maxine kelly
maxine kelly Vor Monat
Don’t run away from your friends family are always there for you but you need true friends. 🇦🇺🇦🇺👍👍❤️❤️
donna j griggs
donna j griggs Vor Monat
Hi Kiddo 😍😍😍 This old Grandma has been through a lot. Your mind is just reeling and reeling and reeling and you don't know what to do next cuz you got so much going on you got to cut loose relax just do a little bit here and a little bit there and you'll see your way and it'll all come into focus again give it some time quit trying too hard ❤️❤️
Carole Long
Carole Long Vor Monat
Can you block the haters through utube.
Linda Trimble
Linda Trimble Vor Monat
Sorry, but I’m out. You seem to be a drama queen. Enjoyed watching you for years, but I’m out. Wishing you the best. Hope you can get past the drama.
Janet Harrison
Janet Harrison Vor Monat
Waaa waaa waaaa
Chris B
Chris B Vor Monat
I'm sorry there are so many mean people that are just plain mean now a day. I just hope it doesn't turn into the mess that Roman Atwood has just been through. I don't understand how people can be so vengeful. We love watching your videos. Just keep on being you .
Susan Frey
Susan Frey Vor Monat
Jason I am so happy for you that you have been able to get your childhood dream. Keep looking for a place to for fill
Susan Frey
Susan Frey Vor Monat
As I was saying above I pray that your dreams come together. I as hope you continue to voug you make my day better. God bless you from Michigan
lucy 545 lou
lucy 545 lou Vor Monat
Debbie Selfridge
Jason I truly enjoyed this video thankyou jason ❤ Debbie from the mountains ⛰ New Hampshire best of luck I pray you get it everything you want
Shelly Yates
Shelly Yates Vor Monat
Jason my goal is to enjoy every day with my family who I have under appreciated over the yrs. They have stood by me when others ran a mile plus I'm going to be here watching u reach ur goals. U inspire so many people even when u think ur not but trust me u are a very inspiring person 😃 stay safe x
Trey’s Granty
Trey’s Granty Vor Monat
As I said before you are the reason I bought a shed, 12x32 to finish and live in on my oldest son’s property. He is the same age as you. I talk about my Crockers as if I’ve known you all for years. Hang in there. I know I am. ❤️from Tennessee!!!
Dee Jones
Dee Jones Vor Monat
Working and listening to you! The goats served their initial purpose. Maybe next time just two not a whole gang... lol We love your channels and all your shenanigans! Keep it going!
Fuck the haters they are always gonna be there just jealous bitches really. I've got a 1997 wrangler have had it for 6 years now I live in utah and whenever your ready to go to utah hit me up its a great time in your jeep.🤘🤘
Whenever your ready to go to Moab utah hit me up. Check out hells gate moab utah I did that and boy was that a great adrenaline rush.
Mama Kim
Mama Kim Vor Monat
Last night I signed up for Real Estate school & I am 48 years old! Never too late, right??!!
The RUSTY Pepper
Leanna Flinn
Leanna Flinn Vor Monat
Our goal is just like yours we are working towards moving to TX & get a little land for us to start a small homestead. My husband can not deal with the cold weather anymore due to his health. Not having any luck lately trying to sell everything to get the money for the move. But still looking to GOD for prayers to be answered.
MeMe King
MeMe King Vor Monat
Currently, selling everything I have so I hit the road to live the nomadic life. I am a human doing.
Rosie and Rickie - Caring for Rosie with Alzhiemer
Our goal is to get to Owensville Mo. We have a nice 35 acre farm, build a small home and spend the summers there. Small town no traffic, easier for Rosie to get out for Ice cream and dinner.
starangel0423 Vor Monat
I think you do need roots and to settle down with a partner that will ground you. But you have to be willing to look deep inside. You haven't been happy because you may need to address why you have emotional highs and lows. Your ambitions are great but to be successful with future goals talk to a counselor. There may be a genuine underline issue that's causing your depression. You enjoy the adrenaline which temporarily distracts you. Dont be afraid to ask yourself the hard questions. Wishing you the very best in all you do.
Crockers: Simply Southern
Have fun tonight.
Janice Fleury
Janice Fleury Vor Monat
We are remodeling the house and looking for property in southeast Oklahoma. We want to retire to somewhere remote. We are looking at property next weekend. I am also making the garden bigger. I want to be able to put food up for the winter time.
