Hawaii braces for volcano's explosive steam eruption

ABC News
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Police have been going door to door to tell people to get to safety as a new Kilauea volcano eruption threatens thousands of people.



14 Mai 2018




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xd plu IV
xd plu IV Vor 8 Monate
3005 - Childish Gambino, it was obviously filmed here.
Tanker Ten
Tanker Ten Vor year
Too bad we can't see the video due to your large stupid banner.
That's what Dutchsinse has been telling us. USBS finally tells us the news... Add Dutchsinse on DE-vid. He covers earthquakes daily & weekly, with great accuracy. He has saved lives all over the world. His motto is, don't be scared be prepared. Have your evacuation plan & bugout bags ready to go...
l7e3o0 Vor year
she stands to be corrected!
Chris Igop
Chris Igop Vor year
Just leave the damn island, its an active place for a volcano
F-zero91maru Vor year
the end is probably near in this society movie 2012 was came true
Vortexx blaze
Vortexx blaze Vor year
The Mountain Sage
Hawaii is at the center of whats going on, god is lighting the whole ring around the pacific ocean on fire. Which will inevitably ignite the super volcanos, basically the noah story but with fire this time. Prepare your souls, love eachother. The ways of the wicked will be brought to an end by the almighty god. No man, no terrorist group, no one but god and mother nature, Saint Michael the archangel, his angels and yeshua can carry out judgment upon the wicked. The lord that sees all is the only fit judge. Religions leading their flock astray, men/women yielding to hatred, greed, abuse, war, starvation, corruption, the rich robbing the poor. &so much worse. Hear now, judgment day is at hand. May the holy spirit speak to your heart the truth of these words. There are so many good people out there, that yield to love. All will not be lost. God bless all, love all, and love thy enemy.
Eduardo Barrezueta
nevertheless Fuego volcano in Guatemala has started eruption, but maybe is just a coincidence
Laura Lawrence
So near to California... the devil is going home.
Laura Lawrence
As it emptys out.. what is below the empty space ? Will is collapse ?What IF it NEVER STOPS ?
Meena Mahajan
Meena Mahajan Vor year
Some people here are talking about movie villians n saying that people of hawaii b ready to face ur deserved hell...well I wud like to say that this is a matter of life and death. We all need to support those people so that they can survive to the fullest mentally. Pls take my comment seriously n do whatever u all can to save them. If u really have good evacuation plans, u cn send a petition to the govt or at least give them motivation n hope for life. Tk u in anticipation of understanding
Meena Mahajan
Meena Mahajan Vor year
Michael Watkins well atleast i attempted to write something productive
Michael Watkins
Learn to spell and come back and try again...
kristin Vor year
Ginger sounds like she got her degree from an online geography skool. Hire professionals please. Not someone trying to look cute in blue shoes and sound like she knows what she’s talking about.
ruse mode
ruse mode Vor year
1:05 Woody Harrelson
I feel like I’m living out the 2012 movie
Nunovia Gottdamnedbizzness
Edit By the second trumpet sounding, it cues something like a great burning mountain that plunges into the sea and wipes out a third of all sea life and ships. A
How come we don't see native Hawaiians only Hawaiian residents. Where are they?
b888 Vor year
1:04 2012 guy confirmed = supervolcano confirmed!
phython peter
phython peter Vor year
As per democrats.active volcano is trumps fault. He colluded with pele
Ezel Jackson
Ezel Jackson Vor year
Residents fuckin white people taking over more colored fokes land
Obscure2099 Vor year
All I took from this was "smogged out with geothermal blowout toxins."
Randy Simmons
Randy Simmons Vor year
Dont the natives throw a girl in it to make it stop?
Eilrahc Charlie
This is just a diversion of what's really happening right now.
WeRightNow Vor year
Expert propaganda
WeRightNow Vor year
Stop using directed energy ELF.......... on the Earth... Assholes
mediiskit Vor year
I must ask why too many blacks or non-whites in The states' TV's?
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze Vor year
Smogged out by geothermal blowout toxins. Quite specific lady. You go for it lady. GTFO!
