He just tested the limits of possible!

That'll Work
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That’ll Work does the IMPOSSIBLE by getting a disc to ricochet straight into the video game console!! Keep asking what’s possible! Many things seem impossible until someone does it.




23 Nov 2021



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Austin Williams
Austin Williams Vor 41 Minute
The sound effects he makes
5stralervideo's Vor 47 Minuten
This guy is alsome!!
Fancy Bros Productions
Now do it agin and eject the disk
Darkwolf of the moon
How meany things did you break?
Sharky Shark
Sharky Shark Vor 2 Stunden
Итог: порно диск попал
Maskulin 8041
Maskulin 8041 Vor 5 Stunden
Gabut banget ya bang
Raiya Widiyantama
Raiya Widiyantama Vor 6 Stunden
you are so chubby 👍
gothicanimegirl44 Vor 6 Stunden
I would love if you used s clicker to count throws to see how many times it takes
Imagin extra music
Imagin extra music Vor 8 Stunden
Haha I was think making it a bit higher but ok
Purushottam Vor 10 Stunden
And the CD player will be like - what is this gibberish som many scratches on this😵
Nex Mortuus
Nex Mortuus Vor 10 Stunden
Purv Bhaveshbhai Raiththa 5thA Roll no.30
Side mai sai gaya
PokemonParadise2010 Vor 11 Stunden
Scuffed Jotaro Kujo
Scuffed Jotaro Kujo Vor 12 Stunden
what Father Pucchi does in his free time:
stxdude Vor 12 Stunden
I feel like this guy will finally break physics and cause a supermassive black hole to form engulfing Us all
Anderson mehrle
Anderson mehrle Vor 13 Stunden
I’ve been posting trick shots of my own on my channel thanks to you
Tyler Gibson
Tyler Gibson Vor 15 Stunden
This guy looks like Lincoln Riley
BeeFr0mi Vor 15 Stunden
What unemployed people be doing all day....
Old Sport
Old Sport Vor 15 Stunden
Do you ever wonder what led you to this point?
Channing Williams
Channing Williams Vor 16 Stunden
Love his jacket 😉
Just Clan
Just Clan Vor 16 Stunden
Yes I did need to see this 👀
Joosher56 Vor 17 Stunden
Those discs must be so scratched up
Legends unforgettable
Legends unforgettable Vor 17 Stunden
Impossible is a thing said by little men jealous people impossible is nothing - Muhammad Ali
Ben10usr 123
Ben10usr 123 Vor 17 Stunden
I just wanna know how he got one wedged between the dumbell and the console...
SkyTerror77 Postman
SkyTerror77 Postman Vor 18 Stunden
Find a girl, buy a bike a dog AMYTHING LESS USELESS
Cody Henderson
Cody Henderson Vor 18 Stunden
What the heck
Bruce Pal
Bruce Pal Vor 18 Stunden
This is worthless.
Roger B.
Roger B. Vor 19 Stunden
Wait till his mom comes back from work and sees this mess…😓
Landon Vessels
Landon Vessels Vor 19 Stunden
Jack Walsh
Jack Walsh Vor 20 Stunden
You know it's Like "Ok Be Cool When it Goes in... Maintain, Man, Maintain. Then Inevitably: BWAHHHH IT WENT IN!!!
Jack Walsh
Jack Walsh Vor 20 Stunden
You know it's Like "Ok Be Cool When it Goes in... Maintain, Man, Maintain. Then Inevitably: BWAHHHH IT WENT IN!!!
FlyersFanJB93 Vor 20 Stunden
People legit have too much time on their hands
Harrison sanchez
Harrison sanchez Vor 21 Stunde
Can we just listen to the nice beat that the disk hitting stuff makes
faster than you Black
This is the dude you want to be in quarantine with.
Flashing Cyka
Imagine if he forgot to press record button
Evilpricetag Vor Tag
Now play with $100 Wii disks.
cardboard truck100
Imagine if the camera wasn’t recording
Usmaan Sial
Usmaan Sial Vor Tag
How much time does he have to try this shit. Incredible.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Vor Tag
Him: “it’s almost impossible to get a disc to bounce back straight” My gay self: “It’s almost impossible for anything I do to be straight”
Vor Tag
You aren't motivational at all
Vor Tag
He has no talent
Darth Yomi
Darth Yomi Vor Tag
Imagine if he forgot to press record
Russ__ Tooreal
This guy needs to be on dude perfect or challenge them to a impossible trickshot challenge it would be epic no kizzy😁💪💯
Riya Nair
Riya Nair Vor Tag
Just think you are trying something like this and then realise your phone was never recording😨💀💀