Irene Kangas poling
Love ❤️ you you are a really awesome 🤩 person love 💕 from Ohio Irene
Rosie and Rickie - Caring for Rosie with Alzhiemer
We never met the Crockers personally but I agree with Jovita they are great people!
Crystal Young
Crystal Young Vor Monat
This old ladies going and getting a haircut so when I go to my niece's wedding tomorrow I won't look like Witchy Poo
The Rick
The Rick Vor Monat
Bro maybe your overdoing it with all work you been doing, maybe just take a day off and do nothing!!!!????
Found In The Woods Bushcraft
Jason, sounds like you have some really good ideas for the future. Look forward to seeing what your next adventure is. 😊👋
Free at Last
Free at Last Vor Monat
Please stop talking about these people. They don't deserve the time you are giving them. I come here because I find you entertaining. I don't come here to watch you and them fight. I ignore the comments. Maybe you should also!
Connie White
Connie White Vor Monat
Keep on doing you. The real people love ya!!! See ya at 6. Love from Mississippi.
Kirk Oglesby
Kirk Oglesby Vor Monat
Building a new tiny cabin on my acre of land. Got the shell delivered last month so I am working on finishing the front deck. Already built on and gave it to a family member. This is my final home though.
William Smith
William Smith Vor Monat
Buy motor home tow jeep travel find dream
Rhonda Runyan
Rhonda Runyan Vor Monat
I am reading the comments.."the positive..got you back comments and they are awesome! You have wonderful people to lift you up. Cool huh? I wish I could say some inspiring words..but this is what I know. (Sorry this is long) My story: I was divorced more than 20 years ago..I did not have a family anymore. My kids lived with there father..I was a stay home mom and did not have a job to support them. Anyway I started all over from the ground up. It took me a while to figure things out too. I am a Christian. I did not understand why I was where I was. I knew there was a reason and that I could learn from it.I trusted him to find my way. I can tell you this He will take care of you and help you find your path. "Don't look back at yesterday..it's gone.. live today as if it was your last... then leave the rest to God. 🙂
Janet R Crouch
Janet R Crouch Vor Monat
God has plans for you I had some goal set some of then I've accomplished and some of them if it happens it happens if it don't it don't right now I'm trying to get over a lot of health issues when I get them straightened out then I'll pick up where I left off but you take care of yourself don't let things get you down keep on making your awesome videos and pay no mind to the haters they ain't worth it just ignore him
Carolyn Messer
Carolyn Messer Vor Monat
I always have goals for the future that’s what keeps us alive , but my main goal is to try to live by what the Bible says and try to please the Lord with my life. It is the roadmap by which we are to live our life 🙏❤️❤️❤️
Myrtle Morris
Myrtle Morris Vor Monat
Shootdang have fun you only live once🙂
C Blanton
C Blanton Vor Monat
Goals; finish packing for the car, start on what i can in the house nicer movers get here in 2wks. Then 19 more days I'll be home signing on my new house of my dreams. By the lake. My mom told me once i would never be able to get one. I proved her wrong! Some ever tell me i can't. Cuz I'll show you every time i can! No matter if I'm disabled. I'll do what i can! ♥️ You'll find yours too @Jason
Rocky Rizzo's Rocky Road
I agree 100% about needing goals! I am goal driven too. Goals supply the HOPE you need to keep going. Sometimes my goals are for that day, other times for years to come. Keep up the good work! :-) Love all your channels.
Robin Elkins
Robin Elkins Vor Monat
Jason, you are an amazing young man to have accomplished the things you have this past year. Use the place you are on, when finished, as a rental property during the summer months for fisherman or hunter during the winter. It could even just be a get away retreat. I will always watch you and the family. You will find the right soulmate. She may be closer than you think. Keep your chin up and hang on to your goals and dreams. Take care and stay safe.🤗
Bushcraft Family
I take it this is the same as the "Logdew" or what every he was called, I had to ban him from my channel because I posted a video about you. I think it's time for him to grow up lol
Laura Schindler
Laura Schindler Vor Monat
Love ya Jason!