HappyQuails Vor year
The resident mentioned concern of exposure to "geothermal blowout toxins"... might this not be most likely to contribute to initial explosive reactions due to the use of flammable chemicals in the bore holes used by the plant? (Please tell me if there is a better term tl usr than "bore hole" in this instance. Thanks).
AnnNC North Carolina
Never move near an active volcano no matter how cheap the land is. Smh.
MrTommyboy68 Vor year
And STILL the residents stay in their houses? If you are told to get out, YOU GET OUT. STOP EXPECTING THE GOVERNMENT (LOCAL OR FEDERAL) TO PULL YOUR ASSES OUT OF THE LINE OF FIRE.
Janese Johnsen
We are outside of ring of fire
Janese Johnsen
Puna Geo get out!
John Doe
John Doe Vor year
I think the lava lake is sinking cause it found a way out so all the lava cooking out in the neighbors is from the lake so I bet this be the last of the lava for awhile
Paige Porter
Paige Porter Vor year
Poor people that really sucks.
Canadian Aussie
Cute lisppppppp
Canadian Aussie
Was that guy looking for his weed farm
Nibiru Vor year
My money is on Mother Nature...Our grandchildren will only read about Hawaii in the History books.
Bluescribe s
Bluescribe s Vor year
I... also...would hate to be smogged out with geothermal blowout toxins....1:43
Mike Smith
Mike Smith Vor year
Karma coming home to the local voters. That scragg at 1:42 has nad a mental blow out, but thinks sucking H2SO4 is ok, she has serious mental issues.
Ian Christopher Valenzuela ZMU PRO
Dont save the people. Save the Plants and animals only
The Official Andy Saenz
Just as long as the Yellowstone supervolcano doesn’t erupt, we are all good. 😳
Tom Vor year
Nature taking its island back from invaders. Beautiful
Brimstone Helix
Good job nature.
Terry Pagan
Terry Pagan Vor year
RdL Vor year
that really looks like the barrens in cataclysm
Stafon Von Camron
Those people that want to live need to get out, if they want to die then they can stay.
Tmillchr Vor year
ABC is show business. I'll stick to homemade videos of the eruption.
Luke Sizemore
Luke Sizemore Vor year
And this is why I don't want to live in Hawaii.
ICU Motors
ICU Motors Vor year
Won’t stop until someone leaves Hawaii completely ⌛️⏳
Taylor Welsh
Taylor Welsh Vor year
HI isnt even apart of the ring of fire you fuck tards
Taylor Welsh
Taylor Welsh Vor year
I dont wanna get smogged out with geo thermal blow up toxins, steam things and rocks
Taylor Welsh
Taylor Welsh Vor year
Yaaa man Maui Wowie mann the rocks r flying man
Hector Aguilar
Awesome video. The lava gurgling audio is amazing. I feel so sorry for the people facing this disaster though.
E vazkee
E vazkee Vor year
Stupid news bitch.
Sasha DeKasha
Sasha DeKasha Vor year
Ok, news channels need to decide if the rocks are gonna be the size of microwaves, cars, refrigerators.... Coffee pots...
Linda Cirillo
Linda Cirillo Vor year
toxic gases
Blujai Doll
Blujai Doll Vor year
I’m scared and I live in Michigan. 😦
Dead island.
Mikela Marine
Mikela Marine Vor year
If there is a steam explosion the boulders will only land in the national park area, which is closed and evacuated. It's not that serious fam.
bbruce995 Vor year
grand solar minimum John L Casey, listen and learn
Christina Pankey
this is all happening because Trump pulled out of the Paris climate accord
Christina Pankey
CNN just reported the entire island has sunk sources told them
le plage Sonic
Like popcorn
Дмитрий Бурбовский
penn707 Vor year
Pele is fucking pissed at all the white hippie douches living there. He will shoot lava at them until they leave!!! Be gone hippies!!!!
Wallace Wood
Wallace Wood Vor year
A news story from ABC without Russia or Stormy mentioned once!
Get Chuck Norris to plug the volcano with his thumb. Problem solved.
Jason Khan
Jason Khan Vor year
People repent of your sin and ask Jesus Christ as your personal savior into your heart and soul. The last days are coming! Read your bible please! Read about Sodom and Gommora. Hawaii is being taken over by fire and brimstone because God lifted his protection away from the state of Hawaii. Read about the historical prophecies that have already unfolded and have been fulfilled in God's word! God is merciful and a loving God! If we are not obedient to him, he will lift his protection away from Hawaii just like he did with Sodom and Gommora! People chose sin instead of being obedient to God and reading his Word! People please read the Bible and accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior today if you haven't already done so. I ask this in Jesus name! Amen!