Khaled Naruto
Khaled Naruto
Khaled Naruto
Khaled Naruto
That Wii is my ex gf
Tsetse Go
Tsetse Go Vor Tag
This cd player will never work again RIP
ryan lee
ryan lee Vor Tag
wolfsuprem justice
Him: makes it on the 342 try Me:makes it 3 years later after geting hope.
Vegetable 9001
I'm happy I don't waste my time on mundane things like this for the sake of others validation.
Anabel Balisi
Impossible 😱😱😱
That wii has gone through a lot...
kayla memes
kayla memes Vor Tag
Poor wii
NCR Ranger
NCR Ranger Vor Tag
Impossible doesn't mean very hard, very hard is like winning squid game Impossible is like eating the sun
William Oldhart
Sheer determination right there.
Strawberry Frapachinø
Imagine ur family being okay with you spending time on stuff like this 😭I wish good job tho bro like 👌🏻
FoxFlyx Vor Tag
That wii has been thru a lot doe
Luis Vor Tag
How many hours spent for this
Nick Reschke
Nick Reschke Vor Tag
I thought “who has this kind of time?” Then I saw the Vikings apparel and I realized this is between wins
Schrimpieman Vor Tag
👍. Reaction for successful attempt is priceless !!
David Domaguina
I pitty for all the cds broken for this trick
The outdoor and fishing kid
Does this not damage your wii
King M
King M Vor Tag
This is the guy I really trust because there are so many fake channels you can easily see that they are fake
Wendy Mcburrows
Viking sweater! Skol!
unknown Vor Tag
I wonder how many discs he's broken
Buddy Chubbs
Buddy Chubbs Vor Tag
someone tell this dude that if it’s possible than it’s not impossible
matbag08 Vor Tag
No fucking way
Stazzy Vor Tag
Every shot is a trick shot if you try it 999999999 times
GBL Roblox
GBL Roblox Vor Tag
Meu amigo que emprestou o vídeo game: Cara ele tá meio aranhado pode me falar como Eu:
Rozumst Vor Tag
Poor wii
Adam Sher
Adam Sher Vor Tag
Ur YEESSSSS is just Amaaaaaazzzziiinnnggg Makes me laugh every time ,
KTR1218 Vor Tag
It made the same sound every time lmao. Ba BUM tctch Ba BUM bum
Faris Oqdeh
Faris Oqdeh Vor Tag
2nd try
Gacha Dreygon_YT
Poor cds
Imagine how much pain is in his wii right now
That poor wii, also I hope those are blank discs
Chase Herman
Chase Herman Vor Tag
We really need you as the Vikings kicker
Jaiden Fletcher
This must be the most patient man alive
Weeb Vor Tag
As a gamer I hate to see what your doing to those discs, but also that was a cool trick shot
BananaMonkey Vor Tag
My ears the whole time:AAAURGH WOHHH AAAHGH
mlesliec Vor Tag
What a waste of life
Hamid Tahir
Hamid Tahir Vor Tag
You look way too much like Billy from Black Flag XD
og verde
og verde Vor Tag
Anything is possible, even pointless trick shots. Truly inspiring lmao. This guy is way to dramatic
Kubson Heavy
Kubson Heavy Vor Tag
Impossible is to shoot ONE atom of coal trough a ONE atom gap, MANUALY
Henry Towns
Henry Towns Vor Tag
Lol yeah nice. You could make a fine argument about the universe coming into the being on its own if you remove the disk throwing guy out of the picture and also don't ask where the disk came from.
TheKyleBrah Vor Tag
I love this channel. It's the epitome of destroying your little Sibling at only for the little Sibling to _finally_ win ONE game and they celebrate like they just wrecked you the entire time 😂
Marcus Smith
Marcus Smith Vor 2 Tage
You'd be happy to if you wasted your life and time doing this trick shots
lmao Vor 2 Tage
*”Be honest who else is just scrolling though shorts rn?”👀*
Yes Vor 2 Tage
The first few bounces were as straight as me
Fart Face
Fart Face Vor 2 Tage
You have too much time on your hands
Prraprraprra Vor 2 Tage
Should we tell him that we’re not in lockdown anymore?
Joe Vor 2 Tage
This guy is the guardian of time and space, if he stops trickshotting the whole universe would crumble
Bass Flow
Bass Flow Vor 2 Tage
"Nooo..." "What?!?..." "Oooo...." "Fuc*..." Success - "OOOH YES!!"
TouhouFan Vor 2 Tage
when he makes it he spreads a comedical amount of discs
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