Debra Wiley
Debra Wiley Vor Monat
Can't you have him arrested I mean he's getting in y'all's business that's not good been there clean my stove did all my dishes microwave refrigerator got to be done and litter box 😆😆
Katherwren`s RV
Katherwren`s RV Vor Monat
some real bad things have happened in my life the past three months and even more the past two weeks the voice of truth tells me That's normal when we are on the cusp of a meant to be
Katherwren`s RV
Katherwren`s RV Vor Monat
i am always doing something but maybe it's time i shared more of me on youtube really do hate the judgement that comes with that but i can see it's worth it ♥️ now i want to call you daddy jason but it sounds better when you say it then when i do lol
Reta Mathis
Reta Mathis Vor Monat
I guess this has Deborah instead of Karens theres always has to have some dip stick haters in everything do you hot stuff and stay you im 66 years old and im still a toys are us kid will be until the big day love you
Stoney Van Wie
Stoney Van Wie Vor Monat
I've enjoyed this channel for awhile. Having said that its a bit of a soap opera lately.
Mary Lott
Mary Lott Vor Monat
I'm having an outdoor kitchen built that I probably won't be able to use because of health conditions. But I'm so excited buying items and decor, learning cast iron cooking skills, collecting recipes and much more. I'm 64 yrs. old and have always dreamed of having a kitchen outside so I'm doing it!! I have family that will use it and I can reap the benefits while someone else does the work. Be safe and enjoy that dirt bike and jeep!
Emily Morehead
Emily Morehead Vor Monat
We just got our home paid off after paying 20 years on it our next goal is to get all our credit cards paid off praise the Lord
Marie Dmitrieff
Marie Dmitrieff Vor Monat
Always nice to see and hear from you. Glad you got a new motor bike. Enjoy your life Superstar. Ignore them jealous creeps. Love from Ontario Canada xox
Emily Morehead
Emily Morehead Vor Monat
You are so right about addiction
Douglas Ayliffe
Douglas Ayliffe Vor Monat
Your turning into a real sissie
Marilyn F Davis
Marilyn F Davis Vor Monat
OH MAN! I have realized my addiction is you & your vlogs-😀. SHOOTDANG- I have no intentions of trying to get better!! Living the dream!!! 😊
Highland Homestead
Rock on and move forward with your dreams..you are doing awsome 😍. Eva
Lavon Cloward
Lavon Cloward Vor Monat
Jason, I'm glad to hear your goals include a family. That is the one goal I have completed and couldn't live without. My next goal is to grow a nice garden. I might say, I'm almost 82 yrs. old so it isn't easy pulling weeds and pulling hoses. Last year a bought a miter saw and built my own saw horses and some steps for a trailer....my frames for garden beds. I love wood. Dirt isn't too bad either. Yep, goals are important, they keep some of us alive...lol. See ya later.
Randy Cupit
Randy Cupit Vor Monat
Drink lemon water help loose weight
Missy Franklin
Missy Franklin Vor Monat
It’s YOUR LIFE. Live it to YOUR FULLEST!! No one can tell you what YOUR dreams, goals or future holds!!! It’s all up to YOU! Lord knows that over weeks, months, or years they will change!! Be YOU!!!! Be HAPPY! Be FREE💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙
Randy Cupit
Randy Cupit Vor Monat
Jason, al 67 in 03-11-21 disabled live life fun fish hunt grow garden health want let me Live good time do
Randy Cupit
Randy Cupit Vor Monat
Live,love,dream never stop doing these 3.Come Mississippi small town laid back Jefferson co,Franklin co,Adams county farm grow garden
Sharon Bolton
Sharon Bolton Vor Monat
Randy Cupit
Randy Cupit Vor Monat
Go bungee jumping take leap Faith fall look gnarly come out knowing true freedom
Randy Cupit
Randy Cupit Vor Monat
Your addiction coffee
Randy Cupit
Randy Cupit Vor Monat
Get you a guitar 12 sting Tennessee Tin Top talk about release of stress write songs life living country freedom enjoy your self
Randy Cupit
Randy Cupit Vor Monat
Stress,depression lock into down fall health fail.Buy some land down close middle friends,family and place few acre fun river or lake near by
Randy Cupit
Randy Cupit Vor Monat
Basic needs thing you enjoy,water,coffee,sugar,creamer,steak,grill,saw wood,tent on top jeep let self go enjoy life
jahnwaundine davis
You do not know me personally but I have your back because you are real and loved by so many people more than the haters. Love you Jason keep the faith. Dee Dee
carol sharp
carol sharp Vor Monat
Hi jason,you have a good plan.would love to see u find that property for ur future!it would be great if u found a old fixer upper,great challenge for u.make sure Iu have a creek on it,for future animals!very important.it's going to be great,especially if that certain gal comes into your life!good that ur holding on to tiny house,it's great,and always an investment in your life.so many friends and family would love to enjoy it to.love you,be proud of your accomplishments and good heart!
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