FulinYu Vor year
No, Lava is not safe, best to stay home.
FulinYu Vor year
Pele not happy Brah,to much Haolie disrespect.
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars Vor year
FulinYu - But 20 homes are already lost bcuz of it. What if ur home is in The path of the lava ? Maybe "home" wouldn't be the safest place to be at and perhaps going else where would be a wiser choice.
Aloise Mason
Aloise Mason Vor year
U are going to see yourself what is predicted and that is a state being overpowered by a volcano and no clue as to the why and how..
K24 Accord
K24 Accord Vor year
I wonder what the size of america will be in the futture with this new land forming
K24 Accord
K24 Accord Vor year
Bomb that thing so it relieves pressure..
K24 Accord
K24 Accord Vor year
Will the land get spit in two??
Merkzay Vor year
These people don't understand the whole island is a volcano!
blank space
blank space Vor year
This bitch
Steven Gauna
Steven Gauna Vor year
Abused Authority
Signs of the eNd of DayZ , Yeshua cometh , many has rebelled against God & everything must come to pass even earth . Many don't understand the spiritual rhelm where God & satan dwells
Bobby Harper
Bobby Harper Vor year
Run! Don't be a Harry Truman.
We all knew this volcano was going to errupt some day.
J. B.
J. B. Vor year
"Hawaii is in the middle of the Ring of fire .. not meaning it is on the Ring of fire" .. the last time I checked , every last volcano on the planet was connected ... BY THE PLANETS CORE !!!
Randa Abboud
Randa Abboud Vor year
If the animals are calm .. there is nothing to worry about
Latios Vor year
Last time, videos of Yellowstone about to erupt. Now, volcanic stuffs going on in Hawaii. Wtf
Mike Btrfld
Mike Btrfld Vor year
Wonder why people move on..
tommy i-opener
"Geez people...all I did was poke a tiny little hole in volcano with a twig...I didn't think it would get all crazy and stuff." Mother Nature
JackofSpades Vor year
It’s not even that big Stop making this a big deal
Ross Harris
Ross Harris Vor year
Did they say big "hidden nuke" detonation ??
james daley
james daley Vor year
can ya get rid of great gaping rectangular thing out of the blasted way ,, please its annoying . to be polite
Holly Burroughs
she dont even sound sure
BC Bob
BC Bob Vor year
But wait they said it was over exagerrated and safe and even asked not to cancel island vacay plans? Norwegian ship line made a good and safe call to cancel port calls.
Rapmagic Deleon
Eruption imminent!
MrGabrielJude Vor year
Lmao, well the eruption seems to be the least of their worries, the cops there are concentrating on people stealing lava rocks! Forget about people dying, this is important liberal priorities, “arrest those rock thieving assholes!
Prince Uchiha
Prince Uchiha Vor year
Wish I was in Hawaii right now to take pictures
Tony Davies
Tony Davies Vor year
hawaii is a pressure gate valve as are any and all of the open pit lava lakes we need to look in the waters around the island and figure out where is the volume of the lava going is it a crack underwater that is letting lava out or is it just filling in old lava tubes and stopping
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt Vor year
Probably the Russians are behind this..
Bruno Mars
Bruno Mars Vor year
Too much Haole that's why
FulinYu Vor year
Agree, too much Haole, Pele mad.
crankylifter Vor year
Build a geothermal plant next to an active volcano. No, really-great idea.
Kj Bladen
Kj Bladen Vor year
We need to ban lava now!
thehotsixer1 Vor year
They should throw dump trucks of marijana down that volcano hole, let the whole island enjoy the biggest weed pipe in the world.
Nirrrina Vor year
thehotsixer1 nah screw the dump trucks. They should use those incredibly massive cargo planes made to drop supplies in a war zone. I bet those could hold at least a dozen or more dump trucks of weed.
Mr. Ed
Mr. Ed Vor year
I feel bad for those injured. I say dont live on island made soley from a volcano.
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